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Backblast No. 1,290,293 – Calm down Sprockets

Q. Mosey to other parking lot COP 15 IW 15 MC 15 merkins

Mosey to Rea forest drive Partner up

One partner runs rea forest to jasmine den Other partner run shefingdell to jasmine. Meet up. 1. Hand slap merkins 20 2. Dips 3. Merkins cumulative 50 Mosey to church school Rock work –

100 curls partner Partner is doing merkins while they wait. Flapjack when you need to. Goal is 150 merkins 100 chest press partner 100 tricep extension

Mosey to front of school. Circuit work 15 Derkins 15 dips 15 step ups Run down to bottom and back. 3 rounds

Burn out. Partner back up On partner sprints from laying flat while other partner jogs in place switching side to side until other partner gets back. Jump down and back up to start sprints

Mary and merkins

Moleskin. Well it was similar to what I did above. Deal with it. I don’t care. The site q’s are busting my chops about a backblast. Here you go. Good group today. Thought we were going to a new area but I was wrong. I was trying to tell the group what to do but Gummy wouldn’t shut up. Got confused on that part.

I’ve tried to get creative and almost had a DW issue on it.  Old school guys will get it. 

Tons of crap given and was thankful for it.  There’s nothing like F3 to keep you humble.  Hops was complaining A LOT about really everything.  Gummy literally did half the workout so he was complaining about doing nothing.  Sprockets was a little too excited about my q.  It got a little awkward when he pushed me in the middle.  Receda tucks his shirt in just like Jet fuel.  I see a duel in their future and pain in the dojo.  Since I have brought out Buc-cees and Motorboat along with Receda I am basically keeping Area 51 a float singlehandedly.  Pudding was quite the chatty cathy.  Kirk was doing a little wayne thing, not sure what that was about. 

I’m sure there are other notables in there that I am missing.  Please feel free to add your thoughts.  Can’t wait to read them whilst enjoying a beverage.

Here’s your stupid backblast

11 or so pax came out for the makings of a dumpster fire. I am sending this from my phone so pax listed here. Stipe, motorboat, Spacklepuddingloss, yeti, proehl, gummy, hammer, heartbreaker, Smokey,

Money to top lot and do some work

15 IW -Spackler did 2

15 mountain climber – gummy did 4

15 Merkins – pudding and motorboat…..well you get the idea

Run across the street to the Smithfield road. 4 corner partner work.

  1. Derkins. LBC’s
  2. something and WWII sit ups
  3. jump squats and merkins

Run back across to the play—- scratch that. They were doing work and the sprinklers were on. 18th green at 8 or some crap. Anywho. Run down to the mountain. Partner work.

  1. Merkins. 100
  2. lbc’s. Whatever.


Run back to the bleachers. Up down up down up down up down. Etc….. other partner does called exercise.

Track work. Partner race. Two times

Suicides on the field.

Mosey to start.



Stupid observations.

Well I don’t typically post on Fridays because that’s my gym day but regardless ductwork gets me on the calendar so here we are. I messed up several times because I didn’t know where I was going and there was a building in the way.

There was some discussion at hydra about the ultimate frisbee stuff. Hard pass on that. Had the whole refusenik clan in attendance today. Was good to see puddin spack gummy and motor boat as well as a few regulars who weren’t too impressed with my workout.

The four corners across the street seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Don’t know if they have been over there before but whatever.

The grandma mountain and and bleachers was an Omaha because they were doing a bunch of work there. Freaking A Yeti. Tell them to stop building so out free workout can have a place to run.

Smokey has a purple pac man shirt on so there’s that. He is still as fast as lighting.

Proehl is amazingly fast. He partnered up with Pudding which was well hilarious for gummy spackles and me.

Hammer was upset about the no ultimate thing. Sorry man. I only play cool sports.

Motorboat about dies but we brought him back fro the brink. It was something.

On to the fng. Dan Knezevic is a good friend of old motorboat and myself. Lives in the hood and has been doing some sick yoga for a while and I told him it’s time to join the boys. He is…well….fast. I told him to slow down or he was going to get a girls name. I over heard Spackler ask him who his girlfriend from high schools name was. Anyways. We started with gumnut from the jacka$$ crew but quickly diverted. Motorboat tried to get him to say Rose but that was squashed. We ended up with Stipe. No not from the REM lead singer but from a mixed martial arts or some crap. I don’t know. Read it here.

Good times were had by all. Gummy and spackler have been giving me crap so here is your backblast

It’s so freaking Humid

Mosey to track

COP IW Cad Merkins Cad MC Cad

Partner work. Speed matters

Partner race

Winner 5 Merkins Loser 15 burpees

15 Merkins and 15 squats X4

Partner up One runs while other does exercise flap jack 100 Merkins 200 lbc 100 squats


Mosey to rock pile 100 curls 200 presses While other partner runs to bridge. Flap jack

Mosey up to parking lot 7’s

Mosey to launch Merkins o Rama ish. Mary


Mole It was rather moist out there along with the chatter it made for a wonderful morning of schweaty men. Hops found my alter ego tag and I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to get back into that account. Good times from years gone by. Hard to believe that has been 4 years ago. There was so much talking so I kept the pax running so Spackler would actually get a workout in. Good to see the group out there. I always enjoy the crap I get because if you can’t take it don’t dish it out. The partner race was one that I dug up from my site q time at Death Valley many moons ago. Twas a good one. Decided to take the shirt off after a ton of pressure from the group. Pudding wasn’t impressed nor was Jet Fuel. Don’t worry boys. I’m not either. Welcome Jobu. Not clue how we got to that but the baseball fanatics were all over it during the workout. No announcements sadly. We are in the dog days of summer where it’s just hot and moist. Grind through it and keep out there.

Shirts and Skins

Mosey to parking lot


IW Cad 15

Merkins Cad 15

MC Cad 15

Circuit training.

Start at shelter 15 dips 20 derkins 25 step ups

Run to circle at the front 15 Merkins 20 cdd 25 squats

Run to the back entrance 15 heels to heaven 20 lbc 25 Freddy mercury Run long loop back to shelter 3 times total 

Mosey to rock pile Partner up Rock work. 1 partner does called exercise while other partner runs to light post Round 1 Curls – 100 Round 2 Tricep extension -100 Round 3 Overhead press. 200

Run back to the launch. – Mary and Merkins

Mole of skin

Was a little nervous about the shoulder injury from Hawksnest the day before.  Texted Haze yesterday and told him that I might have to pull him in.  Went to Physical Therapy and got it healed up for my q.  Got the AO at 5 to stretch like the old man that I am.  Workout was plain but there was a little grumbling from the pax on the run.  Since the back was questionable I know I could do that.  Champagne informed me that he almost debated not coming today because he knew I was going to run.  Sorry about that. Got a text from Kirk that he was coming in hot and he didn’t disappoint with his work socks on as well.  The back talk was the usual with everyone giving it back to YHC the whole workout.  Spackler was unusually quiet this morning, a gentleman really. Haze wore the same shirt as me and apparently the same size as well.  Lorax continues to be out front and hard to keep up with .  Snuka was up there as well.  Pretty sure Jet Fuel, Spackler and myself stopped some of the workout early.  The 200 overhead presses were a little excessive I must admit.  Welcome Chaos from Quantico VA, enjoyed hearing your story and catching up at Coffee.  come back anytime brother.


Calvary Church is celebrating 80 years this Sunday at their 9:30 service.  Champagne, I think I got that right.  Sound off if not. 

New route

11 pax came out for a venture through some new area. 

Mosey to brynwood


15 IW Cad 15

MC Cad

15 Merkins Cad

Thing. Go from there to colony. Doing 15 Merkins and 15 CDD alternating lamp posts. (Should be 10, it’s early though) lead runs back and picks up six

Partner work. One partner runs colony to lea rea road and then other partner runs summerhill ridge. Meet up

3 rounds Partner hand slap 15 Merkins Partner plank and sit ups (20) Partner derkins 15 Squats 20

Triple Nickel on Stonecroft – Merkins/jump squats

Run back to launch. 

Mary/Merkins – 30 Boone Crunch CAD / 15 Merkins CAD / 15 Dolly’s CAD/ 15 Wide Arm Merkins CAD 50 LBC’s CAD



Well it was the first q since the new board came on at Hydra. Lots of texting yesterday from Gummy asking me waaaaay too many questions. Calm down, it’s going to be fine. Got up early this morning in excitement and decided to try some new areas. I get tired of Summerlin and the rock work sometimes so it’s good to change it up. Thunder Road is a tracker, if you lose something reach out to him and he will find it. That was a strong find today man. One eye and sprockets decided to partner up, which makes sense because they are the fastest out there so no one could keep up. Lots of complaining coming out of everyone when the merkins/CDD/light pole call was made. It’s swimsuit season, your wives/girlfriends/whatever will be impressed with you not having the “dad bod”. Sleepy made it out, great seeing you and welcome back. HIPAA and one eye ran in, that seemed excessive, we did about 3.5 miles today, sorry about that. Not a mountain of chatter out there to note but please sound off. I’m excited to hear. Announcements – Brewery race/drinking/uber/limebike coming up. Get on Slack or pester Gummy Prayers being lifted for Red Rocks and Family.  

Stupid rain

8 ish pax came out for a moist Hawknest workout.  Here is what happened.

15 IW

Mosey to parking lot


15 MC

15 Merkins

Mosey up to school on the back side Partner up Partner one runs Partner two does called exercise Three rounds

1. Merkins 2. Squats 3. CDD

Mosey over to hill 7’s Merkins and squats

Head to cover – Dips, Derkins and Step ups – 30 each two rounds

Mosey back launch and down the hill. Rock work. Partner 1 lifts while partner two runs up to building and back 3 rounds 1. Curls 2. Presses 3. Tri cep extension – 150 each. 

Run back to launch

Mole of skin

Well, lots of texts and discussions last night about the rain.  Full disclosure didn’t want to really run a ton in the rain but this morning it was fairly dry. HIPAA of course jinxed it when he got out of the car talking about the lack of rain. #amateurmove. The run over to the other side was dry when we passed by a very confused security guard. The call for partner work was received with skepticism from Alf. I did have to alter my plan because that hill was looooong. After that and the 7’s we found some cover and decided to do the 30 each of dips, derkins, and step ups. Again lots of bad looks. Not gonna lie mid-way through I was rethinking it but decided to roll forward. The last portion was fun, rock work and running, the 150 each was a bit aggressive and there was a few bad looks there as well (seeing a trend). I kept asking HIPAA how many miles to see if we could get to three at least to not get made fun of by the fast-twitch crew. Good group of men out there, thanks for the opportunity to lead. Haze thanks for taking us out. Of

What……3 Mountain Climbers?!?!?!?!?!?!?





15 IW Cad

3 MC Cad

15 Merkins Cad




Speed bumps – 10 Merkins at each

Plank up at school and wait on 6


Mosey around back of school

Rock work – partner up

200ish Curls

200ish overhead presses

75 tricep extensions


Mosey back down to Brandermill Road

11’s on the hill

CDD and Merkins


Mosey to launch head to church

Wall sits and air presses


Mary and Merkins



Wow.  Honored for the number of guys to come out to my q.  I am assuming they thought it was going to be easy and sadly it probably was.  Agony brought out the tank top and wouldn’t stop making fun of me, made me feel really good, he was wearing a weight vest and kept complaining about the Merkins – Stop Running so much and do something else.

Swiper and Kirk wouldn’t stop talking the entire time with the exception of Kirk’s trip to the portojohn that’s been there for at least 6 years and never been cleaned.  Don’t worry he missed the 11’s.

Crawfish brought a clown car with him.  Good to see you man, the last time we saw each other was at a burn bootcamp with our wives that we promised…..we….would…never….talk…about….again……………………sorry about that.

Speaking of complaining.  Hannibal was upset for all of the 11’s.  Very angry and kept staring at me.  I was thinking about an audible but Agony and Aquafresh talking me out of it.

Made our way back to launch and that was all.  Also Blackjack’s parking job was terrible.


Partner work all day

23 Pax showed up for a spectacular event of my q at hawknest.


Mosey up to Ball fields


15 IW – CAD

15 MC – CAD

10 Merkins – CAD

The items we did

Partner up

Partner 1 does called exercise while partner two runs down hill to stop sign and back up to shelter (baseball fields) Flapjack

Round 1 – 150 Merkins

Round 2 – 150 CDD

Round 3 – 200 Squats

Mosey to shelter

3 rounds

15 step ups

15 Derkins

15 Dips


Run back to bottom of hill for rock work

Partner up – Partner 1 runs to launch and back while partner 2 does called exercise – 3 rounds

Round 1 – 100 curls

Round 2 – 100 Chest presses

Round 3 – 100 tricep extensions

When done do curls till failure – while other partner is planking – flap jack

Mosey up to track

Partner up again – run half lap – 15 handslap merkins run back to start 15 handslap merkins

Mosey up to street – Gassers up and back

Mosey back to launch – Mary

BOONE crunch (patent pending)



A tremendous amount of mumblechatter and a lot of complaining……mainly from Spackler.  I decided to keep the mileage down some and get some good upper body work in.  The run up and back while the other partner was doing merkins was awful.  It was great seeing all the guys pushing it out there.  Humidity was more like 1000% and I don’t believe I cooled off until noon.  I got a text from Hops last night about the backblast because he is stalking twitter now.  Sorry, had to go make it happen and didn’t get home until late last night.  No chance of that happening.  Good group for sure and lots of sports talk, soccer, football, etc….  I’m just happy that College football is starting so I have a reason to sit at the lodge for 4 hours on Saturday night.  Champagne actually paid me a compliment.  I mean it was almost a compliment but the nicest thing I have ever gotten from him so there’s that.


Also I have the list of everyone that came but the fast-twitch boys are sprinkled in and it’s hard to separate out who was where.  Apologies.


Announcements –

Sigup for Church on the Street this sunday AM –!/showSignUp/20F0D4AABA82CA7FE3-church1

Forgive my lack of the hyper link if this doesn’t go through


New and old space

8 Pax made it out to Death Valley for some discussions on shoes, movies and bathrooms.


15 IW – CAD

15 MC – CAD

10 Merkins – CAD

Mosey across 51 to Alexis neighborhood

Partner work

Partner 1 runs McPherson to cul-de-sac

Partner 2 runs Wycombe Ct

Meet back and excercise

Round 1 – Had slap Merkins – 20

Round 2 – Partner Derkins – 10 each

Round 3 – Squats – 20 each

Mosey down to Macallum Court

11’s on the hill – Squats at the top and CDD at the bottom

Mary – Boone Crunch – know it learn it love it

Mosey back to launch

Rock work

15 Curls -CAD – Rotate

15 Tricep extensions – Rotate

15 Rock Presses – Rotate

15 Curls -CAD – Rotate

Curls till failure – Plank until the end.

People’s chair at my office – 50 Air Presses




Soupy start to a Wednesday out there.  I got up early to scope out the track but it was too wet and looked for another area.  Remembered a q of mine from several years ago which I believe Puddin mentioned was the last time I was at Death Valley.  Dollywood and Header got there early for a business meeting and were clearly upset with me listening in #insidertrading.  I thought it was only going to be the 3 of us but the rest of the group got there just in time.  Was great seeing Schmedium, Jet Fuel, Mermaid and Utah out there.  I haven’t posted in a while because of various Ailments but it was nice.  Saw the donut run guys who really need to eat something, those guys look hungry, grab some wings boys, throw some ranch on it.  Mermaid and I walked through my entire bathroom renovation so I feel good about that.  He is driving to Tennessee for a workout tomorrow (okay it’s only mountain island lake but it might as well be).  All around solid group, Jet Fuel and Puddin were carrying on like a bunch of highschool kids.  The Rock work was funny.  I haven’t done the rotate in while, it’s a good one especially for the guys picking smaller rocks.  The failure thing was awful, Bad mistake on my part.  Dollywood and Header had to leave early for Business.  Sorry guys.  Just wanted to hear the intellectuals talk.   Lastly, my shoes appear to be not red but pink.  Yahtzee.


some old and some new

7 pax came out for some of my original work. 5+ years ago

Mosey to davie

15 – IW Cad

15 – MC cad

10 – Merkin – cad

20 – slow squats


Mosey to davie Park

Partner work – hot lap

Dips – first round

Derkins – second round

LBC’s – third round

Other partner does hot lap


7’s on hill.

Merkins at the bottom

Jump squats at the top


Mosey back to launch

People’s chair

150 air presses


Rock work


Air press

Tricep extension



20 Freddy Mercury’s cad

20 Boone crunch cad

10 Merkins cad

15 dolly cad

20 lbc’s cad

10 merkins oyo


Moleskin – Good group out there today, on a chilly Monday morning.  Saw some people I haven’t seen in many years and some guys that I have not had the chance to meet.  It has probably been 2 years since I have been at that site, the Davie run was long but good.  Not a ton of mumblechatter nor really anyone chatting at all.  It might have been the wind or the fact that it’s April and still cold.  Nevertheless we pushed through and the men are all better for it.  Mall Cop called for the semi-gloss near the bathrooms and it took me back to old times.  I miss the site, I miss the guys that I started with and have fallen out of touch with.  It’s also great to see new guys coming out and pushing themselves.

Nothing much to report.