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Great to see all the boys that made it out, many are gone for spring break…hoping you are safe with your travels and having a wonderful time with your families. We got a ton of work in this morning, below is the list.

20 Merkins and 20 Diamonds for warm up while waiting for a few to pull in.

45 SSH – 25 Imperial Walkers (I do know the name for these, sometimes when I am tired and only get 4 1/2 hours of sleep it may take a bit to recall, but there was good fun had at my expense by Bulldog and Fireman Ed…love you guys.)

Partner up with like or similar sized bell

20 swings with Merkins and run a lap

40 swings with Merkins and run a lap

10 high pulls each arm with Squats and run a lap

20 high pulls each arm with Squats and run a lap

10 snatches each arm with dry docks and run a lap

20 snatches each arm with dry docks and run a lap

2 different types of Mary for a rest and run a lap

Utilize Partner’s kb for 20 deadlifts, while one is working the other runs a lap…flapjack

40 deadlifts…flapjack


40 swings with Merkins and Diamonds

Eternal flame (without the music) finale of 20 swings, 20 high pulls, 20 snatches

There was a bit more work that we did sprinkled in but I forget exactly what and where, some lunges, more diamonds, etc.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, it is always a blessing to be around great men that are looking to make others better!


It was a great morning to be with the boys as always, hopefully I was able to create a caloric deficit to provide the ability to fully enjoy a great Thanksgiving meal with family and friends!  See the below for the details.

Merkins 20 IC


Mosey to the rocks

40 Merkins on your own

Partner up
Grab a “Proper Lifting Rock” (one that requires the necessitation of utilizing two hands to handle)
30 dry docks for a shoulder warm up
200 push press with rock while partner runs to light until completion of 200 reps
200 curls with rock while partner runs
50 LBCs
50 Dead Cockroaches
30 Merkins OYO
200 Tricep Extensions with rock while partner runs
200 Bent Over Rows with rock while partner runs
30 Merkins OYO

Put rocks back and mosey to the cars

50 LBCs

30 Merkins

25 Dead Cockroaches

30 Merkins

Everyone worked out hard and had some great time catching up and hearing about great Thanksgiving stories of years past and what this year has to come.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and travels safely!

Busch’s Garage Circuit

Great morning with the boys as always, thanks Voodoo for the opportunity to lead!  I decided I would share my garage workout that I do on my own.  Hope everyone enjoyed it, though I know from a few comments there were some that didn’t like my 12 year old son’s pump up music.  Thanks for coming out lads!

The Workout:

SSH X 30

IW X 30

27 Merkins in Cadence

If you have multiple kettle bells, start with your lightest bell and go up with each successive circuit (Example, 40,50,60)

1st Circuit:  Perform 3 times

20 High two handed KB swings

20 two handed KB presses or 10 each arm if doing single handed presses

10 High Pulls each arm

10 Snatches each arm

10 Bent over rows each arm

10 Upright rows

20 Merkins


2nd Circuit: Repeat 3 times

20 T-Bag Squats

10 KB Lunges each leg

20 Goblet Squats

20 Merkins



Trinity/Multiples of 3

Great weather and morning for a workout with the boys.  Always an honor to lead at Joust, thanks Yeti for giving me the nod!  3rd F Mancave is always open Friday mornings at the Panera Bread in Arboretum at 6:30.

The Workout:

SSH – 30 in cadence

IW – 30 in cadence


Merkins – 27 in cadence

Run to top of stadium

Partner up

30 Dips and 30 Incline Merkins X 3

Run up to top of walkway around stairs and back

Partner 1 does pull ups until failure and continue while Partner 2 runs to top of walkway around stairs and back X 3

Partner 1 does dry docks until failure and continue while Partner 2 runs to top of walkway around stairs and back X 3

LBCs X 45

21 Merkins in cadence

Run all six flights of stadium stairs and back to the top for 30 squats with arms extended straight out to the sides  in cadence X 3

21 Merkins in cadence

Straight arm and leg LBCs X 30

Run back to start

Multiple sets of Mary and Merkins



Dog Drops

It was a great morning with the boys, I appreciate Alf allowing me the opportunity to lead!  Note to anyone that isn’t a regular at Cerberus, there is an area that was utilized today that people allow their dogs on to do unsavory things that would lead you to therefore not want to allow anything other than the bottom of your shoes come in contact with.   I apologize, I did not know anything about this, and I hope none of you ate your Chick-fil-a biscuits afterwards until you washed your hands!

There are a number of charity runs coming up, Susan Komen, Heather’s Heroes, and Need for Speed will be a part of each of those.  Check out Mancave following every Friday morning workout at the Panera in the Arboretum.  See below for what took place while we were together.  I hope you all had a great day and enjoy the weekend!



The Workout:

Merkin psych to start with because I knew Alf was expecting it…

Mosey to the bottom of the parking garage for 30 SSHs and 30 IWs

30 Merkins in Cadence

Run up all four decks with stopping at the second for 30 Dry docks in cadence

Run to far side of complex to the large broken asphalt pile and jump into groups of 3 for choose your own adventure in regards to the size of broken asphalt for alternating shoulder push presses and curls to failure while partner two runs 150 yards to partner three who is doing merkins, dry docks, and jump squats to failure.  Once partner two gets there, switch for 3 rounds.

Run to middle of AO for some Mary until everyone is caught up.

Run to round about circle for 20 dips and 20 decline merkins X 2

Switch to 20 dips and 20 step ups X2

Run to the turf for some partner work with partner one doing squats, partner two doing lunges, while partner three is the timer bear crawling in-between and swapping positions upon arrival.

Not until we were about to do some Mary was I informed that people allow their dogs to drop things upon the turf that may not be very sanitary…almost all of the Pax moved off onto the concrete for their Mary even though they had just bear crawled through the unseen mess woven into the turf.  Thanks for the late heads up Alf!  Ha!


Run to raised wall for 20 dips and 20 decline Merkins X 2

20 Dips and 2o step ups X 2

Run back to starting point for Partner one doing jump squat, partner two doing Sister Mary Catherines, and partner three being the sprint timer over 30 yards.

Finish with some Mary.



Well, what can I say other than it was my honor to lead such fine men…as always is the case in the South!  The workout got off to a slow start because Pud told me we were waiting for the clown car containing one of the site Qs…and they may or may not have been late.  So we did a 20 Merkin warm up whilst they got out of the car.  We started to roll out and then MaGee pulled in ahem…possibly late and we waited for him and just decided to circle up.  As I was getting ready to start with SSHs another car pulling in caught my eye…the other site Q, Doc McStuffins showed up slightly not quite as on time the previous groups…the workout was off to a very un-Hawks Nestlike (It has always run like clockwork until the day I lead…must be me!) start and I continued to add to that by doing IWs instead of SSHs.  I may or may not have meant to do that to add to the chaos.  Not sure where Bananas and Goodhands were today…

Run over to the new turf field, had 21 lads so split into 3 groups of 7

1st group sprints around the field while other 2 groups do 20 Merkins, 20 Dry-Docks, 20 Squats and continue to cycle through until the group ahead of you gets back so each group does one lap…repeat

Run over to the pavilion with picnic tables

1st group sprints length of field and back while other 2 groups do 20 Dips, 20 Decline Merkins, 20 Flutters and continue to cycle through so each group does one sprint…repeat (insert Diamonds per Harley’s request and Heels to Heaven)

Run over to the track

1st group runs to edge of track, up hill and then does serpentine up and down bleachers until back on track while others do 20 Dry Docks, 20 Merkins, 20 core exercise and continue to cycle through.

Run to top of hill, go down on outside of hill in two lines and when hit the bottom turn and sprint up…repeat 3 times

25 Heels to Heaven, 25 Rosalita

Repeat above hill sprints with only 2 times…MaGee wanted to throw in another to get the 3,2,1 theme but that didn’t happen…what did happen is he called me out to race him in the sprints and I may have heard him call me an “Old Fart” due to my being 10 years his senior…or that may have been some motivation I cooked up in my head to give it a go.  Ha!

Run back through campus to the start to wait for Fast Twitch

Added a core exercise and maybe some Merkins while waiting…always have Merkins in my back pocket as a go to if more time is left.

Welcome back to Toxic Assets…poor guy came back out for his first time in forever and thought Fast Twitch was the Hawks Nest group…sorry, that was a bad miss, but at least you got a good jog (with a soft “J”) in today Brother!

Thanks Hops and Doc for allowing me to lead and serve the lads today, it is always great to be around all of you!


Welcome Back

Called up/down Merkins until stragglers arrived
Jog twice around parking lot and adding in some side shuffles
Circle up for a proper “Bulldog” warmup
Jumping jacks, I guess they’re called Side Straddle Hops.
Alternating standing knees to elbows, I guess those are called Imperial Walkers
30 Merkins on your own
20 Jump Squats
Partner up for races around the parking lot while other half of team does called exercise, losers do burpees
Round one Merkins
Round two Drydocks
Round three jump squats
Round four speedskater single leg squats Round five Diamond Merkins
Recover with some Mary: protractor, flutter, Rosalita
Suicides along the basketball hoops full length of parking lot
Round one when finished – 30 Merkens
Round two – 20 squats
Round three – 10 Burpee‘s
Round four – 20 diamond Merkins
Line up shoulder to shoulder – Bear crawl five steps, five Merkins, bear crawl five steps, five Merkins, bear crawl five steps, five Merkins, bear crawl five steps, five Merkins
10 steps of dragon walks
Sprint to the first basketball hoop and back – 20 Merkins
Sprint to the first basketball hoop and back – 20 squats for the first basketball
Sprint to the second basketball hoop and back – 20 diamonds
Sprint to the second basketball hoop and back – 10 burpees
Sprint to the fourth basketball hoop back Mary

It was great to be back out with the boys again, my infrequent F3 participation of recent months was obvious when I blanked on the name Side Straddle
Hops and Imperial Walkers. What a laugh that was, and it is always fun when the Peanut Gallery is in full gear as was today! A great time was had by all and it’s such a blessing to be out with great men!!

Old School Gassers

Great rainy wet morning for a first Q in the last 6 months, appreciate the grace for my forgetting that we were done at 6:15 and thinking we were done at 6:30. You all got a little more than your monies worth this morning.
The Thang:

Mosey to field for 20 SSH, 10 IW, 20 Merkins

Get in groups of 3, speed does matter.

One lap around track and straight to Gassers.

Stop at wall for decline merkins with called up/downs

First two 100 yard Gassers at 70% for warm up.

100 yard Gasser, 20 lunges X 2
100 yard Gasser, 20 jump squat X 2
100 yard Gasser, 20 dry docks X 2
Head to Grandma Mountain and sprint up, bear crawl down in unison with 5 merkins every 10 steps
100 yard Gasser, 20 diamonds X 2
100 yard Gasser, 20 merkins X 2
Core work, 50 half situps, 20 supermans
100 yard Gasser, 20 merkins X 10

Mosey to playground for 3s
Group of 3, one does diamonds, one does lunges/squats, one does 10 pull ups and pull ups are the timer to switch, exercise is over after each person does 50 pull ups.

Mosey back to the parking lot, one gasser for a bit past 6:15

Thanks Yeti for letting me lead, love the guys that come out every Friday!

9 Minutes from Painville

Warm Up – 30 Merkins on your own

9 Exercise Set performed 4 times

One arm swing (30 seconds left + 30 seconds right)
The high pull (30 seconds left + 30 seconds right)
The clean (30 seconds left + 30 seconds right)
The snatch (30 seconds left + 30 seconds right)
The reverse lunge (30 seconds left + 30 seconds right)
The military press (30 seconds left + 30 seconds right)
The two hand swing (1 minute)
Merkins (1 minute)
Sprint 1 lap around track (finish within 1 minute)

No rest between sets, get straight to work

20 burpees on your own
30 Two handed presses
20 Two handed swings

Quite the crowd turned out for the rainy morning it was supposed to be, but the rain only sprinkled and held off. The weinke was harder than I expected, and if you were doing all the work and using the weight you should be, it was simply brutal…there was no where to hide! There were no rest periods planned and I was searching for one and needed it. I could tell it was doing the job when people were slow to pick up the bell once the round started or if they put it down between exercises trying to grab a breath. There was some chatter at certain points that I could not hear due to the music being behind me and my ears not being able to hear anything over my heartbeat, but definitely some good laughs while suffering together, the hallmark of the lads of Area51. Great job to all, and glad TR is back and feeling settled in to his old role!

Please keep Destiny in your prayers, he is a great warrior and example of a man battling his way and never giving up!

Welcome to FNG – RW (Russell Wilson)

Pecking Order

Pecking Order

Mosey to lower parking lot while doing Two-handed Presses and with stops for Merkins and Diamonds along the way.

Two-handed Swings while instructions were given out.

Round 1

5 Two-handed Swings, 5 Snatch (each arm), 5 Clean and Press (each arm), 5 High Pull (each arm), 5 Racked Squats, 5 Merkins…when done sprint up stairs and around median and when back get in line in front of stairs in position finished. Winner does 1 Burpee, 2nd does 2, 3rd does 3, etc. to last place. Do Merkins until last place finishes his Burpees.

Round 2

10 Two-handed Swings, 10 Snatch (each arm), 10 Clean and Press (each arm), 10 High Pull (each arm), 10 Racked Squats, 10 Merkins…Sprint

Round 3

15 of each…Sprint

Round 4

20 of each…Sprint

This workout looks short and sweet from the 10,000 foot level, but trust me, the competitiveness and pain it did bring! The men had no idea what was coming their way until a trend developed when we went from 5 of each to 10…No one thought we would go to 20, and they especially hoped we wouldn’t get there. But we did, 15 and 20 was a pure sufferfest…with the added penalty of burpees, it gave the encouragement and fire to get through it as fast as possible to end up near the front of the line. Dollywood and Fletch were killing it, and then Bulldog in his usual cunning British way got Dollywood to trade bells with him (Sage advice for the young crowd, when it comes to games or workouts, never trust Bulldog!) and up the suffering for Dollywood from 11 to, dare I say it was possible, a 12! Everyone was hammering themselves and really did take the challenge to make it through and no matter get the reps in. MAD was all in and you could see it on his face how hard he was pushing himself, he’s done a great job increasing his running ability since he started F3! Great to see Dropthrill out again and all the fine Brothers of Area 51! Thanks for the great sendoff Bulldog.

Thanks for letting me lead Harley, it is always a pleasure!