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Cadence Shmadence!

The Thang

DICCS given, let’s roll …

Warmed up with a mosey to Dreamchasers, started with SSH, apparently I forgot how to count in cadence (off to a great start), but Deadwood picked me up, thank you buddy. But I still heard a little negative mumble chatter, proceeded to lash back out with never ending merkins … whatever, lets get this started.

Overall goal was to hit 3 locations:

1) N. Providence Rd. – 13 lights – Rotating between Burpee’s and Knee Slappers (5 each) on the ½ mile out. Jailbreak on return to Dreamchasers

• Two groups – Gazelles and Clydesdales – Gazelles had to go a little farther, Clydesdales just had to beat us back to Dreamchasers. Clydesdales won! We owe you some burpees or dreamchasers, you can pick.

• Wait, whose that running straight at us??? Ahhh … Gerber, should have recognized that gait, he takes one step for every two of mine. Glad you could join us.

• What I didn’t expect … Moneyball right on my heels.  Way to go dude, working hard!

2) Head to Waxhaw Elementary School – Playground

• Via “Bad Idea” hill, ran one time, AND EVERYONE GAVE ME THEIR ALL, I know by all the bent over bodies at the top of the hill. Loved it – THANKS GUYS.

• What I didn’t expect … Anyone ever notice the calves on MadDog??? (and no I didn’t look any higher – pervs)

• Partnered up on the playground for pull-ups (10 each) • Squeezed in some Mike Tysons, Figure 8 leg lifts, American Hammers, etc to keep busy

• 15 minutes left, needed to Mosey back for COT (but had other plans, time permitting)

3) Keith Jong Hill – YES, got back to COT with time to spare, we used it wisely on “Keith Jong Hill” – I don’t think anyone expected this, ha-ha! Does this make me a bad person?  Blame it on Deadwood.

• Headed down the hill with 5 minutes to go. Plan was go as far as you could and circle back to meet up on time for COT.

• What I didn’t expect … Was how many guys stepped WAY UP and RALLIED to the bottom and back up on time!

• Appreciated Damascus chatter, motivating us the whole way!


First, I really dislike WordPress. I heard we got in 4 miles in 45 minutes, plus our exercises. Dasher said we might have set a new mileage record for a 45min Floater bootcamp??? I guess I had it confused with Pursuit.  Hat’s off to all of you for really hustling out there. Especially Shake & Bake who did a monster pre-run, you’re a stud! My second Q, I appreciate you guys taking it easy on me and for the tips I picked up along the way for that AO, I hope you have me back. I learned I can’t count cadence yet and I can’t remember the names of exercises quickly … apparently I am old, but can run like hell.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the guys that made positive comments to me. I hope to return that gesture. I can honestly tell you all that I used to be 40lbs heavier and couldn’t cut my grass without taking a break. Getting in shape is a journey. In time exercise will become habit forming. You will see positive changes which induce more positive change. I’m new to F3, but wish like hell I would have been involved sooner in my life. Keep up your F3 membership, recruit more and keep being that bright light in the world of others. Mucho Respect and Appreciation for all of you guys, my brothers!


F3 Dad’s camp – nearly, if not already sold out.  check slack.

Pray for Nails (heard he might be feeling ill)

And I think I am forgetting one (back to the being old part, mental note, let video recorder run to the end dummy)

MadDog – Thank you for taking us out!

1 Dozen Schweaty Balls

5 pax + 1 fng = 6 of us roasted in the 81 degree temps. Good number for my 1st Q.

DiCCS given, Mosey and stretch.

The Thang:

At each light pole: rotated thru 15 Speed skaters 15 – LBC’s & 15 – Tuck Jumps. 

Mosey’d over to Spirt Trail for 10 Hill repeats, 15 – Diamond Merkins @ top of hill #1, 20 – Tricep dips @ top of hill #2.

Dasher gave us a 10 count to Recover. Thought I lost the FNG, but we found him.

Circled up for 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Monkey Humpers, 20 up/down Planks.

Mosey to School wall, stopped 30 yds short and bear crawled in. Wall sits, air presses, Mike Tysons, and lunge walked our way out of there.

Mosey back to light poles for more LBC’s, Speed Skaters and Tuck Jumps.

Circled up for more … Dasher took us home with Hammers & Flutters. Ended with Mountain Climbers. Then COT.


Great work by everyone. Thank you for allowing me to lead you on my first Q, it was definitely an honor and highlight of my day!

It was awesome to have Anthony Connotillo @Turnpike back and bring a FNG, Guy Defazio, now named @Tollbooth. After all can’t have a Turnpike without a Tollbooth!

@Turnpike and @Tollbooth both pushed hard today, real hard. @Turnpike even got in a pre-run, very impressed. @Legalzoom was right there every step of the way, no shaking that dude. I couldn’t lose @Dasher or @bottlecap either, and both posted for Floater this morning. #studs #amazing.


Guy and Anthony invited everyone to men’s group at Five Stones, called the Forge, Wednesday mornings, 6:15a. Now studying “Authentic Manhood”.

Anthony @Turnpike announced the M and he are working hard to have a 2.0, let’s pray that happens soon!

I had the privilege to take us out.