Uphill battle 10/43

Uphill battle 10/43

Madam too so had to switch out his Q due to his travel plans or getting his nails done or something like that. YHC volunteered to fill his giant size 7 shoes and give the pax a worth beating.

Thee Thang

Mosey to the Y. First stop on the tour. This is where people pay money to work out.

15 ssh

15 Canadian ssh

15low very slow squats

15 hand release merkins

10 RDLs

Mosey to bagpipe Hill. 10 squats at the top cross the bridge and do 10 hand release merkins

Mosey to pond where the pirate ships dock. Dips 20 hold 10 hold 5 hold.

Mosey to gazebo do it again.

Mosey to bull ring 10 each leg lunges.

Flag carrier run I mean Indian run towards ESPN.  This is where the create fake sporting events.  10 hand release merkins.

Mosey to Ben Nevis hill. Go halfway up and do 10 big boy situps facing down hill and repeat facing uphill.  Ascend to top.

More dip work at the bottom guard rail. Run back to launch.  4 miles.

Moley skin

This was a group of men that pushed themselves hard today.  Mark Kay gave it his all and said he thought this was a nightmare.  Wildturkey pulled up to the launch with his Ruck #beast. I am pretty sure he was drinking 4Loco before he got out of his car. Spare parts destroyed the Ben Nevis hill nice work out there. Frankie has really gotten strong and was making short work of the hills. Nice job. Billy goat put down the miles with ease.

Thanks for letting me be a small part of your day.



July 4th kids work out. Look for info on slack.


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