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Is the Durkin Doer also the Leap Froger?

Pax 6 showed out this morning at the Valley for some Funny Farm fashion F3 fun (too much alliteration?)  The mumble chatter after the workout centered around head nods and “flaccid” arms.  Everyone involved had a good time, but didn’t quite know how to describe what happened.  Thanks for leading these men Funny!

Warm UP

20x SSH
20x imperial walkers
20 squats

The Thang:
Mosey to the track.

Partner up.
Straddle the ramp to trailers
At the top
Leap frog partners -all the way down the bridge, after each leap
10 durkins
Then switch
Repeat with ramp x 2

Partners-1 lap each
-1st partner-run the track, 2nd burpees
-1st partner-run the track, 2nd rosalitas
-1st partner run the track, 2nd Freddie Mercury’s

Complete the Huntingtowne Farms Sprint

Run to Parking lot wooded trail
Yoga poses
Bottom of the hill in the leaves
Right arm high
Left arm high
Downward dog
Tree pose

Back to the lot


THE MOLESKIN: Awesome cool morning! No rain so we avoided wearing our high waters. Most of us have flaccid arms due to the leap frogging durkins. There might be a pill for that. Mcstuffins? Advil? YHC just about hurled 3 times on the Huntingtowne Farms sprint. I think we’ve all got some PR’s out there now. Watch out for mud and branches in the woods, when completing fundamental stretching.

Turkey trot coming up! Thanksgiving day. – Muffins and mimosas tailgate at Nordstroms Parking lot after with Sloppy and crew.

Fox Fellas opening doors at Huntingtowne Farms carpool dropoff tomorrow monring with Becky.

Pray for GOP to be a light with his college buddies on the camping trip.


July 4th Hangover

6 HIMs joined me in the gloom this balmy July 5th morning.  Despite long days at the pool and lake and staying out late to celebrate our nations independence these 6 men drug themselves out of bed for a sweat fest.  I’ve never seen so much sweat in my life.  The prayer circle at the end was disgusting!   It was a great morning.  Thanks for letting me carry the torch.

Sloppy Warmup:

  • SSH X 40 IC
  • Squats X 15 IC
  • Squat Straddle Hops X 15 IC
  • Plank
  • Squat Straddle Jumps X 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to Goneaway for 100 Merkin March – 10 merkins each light post until you get to 100 OYO


Mosey to Forest Hill prayer Garden

  • Prayer Lunges up the garden path
  • Dips X 20 IC
  • Plank, Elbows
  • JLowX10IC
  • Dips X 20 IC
  • Plank, Elbows
  • JLowX10IC
  • Dips X 20 IC
  • Plank, Elbows
  • JLowX10IC

Mosey to the Parking Lot for the longest suicides ever – Turn around at each lightpost – 7 in all – Becky led the pack

Walking 10 count

Mosey to the Wall

  • 1 min down and dirty peoples chair
  • Fast Feet Chair jumps – 1 min
  • 1 min peoples chair

“Oh, too bad, we’re out of time!”

Mosey back through the parking lot

Indian Run from Forest hill to Yellow school crossing sign

Jail break and horses to the flag

90 second Chair pose



Announcements: F3 Dad’s in Freedom Park on Saturdays at 9am

Grave Dancer brought us out!

Moleskin: I woke up with a pounding headache from the hours I spent at the Lake the day before.  I sweat through that headache before I finished the warmup.  Best hangover cure: F3  Thanks for the push gentlemen!


July the 4th be with you!

The fateful day after the July 4th party.  Will you rise early in the gloom as a band of brothers? Or will sleep in until sun hangover wears off? I know where I’ll be.  With whatever HIMs show up at the valley. YHC Q

THE Apolitical GOP

Despite the political climate THE GOP is very apolitical. However, his F3 policy will make you SWEAT LIKE THE DEMONS IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY! Hallelujah The Valley is here tomorrow!! SYITG

Check out @PastorJoeLanman’s Tweet:

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Coldcuts Q

The valley

Check out @PastorJoeLanman’s Tweet:

Abba Q at the Valley


The Valley pre-blast

There is a time for everything under heaven. Turn turn turn.  Grave Dancer Q. SYITG

This won’t hurt a bit…

Despite the .gif warning issued last evening, 8 of the finest Pax this side of Fairview joined YHC for the best small batch workout in F3 known as The Valley.  YHC was especially impressed that GOP and Tebow posted as it was clear they aware of YHC line of work.  #awkward

The Thang:

The clock struck 5:30 and we launched into the gloom with Meru coming in on two wheels to join us for COP.

  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 15
  • MC X 20
  • Peter Parker X 10
  • Parker Peter x 10

Mosey toward the half-pipe on Goneaway (afterward YHC was informed this was the namesake for The Valley #appropriate).  Partner up.  Size, speed, and favorite Rocky movie all matter.  Partner 7s alternating at the apex with jump squats and jump lunges (6&1, 5&2, 4&3 you’re done when you flip the order).  Every time you meet your partner at the bottom 7 hand slap merkins.  The skill displayed in the pipe would have made Tony Hawk blush.

Plank o’rama on the 6.


  • LBC x 20
  • Oblique crunch L/R x 15
  • Rosalita x 15
  • Mahktar Ndiaye x 10

Mosey out of the pipe with a number of audible groans.  Head back to the school to the picnic tables.  Alternate Dips x 10 and Jack Palance x 10 L/R (one arm incline merkin) #crowdpleaser

20 step ups on your own.

Mosey to the parking lot where the 4 basketball hoops were begging to be used for suicides.  Becky caught a little mumblechatter that the crooked one was not part of the recent school clean up.

Same partners.

Partner 1 does suicides to each of the 4 hoops with 1,2,3 & 4 burpees sequentially.  Partner B does LBC, Heels2Heaven, Low slow squat each x 20.

Plank o’rama and elbow plank with a prolonged 10 count to end it by ColdCuts.



YHC was a fairly regular Bastion Pax on a Thursday, and still do from time to time, Happy 5th Anniversary this morning BTW.  ColdCuts EH’d me to this great AO and almost instantly YHC was hooked, the Pax are certainly HIMs and the terrain/greenway/school make for a great variety of a workout.  Glad to be a part of this group and was very happy to have my site VQ this morning. To me the lesson here is to get out and see a different AO you’ve never been to, there are so many great places and Pax out there you never know what you may find.  Just about 3 miles by my Garmin with an attempted focus on total body.

YHC enjoyed introducing the Valley Pax to the Jack Palance which Tango Delta used at a Worm workout YHC posted to in my early days of F3.


  • Metro collecting for AG track repair details on website and twitter.  Becky willing to take AGs old track at HF elementary.
  • Becky mentioned a carnival I think next Friday at HFE.  I’d text him as he’d have much more information than my pitiful attempt here.
  • F3 Dads starting up this summer at Freedom Park train lot.  Saturdays at 9.

GOP with the strong take out and he’s your Q at the Valley next week.



War Daddy Did it Again

Pax 9 hit the gloom on a balmy May morn.  Sun came up early!


20x SSH
20x imperial walkers
15x SSJ

The Thang

Run to the field
10 fence jumps- over and back

Parking lot 4 corners- repeat x3

Corner 1 – 20 burpees
Corner 2 – 20 LBC’s
Corner 3 – 20 rosalitas
Corner 4 – 10 squat straddle jumps

Run the greenway to the tennis courts

Partner up repeat x 3
Raccoon crawl the wall lunges across side one
Raccoon crawl the wall
Karaoke side 2

Partner alternates dips and squats

Run home


Announcement- Fortitude serving BBQ Saturday night for men’s shelter off site.  Check Twitter for details.

GasX brought us out.

Meru the Mud Runner and the Audit

Not only did we mistakenly think that we would have a low mileage day with Meru at the helm, but we never would have expected this!

Warm up:

  • SSH x 30 IC #slowestCadenceEVER! The comments started quickly from our new friend Hermes from Apex AO.  We didn’t realize until later that we were being audited!
  • Imperial Walker x 20 IC – Hermes,#theaudit, also enjoyed throwing an “and” in before IC count.  This led to some fun smiles. And we were just getting started!

The thang

  • The Strong Start: Line up for a suicide in the parking lot. Meru brought it hard coming in 3rd place!
  • Mosey down the valley to Tattersall dr. ( This was already further away from our AO than I expected to find ourselves on this fine morning.  #theaudit said “Meru, what is that a digital winky!”  We certainly are not going to pass!)
  • It’s time for “pushups” oh no! Dont forget about #theaudit Meru! “Pushups!  What are those!” Meru, “I’m new at this!” Merkins x 15 IC
  • Run 70% to park rd. Plank until the 6 -plank series by YHC
  • Take a right!  Where are we going! Further into the gloom – instructions were given: run to Quail Hill rd! Questions were asked: quail hollow estates?  You know that’s pretty far away right? We humbly submitted to our leader
  • Plank series until the 6
  • Time for more running!  Run through Quail Hollow estates to Sharon Rd West.  No questions asked- just a few unspoken thoughts, this is going to be hard to make it back to the vflag ontime.
  • Plank series until the 6
  • Meru says “this way guys!” This is where things start to get interesting! We start running further away from the AO. Or so we thought.  Becky finally figured out out.  Hes taking is down the unfinished greenway!
  • The unfinished mudway mud run ensued.  Meru, “this wasn’t as muddy the other day when I tested it out!” The pax, “did you forget about the monsoon which occurred over the last couple days?”  Meru, “toughen up buttercup! ”  I may have made that last line up but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it.  Into the mud we sloshed!
  • Highlights: lots of bobbing and weaving in the dark?  The unsure left or right path.  Didn’t matter there was no good path to take.  YHC LOST HIS SHOE IN THE MUD PIT FROM HELL! “Can someone grab my shoe please?”
  • Finally freed back into the civilized world of pavement we landed in the park.
  • LBCs X 20 IC – sort of IC but more of the #slowestCadenceEVER! #WITHLOVE.  More comments from #theaudit brought to us by Hermes from Carey, “the cadence is 1 down and 2 on the up”
  • Plank series led by the Qic. It was Quick, we were running out of time.
  • Run to the top of the valley.
  • Run the valley
  • Run to the Vflag – #theaudit says” circle up at the shovel flag! Oh wait, there’s no flag”  perhaps it was the final straw




If was a glorious gloom! With Meru throwing down the mileage mudrun guantlet!  Thank you brother!  That was fun! And a big thanks to Hermes from @apexcarey for the external audit.  It was great entertainment and you got GOP to promise the shovel flag next week! Come back anytime brother!

thanks to Becky for bring us out!