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Fun Facts for Reps on Presidents Day

Warmup:  Ran to the track where we started with 10 side straddle hops, followed by 10 imperial walkers, 10 low slow squats, 10 mountain climbers, and ending with 5 burpees for a total of 45 reps in honor of our 45 Presidents.

Followed the warmup with an Indian run around the track recognizing the Trail of Tears and the correct answer of which President was associated with it, Andrew Jackson.

1st Series:  Three laps around the track for the three impeached Presidents, Johnson, Clinton, and Trump, with four exercise stops, first 50 yard line, 10 merkins, first endzone, 10 LBCs, second 50 yard line, 10 squats, and second endzone, 10 heels to heaven, followed by 4 burpees in honor of the 44 men who have served as President since Grover Cleveland’s two nonconsecutive terms, 22nd and 24th, are both counted.

2nd Series:  Ran to the concession stand and gathered lifting rocks.  There each did 15 curls, 15 presses, and 15 triceps, again in honor of our “45” Presidents.  From there we ran to the bleachers and did 8 step ups with each leg in honor of the 8 Presidents who died in office, Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt (FDR), and Kennedy.  Followed by 15 dips, 15 derkins, and 15 pullups for our “45” Presidents.  From there we ran around the northeast baseball field on the gravel road back to the concession stand where we repeated our lifting rock exercises.  We repeated this circuit three times, one less than the four planned to honor the four Presidents assassinated in office, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.

3rd Series:  Casually ran to the parking lot where we ran a suicide stopping at each goal post followed by 3 burpees in honor of the 3 Presidents born in NC or possibly SC (Andrew Jackson is listed as born in NC/SC).  Ran a sprint to the last goal post and back followed by 2 burpees for the 2 Presidents listed as born in NC, James Polk and Andrew Johnson.

4th Series:  Circled for Mary’s where we started with 31 dolly’s in honor of the 31 days William Henry Harrison served before he died.  Followed with 17 flutters honoring the 17 Presidents elected to two or more terms.  Then 14 LBC’s for the 14 Presidents that actually served a full two or more terms.  When time expired so did our rep counts in honor of our Presidents.

Snowflake closed us out with a prayer.

Oops! Back, back, backblast

Warm-up: Ran to courtyard with 1/2 circle of turf. Did 15 each of side straddle hop, imperial walker, low slow squat, and mountain climber. Ended the warm-up with a lunge walk around the turf.

1st Series:  Ran to north parking lot. There ran with four stops, 1st stop 20 merkins, 2nd 20 LBCs, 3rd 20 squats, 4th 20 heels to heaven. Repeated three times with reps of 15, then 10, and finished with 5 each, followed by plank until all finished. Next ran to hot box.

2nd Series:  At the hot box we partnered with the 1st partner doing step ups and 2nd partner running around the light pole in the center of the parking lot and returning to the hot box to switch with partner.  Repeated two more times with dips and then incline or decline merkins. 

3rd Series:  Ran to the rock pile past the cemetery.  There each got a lifting rock and carried them to the nearest parking lot.  We started with 15 curls.  Then we ran to three islands in the parking lot circling back to our rocks.  At each island we stopped and did ascending burpees starting with 1 at the first and ending with 5 on the circle back of that island.  Back at the rocks we did 15 presses and then repeated the burpee trail.  Returning again to the rocks we did 15 triceps and repeated for a final time the burpee trail.  We were careful to place the rocks in the grass and not on the parking lot to prevent the rocks from being damaged by passing cars. 

4th Series:  From the rock pile we ran back to the southern tip of the eastern parking lot where we finished with a set of Mary’s followed by a run uphill to the end of the parking lot and back, and repeating several times until time expired. 

Closing: Jet Fuel said the prayer for the group and we all wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sleepless in Hydra

Warm up:  Ran to East parking lot where we warmed up with 15 each of side straddle hops, imperial walkers, low slow squats, and mountain climbers. 

1st Series:  Ran to East benches under trees.  There we split into two groups to exercise at three stations.  At the 1st station on the East benches each group did 20 step ups and 15 dips.  At the 2nd station on the West benches each group did 15 inclines or declines and 15 squats.  The 3rd station at the playground behind the school, each group did 10 pull ups and 20 LBC’s.  The first group started at the East benches and the 2nd group started at the West benches.  We did this circuit three times, running between each station.

2nd Series:  Starting from the East benches we ran across Rhea Road to Windyrush Road and then circled up Edenbridge Lane to the Methodist Church stopping at the rock pile.  There we partnered with a lifting rock.  The 1st partner did 15 each of curls, presses, and triceps, while 2nd partner ran to the end of the parking lot and did 5 burpees before returning.  This was repeated twice. 

3rd Series:  We ran back to the East parking lot where we did a set of Mary’s and then ran to the end of that parking lot and back.  We repeated this four times starting with 15 dolly’s, then 15 flutters, then 15 Rosalita’s, and finally 15 heals to heaven.  After completing, ran back to the West lot to circle up and close out.

Close out and announcements:  Sprockets’ birthday, 42, wow, but no respect for another 8 years.  Still, he was serenaded with a happy birthday song by a group of 14 men with little to no singing skills, at least that’s my opinion. Sprockets closed us out with a prayer. 

Sleepless in Hydra is from me going to the Ohio State vs UNC basketball game Wednesday night in Chapel Hill with my son who’s a UNC sophomore and getting home at 2:30am on Thursday.  I’m a native of Ohio, so a Buckeye fan and a paying UNC fan.  It was great to see Sprockets wearing an Ohio State shirt.  Go Bucks!     

Caught a Striper and Tony Hawk at Base Camp

Warm-up: Ran to the track where we did 15 each of Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Low Slow Squat, and Mountain Climber. Followed with a one lap Indian relay around the track. First exercise series: Ran around track stopping at ¼ increments with the first stop doing 15 merkins, second stop doing 15 LBC’s, third stop 15 squats, and fourth stop doing 15 heals to heaven. Repeated this three times. Second exercise series: Ran to bleachers where we did three sets of 20 step ups, 20 inclines, 20 dips on the bleachers, and 20 pull ups on the sidewalk rails. Had planned to run around the triangle to three sets of bleachers for each exercise, but due to the mud from the weekend rain we stayed at the top bleachers. Third exercise series: Ran to concession and restroom building where we partnered up. Partner 1 did a set of 15 curls, 15 presses, and 15 triceps with a lifting rock. Partner 2 ran down the side walk, to the corner of the fence near the stairs, circled up the grass hill to the concession stand, and did 5 burpees. Then switched with their partner, repeating three times. Final unplanned series due to a slow watch: Circled up in the parking lot where we did Mary’s, 20 LBCs, 20 Dolly’s, and 20 Freddie Mercury’s. Three minutes still remaining so we ran a suicide using the basketball hoops as our suicide legs. Finally time expired at 6:15 for us to circle up and close out. At closing circle two FNG’s were introduced, all invited by Gladiator, F3 from Houston, who was in town for the holidays. Jeffrey, 13, Gladiator’s younger brother, was given the F3 name of Tony Hawks in recognition of his passion for skateboarding. Tony Hawks is apparently a famous professional skateboarder. Goes to show that you can learn new things at F3 too. Billy, 54, Jeffrey and Gladiator’s father, was given the F3 name “Striper” because of his occupation with a firm that stripes roads. Good think he doesn’t remove paint or we would have had to add a “p” to his name.

Campus Police

Warm-up:  Ran to the Credit Union parking lot at the Little Ave/McMahan corner where we did 15 each of Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Low Slow Squats, and Mountain Climber.

Thang:  From there we crossed McMahan to the rock piles and with a lifting rock each did three sets of 20 each of Curls, Triceps, and Squat Thrusts. 

Next we ran to the Charlotte Catholic parking deck where were stopped by the Campus Police.  If not for the professional defusing skills of Mermaid, all eleven of us could have been thrown in the back of the school’s John Deere paddy wagon by the two campus police officers.  No longer handcuffed by the police, we ran the length of the deck up the first floor to third floor parking ramp, stopping in the middle for 20 Merkins, and at the top for 20 LBCs, then back down to the start of the long ramp on the second floor to the deck top, starting first with 20 Squats, then another 20 Merkins in the center, and another 20 LBCs at the top.  From there we ran back to the entry of the front stairs and did 20 Squats.  Descending the stairs, we repeated this routine three times. 

At completion, we descended the stairs and assembled at the east end of the football field in the circle with masonry walls/benches and did 20 Step-Ups and 20 Dips.  Followed by a run to the left/south center of the fencing along the football field for 20 Toe Touches (Mary’s) to the fence, then ran around the field to the opposite side for 10 Burpees in the parking lot, and then completed a circle of the field back at the walls/benches for 10 Step-Ups and 10 Dips.  Due to the delay caused by our detainment by the Campus police, we headed back to our starting point, closing out with a 30 second Plank.

Only announcement that I can recall was the location of the Labor Day (today’s) combined session.  Special thanks again to Mermaid for keeping our criminal records clean.     

Like a Rolling Stone

Warm-up: Ran to courtyard with 1/2 circle of turf. Did 15 each of Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Low Slow Squat, and Mountain Climber. Ended warm-up with Lunge Walk around the turf. Thang: Ran to north parking lot. There ran with four stops, 1st stop 20 Merkins, 2nd 20 LBCs, 3rd 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 4th 20 Heels to Heaven. Repeated three times with reps of 15, then 10, and finished with 5 each, followed by Plank until all finished. Next ran to hot box. There did 10 Step Ups and 10 Dips on the benches, then ran around the center three parking lots doing 10 Burpees in 1st corner, 10 Wide Arm Merkins in 2nd corner, 10 Jump Squats in 3rd corner, and at the 4th corner, hot box, started a second round of the hot box and run exercises. Finished back a the hot box Squatting against the wall doing 60 Air Presses, 20 with both feet on the ground and 20 each with one leg raised. Next ran to the rock pile in the parking lot where we partnered with a lifting rock and rotated with one partner running to a parking lot island while the other partner lifted. Lifting sets included Curls, Presses, and Triceps. Ran back to the starting point and ended with 15 Mary’s each of Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Flutter, and American Hammer. At closing circle three FNG’s were introduced, all invited by Checkpoint I believe. Intern 1 and 2 had posted earlier in the week and Checkpoint promised a new and final F3 name with second post. Intern 2 became “Sunshine”, and Intern 1 became “Ti-81”. Third FNG was named “Maurice” after Maurice Barbecue. I missed one Pax due to poor hearing and/or age. Matt Milky, Milkyway? Sorry. Thanks to Lorax closing us out with a prayer. What’s “Like a Rolling Stone” title? Some history on July 24: Amelia Earhart was born in 1897, Machu Picchu was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911,Ted Williams was fined $250 in 1958 for spitting on a Boston fan, Bob Dylan released Like a Rolling Stone in 1965, and on that same day in 1965, my Mother released me like a rolling stone from her womb.