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Save the Hole

It was a warm and windy 66 degree morning at The Fishing Hole.  4 veteran PAX rolled out of the fartsack and here’s what we did:


*Disclaimer was disclaimed.

*Mosey up Little Ave. to the Panera Bread shopping center for COT:

*IW X 15

*Toy Soldier X 10

*LSS X 10

*Little arm circles each way x 20


*Merkins X 15

*MC X 10


#1 – mosey to base of shopping center for:

*5 burpees and run up the stairs and around and down the stairs and back;

*10 burpees and repeat up and around and down;

*15 burpees and repeat up and around and down.

*people’s chair w/ air presses X 50


#2 – mosey to McMahan Dr. and stopped in middle of street for:

*10 merkins at center

*10 LBC’s at stop sign, then back to center for 10 merkins

*10 jump squats at end of parking lot, then back to center for 10 merkins

*10 heels to heaven at the Wells Fargo, then back to center for 10 merkins



#3 – Mosey the long way around campus and around football field and back to launch for Mary and then we called it.



It’s always an honor to lead, especially at the Fishing Hole.  This is one of my favorite AOs.  Not only because it’s the closest one to my house, but it’s also the one that I could always go to when I was recovering from my leg surgery last year.  It’s considered a “moderate” workout, but don’t let that fool you.  That means lower mileage but higher intensity.  With lower mileage, this AO offers plenty of opportunity to modify the called exercises which accommodates those of us who are coming back from injuries, recovering from races, etc.  And it’s very FNG friendly.  The numbers have been off for a while due to whatever (too many other competing workouts, too cold, too wet, too tired, blah, blah blah) so I was very appreciative when 3 veteran PAX rolled in at 5:27 am ready to put in some work.  It’s a great AO with a lot to offer.  Come pay us a visit sometime.  We’ll make you feel welcomed.

Frehleys stayed busy providing helpful feedback for YHC during the workout.  He was particularly thankful for the lengthy COT where we made sure he was all limbered up before getting too far into the workout.  However, I don’t think he was so thankful when YHC called out so many burpees at the 1st workout station.  I can’t repeat what he said here…

Chopper put in a solid effort as always and continues to amaze me.  I hope I can get around the AO like he does when I’m 60.  Much respect.  We’re also thankful for his clean bill of health from his recent prostate cancer scare.  God is good!

Cooter, Sr.’s new job is going well and we’re happy for that.  He hasn’t been able to post much lately due to his new work schedule so it was good to have him back out in the gloom.  And yes, that makes 2 Cooters at the same workout.

Great work today, men.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


* Cooter, Sr. takes the Series 7 on Friday, 2/21.  Prayers for him while he make final preparations this week.

*Chopper is running the Charlotte 10 miler.  Prayers for a safe race.

*Frehleys’ mother-in-law is in the hospital with bronchial issues.  Prayers for her healing.

*Prayers for YHC’s friend who’s having another reconstructive surgery stemming from her breast cancer.  Cancer sucks.

Did you hear the one about Bucky and the 2 Cooters?

3 posted on a chilly morn at the Fishing Hole for what was promised to be low mileage and high intensity.  Here’s what went down after no disclaimer was disclaimed as there were no FNGs in sight:


Mosey the long way around the football stadium and up the parking deck ramps and circled up for:

*LSS x 15

*Windmill X 15

*Hillbilly X 15

*Little arm circles X 15 each way

*Plank up and stretch calves (is that the plural form of calf?) – Left, then right – this one’s for Bucky

*Mountain Climber X 15


#1 – Mosey down to the bottom floor where YHC explained that we’re going down so we can go back up.

*Up to level 4 = 3 burpees

*Down to level 3 = 3 heels to heaven

*Down to level 2 = 3 merkins

*Down to the bottom again = 3 jump squats

-Rinse and repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise until we ended at lucky 7.


#2 – Mosey to the rock pile and pick out your favorite lifting rock – watch out for winter snakes!

*curls, then presses, then overhead extensions for 10 count each

-repeato por favor with 9 reps of each and continue until 1 rep.  Drop your rock.


#3 – Mosey back across campus to the little wall:

*30 dips

*20 step ups (10 each leg)

*10 derkins

*Run to the school and back.  Rinse and repeat with 25, 15, and 5 reps, respectively.


#4 – Mosey back to launch for some Mary and time was called.



YHC got there per the usual 5 minutes before launch and almost ran head on into Bucky who was driving in circles asking “where’s the parking lot”?  Bucky was received with open arms by Cooter, Sr. and Cooter, Jr. as this was Bucky’s first time posting at The Fishing Hole.  Over the holidays he spent some time dunkin’ on some fools and pulled his right calf muscle.  So the Fishing Hole was just what Bucky’s doctor ordered – low mileage and high intensity (although you’d never guess he was injured as YHC spent most of the time trying to keep up with him…).  Working out with 2 other PAX in freezing weather offers up a unique opportunity to bond with some bros and the mumble chatter was heavy.  Cooter, Sr. starts his new job at Vanguard on Monday and is excited to take his next career step.  Good luck to you and good work out there this morning!

It was my pleasure to lead again.  Thank you for the opportunity!



*Keep Chopper in your prayers (we missed you today, Buddy) as he had his prostate biopsy yesterday and is recovering and waiting for some answers.

*Keep Doc McStuffins in your prayers as he has an upcoming heart surgery.

*One year ago yesterday YHC had his last surgery related to his tumor.  God is good!  Romans 8:28

BagNest New Year’s Eve Convergence

26 PAX put in a strong effort to close out the year and decade! I think we’re all looking forward to a brand new year and the opportunity to get better and stronger – more on that later with Dr. Kirby’s Fitness Test.

Disclaimer was made and off we went for some COP at the Vine:

*IW X 15
*Hillbilly X 15 (after a quick weinke check by YHC to make sure we stayed on plan-thanks for pointing that out, Kirby…I feel the love)
*Cherry Pickers w/ “the Clap” X 15
*Plank up for calf stretches – left, then right
*Mountain Climber X 15
*Mosey down to Loch Ness for the Fitness Test

Dr. Kirby’s Fitness Test – based on some in depth research involving firemen, Kirby explained to the PAX that those who are able to do at least 40 merkins in under 1 minute without stopping are less likely to have a heart attack. This was much harder than YHC first thought because I found myself pausing in bad plank form a few times before I finished. Runstopper saw to it that I didn’t get 50 reps in when he took a seat on my back at 49. I believe all the PAX passed this test with no heart attacks.

Now on to part 2 where we ran 3 laps around Loch Ness and then finished up at the rock pile approximating 1 mile. No one told Wingman that we were going counter clockwise so he ended up at the back of the PAX but pulled ahead very quickly for an impressive finish. Kirby timed the PAX and all I know is Snuka is a beast and finished his mile in under 8 mins. Amazing. Tagalong and Runstopper were breathing down his neck for a photo finish. All the PAX put in a solid effort. This gives us a good benchmark of our overall fitness level heading into the new year (YHC has a long way to go for sure!).

After we finished cussing Kirby for coming up with this idea, we partnered up and moseyed over to the rock pile. Each pair picked out 1 medium sized rock and then moseyed over the bridge to the parking lot.

*Round 1: Partner 1 runs with their rock to the end of parking lot and back while partner 2 does prescribed exercise, flip flop until each team completed 100 monkey humpers, 100 calf raises, and 100 LBC’s.

* Round 2: Partner 1 planks while partner 2 does 7 low rock curls, 7 high rock curls, and 7 regular rock curls. Flip flop.

Mosey back to Loch Ness (to the right, now left) for a lively round of 4 corners called out by Kirby which included step ups, heel tap crunches (what are those?), derkins and more.

Mosey back to launch for some Mary and time was called.

It was an honor for Kirby and I to have the opportunity to lead you men today. F3 has meant a lot to us this year and we look forward to 2020.  Happy New Year!


*Runstopper is 50 = Respect

*Kirby and Hops took us out with a double prayer. Kirby started it off by praying that we become better men of F3 in the new year. Hops wrapped it up with a prayer to leave behind the “junk” in 2019 and not to take that forward.



Are we going to do hair burners the entire time?

12 PAX made the decision to leave the fart sack on a chilly Saturday morning and post at Da Vinci for YHC’s first Da Vinci Q. Here’s what went down:

A very amateurish disclaimer was given (it never ceases to amaze me how I blank when it’s go time).

Mosey to Talbots for COP:

-IW x 15

-Cherry Pickers (with claps of course) x 15

-Downward Dog and calf stretches

-Merkins x 15

-Superman x 10

-Peter Parkers x 10

-Parker Peters x 10

Moseyed to Old Navy for a little last minute Christmas shopping (YHC unapologetically stole this one from McGee).

-10 jump squats in front of each store (there were 6 of them, I believe, and yes all the way to Target, Escobar – ouch!). Mosey back to the start and then repeat with 10 merkins at each store. YHC had planned per the weinke to do 1 more round of shopping but we spent all our money during rounds 1 and 2 – and YHC may or may not have been gassed already. On to the main event.

Mosey across the street to the fountain for a rousing round of 15 dips, 15 derkins, 15 incline merkins, and 15 step ups. Some grumbling ensued when YHC announced that we would repeato with 14 reps.

Mosey to the Elevation Church parking lot (which was not nearly as close to the fountain as Google Maps makes it out to be) where little Christmas presents were found wrapped under the tree for each PAX. Everyone got a kettle bell or free weight plate as a gift just for posting at today’s workout. Wasn’t that nice? After 96 minutes of YHC trying to explain what we were going to do (that didn’t go as planned), we broke out into 3 teams of 4 while 1 PAX from each team bent over and slid a weight plate half way across the parking lot (also known as a hair burner) while the other 3 PAX did presses with the kettle bells. Simple enough, right?? Watch out for Mighty Mite’s 65 lb KB! That one’s a doozy. After each PAX completed 2 hair burners, that completed Round 1 of the main event.

We moseyed back to the fountain for Round 2 (which seemed even farther than before) where we did sets of 13 (Fredo had been awaiting this round with great anticipation) and 12 reps of the aforementioned dips, derkins, incline merkins, and step ups combo. YHC may have blacked out at this point, I’m not sure. I just remember Swine Flu saying something about “Rambo”.

Mosey back to Elevation for last round of hair burners with some kettle bells curls on the side. Thoroughly smoked at this point, YHC went off weinke and called out for some Mary. I was too busy trying to catch my breath at this point to recall all the exercises that we did. But we all know they were great.

Mosey back to launch after a little spring cleaning in the Elevation lot and some lunges were sprinkled in for good measure.

Made it back to launch with 4 minutes to spare so we did some planks, box cutters, Rosa Litas and some more planks until time was called.

Great work out there today from all the PAX. Special thanks to Bucky for giving YHC the opportunity to lead today and to Mighty Mite for meeting YHC early and dropping off some of the largest kettle bells East of the Mississippi. It was an honor for me to lead you men today.

After the workout Mighty said he was relieved when he realized we weren’t doing hair burners the entire time. YHC concurred. Bucky and Ocho Cinco rolled up early and were bright eyed and bushy tailed while planting the shovel flag for all to see. How many shovel flags does Bucky have anyway? C3PO rolled in with his 2.0’s, Johnny 5 and T1000, who fell right in with the rest of the PAX. Great to have them! Fredo is getting back into the groove after recovering from 3 knee surgeries and he put up some solid numbers today. Escobar almost missed the workout as he was expecting YHC to give him a morning wake up call along with his morning newspaper. One Star put in a solid effort but had to take off a little early to start his Saturday. Soft Pretzel continues to run like the wind and makes YHC realize how slow of a runner I really am.

Thanks to Bucky for taking us out.


We are attempting to start another gear workout at McAlpine on Mondays starting in the new year. Be on the lookout for more details to come or you can ask Mighty Mite.

Pay attention to Slack messages and schedule updates during Christmas/New Years for convergences (like Bagpipe and Hawk’s Nest who are converging at Hawk’s Nest on Christmas Eve and then at Bagpipe on New Year’s Eve).

Chicken biscuits were consumed directly afterwards for a great 2nd F.

Military Count or Civilian Count…The Choice is Yours Really…

21 PAX gathered on this perfectly fine morning at the Vine for a Cheddar/Cooter combo Q (sounds like something you would order at Arby’s).  YHC rolled in about 3 minutes before launch time to find Cheddar visibly worried that he would be flying solo for this one.  All is good.  Cheddar got us started off with a reasonable disclaimer and off we went.

Cheddar moseyed us over to a far and distant parking lot for some COP:

Windmills X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10

SSH X 10

Then like a flash, Cheddar was off again heading towards the bridge for some hill work (yikes).  We stopped at the bottom of the hill for a brief demo by Cheddar of what would ensue.  Kirby acted like he didn’t hear anything Cheddar said (blah, blah, blah), but it didn’t work.  5 burpees waited on us at station 1, 5 bomb jacks (WHAT THE WHAT??!!) at station 2 and then finally when we reached the bridge 5 jump squats at station 3.  Repito por favor but this time with 10 at each station.  Cheddar wrapped up his half by having us all do “Bear Walks” (you won’t find that one in the Exicon) and merkins at each parking lot line all. the. way. to. the. light. post. (felt like a long way).  With that, Cheddar signed off and YHC signed on.  Thank you, Cheddar.

Mosey to the pond and over to one of the big buildings for:

20 step ups (10 each leg)

20 derkins (those hurt)

Run to the picnic tables for 20 dips and then on to the next big building for some flutter and LBCs.

From there we ran pretty fast to the rock pile (watch out for snakes) to grab some lifting rocks.  Now this is where the story takes a turn for the worst.  YHC was day dreaming when he told the PAX that we’d do 10 curls, 10 overhead presses, and 10 tricep extensions with our heavy rocks in civilian count followed by repeated sets of 8, 6, 4, and 2.  The PAX got a little bonus workout when we started in military count instead.  Thank you, Madame Tussauds for bringing this to light.  There may or may not have been some other mishaps as we wrapped up the rock work, but we don’t need to go there do we?  Rocks back where they belong and off we went for some more fun.

Over the bridge and through the woods to the big parking lot for some partner work and 3 corners (demo was provided as Mic Check reminded us to not look up – good idea):

Corner 1: P1 planks while P2 does 10 derkins; Switch;

Corner 2: P1 planks while P2 does 10 old school sit ups; Switch

Corner 3: Same as Corner 1

Corner 4: Didn’t happen because time was short so we ran back to the launch for some brief Mary before we called it.



Frazier reminded us about the Crane Relay.

Soft Pretzel told us about the Sandbox prom event on 8/31 for sick kids who will have tuxedos and limos for the night to help forget about their troubles.  They need PAX to sign up for security.  It may or may not involve security shirts.  See Slack channel for more details and to sign up.

Fire Hazard reminded us of the Isabella Santos run on 9/29.  It’s the only Speed for Need event in our backyard this year and the PAX should come out and support even if you don’t run in the race.  Thin Mint stressed that there will be a lot of good free food at the event.

Atlas announced the upcoming 4 year Indian Land anniversary coming up on Saturday 8/25 at Indian Land Elementary School start time is 6 am.  So come on out and help celebrate 4 years down in Indian Land.

Paper Jam asked for volunteers to participate in the Hope Challenge.  10 seconds of awkward silence would be the price to pay if there are no takers.  Thank you Delta for sharing your story and spreading the gift of hope.

YHC took us out.

On behalf of Cheddar and myself, it was a pleasure to lead you men today.  There was a lot of hard work put in and I hope we can do it all again real soon.  A special shout out to Benny for coming back strong after his accident.  My man broke all 3 bones in his leg and is back in the gloom.  You’re a beast.