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Bum deal

A lucky break in the weather didn’t bring any luck in the cards to the 19 Pax assembled in front of Sun Valley Middle this morning. Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to flag hill for COP
Slerkin-25 (slow low Merkin)

Mosey to practice FB field and circle up. Disclaimer given, then YHC pulled out a deck of standard playing cards, shuffled and ready to use.
Count = # on card, Faces=10, Aces=11, Joker=10-count
Hearts = Burpies
Diamonds = Merkins
Spades = Dead Bug (each side=1) (more on this later)
Clubs = Lunge walk (R+L=1)

Slow mosey to elementary school playground for some pullups/LBC ladders: split up so half starting on six, half on bars, then 2 pullups/2 LBCs, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10 and back down to 2/2.

Indian Run back to parking lot for some Mary.
Freddie Mercury-20

Time up, but Q called bonus: 10 SmurfJacks, Civilian Count.

BRR needs drivers – talk to guys going for details
Fall Mud Run (Oct 24) signup live – search and follow links.
Young Life Mud Run 9/19 @ Whitewater Center – competitive and noncompetitive heats, great for kids and M’s

Welcome to Good Luck from Asheville. Great to see brothers from other regions across the F3 Nation.
Also great to meet Big Trade’s 2.0, and newest F3 member, Spike. Hope we see you out here often.

YHC had another entire round of activities planned, but underestimated the time needed to get through 52 cards of pain. It won’t go to waste, I promise. Think of the Smurgjacks as a preview of coming detractions.

The randomness of YHC’s card deck shuffle was questioned by all, including YHC. Urkel (aka Glass Joe) calculated the odds at less than 3.14%. He also calculated the number of each exercise at 96 (YHC had to use a calculator last night, twice.) Number of cards also questioned – definitely felt like more than 52. Apparently some of the PAX heard that each Dead Bug was half count, so that “1” was R+L, but YHC stands by his assertion that instructions at beginning of cards was for Dead Bug single count and Clubs was the only R+L=1. Step forward (comments) to claim your bonus points/not listing penalties.

Good takeout by Horse Head.

Thank you for the privilege of leading.

Squeaky swings

We were blessed with the best summer morning since early June: cool breeze and overcast. We needed the break, because YHC had planned to deliver a solid beatdown. Here’s what happened:

Circle up in front parking lot for disclosure (did have one FNG) then COP:
SSH – 40
4-count Merkins – 4
IW – 60
Seal Jack – 30
LSS – 8
Parker Peter – 10

Main Event:

Mosey to side of middle school. Count off in 3s and head to stations for 3 rounds:
1) 30 step-ups (each leg = 1),
2) rail walk
3) 20 dips
Plank-o-rama when finished.

Indian Run to playground for Murph: as much as you can in 10 minutes, if finished early, run around the track. 100 pullups, 200 merkins, 300 squats (Q reco: 5/10/15 X20)

Mosey to practice football field. Split into 4 teams for Frisbee hairburner relay races. LBCs until on deck. YHC had 3 rounds planned, but football team and clock constrained it to one round to middle cone.

Mosey to small hill between soccer and tennis for some 11s. Backward run up, regular down. 1 Superman at bottom, 10 high-knee jumps at top, 2/9, etc. YHC called halt around 6 or 7 jumps to be sure we had time for Mary.

Mosey to shovelflag, circle up and on your 6.
Flutter – 21
Russian Twist – 10
Dolly – 15

Bonus round: winner of hairburner relay called 10 Merkins. The rest got 15.


Keep HH and DT in prayers for recovery.

Great to welcome a new brother this morning. Hank “The Dealer” Waltmire. He knew Liger, and just moved from CT. Hasn’t even been in town a full week and already posting. The man knows his priorities.
Solid work by all the Pax. YHC planned to deliver a healthy dose of downpainment. Hope it was just what the doc ordered for all.
I didn’t see anyone hit the track during the Murph, and heard a lot of chatter about the pull ups. I know I was modifying (upright row) before time was up, but would like to be able to do a full Murph one day – preferably this year. Oh, and in case you hadn’t been to any other workouts I’ve Q’d: If there’s anything to hold above the ground, I will always include pull ups. #warninggiven
Thank you for the honor of leading.

From the peak you can view the full range

With humidity over 90%, it was easy to forget it was just in the 60s, especially after about a minute of movement.  However, the Pax of Peak51 don’t shrink from a challenge, so 5:30 we set off, well most of us (see moleskin).
Here’s the thang:

Mosey around front of school to basketball court for COP:
Slow Merkins-20 (3 down/1up)
Hillbilly – 20
CDD – 15
LSS-15 (low slow squat)

Mosey to playground equipment and find a pull-up or supine pull-up bar of choice
Up & hold 5 count then 5-count descent
10 recovery Merkins OYO
REPEATO minus 1 Merkin each round until 1 Merkin,

Mosey to bus parking lot
Rock Hopper – Merkins – Jump Squat (hands touch ground and hands up at end)
Set of 10 each, then 8/6/4/2
LBC recovery until all Pax done
Put it all together: 10 burpies

Mosey to wall: People’s Chair with straight-arm raises: hands touch bottom wall and top wall in cadence 1 minute / 45 sec / 30 seconds

Mosey to grass in front of theater for some Mary
Dead Bug X10
Back Scratcher X15
One-legged Flutter X 10
Other-legged Flutter X10
Freddie Mercury X15

Mosey small parking area at side of theater
Lunge-walk to end, backward lunge-walk back
Speed skate half-way, frog jump back

Mosey to cars and circle up for two minutes of Merkin wave



F3 Dads at Col. Beatty Park: Saturdays this summer 0900 to 1000.  Bring kids of any age for some fitness cleverly disguised as fun.

New running workout Fridays at S.Charlotte Middle.  5:15 – 6:15.  Name just announced: Mountain Goat

Joust/Kevlar new AO starting tomorrow at far west end of Arboretum.

Maniac driver warning: young white male in white car almost crashed with Pax driving to workouts two different times around 51/Fullwood.


The un-announced emergency response test that Horsehead put us through highlighted some opportunities for improvement.  For example, when YHC was on the phone with 911 for medical help, and the guy asked “what’s the address,” I had no clue.  I guess asking him to google it would be rude?  And Kilowatt volunteered to go to the road to meet the EMS truck, but when we cancelled the call, nobody went to  get him.  Fortunately, it was only a test, and HH was back on his feet for COT.  Learnings YHC took away: (for the Q) make sure someone has a phone and knows the address; plan a mid-workout swing by cars to get a swig of water if needed; don’t send a scout to the main road until EMS call confirmed; (for the Pax) bring water and leave at car, and bring something to eat just in case.  Others: please chime in with anything else you learned from HH’s test.

Start time is 5:30.  Not sure everyone knew that.  Not calling anyone out.  Just sayin.’

YHC’s goal was first to bring a good beatdown, and second to help sharpen the focus on the full range of motion for some of our movements.  Hope I was able to deliver.

As always, I had fun and was honored by the challenge of leading.

Thanks for the solid take-out, Slim Fast.

Dearth of Bells

With many of our brothers off to put their mark on the 2015 Spring Mud Run, The Rock, Day Zero, Olympus and Ascent all converged at Olde Providence for some running, swinging, pushing and pulling.

Here’s the thang:

SSH – 20
IW – 20
Slow Merkins  – 10
Arm Circles – 10 forward, 10 reverse
LSS – 10

Gullah Q:

Grab a KB or two and mosey to track.  Partner up.  P1 does called exercise at this end, P2 runs to playground and does other exercise.  Repeato for 5 minutes.

Round 1: 10 Two-Handed KB Swings,  5 Burpees
Round 2 – no running: 10 Two-Handed KB Push Presses, 5 high pulls per side, 10 Goblet Squat, P2 planks, then switchero
Round 3: 10 Good Mornings, 5 Diamond Merkins

Swiss Miss Q:

Grab bells and mosey to bigger playground with some lunge walks and/or shoulder shrugs.  Partner up. 10 minutes AMRAP: 5 partner-assist (as needed) pullups (modify to supine pullup), 10 merkins (modify w/incline), 15 squats (extra credit: goblet squat – must use same KB and do goblet squat all 15 squats each time for full EC)

Form close circle, count off by 2s for some KB “Hot Potato”.  Once around clockwise.  Once anti-clockwise.

Hairball Q:

Mosey with the KBs to the small track beside the parking lot. Split into groups of 3 for a set of grinders with a called KB exercise at each end.

Lap 1- End A: Merkins, End B: Pullovers with KB,
Lap 2- End A: Deck squats, End B: Two-handed swings with KB,
Lap 3- End A: Russian twist (extra credit with KB), End B: upright rows with KB.

LBCs until the six finished up.

Circle up for 6 minutes of Mary in the track infield. J-Lo x 12 IC (Hairball), Flutter x25 (Young Love), Sit-ups x 10 (Les Mis), Slow Freddy Mercury (High Tide)



–           Lots of strong work out there. This workout had something for everyone – running, KBs, trash talk. T-claps to Les Mis and Radar’s 2.0s for posting and running circles (literally) around their old man.
–           Thanks to Byron for digging into his traveling gym to supply is with additional KB’s.
–           Gullah had some devious plans on the field, but the clipboarders beat us there by 10 minutes. Hairball suggested a hostile takeover, however they had archery equipment (seriously), so we called an Omaha and found some alternate turf.
–           Lots of mublechatter during the hot-potato rotations judging the size and décor of several KBs that made the rounds a couple of mention – own up or sound off in the comments: the massive (deceivingly light) plastic bell, the hello kitty KB (Hairball)
–           Thanks to Stay Puft for the send-off prayer.



Take advantage of a great BRR training opportunity for the “Tread Nightly” after-dark trail half marathon & 4-miler at the Whitewater Center on Friday, June 19th. Races start at 8pm, beer and 2nd F opportunities afterwards. Sign up:

Smoked on the Peak

Ten fierce warriors fought back the gloom and made it to the top of Peak51.  Here’s the thang:

Mosey around front of church to back and over to school bus lot.


  • SSH-15
  • IW-15
  • Merkins-15
  • LSS-15

Mosey to playground equipment and find a pullup or supine pullup bar

Up & hold 5 count then 5-count descent
10 recovery Merkins OYO
REPEATO minus 1 Merkin each round until 1 Merkin,

Mosey to parking lot, partner up (opposite speed)

Partner 1: SSH while P2 moves to opposite side doing following exercise: (mosey back then flapjack)

  • lunge walk
  • bear crawl
  • frog jump
  • “speed skate”
  • sprint

Plank when done

Repeat: Switch out SSH with Peter Parkers

Mosey to the tundra and circle up for some Mary.

Pax #1 calls ab exercise and takes recovery mosey around ring.  Remaining Pax perform called exercise OYO. Repeato until all Pax have gone.  (YHC recalls: Flutter, Merkins, IW, Mountain Climber, Protractor, Freddy Mercury (variable speed), Sid-the-Kid, Russian Twist, Rosalita, LBC)

Mosey to benches by side of theater: 15 dips, 15 decline/incline Merkins, 15 step-ups OYO.  Wall-sit when done

Mosey to cars.  Time’s up.


  • DT, Sensei and SlimFast arrived early to knock out a few miles before the main show.  #Respect
  • Missing brother found: Insomniac made an appearance after almost 2 months hibernation. With all the gloom this morning I’m pretty sure he didn’t see his shadow, so expect to see him posting at many future A51 workouts.
  • Geraldo pulled the ruck out of his car before we got started. I didn’t see it come off until it was time for Mary.  #Strong
  • DT was a real beast: not only did the pre run, but also crushed the workout.
  • The continuous activity back and forth across the parking lot winded me and I’m guessing a few others, yet a few Pax kept up a continuous mumblechatter. Geraldo and Simba maybe?  YHC salutes your O2 resilience.
  • The band had a little trouble with the key signature when it came to circle of Mary, with several Pax calling questionable ab exercises. IW, okay I get it.  Merkins?  Also, thought Sid-the-Kid was trademarked by Strange Brew.  Not a crowd favorite.
  • Nice take out from DT.
  • Thank you for the honor of leading, gentlemen. And for graciously applying some form of modify to spare me penalty burpees at the end.


Sign up for the spring Mud Run

Start assembling your team for the Fall Blue Ridge Relay

Avast the clean&press

7 hearty mates sailed into Port Olde Providence to join YHC and High Tide who were swinging some oddly shaped cannon balls in a pre-workout workout.

After some brief chatter, we rounded up the iron, moseyed to the field and circled up.

SSH – 20 IC
IW – 21 IC (Q miscounted)
Merkins – 15 IC
Squats – 15 IC
Having got the blood flowing, it was time to move on to the main thang: partner up and line up on the sideline, partner 1 does called exercise while P2 does recovery run to other sideline and back, flapjack until reached called total count. Plank when finished. Once all PAX planking, move on to the next round.

1)      100 2-handed swings
2)      100 partner total CDD
3)      150 dead bugs (each tap is “1”)
4)      60 clean and press (had called for 100, but audibled 60)
5)      100 merkins
6)      200 Freddy Mercury (each knee is “1”)
7)      50 viking press (or some approximation that wouldn’t result in injury)
8)      100 calf raises

  • mosey to pullup station
    chin to bar and hold for 10, then descend slowly to straight arms during 10-count
    1 burpie
    chinup for 8, 8-count descent
    2 burpies
    chinup for 6, 6-count descent
    3 burpies
    chinup for 4, 4-count descent
    4 burpies
    chinup for 2, 2-count descent
    5 burpies
  • Mosey around closest ball field and back to COP site. On your six.
    Form circle on field.  Each PAX calls a Mary exercise.  PAX perform called exercise AMRAP while caller lunch walks or frog jumps around circle. If YHC recalls correctly, we had a few Flutters, and a few Protractors, Freddy Mercury, LBC, and regular sit-ups.
  • Protractor: each Pax calls a degree and hold for 10 count

Thank you for the honor of leading – I had fun and hope you did too.  Way to push yourselves, especially with the novelty of some new movements courtesy of the kettlebells. If you don’t have a KB, you should get one soon.  There are several workouts around Area51 that make extensive use of KBs, and I’m sure they will be making guest appearances at other workouts from time to time.  But since we can’t all be beasts like High Tide and swing a 45# bell like it’s a birthday balloon, I recommend starting with something a bit smaller.

T-claps to Relo – War Daddy, and to Low Tide, who is recovering from an ankle injury, but still hung tough.

Project Sole Redemption: Bring pair of used men’s shoes (decent shape and cleaned off) next month between November 10-17. Goal for Area51 is 300 pairs.

Modify, modify, modify

10 seasoned PAX and one FNG gathered in the gloom to savor a moderate intensity beatdown, Swiss style.

Mosey to back bus lot
SSH – 20 IC
IW – 20 IC
Merkins – 10 IC
Squats – 15 IC
8-count Manmakers – 10 IC

The main thang:
Mosey to church parking lot and partner up
Partner 1 starts called exercise while Partner 2 goes to top of lot (long side).
1-Manmaker, 2-run to top of lot closest to back of church / Total partner count = 50
1-LBC, 2-lunge walk half-way and back / 100 total
1-CDD, 2-backpeddle to top and run back / 50 total
1-Freddy Mercury, 2-crabwalk to first lamppost and back / 200 total (each side is “1”)
Mosey to back lot.
Plank-walk to the left on curb ~ 10 yrds

Mosey to pull-up station
5 jump up and hold for 5 count and 5 count descent with 10-count in low squat position between each
Mosey to back lot and plank-walk to the right ~ 10 yrds

Mosey to theater entrance
7’s: 1 JumpSquat + 6 dips, 2+5, etc

Mosey to cars
Dolly – 15 IC
Russian Twist – 10 IC
Flutter – 15 IC
Mosey to cars
Protractor: each Pax calls a degree and hold for 10 count



One FNG fought the lure of the fartsack, and braved his first F3 beatdown solo – EH applied remotely by brother-in-law Costco from Raleigh.  T-claps to newest member of the F3 Nation: Dumpster Fire, f.k.a. “Biff” (Post-workout renaming based on late-breaking intel and a name that proved too good to pass up.)

YHC wasn’t sure if Geraldo’s count was intentionally skipping ahead to shorten the COP, or he was just helping keep the mood light.  Fortunately, enough of the PAX kept the right count so YHC could call a halt at the planned count.

Outstanding effort by all: definite iron sharpening out there this morning.  T-claps to the men on IR who had the courage to post anyway, and the wisdom to modify extensively to avoid re-injury. Mumblechatter duly noted.

Great take out from Insomniac.
Thank you for the honor of leading.


Two new workouts launch tomorrow morning: at Ballantyne and at SunValley.  Do not post at your usual Friday AO, but help your brothers make these expansions a success.

Hold the date: January 10.  Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run: double down with workout followed by 5K fun run to raise money for the foundation established in memory of Rock Thrill’s brother.


45-minute COP

25 men resisted the siren song of the fartsack and joined YHC for a little F3-style “stand and pound.”

Here’s the thang:
Seal jacks – 25 IC
IW – 25 IC
Slow Merkins – 25 IC
Squats – 25 IC

Called exercise – Civilian Count.  Called active recovery (aka “chaser”) betwen each set – 10 OYO

One-hand shoulder press: 15/10/5 per side;  dead bug
Romanian Deadlift: 15/10/5 per side; Merkins
Front raisers: 15/10/5; Freddie Mercury
Good morning: 15/10/5; LBC
Upright row: 20/15/10; high-knee jump
Tea bag squat: 20/15/10; CDD
Lawn mower: per side 15/10/5; burpies
2-handed swing OYO: 20/15/10; Peter Parker
Triceps extension: 20/15/10; squats
Horn curl 25/20/15; Merkins

Dolly press – 20 IC
Mason twist – 15 IC
Slow flutter press – 15 IC
Merkin wave – 2X
1 minute Burpies AYG



May need to consult the record, but I think this was YHC’s VQ at Skunkworks. If not, it’s been too long to remember, so I wanted to be sure to deliver something memorable. Based on the fact that during Mary, I only heard a few PAX counting, I think I succeeded.
Being a drummer, I probably hear rhythm more than I should, so couldn’t help but notice the very audible seal-jack “clap” was on count for most of the PAX.    But not all.           #stilllaughing
Tclaps to Sussudio for both calling out and executing the correct “down” position of the Merkin wave: 6-inches, not 0. #WD_respect
I’d been warned that old-school curls would be refusniked by that bad ol puddy tat. Even though he didn’t post, it was amusing to hear some mumblechatter when YHC called it.
Tclaps to Header or Sanka – too dark and too little O2 to remember clearly – for amping up the “recovery” squats with goblet squats. I’m sure others were doing the same (Stone Cold – KB merkins?).  Way to push yourself, gentlemen.
Excellent take out, Cottonmouth.

It’s an honor to have the chance to lead this group of men.



  • Two new Area51 workouts launch Friday: Overdrive @ SunValley Middle, and Brave @ Ballantyne. More info: Let’s help make these expansions successful: forego the comfort of your normal Friday routine and post to one or both of these.
  • 3rd F: Aftermath tomorrow @ 0630 starting new series “Moral Excellence”
  • Didn’t get your KB fix today? Post to Meathead on Thursday @ Elizabeth Lane ELE.

Old school at the Peak

The thang:

Mosey to back parking lot for COP

SSH – 15
Merkins – 11 (YHC lost count)
IW – 15

Partner up – like height. 10 partner-assist pullup, 20 Merkins, 30 squats – all individual counts, then hit the track for some running.  Run until last team hits the track, then all direct return to center.  10-count. Repeato 5X

Mosey to brick outhouse for some people’s chair (0:45) and air presses (0:30 IC) X3
Mosey back to back lot
Flutter – 20
Dolly – 20
Freddy Mercury – 20
Merkin Wave
Squat Wave
Mosey to upper lot
Parker Peter – some


The humidity was over 90%, but with temperatures in the 60s, it was a great morning to forsake the fartsack and see how much O2 is needed to keep moving.  The deep gloom of the inner track has many tripping hazards, but we managed to avoid them all and knock out all 5 sets.  In hindsight, we had time for a 6th set.  But then again, if we had done 6 sets, we would have missed the fun of the merkin wave and squat wave, which started seriously enough, but – class clowns that we are – started unraveling from “up/down” to “mine” (a la gulls in Finding Nemo), to “Bud Wise Er” (a la bullfrogs in long-ago Superbowl ad).

Excellent send-off by Geordi.

YHC considers it an honor and pleasure to lead.  Thank you for the privilege.


Young Life Mud Run this Saturday at the WWC.  $40. Family oriented.  4mi competitive @ 9:00 and 2mi rec @ 10:00.  Sign up online ( or register on site Saturday.

Men’s Shelter Mission I’m Possible needs men to help lead workouts on Saturdays at 9:00.  More info on F3 site.

Playing the hand you were dealt

A cool misting rain greeted our merry band of men this surprisingly-cool July morning.  Sissorhands came jogging in just as we got going.  Here’s the thang:

Warm-up: lap around track; second lap w/Frankenstein (aka Toy Soldier), back-kicks, high-knees, internal skip, external skip.  Mosey to parking lot.

COP: 15 SSH, 15 4-count chest-to-ground Merkins, 15 IW, 10 4-count side lunges, 10 mountain climber

Mosey to playground, cards dealt to each (52 + jokers).  Each man in turn: Call each card, join in called exercise, repeat until you finish your hand.  10-count between hands. Aces=1, Faces=10 except Q of Spades = 11.  Joker is wild – holder’s choice (SM got one and called single dead bug – crowd pleaser.  Pele got other – 4 LBC)

  • Hearts = Spartan burpie (bonus = regular burpie)
  • Diamond = Merkin (bonus = diamond)
  • Club = supine pull-up (bonus = regular pull-up)
  • Spade = dead bug (no need for bonus, it’s plenty fun as is)

With one round done and time running short, mosey to bleachers for speed round: Q calls suit, 5 of called exercise until get to Joker, then audible for more, for Mary, or time out.

  • Hearts = squats (bonus = jump squats)
  • Diamond = CDD (bonus = feet on bleachers)
  • Club = lunge (bonus = Sister Mary Catherine – no takers)
  • Spade = dips

Joker finally shows it’s face with just enough time to mosey to school, grab some wall and 60sec people’s chair with 20 air presses in cadence.

Mosey to parking lot for name-a-rama and announcements.  Solid send-off by Pele.



Hard to believe it’s mid-July and in the 60s.  Welcome relief from the heat.

Travel claimed a few men, taper claimed another (though how missing a no-run, moderate intensity workout can be excused by “taper” is a mystery to YHC), and I’m guessing the patter of rain plus the siren song of the fartsack claimed the rest.  Those who did come were not disappointed by the mix of exercises and few seconds of breath-catching between card calls. Intensity may have drifted a bit north of “moderate” with the second round of cards, as there was no pause between calls and no 10-counts.  People’s chair w/presses that YHC failed to synchronize (presses ended with 10 more seconds of chair time) was a real #crowdpleaser.  As always, I consider it a privilege to lead. Thank you for the opportunity.



F3 Camp @ Camp Thunderbird August 16-17.  Much fun was had by all last year.  Real deal for all activities and food.  Don’t miss it.

Young Life Mud Run is Sept 20.  Info @