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Let’s get it started

If you read the preblast you were prepared and if you didn’t then shame on you.

We started with the outline of the plan for the month. A strong encouragement was given to put on a reflective vest and head lamp all month since we will running on the roads. Some obliged but most did not. A strong disclaimer was given since there were so many delinquents. Side note, almost all of us have a reflective vest and head lamp so please put it on.

We headed over to N. Community House via Ballantyne Hotel. Dodge a few cars since we did not get the pedestrian light, we did press it. Do the standard twinkle toes, butt kickers, high knees and Frankensteins to warm up.

Instructions were given again that we are running 1200m down N. Community House to almost the corner of Elm and N. Community House at your 10k pace. The goal was to do four total and leave by 6:05 to get home. I would say that this was accomplished by all on the first part and there were a few that took a wrong turn coming home that were late.

Great effort by the whole group. We had perfect weather considering how hot it has been. Valderama and Gold Digger were leading the charge with Citgo on their heels. Not sure if that was their 10k pace because it would crush their stated finish time goal. Everyone else followed in line and pushed it hard.

Great to see Frehley’s out to Swift again. The Crane Relay has inspired him to become a runner.

The plan for next week is one mile race pace at your 10k pace. Running up and down Ballantyne Corporate Pl. This will be the site of some of the actual 10k race so it will be good practice. Citgo is leading next week since I will be away on vacation. I will do the work out though at the beach.

Here are everyone’s goals for the race. Vodoo 48:00, Atlas 48:00, Benny 48:00, Udder 48:00, Taco Stand 50:00, Madame 52:00, Frehley’s 52:00, Jello 53:00, Cobbler 61:20, Cheddar 45:00, Madison 45:00, Gypsy 45:03, Flipper 46:00, Das Boot 46:00, Rock Thrill 46:30, Gumbo 42:00, Bunker 42:00, Woodson 41:00, Polly 39:39, Hairball 39:39, Tua 39:59, Brat 38:59, Citgo 37:49, Frasier 37:00, Gold Digger 37:00, Valderama 36:59

There is plenty of opportunity to run together over the next three weeks depending on your pace. It is easier to run as a group than try to do it on your own.

If I missed anyone let me know your time so I can put it down.

June Swift Preblast

Following up on the hills of Bratwurst and Citgo is hard. They have done a great job laying down the structure to build towards a timed event. This month will be no different in that it will culminate with a timed event that will take place on the last Tuesday of the month, June 25th.

This month we are going to be training for a 10K. There are a couple of events around the corner and a 10k is a good measure for fitness and durability. It is also not too long that we cannot complete one in under an hour after we have trained for the month.

We will be running the course through the Cooperate Park so that is where we will spend the majority of time training. This will allow for us to encourage one another along the route.

It is important that we test ourselves from time to time and not become complacent. Many of us have been doing F3 for many years and it is nature to become complacent. Swift is one place, thanks to Brat, we can push ourselves to find our limits. Expect to work hard and to be in pain. That lets you know you are finding the limit on that day. We routinely get over 20 out to Swift now so I expect no one to not show up for the race on June 25th unless you are out of town.

Calculate your 10k pace here. Basically take a minute off of your One mile race pace that we did back in April. This is your goal.

The structure will be the same that you have come to expect. We will roll out at 5:15 to do a warm up mileish and then some drills to get the muscles primed.

First week, 6/4 we will head over to N. Community House rd to do 1200m at 10k pace. Rest two minutes and then get back after it. You should be able to get at least four in. Head back at 6:05 to get in on time. We will all take the Ballantyne Resort route to get there. Optional route on the way home depending on your time.

Second week, 6/11 we will do one mile repeats at 10k pace. We will run those along Ballantyne Cooperate Pl going from the Premier deck area to the corner of Ballantyne Cooperate Pl and Harney Dr just past the Bulls. Rest three minutes in between. Try to get four in.

Third week, 6/18 we will do Yasso 800 at 10k pace with the hope of squeezing in 8-10 depending on our time at the Bull Ring. 400m recovery.

Fourth week, 6/25 Race Week. Start a little earlier to get our warm up and stretching in. Start at 5:00 for 5:15 race start.

We will start off tomorrow taking down everyone’s 10k goal so think about it for the next twenty hours or so.

Lots of grumbling

Thin Mint asked if I could take his Q since he was recovering from an ankle injury. Of course, I would love to get back over to the Fast Twitch.

The jokes started yesterday when I was asked via social media if I knew where to park. Yes, I missed the last time I had the Q, ironically where we park now is where I came the first time. I must have had foresight.

Once the pax started to arrive everyone seemed to have the same joke about my sweet look. I think there was some mention of the village people. You had to be there to know.

Instructions were given and a proper disclaimer since we had the nantan in the group. The grumbling started right away. I’m not sure what was said. Pretty sure this is a running workout, or it at least use to be, so we ran. I did oblige the rule of putting hands on the ground to appease the masses.

We ran to the bottom of Providence road to the stop light by the entrance of Providence Plantation. Instructions were to run to Shallowwood entrance do five hand release merkins, run down to the bottom where we started do five hand release merkins and then to the top, following Providence road to the raintree entrance doing five hand release merkins. We did this twice.

Some confusion ensued at this point since the instruction was to go catch the six and follow them back. Like most workouts at Fast Twitch some did not listen or refused. We all got to the same point eventually.

Once we regrouped we headed across the street into Providence Heights. Just run to the end of the cul de sac and back. Catch the six. Head up Providence back to the AO to stop and do two more rounds of run to the top and then back down doing five hand release merkins on Raintree Ln. Dodge some cars along the way and have Purell take a segment crown with some goating from Tolken and boom it is all over. Came in at perfect timing, at least eleven of us did. Four decided to desent.

Thanks for the grumbling, it is part of what makes getting up in the morning so much fun. Look forward to more of it this summer.

Parking Deck Day!

12 Brave souls came out for a rainy Brave day.  It was promised we would hit it hard from the jump so a few (Thin Mint, One Niner, Fire Hazard) did a pre run to kick it off.  

I quick disclaimer and referral if you want to fight the disclaimer was given to Paper Jam.  

I had to deviate from the original plan which will be done at a later date due to the weather.  Wasn’t really up for running around in the rain for sixty minutes when it is cold.  The crew here today are all veterans of at least one or two years so I knew they would appreciate the audible.  

I decided to go to the furthest parking deck away since we have worn out our welcome at every Ballantyne Corporate deck.  That’s okay because a lot of miles were promised.  We stopped at the corner of N. Community House and Ballantyne Commons.  Instructions were given to stop at every stop light between were we stood and Johnston Rd running down Ballantyne Commons.  Three total.  Do twenty merkins and collect the six.  

We moseyed over to the deck from intersection and ran to the bottom.  It was a ramp suicide.  Start at the bottom with feet on the wall and do five merkins.  Run the first straight away and do at least five jump squats and more than that if you are speedy until the six gets in.  Run back to the starting point and do five feet on the wall merkins.  We ran each straight away working our way to the top always waiting on the six before we returned down.  

Once at the top of the parking deck we did ten jump up/get ups on top of the white parking columns.  Mosey down the stairs to the bottom to collect those of us that discarded our gear.  Time to mosey back to the intersection of Johnston Rd and Ballantyne Commons.  Once across the street the instructions were stop at every fifth street light and do five merkins.  Run all the way to N. Community House doing five merkins at every fifth light along the way.  Collect the six.  

We had about nine minutes to spare so partner up and get in as many LBCs as possible while your partner runs around the parking circle.  Most groups got close to 500.  A 1000 was ambitious.  Done!

Observations: A little bit of belly aching from the boot camp faithful.  Something about having to do too many merkins on the way home.  

Piggy backing on Paper Jams great back blast from yesterday Purell and Thin Mint both commented on how much faster Paper Jam has gotten.  Truth

Five of the twelve were Free Rangers, with Fletch making his first ever post at The Brave.  

Thin Mint has gained his speed back as evidence of running hard with Purell.  

I think we got lucky with rain in someways because it appeared to start raining a lot harder after the workout.  

Thanks for everyone coming out.  I know it is hard for me to get psyched about working out in cold rain so I appreciate everyone showing up.

Also, if I screwed anything up blame it on the new Word Press.  I could not find the box for the site.  Sorry Wingman.  

Announcements: Pray for Huggie Bear and Cooter with their recovery.

Running late

The alarm went off at 5:10 the only problem was it was not my alarm but my wife’s alarm to get up for work.  Despite my dog getting up at 2:00 I cannot even use that excuse because my alarm still would not have been sent.  Sent a quick text to Brat, who did not get it till later, about the plan.  He must have read my mind because when I pulled up to the turn lane on Johnston he was headed to where I was going to go.  The pax was so involved in giving me grief about being late to see that the turn lane I was in had a green arrow.

After running faster than I wanted to catch the pax I finally caught up with the tail end at Ballantyne Country Club entrance off of Ballantyne Commons.  We caught the rest before they made the right turn.  Everyone was scattered at this point and the theme of the morning was me feeling like I was herding cats.  We did stop and do some warm up drills i.e. tip toes, heels, butt kickers and B skips.

Once we had finished our warm up and Paper Jam had decided to set sail himself the instructions were given.  The workout was jog two minutes, run a 10k pace for one minute and then go hard for thirty seconds.  I did not do a great job of communicating this or we just had some refuseniks.  After the thirty seconds of hard you were to circle back and run with the shirtless wonder Strange Brew.  We did this through both sides of Ballantyne Country Club being careful crossing Johnston Rd.

Somehow we finished in the parking lot with one minute to thirty seconds to spare.  That promise of stretching did not occur one more failure in the plan today.  The idea was to mix it up with a long recovery followed by some harder running.  Not all that was promised in a recovery run as Paper Jam ran by me calling me a liar in a polite way. I know a lot of us are still recovering from The Crane Relay with some fantastic performances.  Guys were running hard this morning, in particular One Niner, Polly, Brat and Fleetwood who participated in the Crane.  Hope to see more of you out there next year.

The moral for today is make sure you not only set your alarm but turn it on as well before Qing a workout.  Side note if anyone wants a dog that does not sleep very well at night and is prone to whining please let me know.

Announcements: No Swift at Swift next Tuesday.  We are converging at Fast Twitch at Charlotte Latin for a topic secret hard fitness test.


Crane Relay Details

*** UPDATED with FAQ below The Crane Relay image ***

The Crane Relay is set.  The draft will be held October 16th at 7:30 at Hickory Tavern on Providence Road.  Kid Rock is graciously hosting.  The order of the draft will be based upon 5k speed with the slowest captain picking first all the way down the line with the fastest captain picking last and then back around the horn.

The event will take place on Friday October 26th.  The official start time of the race is 9:00.  There will be an event briefing at 8:00 to talk about the routes, relay exchange and cover any other questions that you might have.  The event will be held at Hampton Inn and Suites at 11935 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277.  We currently have a block of ten rooms to rent and a meeting room to congregate in.  A group discount code & link will be provided to the team captains to reserve the room.  The cost of the room will be paid for and split by each respective team should they choose to reserve one.  The meeting room cost will be covered by a nominal donation from each runner of approximately $5 (amount to be determined based on final participant count).  There will be a meal at the end of the event once the last team has come through.  Total cost, including the room, will work out to around $30 per PAX. The renting of the rooms was necessary to have a venue we would be allowed to be in for the night.

The routes will consist of a three, four and five mile loop.  There will be some overlap on some of the laps so there should be plenty of opportunity to see each other frequently.  The order of the runners will be preset with runner five starting all the way down the line to runner one running anchor.  We will start with the three mile loop, followed by the four mile and then finish with the five mile loop.  Runner one will run the green loop (three miles), runner two will do the yellow loop (four miles), runner three will do the red loop (five miles), the runner four will do green and runner five will do the yellow loop.

There is an option for a tee shirt if you want (graphic below).

What you need to do now:

  1. Return to the Crane Relay Sign up sheet (
  2. Add your e-mail address next to your F3 name
  3. Fill in the shirt options if you would like to order a shirt

IF you need to back out (hopefully very few of you) we ask two things:

  1. Make your decision BEFORE the draft
  2. Let us (Frasier, Thin Mint or Bunker) know – don’t just delete your name off the sheet



Q: Is it too late to sign up?
A: Maybe. We are taking limited entries up until draft day. If you want to run, contact Thin Mint, Frasier or Bunker ASAP

Q: What are the shirts made of?
A: Shirts are going to be a tri-blend cotton (the nice super soft kind).

Q: Do I have to be at the draft?
A: Would love to have as many PAX as possible at the draft. Going to be a fun night but not mandatory.

Q: Do we pay for shirts and rooms at the draft?
A: Shirts will need to be prepaid (bring cash to the draft or paypal Short sleeve = $11. Long sleeve = $14. The rooms are going to be booked individually by the captains and your team captain will handle getting paid back for that.

Q: Alcohol policy?
A: Beer during the race is definitely frowned upon and we officially ask you not to — aside from your team counting on you, we are going to be running on roads, in the dark and (even though you are their at your own risk and neither us, F3, nor the hotel can be held liable in case of any injury) we have safety as our top priority.

Beer after the race, on the other hand, will be well earned.

Q: Where should we post our 5K pace?
A: In The Crane Relay sheet (

Q: Which 5K pace should I post?
A: Post our best guess as to what pace you could run a 5K at right now based on your current training/shape/injury status/will to run. Doesn’t have to be perfect… just will help captains who may not know everyone.

Q: When do I have to order a shirt by?
A: Deadline for shirt orders is this Sunday, 10/14 at midnight so that we can have them ready by race day. If you don’t get your order in on time, we will take orders on race day and do another printing run if we get enough. You can either bring cash on draft day or paypal to Long sleeve shirts are $14, short sleeve are $11.


Here is the preblast to refresh your mind.


  • Teams of 5 will be selected by captains in a fantasy draft style in the hopes of creating a number of evenly matched teams making for better competition and 2F
  • Each member of the team will run 3 loops (3, 4, and 5 miles) for a total of only 12 miles in a rotating fashion
  • All loops will be on paved roads / greenways
  • Each loop will start and end at the same point where we will all be stationed
  • Expect some great 1F while racing, but even more 2F as you will be hanging out at “camp” quite a bit


  • The race starts on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 9 PM
  • We should wrap up by 5 AM or so on Saturday morning, just in time for 2F breakfast and getting back to the family without even being missed


  • Exact location is TBD, but the starting line will be somewhere in the Ballantyne Corporate Park, likely at one of the hotels
  • Also a possibility of renting a block of rooms for showers, naps, etc.


  • None of the loops will be especially hard so this is perfect for PAX of all abilities — I will repeat, if you can get through a boot camp, you can (and should) do this race.
  • The draft should create a number of relatively balanced teams which removes all of the pressure as you are only expected to run to your current ability level (and will be running against guys of a similar level of running ability).
  • Because it’s cheap, close to home, and at a perfect time so you won’t even be missed by the family.
  • Because it’s a great introduction to relay races (multiple legs, night running w/ headlamp, running tired, etc.) without the miles, expense, logistics, stinky vans, or time away from family.
  • Because you don’t want to be the guy who missed it.


I was put in charge of the “hill” day for the latest installment of Swift.  A mostly proper disclaimer was given since we had an FNG in the mix.  Bunker, Tuck and Hairball were off holding hands at the bullring so we took off at 5:15 with instructions to meet at the Wells Fargo parking deck on N. Community House.  Take the shorter version or the longer, scenic version.

Once everyone arrived we did some Brat style warm up things.  Paper Jam did not participate in all of the hi-jinks.  After some thorough warming up instructions were given that we would be running the deck.  You were to run a climbing pace to the top, recover on the ramps down and run the flats at 5k pace all the way to the bottom.  You were to leave the deck in time to get back by 6:15.

Moleskin: Pretty simple concept of running hard, recover, run hard for 100 meters and then do it all over again.  The question was asked “what is climbing pace?” To be honest Woodson I am not sure.  It is finding that point where your breathing is labored but you can keep going at that pace.  It is meant to be hard and for those of us lucky enough to do the BRR it is required.

Everyone out there got in two rounds and some high achievers got in three rounds.  The times going up were slightly faster than coming down which is a good sign that you were pushing hard on the up and doing good interval of recovering and sprinting on the down.

Thanks for Fire Hazard bringing out FNG Adios.  I hope you keeping coming out to see us.  It is always a great time, afterwards.

Listen Up!

13 men gathered in the parking lot of the AO known as The Maul.  A quick disclaimer was given and in particular, there was a warning that listening was going to be a strong requirement for today’s workout.

Marlin decided to join us at 5:31 for warm up.  We did Imperial Walker then we did a plank for one minute and then merkins at a different tempo.

We moseyed across the street down the murderhorn to the rock pile.

This is where our listening ears were key.  Some did well and others did not.

The Thangy Thang: Pretty simple with six exercises at five stations.  At the rock pile do curls x 20.  Run up to the pull-up bars to do ten real up and down pull-ups.  Twenty dips at the picnic tables.  Run back down to the rock pile and do twenty overhead presses.  Run back to the base of the Murderhorn.  Stop at the first light on the left and do twenty hand release merkins.  Run to the next light and do ten diamond merkins.  That is one circuit.   The goal was to hit five times through.

6:08 so we moseyed to the top of the Murderhorn for elbow plank for one minute then back across to the parking lot for the last three minutes.  Slow cadence toe tap crunches followed by protractor with alternating legs.  Done!

Moleskin: So working memory is usually remembering four things at one time.  I gave you six.  Some of you did well with this task and others needed a little help.

Counting on the merkins during warm-up was weak.  It basically turned out to be one person rotating each time counting.

Paperjam was full of in-depth analysis.  First, he started out playing mind games during the warm-up.  Then he kept telling Tool Bag that if he doesn’t believe then it cannot happen.  He and Cul De Sac were talking shop the whole time.  Something about analysis, spreadsheets and blah blah blah.

Tool Bag did not bring the shovel flag.  Blamed No Show.  Extreme Ownership buddy.

Marlin and Frehley’s Comet were fast out of the gate on the circuits.  Respects were in the lead.  Some faded fast.

Fire Hazard crushed it.  Everyone else was a distant second.

Frehley’s had an astute observation that the pavement had not cooled from the night before.  Nowhere to hide.

Patton Pending and Kirby tried to push a boulder at the base of the hill.  Loogie was supervising.  It didn’t work.

That is all.


F3 Dads Saturday at 9:00

Pokey starting July 11th 5:45.  It is a yoga style workout.

Keep Mic Check’s son Bolt in your prayers.

I made it but then I got us lost.

I missed by last Q at Fast Twitch last month because I was driving around the front of the school looking for the group and by the time I got to the launch point they had left.  Ironically the launch point is moving to where I originally went at least until the construction is done for the summer.

We had an FNG, Astro’s son, so a proper disclaimer was given.  Instructions were given and there was immediate revolt.  Fresh off the one mile from last week the instructions were to run intervals at your 5K pace which should be about 45 to 50 seconds slower than your one mile pace.  There were grumbling/whining right away.  Way to make a great impression on our young FNG Pop Tart.

The intention was to run two segments from Providence Rd and Raintree corner to the corner of the Berkeley neighborhood and Providence Rd.  The first segment stopped at the main entrance of Charlotte Latin and the second interval was the Berkeley neighborhood.  After that it went off the rails a little.  I told the pax to run into the Berkeley neighborhood until it dead ends.  I thought that you could then take a left to get back out to Ballantyne Commons.  Pro with his great App State wit informed me that the road that would lead out to Ballantyne Commons was two stop signs back.  Oops.

So we moseyed back to whatever that road was and then ran our fourth interval to Ballantyne Commons.  By this time the young FNG, who later would be named Rosie, decided to stop hanging out with his dad and come up to the front.  Come to find out that he was fresh off a 4:27 mile from this past weekend and he is going to App State to run track and cross country.  For the rest of the workout he just toyed with us.  Barely heard him breathing.

We headed right out on Ballantyne Commons towards Four mile creek Rd.  This was our fifth interval.  Had some lap track to contend with but felt it was negotiated well by the Pax.  Cross Ballantyne Commons and over to Four Mile Creek.  Sixth interval to the first blinking stop light.  Pro continues with his jabs “do you know the way” comments.  At the end of this interval Pop Tart starts challenging the rational of the work out and trying to debunk the logic of if you can run one mile under six then you should be able to run a 5K on average 45 to 50 seconds slower.  It may take some more convincing.  There were other rumblings but I’m trained at ignoring foolish thoughts.

Seventh interval was to the next blinking stop light.  Eighth was to the top of Raintree Ln.  Avoid the fresh puke.  No it was not one of us.  Purell thought it was heavy on the carbs by the look of it.  Interesting he knows so much about texture since he is in banking.

Last was doing as many laps as you can around the parking area until time is up.

Moleskin: Glad I got to lead today.  Sorry about last time.  Weather was pretty perfect for June.  Low humidity and not crazy warm.

Intervals are hard but necessary if you are going to see the gains in your running.   Everyone seemed to be pushing.  For those of you doing the BRR it is three months away.  For those that are not find a race and go train for it.  Train for something and make it uncomfortable.  F3 is the perfect place to do this because positive peer pressure can push your limits.

We are all in trouble if Rosie starts turning up to these things.  Everything is for second place at that point.

Uncle Rico is fast.  Someone needs to get him on a BRR team.

Looks like everyone got a minimum of six miles today with the highs being 7.8.

That is all!

Baby Lisa

As I began my disclaimer Hula Girl announced that he had an FNG.  It was 6:00 so a disclaimer was given and instructions to Hula Girl to meet at the parking deck at the Village.  Muggy morning but welcome to summer in the Carolinas.

The warm up.  IW x 10; Slow merkin with Q calling when to go down and when to go up.  Repeato for the squat total of ten for each.  Saunter over the deck.  Instructions were given that we were doing sevens.  Six merkins with the feet on the wall, run to the other end of the deck and do one CDD.  Flip flop until you get all of them in.  Line up according to your finish on the wall doing wall sits with some arm flutters.

Next thing: Partner up.  The first place finisher from the sevens partners up with the last place and so on until everyone has a friend.  Brew, Spidey and Frehleys were a trio.  The instructions were stolen from Thin Mints Q yesterday.  I liked it so much I wanted to do it again.  Partner one runs the stairs to the top and then starts on the way down.  Partner two runs the ramps.  When they meet they do ten hand release hand slap merkins.  Go back the way you came and do another ten hand release hand slap merkins.  Flap jack and who just ran the stairs now runs the ramps.  Do the same thing with the merkins in the middle.

Next we alternated one leg hops up the stairs to the top alternating between right leg, both legs and then left leg.  Once at the top everyone grab a white column that is about three or four feet high.  Twenty get ups and you had to stand all the way up.  Did some mary while waiting on the finish.

Mosey down the ramps out towards the fountain that is no longer a fountain but a flower garden.  We did a starfish rotating between merkin and Abs.  Twenty dips to start in the middle.  At each corner we did diamond, wide, regular and CDD x 10.  Next we did ten step ups followed by twenty dollies, flutters, American Hammer and plank jack.  Lastly we did ten squats after stepping up on the bench followed by the same merkins but x 15.  We did elbow plank in between sets.

Mosey down towards Ballantyne Commons.  Instructions were speed bump suicides.  We did five merkins at each speed bump.  There were three total.  On the suicides everyone starts at the same time.  When the first person reaches the speed bump everyone else stops where they are.  The idea is that everyone gets back to the start at the same time.  We came close.

Final push.  Instructions were we had five minutes to make it back to the AO.  Everyone pushed hard enough that we had a minute and a half of elbow plank in honor of Haggis.  Done!

Moleskin: It has been crazy humid with the dew point and the tropical system hanging out with us the past four days.  Everyone had a good sweet going early.  I said yesterday it would be a fun idea to weigh in at the beginning and the end of the workout on these type of days to see how much water we lost.

There was a good bit of grunting but no real mumbling about all that we did.  We covered just over 3.2 miles so just tell your family you ran the Run Ballantyne Run.  Everyone gave great effort.  Morning after was always up at the front.  Frehleys was strong on the starfish.  FNG said he was going to kill Hula Girl about forty minutes in.  I am a mandated reporter so someone will be following up with you guys for a welfare check.

We did not have our first “That’s what she said” until thirty seven minutes in.  One guess who that was.

I do not lead boot camps all that often but the change is nice.  I appreciate Wild Turkey letting me Q.  Nard Dog was a no show even though I saw him later at the Let Me Run 5k.  If I am there cheering he could have made the workout.  I figured he was just watching the wedding since he is part British now.

All of it was fun and hard.  That is why we start F3 and end up staying because of the relationships and fun.

Announcements: F3 Dads starts June 9th and every Saturday at 9:00 in June.  Wild Turkey is on Q first.  Nothing but all stars coming at you this summer.

F3 Dads camping in the mountains July 20-22.  HC by the end of the month to guarantee a space.

Sandbox fund raiser June 8th Lawson pool.  $40 gets the family in for food, swimming and beer.

F3 Knights night June 9th.

Keep Transporter’s wife in your prayers this week.