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First Things First…Who’s On Q

My first Q since IR and it felt good to lead again… Buckey has been great while I was out filling the calendar.  One day was left.  Saturday after the Fourth. Last year after the Fourth Goonie lead me and Strawberry (yup, three of us). So I wasn’t sure about the turnout.  DaVinci has been keeping good company lately and the guys are showing up. Got a text from Hops about the calendar being open (forgot to add my name to the schedule).  So I wrote out a Weinke…

Here’s what we did after meeting an FNG (Happy Feet) and a decent disclaimer was given.

Mosey to front side best buy


  • SSH x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo
  • LSS x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo
  • Amer hammer x 15
  • 5 burpees – oyo

The mumble chatter ensued and I promised no more burpees, though PaperJam wasn’t falling for it.

Mosey to first row parking

  • Partners for welbarrow to next row, flapjack to 2nd row
  • Repeat to 3rd flapjack to 4th
  • Plank for 6
  • Line up facing start – AYG back to first row parking
  • Repeat x2


  • Run opposite directions to back of BB
  • 10 hand slap merkins
  • Run Backwards to front of BB
  • x10 hand slap merkins
  • Repeat x3

Mosey around Newks straight across and up middle Blakeney behind Old Navy

Wall –ups x5

Mosey around to Blakeney Heath

Triple Nickel up hill and back

  • Bottom do x10 squats
  • Top do x10 merkins
  • Repeat x5

Stay at top…Grab a big lifting rock

  • Curls x 10
  • Tricep extension x10
  • Repeat x3

Mosey to fountain

Do exercises on sidewalk – Another first. Not sure anyone has done these at DaVinci?  Basically on the sidewalk there are written exercises x4.  Check them out next time you pass by.

At fountain

  • dips x 10
  • step ups x 10
  • derkins x 10
  • x3

Check time – enough to cross the street and do some mary.


First time in like 15ish Q’s that I actually finished on time using the Weinke I wrote.  Usually we crush it and I have to add lib a bit. We added a few LBC’s, flutters, etc along the way to give the 6 a chance to catch up. Not much lag time today – strong group.  If you’re around F3 much at all there are always a few crowd favorites, PaperJam, Cheddar and Hops are always great to have in the PAX. As Q I’m looking for someone to help with the FNG or keep me honest with regards to time. Worked out a few times now with Erector and he’s gotten strong, thanks for the pace setting at the front. Good to see Tumble Weed back after a brief hiatus too.

Couple of announcements… Cheddar mentioned Isabella Santos in September.  Plus Pokey begins Wednesday!!

5 runners joined for the COT and Coffeteria.

During Hops “take out” (thanks!) We actually revised / renamed the FNG from Penguin (a hockey reference to a rival team) to Happy Feet.  Go figure, another first for this crazy day.

Blue Moon Q in Union County

Once in a Blue Moon I will volunteer to substi-Q for a guy in need.  Just happened to be a Blue Moon and Tweetsie was in need of a subti-Q so he could spend Easter weekend doing something (more) fun.  Little does he know, we had fun anyway.

Here’s what we did (and didn’t do):

Disclaimer – and added note about not crossing the road led to some serious mumble-chatter.

Warm ‘us’ up (it was a chilly 39) – mosey to Sun Valley Elementary

  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • LSS x 15
  • Amer hammer x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15

Grab some wall – People’s chair shoulder to shoulder (Grab the sand bag)

  • Pass sandbag down and back
  • Pass sandbag down and back with 2 shoulder raises each

Line up single file

  • Indian run around to Sun Valley HS lot
  • Guy in back carry’s sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line

Partner up (Uneven numbers)

  • Line up at first row of parking spaces
  • Partners if even welbarrow to next row flapjack to 2nd row
  • Repeat to 3rd flapjack to 4th
  • Plank for 6
  •  (If uneven #, bearcrawl, lunge, bear crawl, lunge, 4 rows)
  • Line up facing start – AYG back to first row parking
  • Repeat!

Line up facing lot, shoulder to shoulder plank

  • First in line, flip around facing row of guys
  • Hand slap merkin with each guy all the way to end
  • Repeat until everyone has gone

Indian run all the way back to Shiloh Elem – Track

  • Line up in plank
  • First guy runs around track circle with sandbag
  • We ran out around the gazebo and back w sand bag
  • Rest do called exercise (merkins, elbow, 6 inches, diamond, elbow, 6 in, merkins, elbow, 6 in)
  • Repeat until everyone runs

Mosey back to middle school bus lot

Find benches

  • dips x 10, step ups x 10, derkins x 10
  • Lap around buses (19 in case you were wondering)
  • X3

Partner derkins x10 each partner

Check time – lots Mosey around to cars

Circle up for mary – guy with sand bag runs around the circle x2 , next guy calls mary – repeat until everyone goes

Still time for some blistering pull ups at the railings – led by Madison, not sure why those hurt so bad.

Burpees x 10 OYO



I was looking forward to the Q after Tweetsie seemed to be stuck. Happy to help out.  9 including YHC.  I knew or have at least worked out with more than half the guys.  All put up great effort this morning.  Fun group to lead…lot’s of chatter and pushing each other.  Very creative naming in Union Co too…though most probably started elsewhere.  Smokey wouldn’t trade names with me, he got off easy I think being a TN fan.  Village People?  That name probably deserves more questions as does Bonhoffer and Christmas.

Found a way to use the sand bag I had for my last Q at the Fishing Hole.  The Indian Run is still a struggle to get going… may retire that one for a bit.  Heard some funny chatter every time that thing is found though. (“Wait – is that a burrito?” and “You’re lucky security didn’t stop by” to “Was that already here.”) Just a few things I heard this morning… nah it’s just an over used sand bag.  Glad you guys appreciated the extra token to carry during the workout.

Appreciate the chance to lead – thanks Tweetsie.  Thank you Madison for help at the end.

Great AO if anyone gets the chance to stop by one Saturday.


Congrats to Madison for the new gig!!

YMCA – Ballantyne – tons of new races and activities coming up now that its nice out.  All on line.

Madison thanks for the take out –


Small “Token” of my Appreciation

Awesome group at The Fishing Hole today.  I brought a little something that looked like 50#’s of coke, but fortunately for these old hearts, only sand poured out.

Here’s what we did.


Circle up in parking lot (what no warm up? Um Frehley’s this is the warm up)


  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • LSS x 15
  • Amer hammer x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15

Line up single file

  • Indian run to front of school
  • Guy in back carrys sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line

People’s chair shoulder to shoulder

  • Pass sandbag down and back
  • Pass sandbag down and back with 2 shoulder raises each

Mosey across 51 past McD’s with sandbag

  • Line up at first row of parking spaces
  • Bear crawl to next row, lunge walk to 2nd, bear crawl to 3rd, lunge to 4th row
  • Plank
  • Line up facing start – AYG back to first row parking
  • Repeat This didn’t happen – too much growning

Line up facing lot, shoulder to shoulder plank

  • First in line, flip around facing row of guys
  • Hand slap merkin with each guy all the way to end
  • Repeat until everyone has gone

Mosey around to giant hill…name?

Triple Nickel Only managed three of these…

  • 5 merkins, up hill
  • 5 squats, down hill
  • X3

Indian run back left of HS to stairs / ramp entrance of school

  • Guy in back carry’s sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line

Line up in plank

  • First guy runs up the stairs and around circle with sandbag
  • Rest do called exercise (merkins, elbow, 6 inches, diamond, elbow, 6 in, merkins, elbow, 6 in)
  • Repeat until everyone runs w sand bag

At benches – jump ups x10, derkins x10, dips x20

Leave the sandbag and mosey to parking deck stairs

  • Run up the stairs, at each floor do called exercise (merkins x5, squats x5, merkins x5)
  • Plank for 6
  • Mosey to next set of stairs
  • Stop for people’s chair excercises (rt leg raise, lt leg raise, presses)
  • Back down stopping at each floor (merkins x5, squats x5, merkins x5, squats x5)
  • More people’s chair at bottom

Tater tot couldn’t stand being away from the sand bag so long so he lead mosey back to benches

At benches – jump ups x10, derkins x10, dips x20

Back to start (Tater Tot carried “his” new sand bag)

Circle up (wide) in plank – one person runs with the bag around the circle and back to his spot. Everyone else does various mary called by guys next to you.  Repeat until all go.


Fishing Mole:

The guys were mixed emotions when I brought over the sand bag. Mostly groans and tears.  We started out a little rough. There seems to be a nationwide misunderstanding of the Indian run…and throw in a sand bag. Forget about it going well. The front of the line went the opposite direction that I wanted. We regrouped and were off.

EVERYONE got after it this morning. We crushed the Indian run on the third try LOL. That big hill is a beast, but she was crushed too.  Hope everyone has a great Easter.

Thanks for the take out Tater Tot!

Fredo –

Keep Frehley’s dad Chip in your prayers.

I Wish I Could Think of a Clever Title

The title is as important as the workout right? I read a BB I’m not part of occasionally if it gets lots of t-claps or comments. But more often if it has a clever name.  Don’t you?

Should I go with “Trent Frasier, Frasier Trent?” or maybe “Bracket Buster”? Oh well…

After a somewhat unorganized Disclaimer, here’s what we did.

Mosey to far side of Best Buy.


  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • LSS x 15
  • Amer hammer x 15

Line everyone up at first row of parking spaces.  Uneven numbers, though I tried to count myself twice, so i had to abandon the partner idea.

  • Partners if even welbarrow to next row flapjack to 2nd row
  • Bear crawl to next row of spaces, lunge walk to 2nd row, bear crawl to 3rd, lunge walk to 4th  
  • Plank for 6
  • Line up facing start – AYG back to first row parking
  • We had so much fun the first time, we got to Repeat

Line up shoulder to shoulder in plank

  • First in line, flip around facing row of guys
  • Hand slap merkin with each guy all the way to end
  • Repeat until everyone has gone

Interesting that everyone didn’t get this right away…or they just didn’t want to do the merkins.  ha-ha.  Or I give terrible directions.

Mosey around back of best buy, line up at the wall in people’s chair. (Hey look, someone left a sand bag conveniently by the wall.)

People’s chair shoulder to shoulder

  • Pass sandbag down and back
  • Repeat. Pass sandbag down and back with 2 shoulder raises each

Line up single file

  • Indian run to Old Navy
  • Guy in back carry’s sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line
  • Repeat

Partner derkins x 10 each

Line up single file

  • Indian run to fountains by Brixx
  • Guy in back carry’s sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line
  • repeat

At fountains – dips x 10, step ups x 10, derkins x 10

Head to playground

  • Partner one does pullups / partner two runs to starbucks bushes and back
  • Flapjack
  • Repeat with squats
  • Repeat with merkins

Check time… only 8 after the hour.  I was just about done with my plan.

Head back to BBT near start with sandbag

  • Circle up in plank
  • First guy runs around circle with sandbag
  • Mary Kay thought it would be harder if we went around the actual bank building w the sand bag, so that’s what we did
  • Rest do called exercise (merkins, elbow plank, 6 inches, diamond merkins, various mary, etc)
  • Repeat until everyone runs around the bank with the bag o sand

Still had about 15 minutes to cover so we ran around to the front part of the town home division by the bank.  Along the driveway Bucky reminded me there are 6 street lamps on the right that leads up to the second stop sign.

Run towards 2nd stop sign adding a burpee at each street light starting at beginning with one. Plank for 6 and return the way we came doing a squat at each light, plus one each time.

Head back to start. With 45 seconds for a little more elbow plank.



Great group of guys came out this morning. I wasn’t sure the turnout with P200 guys out for the race, but we had 11 and an FNG, Paul. More on that at the end…

The guys got after it today. We only covered 2.5 but the workouts in between was what got everyone gassed. Great to see Chopper back at it. Marlin quietly crushes every exercise, he’s a beast. Mighty Mite is a bad ass too. (PS. Don’t do shots with him, he’s a bad ass at that also.) Mic Check and Bucky stay in front at every workout I’ve seen them at. Lewinsky and Scratch and Sniff are a great add to the PAX. Hard work and great attitudes for whatever terrible directions I throw at them. If you guys haven’t seen Mary Kay since late summer, it’s too late. That dude’s gone, same great guy, yes, but he’s crushing these workouts like it’s his job. You may not recognize him.  And he’s the new site Q at Rebel yell. Way to contribute my man.  Good to see Gruden out there killin it too – thanks for bringing Paul, even if it was your wife’s idea. ha-ha

A few weeks ago I read a BB by Snowflake “Better Than Chocolates”. He wrote about a sand bag workout with people’s chair and Indian runs. So I’m not original, but I’m not dumb either.  I saved that in the memory banks for later.  It looked awesome and, as it turns out, it was awesome. Meaning; difficult and I’m actually a little sore today from carrying that sandbag around.  I dropped it behind the Best Buy on my way in. At least I didn’t make you guys carry around the cinder blocks I had with me.  Side note…that with a roll of duct tape, was an interesting shopping cart I was wheeling around Home Depot.

I also used the hand slap merkin thing I did during a Cheddar workout a while back.  That sucks too…in a good way. I checked the time around the playground part of the weinke and determined quickly that I didn’t plan enough to get through the hour. That’s when I thought Bracket Buster was the right title. You guys chime in later.

After a few announcements we got to what’s important, naming the FNG. Mic Check was peppering him with questions along the way about work and school. Pretty funny stuff, prepping for this moment.  I recorded the names as usual in case I forgot anyone, I didn’t, but this isn’t about me.  At the end I left it recording… so I captured all the bad ideas. It took us nearly two minutes to get back to the first choice. He said his name, Paul Frasier. Mighty Mite said it immediately.  I  responded that I liked it. Then we went through a few others and me and Mary Kay said it again. This time evryone got it and it stuck.  Please welcome TRENT to the F3 family.  He’s a good guy and already good at this workout thing. He’ll fit right in.

Chopper thanks for the take out!

Google Mission Uprising, by Elevation. Lewinsky highly recommends.

A few other things I didn’t listen to in the recording because I was laughing.

See You in the Gloom

Fredo –

One Year…and a Few Speed Bumps Along the Way

12 men showed up to celebrate my first twelve months in F3.  Hard to believe it’s already been a year.  Time flies when your having fun?  True statement. Great group of guys this morning. Chopper was in attendance – It’s his 1 year anniversary as well.  We both started with an Outback Q at The Maul.  I remember it was cold, and I thought this f3 thing was something I could get into, more about that later.

I had a plan…here’s what we did.

Mosey from theater to Jersey Mike’s

  • 12 Low Slow Squats
  • 12 Mountain Climbers
  • 12 Imperial Walkers
  • 12 Side Straddle Hop

Mosey over to speed bumps behind HT

  • 2nd bump: 5 Merkins, back one 5 squats
  • 3rd bump: 5 Merkins, back one 5 squats
  • 4th bump: 5 Merkins, back one 5 squats
  • Etc to end at 6th

People’s chair: wait for 6

Mosey around by Sally’s and out, crossing BC Prkwy to St Matts

  • 1st bump clockwise (Add Chopper chatter here): 6 Mountain Climbers, add 6 to each bump – 10th should = 60

Mosey counterclockwise to St Matts school lot. Start at bushes…

  • Sprint to 1st bump: 5 Diamond Merkins (stay together in plank)
  • Sprint to 2nd bump: 5 Dia Merkins, (stay together in plank)
  • Sprint to 3rd bump: 5 Dia Merkins, (stay together in plank) run backward one, 5 dia merkins
  • Sprint to end of lot

Mosey out and across Williams Pond to Bradshaw’s staircase

Partner up – One partner goes right, one left, up staircase and meet at top in middle for 5 hand slap merkins back down to courtyard for 5 each WWII sit-ups. Repeat x3

Mosey out and down Elm towards Target to Ballantyne Trace on left.

Triple burpee something…

  • Down to stop sign: 3 burpees
  • Up to stop sign: 3 burpees
  • X3

Check time… hustle back to Cinema/start. Just a few seconds over time. Close one. Mileage ~3.1


The guys really got after it today.  No real 6, solid effort all around. Found a way not to get lapped by Teddy, partner with him.  Drago (20) and Bucky were out front most of the morning.  Great to see Chopper twice this week, back at it after a hiatus. Olaf is a SOB regular now.  Escobar and Market Timer were unusually quiet today, maybe the math problem was just too much.  I was feeling those mountain climbers at 48, 54, 60 a bit more than I thought.

I had Strawberry add me to the calendar back in December so I could Q my anniversary workout. Perfect number of guys (12) showed up. Glad Billy Goat promoted so much. 🙂  I thought the speed bumps where a good theme after 12 months. Had a few along the way…stupid things like alarm clocks and travel, but I stayed on track and did at least two workouts every week for a year. I jumped out early and was doing 3, 4 sometimes 5 workouts a week.  As Mario once said “I remember when I was this excited”.  Well a waist size smaller, a site Q “promotion”, pushed a chariot in a 5k and I’m still showing up.

Don’t let your own personal “speed bumps” get you down. Come work it out with the guys in the Gloom, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks to Mary Kay and Billy Goat for the opportunity.

Thanks Chopper for the take out!



-Brolympics February 24th.  Sign up to participate or volunteer. Here:

-Madison has sign up for the CPR class February 17th.

-Epic Friday: Bucky’s Birthday And Groundhog day PLUS – Tuck @ The Brave, Mermaid @ Centurion, Doc @ Cerberus

-Need a few good men to lead #daVinci in March. Hit me up if you are free.

Riders On The Storm

This Doors tune was playing as I rode into The Vine parking lot ready for a rainy adventure, but I checked the radar and saw a glimmer of hope, a sliver of cloudless air heading our way.  At least until I saw Tolkien dressed in his full Gore-tex rain-suit like he was going on a expedition.  But 11 bad-asses were looking at me for direction, So I had faith and headed to the parking deck to wait it out…

The Thing:

Mosey from Vine to Ballantyne Village parking deck, lower level.

Start at bottom:

  • Line up for 20x Side Straddle Hop
  • Run up Ramp to next level
  • Line up for 10x Merkins
  • Next ramp
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • Next Ramp
  • 10x plank jacks
  • Next ramp
  • 20x Low slow squats
  • Next ramp
  • 10x Diamond merkins
  • Next ramp
  • 20x Mountain climbers

Invented these on the fly (it showed) using the pylons and forming a square: we shuffled left, backpedaled, shuffled right, thensprint forward (x3). This didn’t go very well, but whatever.

Take stairs down to lower level

Head over to hill for Triple nickel Deuce: 5x merkins, up hill, 5x jump squats (x2) – Yet again it was too wet for hill work.

Mosey out and head for Ballantyne Lake Road towards Lakes (ponds x2)

Partner like speed – Dips x 25 each (posts) Hand slap merkins x 10 – One partner takes a lap around pond on left, one takes pond on right.  Flap Jack – Repeat x2.

No waiting on the 6 with this crew – Jameis Skrong

Mosey out to John J, hang a right past Bad Burger

Small parking lot on right: Burpee Suicides x3, x6, x9 – Plus squats at start x3, x6, x9 – Plank for 6 (me)

Mosey to Ballantyne Resort Check time and distance (Yes Mario, I was on track and sad you couldn’t see it)… Cross Johnston road, to Loch Ness (third pond), water theme?  Anyone? …dang

One lap around Loch Ness, first patio 10 dips, second 10 derkins

Plank near entrance for 6 (not me this time)

Check time…One more pond, yes!  Mosey around Ballantyne Medical towards Ballantyne Commons.

Stop at pond, circle it even though mumble chatter was an all-time high. Thanks Fire Hazard for keeping your wits and encouraging me to go for it.

Head back to Start.  Almost lost Tolkien as he tried to collect the layers of said rain-suit he peeled off along the way.  I asked if they were bread crumbs for a couple of no shows.  You know who you are.

Five minutes left for various mary – yes, more water themed workouts (it was very wet).  Almost everyone got one in, the windshield wiper hurt but was my favorite. (still nothing?)



I was dead set on getting the four ponds and the mileage, maybe the work suffered a little along the way. We managed about 20 burpees and a few dozen merkins and some killer mary.  All good.  You guys rocked it today.  Appreciate the kind words.  Toughest spot to Q in my opinion, hope you all feel as good as me about the beers that are coming soon.  No salad tonight ladies…

Thanks again for the take out Squid!

Fredo  xoxo

Lots of announcements:  Get on Slack or twitter and look up the various awesome causes your brothers are doing this month.  Its freakin cool how much we all give back as an organization and even more so on an individual basis.

Do something good this weekend – your heart will thank you.

No Roaming Charges (aka Smoke Tribute)

24 men came out to The Maul workout, I think a few knew I was Q and still showed up.  Goonie requested a Smoke BBQ ‘good bye tribute’, someone to remain nameless hoped for no roaming (like Tuck’s workout last week).  So I tried to accomplish both: with ‘Smoked’ shoulders, at least 100+ merkins for everyone AND No roaming, staying entirely on ‘campus’, but actually getting nearly 3 miles. 🙂

The Thang:

Mosey from theater to front of old Smoke Restaurant

  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Low Slow Squats
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Side Straddle Hop

Mosey over to 1st speed bump for Modified triple nickel

  • 1st bump: 5 Merkins, climb hill, 5 jump squats
  • 2nd bump: repeat
  • 3rd bump: repeat

Plank o rama: wait for 6

Mosey to 4th bump for another Triple…

  • 4th bump: 5 Side Straddle hop, climb hill, 5 Imperial Walkers
  • 5th bump: repeat
  • 6th bump: repeat

(Edit by Frehley’s Comet)

Too wet for the hills, audible on way over to speed bump. Decided on suicides.  5 merkins at each, 5 jump squats each time returning to start – x6.

Plank o Rama – wait for 6

Mosey to far hill for more triple nickel fun and more grumbling…

  • 5 Incline Merkins, bear crawl up hill, 5 regular squats
  • 2nd repeat
  • 3rd repeat

Mosey around Stonecrest to Dean and Deluca – partner up with similar speed

  • At fountain: 100 Dips, 100 Derkins, 100 Step ups
  • Partners alternate running around the two buildings until complete

Check time…plank for 6 – Mosey to Cinema few more merkins on the way.

Lunges to middle stop sign (almost, I was at 50 and called it) – Mosey to start for 45 second, six inch plank.  Thanks for the count Wingman.



Welcome FNG: JackRabbit!  Good to have you out.  Also, great to see Mr. Burns return for his 2nd post. (Sorry about all the running, it gets easier, keep coming out!) Everyone got after it today – great group of 24. Looking out for the new guys is much appreciated, Commish and Loogie. Marlin thanks for partnering w me, tried to keep up my half, you always give 110%.  Every time I looked back Teddy was right there…quietly one of the strongest guys every week. Great to see Tolkien back at it, true inspiration. And finally, for all you FFL guys, I did not vote on punishment… the new, ‘We were on a break!’ response.

Squid, always a great takeout, thanks –

Fredo, (naked and afraid)


  • Sign up for the SOB Christmas Party 12/16.  It will be fun!
  • Get registered for the Joe Davis Run, yours truly running shirtless, because, well I suck at listening or something.
  •  Bring Escobar your slightly used toys and clothes, he’ll be reverse smuggling them into S America for needy children.
  • Speed for Need – if you are new or just haven’t looked up in the last 6 months, this is a big deal for all of us and F3. Google or search youtube, if you don’t feel anything after watching a video or two? Well, maybe you should run shirtless with me in Jan.
  • Unfortunately for you, I’m Q at The Brave too – promise running and fun stuff. Rain or shine. Get up, get out and feel better. xoxo
  • Congrats to my friend Dumpster Fire, new Pineville Town Council member!

What? Are you sure…

Last night around 8:30 I logged into Slack for the first time of the day and saw a note from Tagalong and One Niner.  I reacted like one of my kids when I tell them to take out the trash…wait what? I don’t remeber volunteering for that, where are the bags, when you say out do you mean outside? Like it was their first time…or mine.  So a reminder of my Bagpipe Q was a good thing.  Thanks guys!  I sort of remember telling Bucky I would take the Thanksgiving Bagpipe Q.

Here’s what happened after writing a short Weinke last night.

Thang: Mosey from Vine to Med Specialist

  • 11 Merkins
  • 16 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Low Slow Squats
  • 20 LBC

Parking Lot Shuffle Suicide:  Line up at curb facing Vine

  • Shuffle left side to first parking line
  • Sprint back
  • Shuffle left side to 2nd line, sprint back
  • Repeat to far curb
  • Flap/Jack
  • Shuffle right side to first line
  • Sprint back
  • Repeat to curb

Parking lot: plank-o-rama (6 inches, left arm, left leg, right arm, right leg, 6 inches)

Mosey over to the Indian Grill (grab some wall)

  • 10 Bulgarian Squats right foot, flap jack left foot (one foot on the wall backwards)
  • 10 Derkins
  • 10 Incline Merkins
  • All Civilian Count

Mosey out and down steps to Ballantyne Commons, head straight accross to Durant. Mosey up Durant to fountain (Costigan Park)

Mary:  Box cutters x 20, Flutter x 20, LBC x 20

Bear Crawl “ring of fire” around the fountain. – Dang, forgot about this…

Starfish (Split into 5 groups):

  • 1st Arm, 5 Jump Squats
  • Back to Fountain, 5 burpees
  • 2nd Arm, 5 Jump lunges
  • Back to fountain 5 burpees
  • 3rd Arm, 5 merkins
  • Back to fountain, 10 dips
  • 4th Arm, Carolina Dry Docks
  • Back to fountain, 10 dips

Mosey out over to parking deck lower level for ramp runs and more squats.  Up 1st ramp, 5 jump squats, backwards up 2nd ramp, 5 jump squats. Rinse and repeat to top.  Hops led some mary waiting on 6.  Fun times, back the way we came, backwards, jump squats, forwards, etc etc…back to lower level.  More Hops mary, thanks bro.

After a brief look at the grass hill in back of the parking garage, lowere level.  “Anyone done this before?” Kirby or Mighty Mite or maybe Loogie said “Well there it is, we can go now” or something similar.  We had plenty of time to get in 6’s. 1 merkin at the bottom, scale the wall, err I mean hill, 5 squats at top, repeat.  Encourage everyone to get one last climb, so Bucky got an extra hill in.  Head out of the Village and towards home from there.

Check Time…couple minutes remaining: Audible to BoFA, Partner up for Wheelbarrow races (sort of) 5 parking spots, flap jack, repeat.

Head Home – time!

Mole: 17 great guys showed up this morning, glad I put a little thought into this Q. Doc started the morning w calling me out about an accent comment I made (about Chicago folks).  He expects only the best in a Q before and during the workout I suppose.  Frehleys was not there so Fire Hazard decided to take up the designated chatter (the whole time) guess that means he likes me?  There’s always guys you like to see come out to share the gloom, I don’t get to see Loogie and Pat Pending enough, Paper Jam and Teddy are crowd favorites and mine.  Tagalong and Hops are  strong out there staying in front and pushing always.  You guys rock, thanks for keeping the pace up.  Billy goat and War Eagle show up a lot now and the positive attitudes are infectious, maybe you guys can drop back and hang with Fire Hazard?  Kirby is actually a pretty good comedian for that early in the morning. Mighty Mite too, but you have to be paying attention or you’ll miss his one liners.  Cooter keep coming out my man, it’s good to see you each time.  Can’t say enough for Madame T. and my friend Bucky always a positive, bright spots in the gloom, thanks for the encouragement.

It was a honor to lead you guys, really hope I didn’t leave anyone out.  Thanks to Tagalong, One Niner (and Bucky) for having me.

Lots to be thankful for this week.  Take the time today to tell someone.  You’ll make their day and feel better too.

Fredo –

I Doubt Brave Faithful Will Believe

Been looking forward to this ever since me and Wildturkey switched AO Q’s. He’ll be coming to daVinci one day soon. Stay tuned. You guys have seen Tagalong and Shrinkwrap traveling together right? Not sure if they switch it up and not sure it matters, but Tagalong came up to where we were gathering and said “who’s on Q?”. Someone responded “Fredo”. And he let out a solid groan. So…not sure how to take that one, guess I better live up to the hype.

The Thang:

Mosey from Vine to workout trail past Lockness (LOP, it was a line)

  • 10 Merkins in cadence
  • 15 Low Slow Squats, cadence
  • 20 LBC, cadence
  • 20 Mountain Climbers, cadence
  • 5 Pullups, OYO
  • 5 Burpees, OYO

Mosey around Snyder Lance to the fountain (there’s no wall on this fountain, fail) used short posts in front of building.

  • 25 Dips
  • 20 Derkins

AYG up Ballantyne Corp Place across bridge to first driveway on left.


Mosey to Premier parking deck

Start at bottom level for suicides

  • 5 Merkins, run up ramp, 5 Jump squats
  • Take the stairs back to the start
  • 5 Merkins, run up ramp, 5 jump squats
  • Turn corner
  • 5 Merkins, run up ramp, 5 jump squats
  • Take the stairs back to the start
  • So on to top deck, stay there wait for 6

Mary, in cadence

  • Box cutters x 20
  • Flutter x 20
  • LBC x 20

Exit down the stairs

Mosey back down Ball Corp Place to pond across from Goddard

Partner up – similar speed

  • One partner goes left around pond, one goes right.
  • Meet in middle:
  • 10 hand slap Merkins
  • Reverse and meet at start
  • 10 military sit-ups each (partner planks while holding feet)
  • Flapjack x 2

Mosey out and left on Brixham towards home


  • We actually got in 4.0 according to the guys with watches. Not bad for a Saturday morning, IMHO.
  • Not sure I lived up to the hype, but Tagalong can kill it and stayed out front most of the morning. (although he was laying down when me and MarketTimer reached the top deck a few seconds behind him)
  • Hula Girl continues to show and remembers names and brings it.
  • Great group of guys this morning. Solid effort by all.

MarketTimer thanks for the takeout.

– Fredo

I Hope We Don’t Run…

That was a common theme among the early arrivals this morning at RebelYell. So either they forgot to check the Q schedule or ask Argonaut, but this guy doesn’t plan for much running. (Remember the Brave?) We managed about 2.5 which seemed fine to most. I’ve Q’d about 8 times now in 5 different AO’s…still wrote out the weinke. RebelYell usually draws a solid, hardworking crowd and I “planned” to not disappoint. I also draw from a few Q’s from my early days of F3 and borrowed a couple of items I’ve seen over the last several months.

– Brief but important Disclaimer

That Thang We Did:

Mosey to Jersey Mike’s

  • 15 Side Straddle hops – cadence
  • 15 Low Slow Squats – cadence
  • 15 Imperial Walkers – cadence
  • 15 Mountain Climbers – cadence

Mosey behind Jersey Mike’s to 1st speed bump

  • At 1st speed bump x3 merkins
  • Increase x3 merkins at each speed bump
  • X6 bumps

Plank wait for 6 end of building

Mosey out of Stonecrest to Ballantyne Commons

Mosey across to 1st entrance on left

  • Grab a lifting rock, bigger please (I got complaints from MorningAfter, I took two rocks and ended up with a terribly small rock) No time…
  • 10 Triceps curls / 10 Bicep curls
  • Mosey to boulder park
  • 5 derkins
  • Cross parking lot for bear crawl / merkin challenge
  • Bear crawl to next line / 1 merkin
  • Repeat x3 – crowd pleaser and shoulder crusher

Mary, wait for 6 (Thanks Rachel)

Mosey to parking deck

  • 7’s starting at lower level wall
  • X1 Donkey kick
  • Climb stairs to top level far wall
  • X6 burpees
  • Down the ramp
  • Repeat

Mosey to start – couple minutes remain. Lunges from stop sign to stop sign…well almost – somewhere between 50 – 70 lunges – Time


Damn does Rachel get after it…I saw Goodfellow hanging with him, but the rest of us were just watching from behind. I heard a comment early “look at those guys trying to stay with Rachel”. Funny. Great group this morning. Lot’s of guys back from BRR; Goonie, Commish, Teddy…others as well. Good to get the guys back after focusing on the Swift like workouts for a few weeks. I managed to incorporate the parking deck – tough to do in Stonecrest. Had to cut out the planned triple nickle on the hill so we could get there and back though. Appreciate the efforts and push from the group. Honor (and a lot of fun) to lead. Thanks Heartbreaker for adding me to the schedule back in June.

Goodfellow – thanks for the takeout


Isabella Santos 5K – Register.  Participate.

daVinci to converge w/ Blackhawk and Stonehenge @ Stonehenge on 9/30 immediately before the Isabella Santos 5k / 10k

Susan G. Komen and Speed for Need – Register.  Participate.

Dromedary – (Wednesday’s) Great AO, looking for Q’s to sign up

daVinci – (Saturday) Great AO, looking for Q’s to sign up