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What……3 Mountain Climbers?!?!?!?!?!?!?





15 IW Cad

3 MC Cad

15 Merkins Cad




Speed bumps – 10 Merkins at each

Plank up at school and wait on 6


Mosey around back of school

Rock work – partner up

200ish Curls

200ish overhead presses

75 tricep extensions


Mosey back down to Brandermill Road

11’s on the hill

CDD and Merkins


Mosey to launch head to church

Wall sits and air presses


Mary and Merkins



Wow.  Honored for the number of guys to come out to my q.  I am assuming they thought it was going to be easy and sadly it probably was.  Agony brought out the tank top and wouldn’t stop making fun of me, made me feel really good, he was wearing a weight vest and kept complaining about the Merkins – Stop Running so much and do something else.

Swiper and Kirk wouldn’t stop talking the entire time with the exception of Kirk’s trip to the portojohn that’s been there for at least 6 years and never been cleaned.  Don’t worry he missed the 11’s.

Crawfish brought a clown car with him.  Good to see you man, the last time we saw each other was at a burn bootcamp with our wives that we promised…..we….would…never….talk…about….again……………………sorry about that.

Speaking of complaining.  Hannibal was upset for all of the 11’s.  Very angry and kept staring at me.  I was thinking about an audible but Agony and Aquafresh talking me out of it.

Made our way back to launch and that was all.  Also Blackjack’s parking job was terrible.


Partner work all day

23 Pax showed up for a spectacular event of my q at hawknest.


Mosey up to Ball fields


15 IW – CAD

15 MC – CAD

10 Merkins – CAD

The items we did

Partner up

Partner 1 does called exercise while partner two runs down hill to stop sign and back up to shelter (baseball fields) Flapjack

Round 1 – 150 Merkins

Round 2 – 150 CDD

Round 3 – 200 Squats

Mosey to shelter

3 rounds

15 step ups

15 Derkins

15 Dips


Run back to bottom of hill for rock work

Partner up – Partner 1 runs to launch and back while partner 2 does called exercise – 3 rounds

Round 1 – 100 curls

Round 2 – 100 Chest presses

Round 3 – 100 tricep extensions

When done do curls till failure – while other partner is planking – flap jack

Mosey up to track

Partner up again – run half lap – 15 handslap merkins run back to start 15 handslap merkins

Mosey up to street – Gassers up and back

Mosey back to launch – Mary

BOONE crunch (patent pending)



A tremendous amount of mumblechatter and a lot of complaining……mainly from Spackler.  I decided to keep the mileage down some and get some good upper body work in.  The run up and back while the other partner was doing merkins was awful.  It was great seeing all the guys pushing it out there.  Humidity was more like 1000% and I don’t believe I cooled off until noon.  I got a text from Hops last night about the backblast because he is stalking twitter now.  Sorry, had to go make it happen and didn’t get home until late last night.  No chance of that happening.  Good group for sure and lots of sports talk, soccer, football, etc….  I’m just happy that College football is starting so I have a reason to sit at the lodge for 4 hours on Saturday night.  Champagne actually paid me a compliment.  I mean it was almost a compliment but the nicest thing I have ever gotten from him so there’s that.


Also I have the list of everyone that came but the fast-twitch boys are sprinkled in and it’s hard to separate out who was where.  Apologies.


Announcements –

Sigup for Church on the Street this sunday AM –!/showSignUp/20F0D4AABA82CA7FE3-church1

Forgive my lack of the hyper link if this doesn’t go through


New and old space

8 Pax made it out to Death Valley for some discussions on shoes, movies and bathrooms.


15 IW – CAD

15 MC – CAD

10 Merkins – CAD

Mosey across 51 to Alexis neighborhood

Partner work

Partner 1 runs McPherson to cul-de-sac

Partner 2 runs Wycombe Ct

Meet back and excercise

Round 1 – Had slap Merkins – 20

Round 2 – Partner Derkins – 10 each

Round 3 – Squats – 20 each

Mosey down to Macallum Court

11’s on the hill – Squats at the top and CDD at the bottom

Mary – Boone Crunch – know it learn it love it

Mosey back to launch

Rock work

15 Curls -CAD – Rotate

15 Tricep extensions – Rotate

15 Rock Presses – Rotate

15 Curls -CAD – Rotate

Curls till failure – Plank until the end.

People’s chair at my office – 50 Air Presses




Soupy start to a Wednesday out there.  I got up early to scope out the track but it was too wet and looked for another area.  Remembered a q of mine from several years ago which I believe Puddin mentioned was the last time I was at Death Valley.  Dollywood and Header got there early for a business meeting and were clearly upset with me listening in #insidertrading.  I thought it was only going to be the 3 of us but the rest of the group got there just in time.  Was great seeing Schmedium, Jet Fuel, Mermaid and Utah out there.  I haven’t posted in a while because of various Ailments but it was nice.  Saw the donut run guys who really need to eat something, those guys look hungry, grab some wings boys, throw some ranch on it.  Mermaid and I walked through my entire bathroom renovation so I feel good about that.  He is driving to Tennessee for a workout tomorrow (okay it’s only mountain island lake but it might as well be).  All around solid group, Jet Fuel and Puddin were carrying on like a bunch of highschool kids.  The Rock work was funny.  I haven’t done the rotate in while, it’s a good one especially for the guys picking smaller rocks.  The failure thing was awful, Bad mistake on my part.  Dollywood and Header had to leave early for Business.  Sorry guys.  Just wanted to hear the intellectuals talk.   Lastly, my shoes appear to be not red but pink.  Yahtzee.


some old and some new

7 pax came out for some of my original work. 5+ years ago

Mosey to davie

15 – IW Cad

15 – MC cad

10 – Merkin – cad

20 – slow squats


Mosey to davie Park

Partner work – hot lap

Dips – first round

Derkins – second round

LBC’s – third round

Other partner does hot lap


7’s on hill.

Merkins at the bottom

Jump squats at the top


Mosey back to launch

People’s chair

150 air presses


Rock work


Air press

Tricep extension



20 Freddy Mercury’s cad

20 Boone crunch cad

10 Merkins cad

15 dolly cad

20 lbc’s cad

10 merkins oyo


Moleskin – Good group out there today, on a chilly Monday morning.  Saw some people I haven’t seen in many years and some guys that I have not had the chance to meet.  It has probably been 2 years since I have been at that site, the Davie run was long but good.  Not a ton of mumblechatter nor really anyone chatting at all.  It might have been the wind or the fact that it’s April and still cold.  Nevertheless we pushed through and the men are all better for it.  Mall Cop called for the semi-gloss near the bathrooms and it took me back to old times.  I miss the site, I miss the guys that I started with and have fallen out of touch with.  It’s also great to see new guys coming out and pushing themselves.

Nothing much to report.

Donut Run Haiku

Donut run was long
Swampy Hot day upon us
I did backblast yay!

No one wanted the backblast so here you go. Many different routes and miles. Swiper got left a 4:45. Other funny things happened. Show to know.

Semi Bag of Donuts

10 men arrived in a parking lot…they ran whatever route they wanted…they drank coffee.

<iframe src=“”> </iframe>


So……only 10.

10 Pax made it out this am. Apologies to 51 Counts….pretty sure I’m going to get audited.


Run up Rea to HT

7 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD

Mosey over to colony then to – Summerhill Ridge Road – Long one

Partner up – Run down to the respective ends of the street and back – Partner Derkins – 20 X 3

7’s on Stonecroft Park Drive

Mosey back through Stonecroft to Launch – Stopping for Mary,

hit the launch then do catch me if you can.



Sorry for the delay boys – Been a busy week.

I read through all of the backblast’s and didn’t see any mention of this side of Stonecroft. Apparently we needed to be quiet due to the fact that they had fancy houses. Good running by all, was great to see everyone really pushing to get better. BRR/Marathons/ETC/RAces are in season so we will be doing miles a large amount of the workouts. 3.5 ish today. Good stuff.

Puddin – Thanks for the take out and I tried to Embark as much as a I could yesterday.


Us Vs. the Gladiators

Brisk President’s day morn and 12 pax decided to not let me go back to bed.

Items that we did.

Mosey to carmel middle

Iw – 20 CAD
Merkin – 15 CAD
Mountain climbers 20 CAD

Mosey to track
4 corners.
3 rounds
Merkin 5 each corner
Cdd 10 each corner
Lbc’s 15 each corner

Mosey up to top
Partner rock work
One partner runs while other does
100 curls
100 overhead press
100 triceps extension
Mosey to front of school
Triple nickel on the front parking lot – merkin and squats
Bench work
Dips – 20 CAD
Derkins – 20 OYO
Dips – 10 CAD

Mosey back to launch

Mary –
Boone crunch – 20 CAD each leg
Merkins – 10 CAD
DMerkins – 20 CAD –
Flutters – 15-20 CAD
Merkins till failure


Was curious how many guys would be out this am considering that it was presidents day, I was leading and it was a bit chilly. Regardless we had 12 strong pax out. I got up this am around 4 to write my weinke for the first time in 4 years #yahtzee, even went out there early to get a lay of the land and make sure the rocks were still there behind the school. Apparently there is another workout called ——- Gladiator (can’t remember) and the guy must have thought I was going to run off with his weights because he followed me out.

Kirk showed up in a goalie outfit so there’s that. Thankful for Steinbrenner for the time keeper award. Silent Bob made me think about the Gladiator show on USA back in the day when the contestants would try and make it through the obstacle course. The pay to play folks didn’t have that much stuff but it was intimidating especially with the Techno music blaring.

Every guy out there was really pushing themselves and it was great to see. Got to see some new faces and some guys I haven’t seen in a while. DMZ is always a great workout and AO.

Also don’t ask Runstopper to do Mary, he turns everything into Merkins. My arms hurt.


The weatherman is ALWAYS wrong

9 PAX showed up for something bad but what they got was……..a bad workout.

Here is the explanation of what was accomplished
Mosey over to Edenbridge LN for COP

15 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD
15 MC – CAD

Partner up
1 run Edenbridge the other runs Rea Forest to Windyrush – meet up 20 partner Derkins
Run back squats.
30 Boone Crunches – Yes that’s right

7’s on the hill of Rea Forest – Merkins at the bottom and LBC’s at the top

Native American Run back to launch
10 Merkins – CAD
20 Freddy Merc’s CAD
9 Merkins – CAD
20 Boone Crunches – CAD

Mosey to the track
Partner – Catch me if you can with 10 merkins


Took the Q over from Spackler who is DR for work. Which was convenient considering last night there was a 85% chance of rain. Once again the weatherman nails it.
Decided to dig deep in to my old workouts at Hydra and did something very similar to the last time which makes it unoriginal and I’m okay with that. Once you have been doing f3 for 4+ years you shoot from the hip and you’re pretty good at it.
Kirk texted me that he was coming in hot and didn’t disappoint. Then told me that he had Authentic Korean last night which could only end poorly with the Kim Chi (Sp?). Gummy ran in and apparently wanted a medal for it. We get it you are training for the BRR or something and you need to run. He also questioned my workout and really everything I did which is fair because I did the same to him last week #whatcomesaroundgoesaround.
Lazyboy was out there, haven’t seen him in a while since I gave up Site q at Death Valley, he was quiet today….probably because Gummy was talking so much, THANKS FOR THE TAKE OUT. Ironsides – Great to see you man and glad that you are healing up. Puddin was a little upset with me on the 7’s and kept complaining that it was too far. I’m doing that for both of us….trust me. Jet Fuel is lighting it up. I couldn’t keep up with him….tried but couldn’t. Marge has gotten insanely too fast. Him and Kirk were leading on both 7’s and partner work. No way I was keeping up with them. Hopper and I have been seeing each other at the Y, we usually nod and then I pretend to wail on my pecks but really just grab water too much.

The passing of the torch – Delayed BB

10 Men came out to a end of year celebration – Sorry for the delay on this but I completely forgot, you give up the Site q duties and everything falls apart.

It’s been a week so I can hardly remember everything so please forgive me.

The Thang

Run to Rose Cliff – 11’s on the hill. DD’s at the bottom and LBC’s at the top.

Mosey back to the Launch – Partner work

One partner does called exercise with Block while the other runs to ball fields – 30 Sup-pines, 20 Dips, 10 derkins



Moley skinny

Wow took me an entire week to write this. Hannibal gave me crap today about this and I completely forgot. So here goes.

There wasn’t a ton of mumblechatter out there this am. Might be because it was at the end of the year and the usually suspects were in the FS still snoozing. It could also be they knew that might workout wasn’t going to be of the caliber they were looking for during this time of the year. Still with the other sites posting low numbers I took solace in knowing that it might not be me.

When we jogged down to Rose Cliff and the call for 11’s was made there was a lot of complaining and I know right then that this was the correct call. So many people passed me it was hard to keep up. Marge and Swiper were crushing it as usual. Hannibal in his consistent way proceeded to lap me several times but at the partner work complained so I will only give half credit. Smokey was literally flying through the workout so that wasn’t happening. Salt Lick and Jet fuel were hard to keep up with, always great to see both of them out. Puddin, your my boy blue great running with you and Good hands as always.

It’s the end of another era at Death Valley. We have done a ton of things in the 5+ years that this site has been around. It’s moved twice before landing at South Charlotte Middle school. There have been site Q’s that have come and gone and left their mark upon it. The only time I see Stage Coach is at the Y when I am too cold to go outside and workout. With Smokey and Dollywood at the helm I see them growing in F3 and putting their own stamp on this site. It continues to pull in great guys and awesome workouts. In addition the Chatter level is always expert in the gloom of this AO, I guess that will always be the same. I am very happy to have found two great guys to pick up the torch and lead this site to it’s next season.

Joe Davis Run — Looks snowy out there boys.

Dryuary in full effect. Google if need be.

SG out