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Is it an Isosceles Triangle?

20 men gathered in the gloom to start their day off right (and that includes the decision to forsake Fast Twitch for the Hawk’s Nest beat down that would follow). Many of the usual suspects, some new faces (or Kotters – welcome back Escargot!), and seemingly all with something to say. Disclaimer given, with the usual critiques, and we were off.

Mosey down the entranceway towards the MAC, stopping off at a random parking lot on the left (when did it get there and why is that even there?) for the traditional Hannibal warm-up:

  • SSH x15
  • IW x15
  • Mountain Climbers x15
  • Parker Peter x15
  • Peter Parker x15

Mosey to Patten Stadium, around the back of the end zone over to the hill on the home side. From there, we embarked on the Latin Triangle:

  • 1 squat at the bottom of the hill
  • Run up the hill
  • 1 LBC at the top of the hill, above the bleaches
  • Run (carefully) down the bleachers
  • 1 Burpee at the bottom of the bleachers on the track
  • Repeato, increasing the exercises by 1 each round, up to 7

Wall sits (or just talk, whichever you prefer) against the maintenance building behind the end zone, wait for the six to come in. Mosey back up the hill to the student parking lot south of the Auditorium for The Beast. 6 exercises, 6 stations, 6 rounds

  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Squats
  • Break – 2 minutes of Mary
  • CDDs
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Burpees

Recover plank, with positions. Mosey to launch for 3 MoM (Flutters, Dollies, Rosalitas, LBCs, etc.)


Ye Naked Moleskin

Really great crowd out this morning. The heckling started early, before we even launched, but YHC is a veteran and can handle it. Moreover, without it, I usually guess the PAX aren’t getting their money’s worth. Today’s workout was a straight-forward, what you see is what you get, beatdown. There wasn’t a lot of fluff, and some may argue not a lot of creativity. It was old school. If you put the effort in, you’ll reap the benefits later. Semi-Gloss called it “Dad Advice.” #Truth

It was great to be back on the old stomping grounds. It is true that YHC is an alum. But man, the joint has changed. #old The construction didn’t help either, as I was lost near the start, obvious to some of the PAX when we made a hard left into that unassuming parking lot for the warm-up. Back in the day, those “home bleachers” were a series of concrete slabs. Now, those slabs have been replaced with state of the art aluminum with rails and everything. #SlipperyWhenWet Kudos to the PAX for navigating those flawlessly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run that hill and those bleachers, and so it was good to be back. Thanks for enjoying it with me.

The Beast is just a beast. It’s a no holds barred, smack you in the face set of exercises that if you push through it, you’re better for it. Of course, you have the option to refusinik, and there are times to do so. Laziness isn’t one of them. Hats off to those who pushed through this morning.

Great to see Escargot back out this morning. First post in a year! Ironsides may have tweaked a hammy – get well brother. Margo gave up FT for 15 minutes of sleep to join the workout – appreciate that. Other Flattnin’ the Hills teammates were present (Gummy, Hopper, LazyBoy, Chelms) – once in the band, always in the band. Busch and Bulldog were swinging kettlebells early – kudos to you both. Harley doesn’t look the same without a visor, but great to have him out. Good to see Mermaid back from vacation, and from eavesdropping, sounds like he had some productive fishing. Hops, thanks for the takeout, as well as the opportunity to lead – it’s an honor to be handed the reigns with this group. Great work to all – see you next time.


  • Beer run (not the beer mile) is August 18. Check Slack or see Gummy for details.

Complete Game!

16 men gathered in the gloom for another Hannibal beat down. At some point, Bugeater joined us and we became 17 and better for it. Also, a decent number of new faces, mixed with some old timers made it a fun crowd.

Brief disclaimer (YHC was a bit grumpy – the longest short week ever) and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey around the back of the school to the East parking lot. Normal Hannibal warm-up

  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Slow squats x20
  • Mountain climbers x20
  • Peter Parker/Parker Peter x10 (each)

Mosey back to launch by way of the front of the school

Main Event: 5 x 10 x 5 4 (5 stations for exercises, 10 reps each, 4 times)

  • Station 1: Pull-ups on the playground
  • Station 2: Dips on the benches on the East side of campus
  • Station 3: Merkins in the front and center of school
  • Station 4: Step-ups on the benches on the West side of campus
  • Station 5: AYG around the short track

Mary while waiting for the 6 (various on-your-six exercises)

Mosey behind school to near the playground. Get in 3 main groups. Grinders from this point to the concession stand. Squats and Dollies at end points.

AYG back to Launch. Done.


YHC might have his Q-card revoked after this one. Last night, Marge tweeted that YHC would be on a pitch count not to exceed 4 miles. Well, that lap around the school is ALWAYS further than I think it is, and at the beginning of the second lap of the main event, we had already broken a mile. With the threat of Marge going to the bullpen early, and with all of us sucking wind pretty good, YHC audibled the original 5 cycles down to 4. No one complained.

Really proud of everyone pushing through on that. Marge and Queen were killing it. Jet Fuel wasn’t far behind. We will all be better for it (though it may take us a few days). Mary while the six came in was a welcome break, even on the cheese-grater parking lot that is Olde Providence Elementary. The grinders at the end brought some good conversation among the PAX (which is when YHC noticed that Bugeater had shown up at some point during the workout).

All in, we did close to 3 miles without ever leaving the campus. Not bad. Great to see some new blood out there. Prayers specifically for Utah’s father and Jennings Palmer. Please lift these guys up today!

No other announcements. Pleasure to lead a fine crew.

Dodging the rain?

The Thang

Quick disclaimer (somebody threw out “lawyer”) and we were off. Mosey to the Church at Charlotte parking lot for warm-ups. No need to get out of the rain, and so we stayed out in the open.

SSH x20

IW x20

Mountain Climber x15

Peter Parker x15

Parker Peter x15

Run through Church at Charlotte breezeway. No need to stop – again, not raining, across Colony and down Charmay Trail to Castellaine Dr.  Hang a right to the cul de sac for instructions.

7s from one cul de sac to the other at opposite ends of Castellaine (squats & wide-arm merkins)

Mosey back to Church at Charlotte campus, run through the smaller breezeway north of the “other” breezeway – again, no need to stop, not raining. Find the wall in the main parking lot for some let work.

People’s Chair, with 30 air presses x2

Okay, now we’ll go to the main breezeway and stop. Even though still not raining, I’m running out of modifications for this workout planned with a downpour in mind.

Partner up.

Each team does 300 150 step-ups, 200 LBCs, 100 dips

While partner 1 does exercise, partner 2 runs the short lap around the building. Flapjack.

Mosey back to launch.

2 MoM (Dollies, Rosalitas)



Great group out today. I think the A51 guys outnumbered the Metro guys for a change. Forecast called for a steady rain, and so YHC planned for a workout that would keep us (sort of dry). By the end of the workout, when we were still all mostly dry except for the sweat, YHC figured that it would be a terrible to end a wet workout all dry, and so we left the cozy dry confines of the breezeway for the wet Carmel Park parking lot for our two minutes of Mary. And yes, the intent to get nice and wet led to the call of dollies and rosalitas.

The 7s on Castellaine turned out to cover 2 miles! YHC didn’t see that coming. Good BRR training if you can get it! Kirk was way out in front, with One Eye right behind. Enjoyed the mumble chatter, led by Gummy (as usual). Good to see Rock out there again. Always a pleasure (and a challenge) to lead this group of men.


  • Run Jen Run 5k this Saturday. Sign up on the internets. F3 discount code is F32018.

Maundy Thursday Feast of 11s with Unsavory Sides

11 strong men of south Charlotte gathered to start their Easter weekend the right way. After a brief disclaimer, we were off.

The Thang

Moderately quick lap around OPES to get the blood flowing in our legs, back to launch for our warm-up.

  • COP with SSH, IW, Slow Squats, and Mountain Climbers (all x20 in cadence)

Mosey to playground (Station #1)

  • Plank followed by Peter Parkers (x20 in cadence)

Mosey around baseball outfield to concession stand between fields (i.e., the long way – Station #2)

  • Plank followed by Parker Peters (x20 in cadence)

The Main Event

  • 11s between Stations #1 & #2 – Pull-ups on playground; Dips on bleachers by concession stand, taking the “long way” around the outfield between the stations

Recovery mosey to parking lot on the “other side” of the school

  • Circle up for 4 minutes of Mary

Mosey across front of school to the short track

  • Lap 1 – Run ½ lap backwards, other half regular – 10 merkins at the end
  • Lap 2 – ½ lap of lunge walk, bear crawl, broad jump (any combination, just get there) – 15 merkins
  • Lap 2 (continued) – ½ lap backwards run – 10 merkins
  • Lap 3 – AYG, finish at workout launch


The Moleskin

Good crew this morning, and everyone pushed hard. Marge and Gummy were out front for a lot of the 11s (and everything else). After a brief comment about the disclaimer, Gummy was pretty silent in the harassment department. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Spackler must have taken the first half of 11s off, because when he decided to go (around #5), he blitzed the rest of us. I hate to admit it, but there must be something to that Orange Theory thing. Puddin’ Pop was pressing (take that however you want), and Queen was his metronome self – solid.

Harley and Arena were carrying on a deep conversation through most of the 11s (I think it was you two), and it must have been interesting, or at least a nice diversion from the pain that was starting to set in near the end of those. Frosty Paws, and Bounce were moving as well. MAD, I don’t know how you do that with a 30 lb. ruck, but well done!

Apologies for the late BB – it’s been one of those weeks. We all get them. However, it was great to Q Hydra again; it’s been a while. Thanks for the opportunity Marge and Queen. Hopefully, I haven’t totally destroyed your Site Q credibility in week 1! Queen, thanks for the takeout.

Happy Easter everyone. We’re all forgiven because of the price He paid on the Cross. He is risen!

Simple but effective

16 strong men assembled at Base Camp for their trek to start the week off right. After a thorough disclaimer for the veteran crew (#notneeded), we were off into the gloom.


Mosey to the side parking lot and circle up, waiting on a couple LIFOs coming in on two wheels to join us. COP #1.

  • SSH x25
  • IW x20

Mosey down Woodfox, and stop about 200 yard in for COP #2.

  • Mountain Climber x20
  • Peter Parker x20

Continue down Woodfox to Burning Tree Dr. 30 yards into BTD COP #3.

  • LBCs x20
  • High Flutter x15

Mosey to the end of Woodfox, hang a left down to Rising Meadow for the Main Event.

  • 7s up the hill, with the option for burpees or merkins at the top, squats at the bottom
  • Plank exercises while the 6 comes in

Slow recovery mosey back to the top of the hill, and make way to the cul de sac with a combo of lunges and backwards run. COP #4

  • Heels to heaven x20
  • Something else that was interrupted by the paper delivery guy

Back down Rising Meadow, stopping at each driveway for LBCs x5.

At base of Rising Meadow, partner up for Catch Me If You Can back to the school, with 10x merkins (modified to 5x) as the called exercise.

People’s Chair with arms extended, followed by air presses (x10 normal cadence, x10 double time). Rinse and Repeat.



Looked like a lot as I type this out, but it was all pretty basic. Some running, with some strength (mostly merkins) and ab work (mostly LBCs) mixed in. My watch read 2.4 miles, and there’s nothing wrong with that! My goal was to create a workout that would give everyone something – push the experienced guys and still be challenging, but not to a fault, for the others. I hope I accomplished that. There seemed to be a lot of heavy breathing, and nobody died (that I’m aware of), and so that seems good.

Great to see some of the regulars – Goonie (who was flying), Fireman Ed, Smash, Insomniac, Triple-7, amongst others. Great also to workout with some guys I don’t see very often and met for the first time. Thanks for the privilege to lead, and I already look forward to the next one. Thanks to Insomniac for the takeout.


Savage Race – May 13. Sign up.

At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy better

14 men gathered on a crisp fall morning to start their week off right. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t always fun, but we’re all better off for it.

The Thang

The disclaimer was given, which was then rudely followed by a call for 10 burpees OYO. Once complete, we took a warm up lap around the Church at Charlotte parking lot ending up in the breezeway for some warm up exercises.

  • Imperial walkers (x21)
  • Slow squats (x21)

Find a partner of different size for some teamwork.

Round 1: From the central breezeway, each partner runs in opposite directions to the North (lower/downhill) end of the parking lot. Meet up for 10 hand-slap merkins. Return to breezeway and do 5 squats. Repeat for (10, 15, and 20 squats).

Round 2: From the central breezeway, each partner runs in opposite directions to the South (upper/uphill) end of the parking lot. Meet up for 10 hand-slap merkins. Return to breezeway and do 20 dips. Repeat for (15, 10, and 5 dips).

Active recovery with planking and some Mary.

Follow me out the parking lot, down Colony to the first right, Ballencourt. Meet up at the cul de sac at the bottom of the hill. Instructions given for next exercise. 7 trips up the hill to the 2nd mailbox. At top, do burpees (increasing from 1-7 each trip). Modify to merkins as needed.

Active recovery with some Mary.

Follow me across Colony to Charnay Trail. 4x100m sprints, with 10 merkins at each endpoint.

Head back towards base, stopping in Church at Charlotte breezeway for a little more Mary. AYG home.


The idea of the workout today was that while maybe limited in creativity, there’s a lot to be gained by basic blocking and tackling (something the Panthers could probably learn from). And, for those of you who know me, you know I’m not your creative genius – more like BASF (I take what things may be already out there and make them better). So today, we were out there to take what we’ve got and make it better.

Let’s start with the burpees. I hate burpees, but they are one of the best full body exercises that we do. And, they’ll warm you up in a hurry. So, while I got the expected “lack of creativity” catcalls when at the outset, I called for 10 burpees OYO, I knew that those not in winter gear like ‘Bout Time and Steinbrenner would actually appreciate it.

The decision to partner with someone “not your size” was very intentional. No, size had NOTHING to do with this set, but so often we partner with the same people based on size, speed, or just who you’re next to, which is probably a friend, that we sometimes miss the opportunity for 2nd F at a workout. I heard some introductions being made. Mission accomplished.

That set was also designed so that the faster runners would in theory get a little extra work in, as they would run further than a slower counterpart. #extracredit. Nice job to all following some cryptic instructions. Chappy claimed that it’s clear that Wake Forest guys can’t spit out clear directions. He’s right – we usually have people do that for us. We did have to modify endpoint on the second set to go to the other side of the Church, or we’d probably still be out there.

The Ballencourt work was pulled out of one of my favorite F3 workouts ever. It was Christmas week 2013 (or 2014, I can’t remember). And it was relatively warm and just pouring rain. There were 5 of us (I don’t even remember who) running that darned hill in terrible conditions. But it was Christmas, and it was relatively warm. It was a good memory, and so, I chose to bring that one back. It was more fun the first time.

Finally, the work across Colony and down Charney was simply because it was new territory, at least for me. It had nothing to do with the Halloween decorations, though a couple of them were downright freaky. And, contrary to Curd’s belief, I don’t live on that street and wasn’t showing off any Halloween blow-up dolls.

Nice work to all out there today. They guys all pushed it hard. It’s you against you. Make it worth your time. Pele, welcome back. Way to push through today and hope to see you again soon. Steinbrenner, thanks for the heartfelt takeout, and Bushwood, thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always a pleasure.


None. Out.

Man Made Rain Delay

Disclaimer given (and evidently a fine one at that based on all of the unsolicited comments from the peanut gallery), and 28 men started their week off right.


  • Jog through parking lot with a mix of high knees, butt kickers, and lunges
  • COP (SSH x25, IW x15, Slow Squat x15, MCs x20, Peter Parker x10)

Mosey to track and halfway around; Gather in middle of football field

Star (Merkins x5 in the middle)

  • Flutter (15/30)
  • Squats (15/30)
  • LBCs (15/30)
  • Burpees (5/10)

Plank work (active recovery)

Recovery Lap (sprint the back straight if so inclined)

  • Mary while we wait for 6 (LBCs, Flutter, Russian Twist)

7s across football field (Merkins/Squats)

70-yard Relay (3 man grinders) on track’s back stretch

Mosey to restroom facility

People’s Chair with arm presses x50 (Active recovery)

Mosey to parking lot. Form of a circle for Mary (LBCs, Flutter, Freddie Mercury, Plank)



Does anyone remember the scene from Bull Durham where Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) creates a man-made rain delay by turning on all of the sprinklers on the baseball diamond and letting them run all night? Well, the football field at SCMS felt very similar to that this morning. For a place that hasn’t had any significant rain over the past month or so, that thing was a swamp (#headsupforQwouldhavebeenappreciated). Fortunately the men of Base Camp are just that – men, and didn’t let a little mud stop them from a getting in a solid workout.

It was a great morning to be out, and a better way to start the week. We did a lot (and I may have actually missed a few things in the write-up above). Planning a moderate workout that can challenge the varied fitness levels is a challenge, but the men of Base Camp again proved their metal and were strong throughout. I hope everyone got something out of this morning. No 10-counts were administered and all survived. YHC considers his job done. Thank you for the opportunity to lead – ALWAYS a privilege.

Kudos to Simba and Baracas for the 1.5 mile pre-run. Great 2nd F with you gentlemen this morning. Gummy, nice 25-yard sprint from your car. #overachiever


HDHH Wednesdays at The Lodge

Rum – The Breakfast of Champions

23 of Charlotte’s finest gathered for an early morning breakfast at Carmel Park and start the week right.

The Thang

Very brief disclaimer as it was a veteran crew this morning, though in hindsight, a warning about broken glass bottles would have been appropriate.

Fast mosey down Camilla towards Carmel Middle School, stopping for 8 burpees at each speed bump along the way.

Warm up :

SSH x25

IW x20

Slow squats x20

Mountain Climbers x20

Peter Parkers x20

Mosey to football field.  Look out for aforementioned broken glass bottle (later diligently assessed as rum) and be careful when getting over fence.

4 Laps around track, stopping at each turn for called exercises:

Lap 1:  Merkins x25 (all turns)

Lap 2:  LBCs (turns 1 & 3), Dollies (turn 2), Flutters (turn 4) – all x25

Lap 3:  Squats (turns 1 & 3), Jump Squats (turns 2 & 4) – all x25

Lap 4:  Burpees x10 (all turns)

Form Plank Circle for Ring of Fire.  Mixed in RAH, LAH, RLO, LLO, Elbows, and finished with 6-inches

Mosey to endline

AYG to far goal post

Backwards run to midfield, AYG to endline

Leave track and mosey to far side of school.  People’s Chair for 2 minutes, finishing with Air Presses (x20 or x25, can’t remember)

Fast mosey back up Camilla

Speed bump 1:  Russian Twist x25 in cadence (selected ed by Jamboree)

Speed bump 2:  45 merkins OYO (selected by and in honor of Runstopper’s 45 birthday)

AYG home

50 LBCs in cadence to finish


Great workout by the PAX this morning.  The group stayed close together, and hopefully no one left anything on the table (you against you).  Unfortunately, YHC didn’t know it was Runstopper’s birthday until 0610, or there would have been a lot more 45 rep exercises! #veteranmove. Happy birthday, RS! #old

The group was pretty quiet at the beginning, though I’ve come to realize that my hat blocks out a lot of noise (#shouldwearathome), but that changed with the burpee call on Lap 4 around the track.  Mission accomplished.  Glad YHC could wake up Steinbrenner and get him in his usual form.  Also caught plenty from Simba, as was noticed by other members of the PAX.  Love the chatter.

A bunch of Larry Birds out there this morning, particularly around the track.  Nice work, and keep pushing men.  Finishing with 100 LBCs (if we’re going in civilian count) was strong, if not very unpopular.  Way to push through.  Thanks to Flutie for taking us out.  Always an honor to have the reigns – thank you for the opportunity!

The Rock – Not for the faint of heart

14 of south Charlottes finest refused the fartsack on a muggy Saturday morning and responded to the challenge posted by YHC on twitter yesterday afternoon.

Mall Cop planted the Shovel Flag at 6:59, and after the disclaimer (which some called professional), we were off.



  • Jog around parking lot, with a little backwards run and karaoke mixed in
  • Exercises (x25) in cadence
    • SSH
    • IW
    • Slow squats
    • Mountain climbers
    • Peter Parkers

Mosey to Baseball Field – Partner Up and grab a rock that you can be proud of

  • Partner 1 does exercise; Partner two runs a lap around the outfield
  • Exercises:
    • Curls
    • Overhead Press
    • Squats
    • Tricep Extensions

Mosey back to launch point – Perform the Starfish to all of the Entrances

  • Exercises (x20)
    • Merkins
    • Wide Arm Merkins
    • Hand Release Merkins
    • Diamond Merkins
  • 5 burpees in the center

Mosey to Shelter for People’s Chair

  • 1 min People’s Chair, followed by 15 arm presses in cadence
  • Rinse and repeat

Triple Nickel on Soccer Field Hill

  • Jump knee tucks at top (x5)
  • Burpees at bottom (x5)
  • Repeato (x5)

Mosey home for Mary

  • LBCs – 25 in cadence (x2)
  • Plank for 1 minute


While not everyone is doing the BRR (and for those that aren’t, they’re probably getting pretty annoyed with the heavy dose of running in workouts these days), YHC wanted to continue the prep for those that are with some running with boot camp exercises mixed in this morning.  Not sure how much ground we covered, but it was a lot.

As usual, the workout looked better on paper, as YHC was hurting towards the end of the starfish – it makes you realize how big the Calvary campus really is (I don’t think some of our “legs” were much shorter than those done at Fast Twitch on Tuesday – and THAT is a running workout).  The PAX should be proud of pushing through this one today!

Mall Cop tried a couple Q jacks, and his arm press suggestion during the people’s chair was actually a good one (though he opted out of round 2 – #dontsuggestitifyoucantdoit).  YHC did give him the call on the exercises during the Triple Nickel (an exercise with a nod to Mermaid), but when he called out jump squats and burpees, YHC quickly regretted that decision. #wontdothatagain. He’s a beast, that one.

Props to Bushwood and Hops – you guys were killing it this morning.  Stone Cold, way to push through on a bad leg/wheel, and Hopper, those huge strides will come in handy on the mountain roads in a few weeks.  Great to see some new faces out there this morning, and you all represented well.  Runstopper – I hope you just tweaked something and are back at it next week.

Hops, thanks for the strong take out.  As always, and honor to lead you guys.


  • There will be a number of convergences held in the coming weeks due to both the BRR and Labor Day.  Please check emails.
  • The BRR alternate list is at zero.  If you are interested and want to get on that list (there are rumors of more injuries), please let Mall Cop know.
  • If there are other announcements, please sound off below.

Is it a sand dollar?

The shovel flag was planted sometime before 0520 when YHC rolled into the Calvary parking lot, clearly by one of the crazies (Abacus, Mermaid, and Cane) rocking a pre-KB workout or one of the runners (Champagne, Boutique, Swanson and Baracus) who got in up to 3 miles before the main event started.  Maybe should have warned them?


The usual disclaimer (with resident Anvil attorney present (Young Love)) and 25 of South Charlotte’s finest, including 2 FNGs, were off (ok, maybe 24 – I think I saw a shadow darting across the parking lot to catch us during the warm-up lap).


  • Run around the parking lot, with a little karaoke mixed in, and end up center lot near church entrance
  • SSH (x25), IW (x20), Slow squat (x20), mountain climber (x20), Peter parker (x20)

Mosey to Entrance 4 while trying to act as if 25 guys working out at 5:30 a.m. in church parking lot is “normal” as we run by two occupied police cruisers.

  • 20 decline burpees, pick your poison based on the grade of the hill you choose to perform your exercise

Mosey towards North Face, stopping midway in parking lot for a brief COP

  • 25 LBCs (in cadence)

Complete the run to the bottom of North Face

  • Jacob’s Ladder (merkins at top, jump squats at bottom)

Backwards run across field in front of sanctuary, finishing with a normal run to church entrance with turf “hill” (no idea what to call this location)

  • Inverted wall walk, bear crawl and lunge circuit (x3)
  • 35 LBCs (in cadence)

Mosey to athletic fields, partner up in 3-man teams (size/speed do not matter)

  • 75 yard AYG sprint relay (x8)

Return to home base for Mary

  • Dolly, Rosalita, Flutter (x20 of each)


In 94% humidity, nothing’s easy, and this workout didn’t seem to disappoint.  Heavy breathing was heard during the warm up lap, and there were plenty of hands on knees following the decline burpees.  And we had just begun.  Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the PAX from poking the bear during the first round of LBCs, buying few more for the group in round #2.

Originally, YHC had planned to do a “starfish” type workout, but in reading backblasts from the last week or so, decided something more original needed to be created.  So, I introduce “The Sand Dollar” – all the work around the perimeter.  With that in mind, we got a nice tour of the Calvary campus, working around the edges (mostly) and finding plenty of pain stations along the way.

We had a number of folks, Hops, Young Love and Simba come to mind, that were running on fumes completing their third workout in as many days, which is extremely impressive in the oppresive humidity.  Well done.  I’m sure there are others – please sound of below and let us know of your feats.  As mentioned above, three brave men posted for the pre-KB workout, with another four doing the pre-run.  #amazing

That was a great effort by the PAX today, as everyone pushed through and we are all (hopefully) better for it.  Also noticed quite a bit of 2nd F and even 3rd F following the workout.  Nice work.  It’s a privilege to lead this group of men.


F3 Dads at Francis Beatty Park – 9am Saturday

BRR – Course changes have occurred.  Also, get orders in for BRR shirts.  See your captain for information on both.

Swanson is smoking BBQ on Friday and selling pulled pork for $10/lb.  If you’re interested, email him at