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Run Jen Run

Sixteen men gathered at Symphony Park on March 3rd 2018 for the sixth installment of the Run Jen Run.  For those that do not know the Go Jen Go foundation was started by Jen Pagani and her family in response to a need that Jen found in the community while she was undergoing her own battle with Cancer.  The foundation helps identify people and families that need a little extra help while they commit their efforts to fighting cancer.

On this day we were lucky enough to get to push two track commanders that are fighting cancer.  One had just undergone chemo that week and the other was one year removed from her initial diagnosis.  We also got to push two classmates of Jen’s children.

All in all we had sixteen pushers/runner from Union/SOB/A51 that showed up.  Some pushed, some encouraged and others ran.  Of course Tolken was bouncing back and forth between everyone.

Bethany and William got the pleasure of going fast and getting lots of cheers throughout the race.  William was heard asking to go faster and it looked like Snowflake was giving it all he had.  Rock Thrill and Mermaid got to push Bethany.

Gumbo/Fire Hazard laid it down with Wakeelah.  Wakeelah had just had chemo that week.  She had a great time and was very appreciative to everyone that helped.

Doc and myself pushed Cheri.  We went back and forth with her grandson but ultimately he was too much to deal with and he pushed ahead at the end.

The event/experience is always powerful.  I know I get a great sense of how powerful it is when Tolken puts out the videos.  Sometimes it is hard to remember during the event because there is so much going on so it always helps to look back.  Tolken has turned his purpose into a cause and we are all lucky to be able to be touched in some small way when we show up.

Just working hard

Seven men gathered at the Chick Fil A parking lot for DaVinci.  Two people sat in their cars like pole position at the start of the drive thru waiting for the green light so they could get fed.  A solid disclaimer was given and off we went with the promise of low miles.  Paper Jam thought I was lying.

The warm was quick and to the point.  IW x 15 at the park in Blakeney.

Mosey over to the playground and partner up in a group of three and four.  First set was 200 merkins, 200 knee tucks while holding the bar while partner three goes to the front of Brixx and back.  Next round was 200 step ups, 200 squats with partner three going to Brixx again.  Third round was 200 dips, 150 CDD and running to Brixx.  Plank when done.

Mosey over to the stairs by Black and White/some yoga place.  Three rounds.  Hop on one foot up the stairs, do people’s chair with arm raises x 30 then 20 wide arm merkins at the bottom.  At this point there was some conflict between Paper Jam and Mighty Mite.  It seems Paper Jam did not like the comment about the UNC football team and academic integrity.  Integrity was mentioned when it appeared that not all of the exercises were going to be completed by all of the Pax.  This talk quickly escalated into accusations of NCSU only winning championships in goat bucking.  This is just not true as the records show that NCSU did win a championship in Bass fishing.  Not sure where they hang that banner or where you can find a t-shirt with that but just ask Mighty Mite/Luggie or any other sad NCSU fan holding onto 1983 or the potential of the 2018 football season.

I digress.  After the Anchorman type showdown beside Enlightened Yoga we moseyed over to the retaining wall in between Brilliant Sky Toys and Old Navy.   Old Navy is having a sale this weekend just like every weekend in case you want to go and Brilliant Sky has cool over priced toys if you are into that.  We ran from the stop sign to the retaining wall where we did American Hammer on the wall x 20 followed by 10 diamond merkins.  Next round was 20 knee tucks off the wall with 10 squats.  Last round was 10 jump up to the wall, stand straight up and then run back to the stop sign for 10 CDD.  20 LBCs while the six finishes up.

Mosey behind Old Navy/Target.  Stop at every light to the end of the target on the other side of Rea and do 5 diamond merkins.  Yes Teddy even the ones not lit.  Plank while the six comes in.

Mosey to the parking lot beside Target closest to the gas station.  We did several rounds of the beast.  Five stops going out and four stops coming back at each island.  First round was merkins x 5, second round was squats x 5 and then finished with burpees x 5.  Time to mosey back to the AO.

Finished with One minute forty five seconds of elbow plank.  Done!

Moleskin: Not a lot of chatter except the NCSU/UNC dust up.  Luckily I have been trained in conflict resolution.  Too bad I was not working today because things probably could have ended more peacefully.  F3 is free but not my expertise.  Paper Jam says I am always trying to read people’s mind anyway.

Everyone put in great effort.  Hanging on that bar was cold.  Probably should have done that one at the end to let it warm up.  Hopping on one leg up the stairs can be tough.  Always feel like I am going to fall forward.  The wall get ups was particularly hard.  Time to start doing some of this stuff for those doing obstacle races.

As promised the miles were low.  Kept it at 2.4.  There was extra credit with the prerun.  Thank you Bunker for joining me.  Teddy said his bed was too warm.  Teddy is a free agent for BRR and I promise he will get out of the van and run when it is his turn.  He is a great team mate and never cusses at you for walking.  At least not while you can hear him as the van drives by.

Cofferteria was followed by six of us.

Thanks for the chance to lead.  Do not get to lead many boot camps because of this running thing so it caused to have to think about it.

Enjoy the weekend.

Holding the Poop

Ten men gathered for the substitute Fire Hazard Q.  The details were vague the night before other than we were going to find some pull up bars.  Unfortunately One Niner thought The Brave started at 5:30 and searched for the next forty five minutes looking for us where there would be pull up bars.

Disclaimer was given.  There was mention out of the gate about needing to poop.  Options were given but Transporter decided he would withhold.  A quick jog up to the Starbucks parking lot for a intense warm up.  IW x 10.

We crossed over Johnston Rd and stopped at the corner of Johnston and Ballantyne Commons.  Instructions were given that we were running to the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Community House.  You were to stop at every third light post and alternate between merkins x 10 and LBCs x 10.  Collect the six and head to the next round.

Run down Community House towards Johnston.  The destination was the stop light at the corner of Community House and Endhaven.  Again stopping at every third light for diamond merkins x 10 and American Hammers x 10.  Collect the six and mosey over to Endhaven Elementary.

At Endhaven divide up into teams of two.  Size and speed do not matter.  As a team do 100 pull ups.  Partner one runs to the stop sign on Endhaven while partner two knocks out the pull ups.  We called it before most could complete the cycle.  Some people were worried about getting back on time or worried about doing 100 pull ups.  You know who you are.

Mosey back over to Community House and Endhaven for the return trip.  No big surprise here.  Stop at every third light to do wide arm merkins x 10 and knees to chest x 10.  Stop at the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Community House.  Collect the six.

Continue to head back to the AO stopping at every three lights.  At this point Transporter was asking about bathroom options.  Several were given but they did not have the correct thread count on the toilet paper so he continued to clinch.  We did military press merkins x 10 and flutters x 10.  Cross over Johnston and stop at the B of A parking lot.  partner back up and do 100 merkins total while your partner runs to the first lit light on the left hand side.  Walk over and circle up in the parking lot for two minutes of the Haggis plank.   Modify as needed.  There was a lot of modification.  Done!

Moleskin: Great seeing Fahvra back out.  Always appreciate it when he can make over the state line.  Glad the family is doing well and good luck next week at the Spartan.  For the rest of you doing that thing good luck as well.

Glad Doc and Transporter made the drive this morning.  Good to see our Union County people.  Transporter made a good point that we need to return the favor and get out to their AOs more often as well as take some Q spots.  Big numbers there.

Also glad Nard Dog found us and sorry One Niner did not.  He tried hard.

We got over 5 miles in so good work by all.  We do not get to do pull ups enough.  They are hard after the first twenty.

Announcements: Preblast coming out for the Christmas Party today, tomorrow or soon.

Joe Davis sign ups are live and the price goes up 11/1.  Get it done.

Enjoy the day.

Down goes Benny

I was slated to Q #F3FastTwitch on Halloween.  Due to some scheduling issues that Tolken had with the chariots I got the tap for the switcheroo.  Gladly.

I had to GPS the AO since I had forgotten how to get there.  Admittedly I have gotten lazier in my later years and just mosey down the road two miles to #F3Swift.  I am glad Haze invited me back so he could berate me about not being there anymore.  #Warmwelcome

A proper disclaimer was given with emphasis on our hands were not going to touch the ground and if they did you had done something wrong.  Foreshadowing.

Before we started out Haze reminded me that we were not to do any algorithms.  I quickly reminded him I was the Q and had no intention of listening to him.

The Big Ol Thang: Pretty simple.  Run around the lot twice to warm up doing butt kickers and high knees.  Also to see if Mr. Brady was running late.  Nope he just didn’t show.

Instructions were given to run at your 5K pace or threshold pace.  Lots of confusing looks and eyes to the sky trying to figure this one out.  After trying to explain it the instructions were given.  We would be doing many segments touring the fine neighborhood of Raintree and Providence Rd.  You were to run at your 5k pace at each segment, recover the six when you reach your destination and then have a proper rest of anywhere from thirty to sixty seconds.

We did cross Providence Rd once to revisit a neighborhood I had taken before with Fast Twitch.  All in all fun was had and only minor mumbling once we got started.  We got somewhere between 6.3 and 7.3 from what I can see from Strava.  Some of you are not on Strava.  All the cool kids are doing it.  It does help when you are looking at metrics.  We are all competitive and it is nice to see how you stack up against the same segment you have fun before to see if you are making gains or sucking.

Moleskin: So almost everyone adhered to the warning about no hands on the ground.  There is always one that test the limits.  At the top of the four mile creek/raintree ln intersection we had a situation.  Benny went down.  Lots finger pointing at this time.  Haze blamed everyone.  Semi made a reference to the disclaimer being null and void.  I thought he was a banker.  Everyone stopped and crowded around Benny.  Did you guys learn anything from youth sports.  Take a knee and let the man figure out if he is hurt or not.  After a moment Benny got up and did a quick survey of the body.  The sound of the fall was awful but everything appeared to be working because by the end of the segment he was in his rightful place in the order of the pax.

Turkey Leg continues to the king of the downhill.  Tolken lays it all out in most of the segments.  Rachel is solid and always moving.  Have never met Purell until today but the guy is fast.  Utah never quits and has time to make funny jokes.  Margo’s beard grew a inch while we were gone.  Haze and Semi decided to wear the same outfit and then run together the whole time.  Pop Tart is a runner he just doesn’t know it yet.  Cheese Curd is rounding back into running shape even though he constantly says he is not a runner.  He just keeps showing up to running events.  Alf and Fault Line glowed in the dark.  It was needed because the road was busy.  Laronda has his eyes set on a marathon next March.  Hitting these workouts will get you to your goal.  And One Eye never stops and is always pushing the pace.

Announcements: There were lots.  Pop Tart is going to Cub Scouts.  The rest are the usual.  Southern Discomfort, F3 Golf, Joe Davis run, Novant marathon relay.

Enjoy your day!

Shoulder and Chest Day

It has been a while since I Qed a workout.  Just been running like most of us.

A proper disclaimer was given and we took off with nine guys in all.  Everyone minus Squid and Mario are still recovering from BRR so we did some warm ups first.  We did IW x 10, Merkins x 10 and Slow Squats x 10.  We ran down to the bottom of Nevis and saw a figure we have not seen at the Brave in some time running towards us.  Brat decided to join us just a few minutes late.  We held plank and the instructions were given to run to the top of Nevis stopping at the daycare.

Quick plank in the ant hills.  Luckily no one is allergic.  We headed into the neighborhood stopping at all of the speed bumps on the way doing diamond merkins x 5.  We stopped at the top of the hill in the neighborhood for instructions.  We were doing a suicide sequence with five stops.  We stopped at each one so the pax would know where to go working our way down to the pull ups bars in the neighborhood park.  At each stop you did ten merkins.  At the bottom of the sequence you did ten pull ups.  This took a minute.  Mario was eager and ran out of the gate quickly.  The more savvy veterans let the adrenaline fade and shortly after the second loop Thin Mint caught him.  Thin Mint pulled away after this and was never caught.  Everyone else mumbled “good job” as they passed one another.  Most dealing with the scares of running mountains a week ago and just being oxygen deprived.

We did some mary at two spots while the six and Soft Pretzel came in.  Evidently Pretzel pulled a Wild Turkey and got lost on one of the loops.  Luckily it was a cul de sac and he figured out his error minus a little extra running.  From the bottom of the hill by the park we planked with instructions to run to the top of the hill but stop at every street light or house that had a light on outside.  We did five diamond merkins at each light.  Not sure how many we got in but a bunch.  Wait on the six with some mary and then proceed back to the AO via down Ben Nevis.  We did ten wide arm merkins at each speed bump.  Stopping along the way for plank while the chit chatters caught up.

In exactly at 6:15.  Everyone got over 5 miles with some managing a little more.

Moleskin: I know my hamstring and calf are still tight so it was good to warm up and stretch it out.  I feel we are getting beach body ready in September with all of the upper body stuff.  Good to get that in because I know I have neglected that of late.  I am always really sore the next day when we do this stuff.  Thin Mint and Mario were always pushing and Haggis never really lets you get that far ahead.  Everyone else filled in the gaps.  Great work and no complaints when some thought I really meant wheelbarrow down Ben Nevis.  Just testing your commitment and judgment.  You all passed sort of.

Announcements: F3 Golf, Isabella Santos Race, Several relay teams coming together for the Palmetto 200.

Enjoy your day!

I am not Brat

25 men showed up in the parking lot for the weekly installment of Swift.  At least 10 did the prerun. I apologize who they were but internal satisfaction is more rewarding than external praise right?

An announcement that I was not Brat, nor could anyone be, and the disclaimer was given.  A mumbled direction was given and off we went.  Comments soon followed that “Brat wouldn’t have done it that way.” They were right.  We headed the opposite direction of the prerun through the bull ring until the last building on off of Rushmore and Ballantyne Commons.  In the parking lot we did the standard warm up drills: toe inside, outside, straight; heel inside, outside, straight; high knees, butt kickers, B skip and zombies.

Short mosey over to the corner of Rushmore and Ballantyne Commons.  The direction was given to run a 5k pace to the top of Ballantyne Meadows Dr.  Once there either wait for the six or recover.  We ran from the daycare to the intersection of Ballantyne Meadows and Valley Spring. This is where we spent the majority of the morning.

The sum of it all was we did varying lengths up parts or all of Ballantyne Meadows and Valley Spring with recovery going back down.  Always at the 5k pace, although this was not always adhered to.  Those that did not listen have after school detention doing an hour of monkey humpers and mowing my lawn.

We did a 5k pace down Ballantyne Commons back to Rushmore.  From there you had two options. Shorter way or longer way home with the goal to be under 6:15.  Most made it by that time.

BRR is not far off and so we will begrudgingly being running more hills over the next four months.  It was a nice morning for a run though.  The humidity had moved out so it allowed for better conditions.

Moleskin: Everyone was running hard and at times too hard.  Honey Bee smoked it going down Ballantyne Commons.  Probably sub 5:00 on that stretch.  Haggis despite having an ultra on Saturday was out front all morning.  Thin Mint even pushed it once or twice despite having the same ultra.

Some newer faces out at Swift this morning with Erector, Boot and Birdcage.  Meatloaf and Picasso are becoming regulars.  Good to see Ringer back out.  He was pushing hard. Chipotle loved/hated every minute of it but never stopped to walk when it was time to run.  Great job!

Hairball, Honey Bee and TR were usually within seconds of each other on every segment.  Fire Hazard, Bunker, Teddy, Depth Charge, Gumbo, Soft Pretzel off his 10k and Tuck were never more than a few seconds off that group.  There was some back and forth between the groups.

It is honestly hard to keep up with 25 guys it is a testament to Brat for building some a strong workout to have guys come from other regions regularly for his workouts.  No way I could duplicate something like that with the precision that he does.  We are all better runners and men for it.

Highlight/low light was at the end of the down hill spring that Honey Bee won.  He tried to show his superiority over the second place finisher TR in a very archaic way.  It came within a inch of happening.  Awkward.

Thanks boys for following along and mostly playing nice.

Swift needs a Q next week.

The art of distraction

12 men showed up for a site Qless DaVinci.  Heartbreaker and Strawberry ran in.  Nice!

Disclaimer given and off we went.

The thangy thang: Run across the street to a building I help build Charlotte Ear Nose and Throat between my son and myself.  Old school/classic warm up: SSH x 10; IW x 10; MC x 10 and two minute elbow plank.  This is where we learned the art of distraction or the clinical term displacement.  Paper Jam was in particular good at this skill.  He was also good at helping other Pax learn how to displace.  Some appreciate this more than others.  Warm up and therapy skills done.

Mosey across the street to the playground that poses as a playground but is really just interesting art that causes carnage to little people.  Instructions were given that we would do the mini Murph. Run .5 miles, 150 squats, 100 merkins, 50 pull ups and run .5 miles.  You versus you but we ran back for the six before starting the exercises and at the end of the second run.

Phase two.  We moseyed through the parking lot of Blakeney.  Every time we hit a stop sign we did five merkins.  We made our way over to the stairs by the yoga and noah’s ark store.  We did five 180 jump squats at the top of the stairs and five merkins at the bottom five times total.  Last round we hopped up the stairs right leg/left leg.  Good option for yoga pants for Run Stopper or Tolken when the store opens later today.  Always plank or stand around until the six gets there.

Mosey over to the wall behind Old Navy.  By the way 40% off most of the store today. Here we did an exercise that may or may not have a name.  No one was creative enough to give it a name and I was too lazy to look up the lexicon to see if it has a name.  Basically you face the wall in a plank position.  You put both hands on the wall and go back to plank going straight into a merkin.  Pop up and jump up on the wall standing straight up.  We did this ten times.

We stayed up on the wall and did American Hammer x 25.  Hop down and mosey back to the parking lot in front of Old Navy stopping at all stop signs for five merkins.  Just in case you are in the mood 50% off at Banana Republic.  We did four corners after a snide comment by Mighty Mite about UNC class credibility.  First round ten merkins at each corner.  Six inches to hold until six arrives.  Second round five turkish get ups without the weight.

Time was drawing near and so we headed back.  Stopping at all stop signs for five merkins and stop lights were worth ten merkins.  Timing was perfect for two minutes of plank.  There were some rude comments from Paper Jam about my profession but I have to be honest I stopped listening.  Classic therapist move.  Although I did nod a lot.  Done!

Moleskin: It was humid.  It took at the time to get out of the car to get a good sweet going.  No one brought water so that was a bummer.  We did a lot of merkins.  Not sure how many but a lot. Holding plank for two minutes is hard.  Great work out there today men.  Commish there is no way you are bailing on the BRR.  Plenty of time to get your mind right.  Anyone can run 14 miles total cut into four segments.  I encourage everyone to sign up for a relay race Ragnar, BRR, Palmetto, etc.  It is the best second F you can get.

Announcements: The usual.  May 24th FNG recruiting effort at The Maul.  Start working the crowds early and often.  We are all at some sporting thing this weekend with the kids.  Headlock a guy today.

Enjoy the weekend.

Friday Fun Day

Twenty three fine young and not so young men decided to show up today at Centurion.  Even Frehley’s made the trek across the beltway to join us.  There was mumbling right away about running when I was rolling out the old muscles.  Just good prep work fellas.

A proper disclaimer was given, no FNG announced and no questions.  We moseyed over to the parking deck.  Circle up and we did elbow plank for two minutes.  Proper form was strongly encouraged.  The instructions were given for the next exercise.  The triple nickel.  We split into three groups to avoid congestion.  Run to the top and do five diamond merkins.  Run to the bottom and do five hand to wall to merkin exercises.  Plank when done.

We moseyed across the street to the shopping center starting at the Jack in the Box side.  The instructions were to stop at every crosswalk along the shopping center.  Should have been seventeen total.  We did five merkins at every stop.  Mary while the six comes in.  Reverse it and do five squats at every crosswalk,  Plank while waiting on the six.  Last round was stopping and doing five diamond merkins at every establishment that prepares and serves food.  Mary while the six comes in.

We moseyed over to Palentine hill.  We did five staggered arm merkins.  Run over the hill to the other side, modify as needed of course, and do another staggered five arm merkins.  Finish with mary while the six returns.

Mosey back to the AO with a minute and a half of elbow plank to finish.


Moleskin: This is quick.  Have to get to work and change the world.  We only ran 2.5 miles but we ran hard when we were running.  Brillo, Swiper, Check Point and Bout Time were the out front guys.  Palentine was sketchy due to it being wet.  There are a lot of establishments that prepare food in the shopping center.  Thanks to Check Point for keeping us honest about Planet Fitness and their smoothies.  I sure only Haze would have known that since he was probably working there instead of with us.

Announcements: Not to late for the Smokey Mtn Relay, just kidding it is too late.

Brolympics tomorrow.  6:00am.  Go watch the foolery.  The timed mile should be awesome.  A couple of fasties coming down from Metro.  #Bostonqualifiers

F3 Dad’s campout next Saturday Anne Springs.  $5 per person.  Great deal and a lot of guys/kids coming.

Have a great day.  Find someone to bring out to F3 and show the the fun we have.  Attend the second F and third Fs.  That is how you start to build stronger relationships.

Six times a champ

Not sure how many stayed up and watched the conclusion of the national championship game but I did.  I think I got to bed after midnight.  Old man Chelms had already said he was not going to be there.  After the win it set the theme of the workout.

Proper disclaimer was given with the emphasis on this would be hard since #F3FastTwitch is one of the harder workouts in the region.  I did not want to disappoint those that posted.

We did one lap around the parking lot picking up Ironsides who recently had a PR at the Bridge Run.  Congrats.  Also Wingman and Hairball also had PRs.

We stopped at the intersection of Rounding Run across from the school.  The instruction was stop at every intersection and stop sign.  At the stop do six merkins to celebrate the sixth championship for UNC.  Once at the stop sign and after you have done your merkins plank for the six.  We did this in two segments on the way to Raintree Ln.  After we hit Raintree Ln we moseyed down to the bottom of Raintree Ln after the clubhouse.  Here we did six more merkins and planked until the six came in.

Here fives were called but with a slight twist.  Run to the top of Raintree to the four way stop sign. There you do four merkins times six which equaled twenty four.  At the bottom we did American Hammers times six.  We did this until everything was inverted to doing six merkins at the top and twenty four American Hammers at the bottom.  After each segment we stopped and did mary until the six came in so we all left at the same time after each lap.

Once this was completed we moseyed over to Windbluff for a traditional fives.  Four monkey humpers at the top and 180 jump squats at the bottom.  Hold squat until the six comes in.

Time was drawing near so we set back to the AO.  This time run at a good pace and turn around at intersections to collect the six.  We did this all the way back to the AO.


Moleskin: So complete fail on the recording actually recording anything so if i left you off I apologize.  My memory for names has never been great.

Alf flew up the last set on Windbluff.  I tried to catch him but could not.  It said he may feel that later but only he will be able to feel the glory of the victory all day.

There was some whining about hills and other places to run.  Weak Jedi mind tricks do not work so well on me.

Thin Mint and Rachel were holding hands most of the morning or that is what it felt like because they were close on every segment.  Nice to be pushed.  Alf and One Eye were never far behind.

Lots of heavy breathing out there today.  That is a good sign.  We had just enough recovery before the next set to get in a great interval workout.  I had us right below 6.0 miles.  Some may have more or less.

The rest of the Pax were strong and this was a nice precursor to what awaits us for the next five months of BRR training.  Hopefully you have a team because it officially sold out yesterday.  If you are not on a team contact the Q and get hooked up with a team that needs an alternate.  You will be needed.

Haze was right I have not been to Fast Twitch since my last Q.  I was P200 training.  I will be back in the rotation.

Announcements: F3 Dads camping trip April 29th Anne Springs campground.

Check out serve on the Slack.

That is all.  Enjoy your day and encourage someone that has not been out in a while to get back out.

Easy Day

All of us stood around looking at each other and asking “is Brat coming?” Evidently Brat had a change of heart on the way to the AO after realizing he had just run thirty something miles in a short amount of time two days ago.  Brat is an example of what to do in running and most things in life.

There was a brief discussion of what was on tap as I did not pay close attention.  A plan was formed and off we went.  Minus the disclaimer.  All veterans so they understood what was on tap.

We did a slow mosey to the bull ring via the back way.  Of course did some dynamic/Brat inspired stretching of toe taps, B skips and such.  After the warm up we set out to perform the described plan in the preblast.

I evidentially did not hear One Niner or there was a translation issue between South Carolina and North Carolina English.  I thought he said do five rounds of thirty second jog, twenty second run and ten second sprint followed by two minutes of recovery.  I think the intention was just do five rounds.  Instead we did twenty five rounds total.  I think it worked out well and everyone seemed happy based upon the tip money they left in my jar.

Moleskin: One Niner, Depth Charge, Enron fresh off a half marathon trail race and Tuck were way out front.  Everyone else found their pace and settled in.  I held the six down keeping a steady nine mile pace.  It is not easy to call out the start/stop times like Brat does.  One more reason we should all be thankful for his leadership.

There were no other participants from the P200 so I think the twenty five rounds worked out well for the rest of the Pax.

Have a great day!