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Hot Lap

17 of South Charlotte’s finest decided to join the fun Friday workout that is Kevlar.  Had to pull out a few weeks ago on the Q due to bad lumbar, sciatica, groin…ahh, who knows .  So Fault Line subbed me out then, I think this was my turn to sub back in.

Noticed Spackler had his 2.0 out in Fists of Fury, well done lad!  A lot of usual suspects at Kevlar, and Swiss Miss made an appearance after he said had been possibly a year.

Went with the disclaimer of “All right guys, uh, this is a blues riff n B, watch me for the changes, and uh, try and keep up.”  Most of the guys got it immediately, good on ya.  Then gave the normal disclaimer about not doing anything stupid and injuring yourself, like doing burpees or something like that.

Proceed with the chlorophyll

Took the lap out to the street in Matthews, up to the old CVS lot at the corner of 51 and John St (I think) for COP.

IW x 20

CDD x20

LSS x 20

MC x 20

Told the Cruisers (guys that are into fast cars and fast women) to go ahead and proceed back to the rock ravine near the tennis court shelter and halt.

Partner up, grab one rock between the two of ya.

Mosey on down to the bottom of the hill by the stairs.  Partner 1 does called exercise while Partner 2 runs a hot lap up around the corner to the street, down the stairs back, flapjack

Rd 1 Curls

Rd 2 Overhead press

Rd 3 Tri extension

Rd 4 Squats

Repeato it all

Put your rocks in a place that won’t ruin some overachieving student’s tires at 5:50am before school.  Mosey down to the benches in front of Preschool?

Stay with Partners.  Partner 1 does called exercise at benches, Partner 2 runs up around median with rock.

Rd 1 Jump/Step ups

Rd 2 Dips

Rd 3 Incline merkins

Repeato x 2

Mosey back to rock garden, take rocks back to rock ravine.  AYG back to cars for Mary


Freddy Mercury



What time is it?  1.5 mins left

Backscratcher (thanks Bulldog)

LBC x 25


Story Time

Great to see Spackler’s 2.0 Fists of Fury out there this morning.  He’s faster than his pop, but has some work to do to keep up with his mouth.

Lex and I were lamenting about the fact that Rhapsody and Orange Whip need to be split up on partner work.  I think they lapped us twice on the rock work.  Fletch and Alf are still fast as heck too.

At one point Squid brought out an nice Ogilvy line from Bad News Bears which got us talking about whether or not the movie was “kid friendly”.  Umm, probably not, but I was a little flabbergasted when Bulldog said Goonies was just as bad.  No way mate!!  Both movies are American classics and need to be celebrated.

Fault Line and I were also talking about how bad the Giants have sucked so far this year.  Long year though bud, we’ll be ok.

Great crowd as usual out at Kevlar this morning, thanks to Whip and Fault Line for the opportunity to lead.

Harley, thanks for leading us in prayer brother.


Announcements:  Brolympics at Community House Elementary tomorrow morning from 6-8am.

Get your Foxworth

Riding to OPE this morning, there was quite the chill in the air.  Needed something to get in the mood…Safety Dance?  Absolutely not.  New Pollution?  Nope.  Electric Feel?  Oh Yeaaaahhhh.  Feelin good, working out the weinke in entirety on my three minute drive.  Substi-Q today as Icicle asked for it last week, and did something unfortunate while running last weekend.  Get well brother.  Pulled into OPE lot with some guys standing around stretching.  Graceful dismount from my ride, look in the back seat, no gloves.  #FFS!  (ask Bulldog for translation).  Gummy immediately notices what he thinks is a new shirt for YHC.  Lulu Lemon?  he asks…nah dude, those three stripes mean adidas.  Long sleeves as it’s sub 45, but don’t need the pullover as it’s maybe plus 40.  Gummy was rocking the ear warming headband. #manly

Lots of Hydra regs out there, but good to be joined by two of F3WinstonSalem’s OGs in Starfish and Katniss.  Pop Tart brought out Flying J for his first Hydra experience too.

Chico strolled in from across the street just in time for the mean disclaimer.  Chico does specialize in Personal Injury Law, but any suit would not hold water with my disclaimer dammit. #cousinvinny

Off we went to the other side of OPE.  SSH x20, LSS x15.  Keep moving out of school, left on Rea, left on Windyrush, stop at Knightswood on right. IW (Gummy 10 count) x20.  Let everyone know we’d be running down Knightswood until you reach Foxworth on left.  Let the thoroughbreds loose if they so chose.  Hopper, Marge, and Gummy obliged, the rest of us had a nice stroll with chatter.

Take a left on Foxworth, stop at next stop sign.  Dust off your Powell Peraltas, Alvas, Rob Roskopps, Hasois, Veraflex, banana boards, etc and get in groups of 3 for half pipe grinders.  Partner 1 stays at current stop sign doing LBC, Partner 2 at far stop sign on other side of half pipe doing jump squats. Partner 3 is skating the half pipe as the timer.  We got through maybe three rounds?  I know after round 1 Hopper was already prepping me for possible #merlotspillage.  Pop Tart was asking me “what’s with all the running? where’s the weights?”  Nah brother, KBs and weights overall are like whiskey to me these days, don’t touch the stuff.

Grab everyone and continue down Foxworth back to Windyrush Rd.  About face, look back up our familiar side of Foxworth for some 7’s.  CDDs at the top, merkins at the bottom.  Checked porto potty for SG, he surprisingly wasn’t there.

Mosey through spooky trail up to OPE practice field, get back in teams of 3, grinders with sprints in the middle.




-F3Leap continues:  Starfish let us know growth in Columbus, OH, Louisville, and Indianapolis are scheduled.  Birmingham, Cincinnati, and a couple others are getting there.  Get the word out.

6 + 14 = 20

Posted on behalf of Queen

12 esteemed gentlemen gathered this morning at 5:30 for an F3 workout. I’m not sure where that was, but we also had 12 clowns show up at Hydra. Here’s how it went down and an explanation for the rep counts. Okay, I know we have some Clemson guys that post here, we’ve got some Alabama guys posting here. We’ve got some Carolina and Duke fans. Yeah, and I’m really glad that y’all have played in National Championship games in football and basketball over the past few seasons. Really, I’m happy for y’all. I went to NC State. We lost six football games this fall and we’ve lost 14 basketball games so far. That’s 20 times that my wife has had to deal with my irritability. I figured I’d take my pain out on this group. That being said, I know that there was at least one Wake guy and one South Carolina guy that posted today, so they share my pain and frustration.


20 Side straddle hops

20 IW’s

20 Mountain Climbers


Mosey to the Tree and the surrounding benches.

20 step ups, 20 decline merkins, 20 dips

14 step ups, 14 decline merkins, 14 dips

6 split squats each leg, 6 diamond merkins


Mosey to the playground and partner up

Partner 1 runs a lap around the school. Partner 2 does 20 air squats, 14 merkins, 6 pull ups. Switch up and repeat 2 more times

Partner 1 runs to the dugout. Partner 2 does 14 LBC’s and 6 diamond merkins.


Jog through the fog to the football field

Karaoke for 100 yards and back

20 burpees

50 yards of walking lunges and jog the remaining 50

Run 30 yards, 20 wide arm merkins, run 30 yards, 14 regular merkins, run the remaining 40 yards, 6 diamond merkins


Mosey back to the short field

Teams of 3 for a 40 yard dash relay (about 4 runs per person)


Good work by all. I thought we had a 13th pax member pulling up on a motorcycle during the mountain climbers, but I realized that was Puddin Pop on the butt trumpet. Welcome Sweet Roll. Glad to have you out, admired your work during the relay. The smart alack comment from Hannibal was the reason the 20 burpees were given out. No announcements, thanks to Arena for the take out.


Good Ole Fashioned Death Valley

At 5:01 I was in a seated position on the porcelain throne peering out into the morning fog.  It looked dank outside, which meant some of my well thought out planned weinke was about to get scrapped.  You know, a good leader always has a contingency plan, and I was definitely going to lean on that today.  Gave a quick what up to Fireman Ed and welcomed Flutie Flakes back south, took a quick stroll down underneath the “Home of the Shockers” sign (that always makes my immature ass chuckle a little) to the track to inspect the field.  Yep, too wet, let’s do something else.  By something else, do I mean Davey?  Nah.  Raintree?  Where’s Raintree?  Nope, we’ll stick to the basics on site at good ole SCMS, just like old times.  Don’t get me wrong, when guys are training for some kind of running competition, I’ll gladly oblige and stick to the six; but today called for some good ole meat n’ taters on site.

By the time i got back to the lot, nine other dudes were assembled.  Good, firm disclaimer was given, and off we went.  Mosey down to track for a lap, convene back at first corner for SSH x20, IW x20, LSS x15, MC x15, Good Mornin Nashville x? (this was a combo Q and Site Q fail as I asked Smokey to lead this one, and full on chatter ensued).  Somewhere during COP, Joker and Floor Slapper came trudging down the hill to join us.

Get in groups of three for some track work.  P1 stays on east side of track and does called excercise (Hand release merkins, CDD, Wide arm merkins).  P2 is on west side of track and does called excercise (LBC, H2H).  P3 is runner as timer in the middle on the corners.  At this time Joker (probably the fastest dude out there) asked, “what are corners”?  Good question as I have know idea what you call the curved sections of the track. Just run from one end to the other, while staying on the track.  Good enough?  I think so.  We completed a few full laps of this.  By the way, I went total clepto on this from someone who did this same thing about a month and a half ago.  Don’t remember who Q’d it, but it fell nicely in the contingency.

Stay in groups of three, P1 stays on track at the gate and does Jump Squats x20, CDD x20, dive bomber merkins x10, P2 is at baseball field bleachers doing Jump Ups x20, Dip x20, Derkins x10.  P3 runs in between as timer.  Few rounds of said grinders.

Grab the group from the track and head to the field behind lower left baseball field for triple nickel.  Diamonds on one end of fence, wide arms on other end, run between x5.  Crazy how there are still the obligatory questions about “how many times do we do x,y,z?”  It’s triple nickels fellas, do the math.

Mosey back up to lot, for Mary.


Not a whole lotta observations this AM as we were a little scattered, but some things remain the same.  Floor Slapper is ALWAYS late.  Joker is still fast, usually leaves early, but actually stayed till the end today; oh, and he seems to still want to be renamed “Jack Reacher”.  Not happenin brother.  Joker is still the best name in F3, in my opinion.  Maybe it’s my love for Full Metal Jacket and Batman, not sure.

Bananas can still talk…a lot.  Fireman Ed still goes home and takes naps after workouts. #jealous

Gaffer continues to post to most workouts these days, always good seeing you brother.  I do still like the Christmas beard though.

Good seeing Dolphin back out.  He’s been spending a lot of quality time with his wife at the Y that is “soon to be renamed”.  Try the Harris Y too, you’ll likely see certain PAX that take the winter off (eh hem, Semi Gloss, StageCoach).

Lex is a machine.  I think the Ruck thing is completely effective.

Flutie is still in shape.  He either has a really good pair of snow shoes in NH, or he’s always posting during his travels.  I’d say it’s the latter.

Good Hands, my fellow site Q, is like his brother in law with the quick wit, just a lot quieter about it.
Dollywood and Smokey, thanks for giving me the keys this AM.  DV will always be my first F3 workout. #tear

Dolphin, thanks for taking us out brother.  Always stay mindful of others and their tribulations.



Dollywood: Charlotte Eagles starting a boys soccer league.  Really good instruction with really good values.  Come to house of TR for more information on Feb. 22.

Fireman Ed:  Run for Colon Cancer on March 4.  Be on the lookout for details if interested.


Hand Release Merkin Day

Posted on behalf of Queen.


Despite an extra innings, rain delayed World Series Game 7, we still had 13 esteemed gentlemen show up on a foggy morning at Hydra. Here is how it went:
Warm Up
– IW
– Slow Squat
– Slow Merkin
Karaoke for 40 yards on the field, both sides
3 laps around the school and either 30 regular pullups or 50 Supine pull ups
To the bleachers for 11’s dips and squats
To the football field: 50 yards of walking lunges, jog 50 yards, 20 LBC’s, 50 yards of walking lunges and jog 50 yards.
Hand release merkins: 12, run 50 yards, 11 , run 50 yards, 10, etc
To the school for 2 sets of wall squats. First was hold for 30 seconds, the second set was with 50  shoulder presses.
Back to the short field for 4 sets of AYG’s
Back home for Mary: Rosalita and Freddie Mercury’s (I gotta do it since I got named for him)
Very solid performance overall. Lots of solid effort. I intentionally did the hand realease merkins to minimize the head boppin merkins. Run Stopper and Spackler crushed the hand release merkins, the boys from Down Under were solid throughout. Bounce let one rip during the LBC’s. Puddin said that he’d give it a 3 1/2 star rating. I thought it might have been 4 star worthy.
Announcements: F3 Christmas Party and there will be a flag football game on Turkey day in the morning
Thanks for Puddin Pop and Good Hands for giving me the opportunity to Q. Thanks for Jet Fuel for taking us out.

Over the River and Through the Woods

16 men of south Charlotte decided to join me on a beautiful morning at Charlotte Christian.  As the men gathered I had to inform Stone Cold that my hammy’s were still on fire from his Good Mornings at the Convergence; as were my quads from hairburners, thanks as well TR.  Best discussion point though was trying to figure out who had the best bed-head, Leo or Gloss.  I’d give it a tie, as both were quite marvelous in their grandeur.  Anywho, usual good fit crew at Joust, disclaimer given, and off we went.

Mosey to football field for COP



Mtn. Climber

Squat Hold (Eddie the Eagle)


Enough of that, here’s the thing

Run back around track, end at base of Grandma Mtn.

7’s on the hill (Q fail with explanation, thanks Gummy); merkins at top, jump squats at bottom

Gather at the bottom at corner of track below Gma and first stadium staircase, get in groups of three.

P1 – run up Gma to jungle gym, 10 pull ups, then 20 LBCs

P2 – run up first stadium staircase, at top do 25 CDDs, then 20 Dollys

P3 – run lap around track

Rotate through each station one time, timing seemed to work out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Mosey to near end zone, stay in groups of three for Grinders

P1 in near end zone – wide arms

P2 in far end zone – diamonds

P3 – running 100 yd timer

Changed exercises to H2H and Rosalitas after several rounds

Mosey to nearest stadium staircase.  Instructions given to run up and down each section of stairs, while, at the top doing 50 total dips, and at the bottom doing 40 total derkins (sorry Duct Work).  Get to other side, down on the track, and guess what, Repeato!

Mosey to field for two mins of Mary

Backscratcha! (Bulldog, if you’re reading, field turf works like a dream as compared to Covenant Day parking lot)

Protractor – various Pax call angles

Mosey back to launch




Good group as usual out there this AM.  I’d put a wager that we had the merriest bunch of chatter heads this side of Metro.  When you have Gloss, Spack, and Gummy in a Pax less than 20, just like Til Tuesday, Voices Carry.  At least there were 106 dudes at the Convergence to drown out most of their drivel.

Spackler was already lamenting that he had nothing to quench his thirst pre-workout, probably due to the numerous Titos libations he had a Taco-Mac the night before. #camel

Semi-Gloss responded to my disclaimer with a disclaimer of his own, stating he wouldn’t travel up Gma, but would gladly run around the track as much as possible. #bumknee  He’s probably already drinking a cold one in the airport on his way to Ann Arbor this weekend, have fun dude.

Gummy, well, Gummy was Gummy…has a response to everything.  He even tried to out-fart me during grinders…don’t start with me dude.

Duct Work decided to make sure all the ladies this weekend have a backstage pass to the gun show, as he missed my instructions that you only had to do 50 TOTAL dips during the stair work.  My man decided to do 50 dips each time up the stairs.  He wisely pulled an Omaha on the repeato and switched to air presses. (I’ll take that as Q-failure)

Lobstah and Header were leading out with Spackler on most of the work as per the yoozsh.  Those guys are beasts. #foreverLarryBirds

The under 30 crowd was definitely representing well in Sweeny, Yeti, Two Scoops, and Joystick.  Oh to be young again, and for me, 100 lbs. lighter.

Hammer was a silent assassin as per his usual as well, along with Hoover, Starbucks, Jet Fuel, and Leo (bed head).  All were knocking it out, but doing it mostly with zipped lips. #O2conservation

Last but not least, the OG of Joust, Stone Cold.  Spackler made reference to his bum Bersa sac during COP, but he was killing it on Gma post-BRR, so I give my man huge props.  Great sign of a leader too as he always has a good word of encouragement for the Q…thanks bud.

Thanks to Header for the strong take out this morning.



Please continue to lift up Frasier’s dad and Huggie Bear’s mom in prayer

New gear workout called Hi-T starting soon on Saturdays pre-Rock (Calvary) from 6am-7am.  Barbells, dumbells, kettle bells.  Basically, if it has a bell, you will be working out with it.  See Hoover for details or read the site.


Anti-BRR Taper and Pre-Panther Party at Hydra

***Posted on behalf of Marge***


14 veterans came out to Hydra this morning.  Little to no disclaimer given.


Find a partner and Catch Me if You Can to HT/The Lodge parking lot.  Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 does 5 merkins, then chases Partner 1 down.  Flapjack.  Repeat til we get to HT/Lodge.



SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

LSS x 10 IC


Mosey to the fountain in front of HT for 3 rounds of Partner 1 runs a lap around parking lot while Partner 2 does called exercise.  Then flapjack.

– Round 1: As a team do 150 dips

– Round 2: 100 derkins

– Round 3: 50 Jump Ups/Step Ups


Instructions given on main event – Team 7’s on the Summerlin/Abbotswood halfpipe so we don’t wake the neighbors when we get there.


Mosey down Colony to Abbotswood then hang a right and stop at the bottom of the halfpipe.


Partner 1 runs one direction up Abbotswood, Partner 2 runs the other direction up Abbotswood (both very much uphill).  On odd number trips up hill (7, 5, 3, 1) do that number of Heels to Heaven.  On even number trips up hill (6, 4, 2) do that number of burpees.  Meet in the intersection of Abbotswood and Summerlin between each trip up the hill for 5 hand slap merkins with your partner.


2 lines of 7 pax for Indian Run back up Summerlin to Rea and then back to school for 2 MOM.  10 Dolly and 10 Rosalita.  Times up.




Strong work by the pax today.  I warned on Twitter last night that this would be an anti-BRR taper workout and I think it delivered.  I didn’t keep track of the mileage but we ran about 3-4 miles with many hills mixed in.  I think the tone was set early with the terrible CMIYC to HT/Lodge to start out with.


The 150 dips at the HT fountain weren’t that bad but the 100 derkins were terrible.  Probably should’ve cut those down to 75 reps.  The 50 jump ups quickly turned into step ups.  I witnessed some great comraderie between partners during these three rounds as pax were making sure to leave a few extra reps for their partners at the end so they didn’t feel left out.


The 7’s on the halfpipe were terrible.  The hill seemed to get longer with each trip.


The indian run back to OP fell apart pretty quickly.  Guys were gassed at this point.  Several pax asked that we request an Uber to get back to OP but I don’t think any Uber driver would let us in the car at that point.


Thanks to Puddin Pop for sharing his story of how he had to waddle the last 1/2 of the 5k that Daisy made us do a few weeks ago to avoid soiling himself.  Glad you made it to the porta potty back at OP.  I’m concerned about the strange noises you heard back there though.  Must be ghosts.  I think I heard Bounce suggest that you use the HT Fountain next time.  Please don’t do that.


As I was pulling out of my driveway this morning at like 5:10 am, I saw my neighbor (Sleeping Cow) all geared up and ready to ride his bike 26 miles with COCAC.  He saw me heading to Hydra so he quickly went inside to change clothes so he could join us.  Glad you could make it brother.  We’ll hit the bike next Tuesday.  If there are any other cyclists that would like to join us, please let us know.  Will probably do 15-20 miles.  5:15 or 5:30 am next Tuesday.



– Young Life Mud Run – September 17th.  Fields for everybody… including old guys like Frosty Paws.

– 5-year anniversary Area 51 convergence is next Wednesday the 14th at Calvary Church (Anvil) at 5:15.  1 hour workout.

Humid Half Pipes

Strolled into OPE lot around 5:20, and already saw some familiar vehicles which was a good sign.  The Hydra Pax are notorious for the 5:29 two wheel embarkment (don’t worry checking wordsmiths, it’s not a word).  Well, there was still that, and we had a good total number of 11, with one FNG (Rhett).

Q-Fail #1 – didn’t know Rhett was an FNG.  Pre-workout, he introduced himself, and I thought he said “Wreck” as his handle.  By the way, that would be a pretty cool handle, but I was wrong.

Strong site-Q disclaimer given, and we were off.

Mosey to other side of OPE school for COP.

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Squat Hold (Eddie the Eagle) x 6?


Grab your skateboards and follow me into OP neighborhood on Windyrush off of Rea.  Stop at corner of Windyrush and Knightswood.  Instructions were given to the thoroughbreds in the group to run at your own pace to the corner of Knightswood and Foxworth, and plank up.  Gummy (of course) asked how far that would be, which I replied that it seemed like a 20 second drive in my car during recon, if that made any sense.

Instructions given for 3-man grinders on the Foxworth half pipe.

Pax #1 performing exercise at near stop sign – 20 CDDs & 30 LBCs (keep going until your partner relieves you)

Pax #2 performing exercise at far stop sign on other end of half pipe – 20 jump squats & 20 H2Hs

Pax #3 running between as timer

Q-Fail #2 – knew the half pipe was too long when I noticed a stop sign in the middle that truly was supposed to be the near stop sign.  Had partner #1 move to that stop sign as a true half pipe.

Repeato the grinders for (I think) 3 rotations.  T-claps to Team Thoroughbred (Hops, Butter, and Spack) for getting in one more than the rest.

Mosey through the dank forest to the back of OPE for some partner work on a freshly cut, dewy football field for some over/unders.

Partner 1 does 5 over/unders, each group run length of football field ~75 yards, Partner 2 does 5 over/unders as well, return.  Repeato x 2.

Mosey to picnic area at concessions.

One round of 30 dips, 20 step/jump ups, 10 derkins.

Mosey to practice field, one minute left.  Just enough time for three gassers up and down field (~60 yards).



Story time!!!!

Good group out there with the finest bunch of s— talkers this side of the nut house.

Foxworth is usually known for a fine heaping of 7’s or 11’s, but I knew there was something on the other side of the intersection we frequent.  The half pipe was pretty cool in thought, but the cloud of humidity at the bottom had the lungs working overtime.  The exercises on each end either A) helped you form and shape core muscles and shoulders, or B) provided time for recovery, squat planking, etc. #nothingtoseehere

Butter said we got in 2.8, which seems a little light, but those hills are a mother.  As stated earlier Team Thoroughbred were certainly the “Hicks from French Licks” (look it up)  on the half.  T-claps to Gummy for the run in this morning, I couldn’t and don’t want to imagine.

Grapevine smoked it on the gassers.  He admitted his 40 time is incredible…the long distance game, not so much.  Join the club brother.

Welcome to FNG Mary Jo.  Stalled out on the name until we learned that he sells fabric that goes into bulletproof vests.  Kevlar is already a site name, and Bulletproof sounded cool, until Spack or Hops (Cobains) came up with Mary Jo; which is the fabric store you see off I-85 in the Gas-house.  Watch out for Mary Jo at an AO near you, and I mean watch out.  Dude gassed me and Good Hands out during bench work.  #rotteneggs

Always a pleasure to lead this fine group of men at Hydra.



Sign up for F3Golf, or definitely donate…do something!!

Unsanctioned beer run at SCMS track tomorrow night 8pm.  Bring your own beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run another, drink another, and so on.  See Gummy for details.  Sounds awful. #chatch


Summer School

A wily pack of 21 men joined me in a nice summer sweat fest.  Upon arriving in the lot, Semi-Gloss took his customary release in the stall that bears his name.  Fireman Ed asked if we were going to stay close to SG stall as he’s been battling some kind of stomach mexi-melt as well.  The answer is a resounding yes, we will be staying on campus today.  I guess those in BRR training either always A) want to hit the hills blessed to us by Raintree, or B) marvel at some really sweet 70’s style architecture.  Regardless, this one was going to be an ole’ fashion bootcamp beatdown with the apparatus given to us by SCMS.

TR style ominous disclaimer given, and off we went.

Mosey down to track, run half lap with backward run, side-straddles L & R, headers, then mosey to the center of the pitch for COP.

Mtn Climber x 25

Squat hold x 11?

SSH x 25

IW x 20

Partner up, size/speed is of no consequence, mosey to one side of the pitch, line up.

P1 runs the width of the pitch, does called exercise

P2 does called exercise awaiting P1 return; flapjack

First round

P1 – CDD x 30  (3 rounds)

P2 – LBC

Second round

P1 – Dive-bomber merkins x 10 (3 rounds)

P2 – Dollys

Third round

P1 – TGU x 10 (1 round)

P2 – H2H


Mosey to baseball field bleachers, with partners

P1 – 30 dips, 20 step/jump ups, 10 derkins

P2 – run up sidewalk, up stairs, and down trail behind Field 1 and back to bleachers; flapjack for a total of 3 rounds


Mosey to outfield of Field 1 for Triple Nickel

Shallow center – diamonds

Fence – wide-arms

Run between, five times through


Mosey out of gate, pull a Kate Bush (running up that hill), to the lot.  One minute remaining, burpees until completion




I’m usually pulling into AOs close to 5:30, so I miss a lot of the goings on pre-workout.  The action and thought of defecation is pretty funny to me, so today started out awesome. #thanksSG&FE

TR was form police on the dive-bombers today, noting that my hip flexors must be out of sorts.  One needs thrust to complete the exercise correctly #poormansTonyHorton.  Either way you shake it, those things suck, as do TGUs, which are kind of like a reverse burpees.  The TR and Fireman Ed team chose burpees instead. #EdRooneybacks

Lots of guys crushing it out there.  On the trail repeats, TL and Witch Doctor were blowing by me like a fart in the wind, with TR, SG and Chin Music also swift.  Header, Dolly, Butter, and my pahtna DK seemed to be laying it down in the other group.

Good to have Telemundo back out today.  He said he was in town this week, so why not come back out!  Good on ya.

Also good having Vida out today.  He was FNG at a tough Kevlar workout on Friday; and like Ratt, he’s Back for More.

Q fail on the voice recorder phone thingy, I think I got everyone though. #steeltrap

It’s always a pleasure leading the DV pax…thanks to SG and Dollywood for the opportunity.

Thanks SG for embarking on taking us out today.



Sign up or donate to F3Golf.  Time change to 9am on Friday 7/29

F3Dads this Saturday; 7am Col. Beatty Park

F3 sponsored soccer team to scrimmage Charlotte Eagles on 7/9; see Bodybag if interested in playing.


Crazy Little Thing Called Rain

Posted on behalf of Queen…
A little rain that was never stopped, but did let up some, didn’t keep 4 esteemed fine young gentleman from posting at Hydra this morning. Okay, we may not be that young in age, but if you’re willing to post in the rain, you’ve earned that label. Here’s how it went….
SSH X 30
Imp Walker X 25
Low Slow Squat X 15
Mountain Climber X 20
Mosey over to the playground and partner up.
1) Partner One does Merkins, Partner Two runs to Rea Rd and back. Continue until 200 Merkins are accomplished
2) Partner One does Pull ups, Partern Two runds to Rea Rd and back. Continue until 100 pull ups
Avoid puddle while running over to the benches near the baseball fields
12 stepups, 12 dips, 12 Carolina Dry Docks (repeat twice)
Jog it to the football field
Karaoke 100 yards, then turn around and Karaoke back
Lunge walk 50 yards then run 50 (repeat)
1) Partner One runs 100 yards and back, partner Two does air squats (repeat)
Mosey over to a baseball field
1) Partner One does LBC’s, Partner Two runs to fence and back (repeat)
2) Partner One does burpees, Partner Two runs to the fence and back (repeat)
3) Partner One does diamond Merkins, Partner two runs to the fence and back (repeat)
Go the the wall
30 second wall sit, 25 shoulder presses
To the basketball court
15 wide arm Merkins
Lay on stomach then run at full speed back to the starting point
15 Freddie Mercury’s
15 Rosalita
15 twists
Solid perfermance by everyone. I didn’t feel like anybody was sandbagging and most importantly no one got hurt. I don’t know what the name of the “lay on the stomach then run at full speed is”, but last time we did it, I remember Good Hands running the first 40 yards in like 4.5 seconds, so I referred to is as the “Good Hands Special”. He held back a little today with the wet surface, but last time he would have impressed the Carolina Panthers Scouts. That was my first time ever posting in the rain, so I can’t really criticize the gentleman that decided to bail: Tackling Dummy, Brush back, Frosty Paws (I guess the paws can get frosty, but they can’t get wet?). Thanks for Puddin Pop for giving me the opportunity to que.
Memorial Day Monday convergence