Right Turn Clyde

ByPaper Jam Feb 20, 2018 The drizzling rain did not discourage 6 PAX to run the regular Flat Branch route with only one det

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Pep In The Step But Slow On Back Blast

ByPaper Jam Feb 14, 2018

Spring was in the air as 11 PAX showed up with short sleeve shirts to run the reverse Flat Branch route. The night before, our faithful leader, B

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane

ByPaper Jam Feb 5, 2018

7 PAX celebrated an Eagles victory by going to the Country Club and covering 5 miles at Blakovery. It was 5:15 on the dot when Bratwurst pulled i

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A Dead Animal and Yellow Shirts

ByPaper Jam Jan 29, 2018

A full house of 9 PAX met on a misty Monday morning for 5+ miles. Almost everyone showed up wearing neon yellow short sleeve shirts. I clearly mi

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Can’t Hear From Back Here

ByPaper Jam Jan 23, 2018

With the announcement of Bratwurst's return, 7 PAX put on their shorts, shoes and headlamps to venture out for the Landen- Ardrey 5mi Loop at Bla

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It Wasn’t a Curb This Time

ByPaper Jam Jan 8, 2018

2 PAX decided to stay close to home for Blakovery instead of breaking ranks to wander around a parking deck in the Metro region.  With 5 miles a

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A Small Word Can Promote a Big Change

ByPaper Jam Jan 1, 2018

4 PAX came to Blakovery to begin the New Year. I could easily recall the route we ran, but I thought it was better to tell about the lesson I lea


ROUS or Zombie Apocalypse

Bywingman Dec 18, 2017

  5.15 Miles Course Maps or not, we made it out and back through new territory (YHC) for today's edition of blakecovery. YHC was ve


27 Degrees of Separation

ByPaper Jam Dec 11, 2017

When the temperatures dip below freezing it usually separates the men from the boys. This morning when QIC checked his phone it was a ripe 27 deg

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Know Your Neighborhood

ByPaper Jam Dec 4, 2017

5 PAX met up at the fountains of Blakeney for a Monday morning run. A few went on a pre-run and one made a detour.  But all were happy that it w

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