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Tuesday Fun Run!

My wife has laid claim to Tuesday and Thursday mornings so Tagalong though it would be fun to stir things up at home and put me as Q for Bagpipe. With my wife’s approval I catch a ride with tag and head out to Bagpipe. Had 19 Pax attend and we get started after the disclaimer is given.

The Thang

We mossey the long way to Duckworths parking lot. Circle up and do some warm ups. SSH, imperial walker, and cherry/cotton pickers. We head down to the brick wall behind us and get in a sitting position. Stay in sitting position for 25 secs then 25 sec hold on right foot out and 25 sec hold on left foot out. Hold seat and do 50 air presses. Shake the legs out and mosey down to Lance/Synder back parking lot.

Line up abreast and do some leg exercises; high knees, karaoke both directions, butt kicks. We mossey up to the front of Lance/Synder building.  Do an exercise and run to the bridge and mosey back -3X. First exercise is burpes, then crunches, then squats. Cross the street to the grass hill. Run up the hill 7 times doing jump squats at the top and merkins at the bottom.

Mosey down to the SPX pond area. We do 2 exercises at each sitting section around the pond and run to the section right behind the section we just left. Sounds more confusing in writing, so not quite a full lap in-between  sitting sections around the pond. First exercises – 10 jump ups and 20 step ups; 2nd- 25 incline and 25 merkins; 3rd – 25 declines and 25 dips. Meet back where we started @ the SPX pond area and get on our six. Do 3 sets of Mary exercises lead by different PAX and head back to launch.

Get back to launch right @ 6:15 and meet up with the runners. Q takes it out with a prayer.

Good work out with some great guys. Not much chatter but a lot of hard work. Finished with 3.25+ miles. Thanks to Tagalong and One Niner for the support and site Q. My wife has a Thank You note in the mail.


F3 dads camping trip – get info on camping channel

Richard Sheltra – 5K or 10K  4/28


Dedicated Ones!!

Wake up around 5:20 and it’s still raining outside. Been raining all night so the grass is looking good but the ground is really wet. So it’s Saturday; raining, wet, early, and spring break. Feel pretty good I am going to get out of leading this one as no one will show up. It gets closer to 6:00 and the rain dies to a little mist. I figure I better drive over just to make sure no one shows up. I get to Stonehenge and for the most part, the rain has stopped but still really wet. I see about 4 or 5 cars so I know its on thinking it will be a small group this morning. Once again, I am wrong and more cars start rolling in. We wait until 6:00 and we now have 14 dedicated PAX out on this Saturday morning. I will be honest; If I wasn’t on Q, I wouldn’t have made an appearance.  Give a disclaimer and we are on our way!

The Thang

We mossey the long way to Duckworths parking lot. Circle up and do some very precise counted warm ups. SSH, imperial walker, merkins, and squats. We head down to the brick wall behind us and get in a sitting position. Stay in sitting position for 25 secs. A lot of chatter on the count so we count silently for the rest of the wall exercises. 25 sec hold on right foot out and 25 sec hold on left foot out. Hold seat and do 50 air presses. Shake the legs out and mosey back to the parking deck.

Relived to find some dry ground, We do some leg work; high knees, butt kicks, shuffle both directions, lunges, and broad jumps.  We run up the parking lot ramp and do 5 burpes at each level. We run down the ramp and do 10 merkins at each level. We stop near the stairs and partner up.

One Partner runs up the stairs and back down while the other does exercises on ground level. Switch with partner when you get to ground level. We do a total count with partner of 100 merkins, 200 crunches, and 300 squats.

Mosey down to the SPX pond. We do 2 exercises at each sitting section around the pond and run to the section right before the section we just left. Sounds more confusing in writing, so not quite a full lap in-between  sitting sections around the pond. First exercises – 10 jump ups and 20 step ups; 2nd- 25 incline and 25 squats; 3rd – 25 declines and 25 merkins. Meet at the section of the SPX pond we started and do 25 dips and 25 squats, Do a full lap around the pond. Do some so leg stretches and back to launch for a couple minutes of mary.  Different Pax call out the exercise and we end up doing 2 sets of american hammer (wet ground).  DONE AT LAST! Finish up with 3.75+ miles. Q takes it out with prayer.

Great group of guys and appreciate the support on a rainy day. Thanks to Nard-Dog and Wild turkey for the site Q!


Richard Sheltra – 5K or 10K  4/28

Track Work!

10 Pax @ The Big House on the Monday after Easter!! Happy Meal from Raleigh grace us with his presence. If he dominated his interview like he did the work out we will all be working for him in no time. Hope the interview went well!! 5:30 is approaching and its time to pay for all the candy stealing from the kids Easter baskets. Disclaimer is given and we  start to Mossey only to be surprised by Dumpster Fire pulling in Hot. We meet him at his car and wait for him to join. Councilmen are so entitled!!

The Thang

We take a run around the track and end up at the bottom parking area of the park. Get in a line to do some leg warm ups. Make a loop around the parking lot alternating leg exercises at each concrete pad break. High legs, Butt kicks, shovel both directions, karaoke both direction, Broad Jump, and lunges. We circle up for some more warmups – SSH, moon gods, sun gods, imperial walkers, and cotton pickers.

Now that warm up is complete, We start the real work! Meet ate the concrete block planters and do 20 jump ups, 40 step ups, and 40 one leg lunges. Wait for group and then run the track back up to the top part of the parks parking lot.

Meet up at the shelter with picnic tables. Do 25 decline merkins, 25 incline merkins, and 25 regular merkins. Wait for 6 and run the track back down to the lower parking lot.

Partnered up and ran in opposite directions around the parking lot loop doing 10 slap hand merkins when meeting partner. Meet Partner and do Exercise 3 times. Mossey over to the dug out wall.

Get in sitting position on the wall. Do 20 sec right leg out, 20 sec left leg out, 50 air presses, 30 sec count on low seat hold. Shake out the legs and do a 30 sec count balls to wall.

Circle up for some Mary. Have the Pax call out Mary exercise but it takes longer than expected. Cut it off after half the Pax lead a Mary.

Make our last track run back to the upper parking lot. Use same partners and do a quick alternating circuit work out. one partner does 15 squats while other partner does 5 pull ups. everyone does each exercise 3 times.  Line up and plank after we are done. First person does 5 merkins and we go down the line. Everyone planks while waiting for their turn to do merkins.

Run out of time so we head back up to Launch. Do a quick roll call and QIC takes us out.

Great group of guys who put in some work. We got about 2.75 miles in and a good bit of merkins. Thanks to Dumpster Fire and Pvt. Benjamin for allowing me to lead. Great way to start off the week!!



Richard Sheltra – 5K or 10K  4/28. Cops and drug dogs will be there. Tool Bag, come at your own risk.

A little drizzle

A wet morning with a light drizzle. 9 Pax show up just in time to decide to wear rain gear or not. The little rain sprinkle was too much for Tool Bag’s F3 flag, but luckily everyone still found there way. Paper Jam drives around like a lost puppy for a while and then jumps out and runs into the woods to make the ground a little more wet. 5:30 hits and a very summarized disclaimer is given. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

The Thang:

We head over near the Target parking lot where Tool Bag informs everyone that Target has hot chocolate and coffee inside. Against everyone’s better judgment, we dismiss Tool Bags info and circle up. No Show is too delicate to get wet so we do a quick standing warm up. 20 SSH; 15 cotton pickers; 16 windmills. Windmill cadence through everyone off a little but we recover and mosey over to St. Matthews Church.

From there we do 3 loops around, stopping at each speed bump to do an exercise. First round is merkins, second round is squats, and third round is Carolina dry docks. Plank up and wait for the 6. Everyone finishes and we head toward the Target shopping center.

We take a left before we get to the buildings heading towards Elm street. I hear Speed Bag yelling about something but not one answers his cries and we continue to the Murder Horn. Took a little longer than expected to get to MH so we do one circuit to the bottom. Every light you do 5 low slow squats. Took Tag-a-long a couple tries to figure out you go slow and low on a low slow squat.  We get to the bottom and wait for the group.

Once you go down, you must go back up!!  We run up the MH while alternating directions at every light. Run up to one light and back peddle to the next. We finish up with 8 minutes to spare.

We mosey over to the side of the theater to get some wall work in. Sitting position, we do 25 sec on right foot and then another 25sec on left foot. Do 50 air presses while in sitting position. Next exercise… Ball to wall!!  We climb up as high as we feel comfortable and do a 20 count.

Mosey back to launch for about 4 minutes of Mary. Pax pick and lead the Mary exercise and everything is going as planned until we get to Marlin. Marlin demands we stand up and do some burpees. Squid closes us out with a gut clinching side-center-side Mary.


Tag-a-along informs the group we got 2.9 miles in.


Richard Sheltra – 5k/10k – 4/28

Thanks to Squid for the prayer take out. Everyone did a great job and not much waiting around. Got lucky on the weather as for the most part the rain held off. Appreciate everyone coming out with the wet and cold weather. My arms and legs are a little sore today and hope everyone else got a good work out in. Thanks to Tool Bag and No Show for allowing me to lead.

It’s Saturday!!!

Speed Bag makes everyone uncomfortable right off the bat by telling us about his wet dream last night.  19 Pax’s show up and almost everyone is circled up ready to go. The circle kept moving away from Speed Bag as he stood there by himself while everyone gave him the look of judgement and the disappointed head shake. Gruden shows up for his only second F3 work out in true Gruden apparel; Visor with sunglasses on top!! Speed Bag informs everyone that this work out better not be too hard because IT’S SATURDAY!  Nard Dog and Wild Turkey get in from their pre-run and after the disclaimer we roll out right on time.

Warm Ups

Mosey the long way to DuckWorth’s parking lot. I guess it was a little too long of a Mosey for some people as we kept hearing yelling coming from the back.. IT’S SATURDAY!! We circle up in the parking lot and begin warm up

15 – side straddle hop

15 – cotton pickers

20 – sun gods

20 – moon gods

12 – merkins

The Thang

Mosey to brick wall and line up in chair position. We go down the line and each person does 10 incline press while everyone else holds chair position with hands up.

Mosey over to the XPO pond. We start our circuit around the pond. First exercise stop; 20 full sit ups & 20 heels to heaven. 2nd stop; 20 step ups and 10 carolina dry docks; 3rd stop; 20 low slow squats and 10 derkins.  line up in plank and down the line we go with 3 merkins each person going up the line and 3 merkins going down the line while everyone holds plank.

Mosey over to Lance-Synder parking lot. Again, a lot of chatter about too much running. We stretch out with lunges, high knees, and karioka.

We move to the front of Lance-Synder and establish it as our home base for the next circuit. We do an exercise and give all you have up heel to the beginning of the bridge and mosey back down to home base. First exercise -10 burpes, 2nd – Low Slow Squats, 3rd – Jump Squats, 4th – Mountain Climbers.

We Mosey across the street and line up below a wet grass hill. Go up the heel 4 times and do 5 merkins when you reach the bottom of the hill.

Mosey back across the street and on our six for some mary. Do about 10 minutes of Mary being called out by different pax members.

Start to Mosey back to launch but notice we still have 5 minutes. Make a pit stop @ a picnic area and do 10 jump ups and 10 incline merkins.

Mosey to launch and end with a wind mill stretch.

QIC ended in prayer.


Big hand clap to Speed Bag as this was his 5th consecutive F3 work out. We had a bigger group this Morning but everybody stuck together and dug deep to get through this 3.77 mile work out. Haggis, Nard Dog, and Mic Check lead the way and pushed everyone else to keep up the pace.



Wild Turkey sprung this Q on me Wednesday night as Tool Bag had double booked. My first Q at Stonehenge and it was a pleasure. Great group of guys and a great site with lots of different options. Great way to start your Saturday Morning.  Thankful for the leadership this group brings.

Bagels to celebrate the work out victory!!



Isabella Santos 5K 9/30/17

F3 Golf 10/27/2017

Great Wolf Lodge 11/17/2017


X Marks the Spot!! VQ

Ohhh Monday Morning!!!

The clown car arrives while 4 guys are circling the police station parking lot and one car is blocking all of the available parking.. Thanks Toolbag!! From the Clown Car, Out climbs Tagalong, Carmen Sadiego, and Shrink Wrap.  We now have 8 Monday Warriors who are all demonstrating their best Walking Dead performance with about 3 min until go time. All of a sudden a truck from Monster Jam pulls in and everyone watches in awe as Madame Tussaud perfectly parks the black beauty with style and grace.

The disclaimer is given and all 9 of us do a light jog down 1/2 the track into the bottom parking lot. We circle up and the warm up begins. Every One is all Bright Eyed and eager to heckle the Q at this  point.  While the Q misses some commands we manage to get through 25 Side Stroddle Hop, 25 Mountain Climbers, 15 Cotton Pickers, 25 Sun Gods, and 25 Moon Gods. Pvt Benjamin stayed an extra couple minutes waiting to hear recover as it never came.

Mosey to the bottom field and circle up in the middle where there is a big orange traffic cone. Glad the DOT let us borrow the cone and it was returned to its off the road spot after workout. Time for the 4 corner Pole suicides.  We will run to a Pole in the corner of the field, do an exercise and then run back to the middle cone do 5 burpes and then off to the next corner Pole.  Toolbag is asking too many questions so we all do 5 Burpes.

First set is Upper body; 25 Merkins first pole, 25 Carolina Dry Docks 2nd pole, 25 Wide Arm Merkins 3rd pole, 25 Makhtar Jies 4th pole, and then 5 Burpes @ the home base between each Pole – 25 total. (20 plus the 5 to start)

Second set is Lower Body and the 5 up front Burpes felt so good the first round we decided to repeat. 25 Jump Squats first pole, 25 Low Slow Squats 2nd pole, 24 total switch leg Lunges 3rd pole, 25 Monkey Humpers 4th pole, and 5 Burpes each home base totaling 25.

Third set is Core; 25 all the way up Sit Ups first pole, 25 Heels to Heaven 2nd pole, 25 6″ Dollies 3rd pole, LBC’s 4th pole, and 5 Burpes each home base totaling 25. Didn’t realize how wet the field was until we did some Mary’s. We partner up while wringing water out of our shirts and mosey back over to the parking lot.

Each Partner is split by the long parking lot median. Everybody runs the circle around the median and when you meet your partner do 10 Hand Slap Merkins. Meet your partner 5 times for a total of 50 Hand Slap Merkins. Do some plank exercises while we wait on the 6.

We line up and do an Indian Run back on the 1/2 track route we came in on to get us back to start. This puts us @ 2.25 miles for the Morning.

Shrink Wrap sends the PAX out with Prayer.

Great Work out of everyone this Morning!! Tagalong and No Show lead the way but everyone was working hard.  I enjoyed the VQ and feel like we got a good work out. Great group of guys and great location with a lot of different areas to use in your workout. Special thanks to Dumpster Fire and Pvt Benjamin for their Site Q leadership.


F3 Golf – 10/27

Speed for Need – Isabella Santos 5K – 9/30