Hearts on Valentines Day

Hearts on Valentines Day

11 Pax gathered on the smooth, warm pavement of CC for a Valentines Day workout.  Dollywood was trying to figure out what to wear and thought YHC looked “dressed for speed”.  Nice to know one can still look fast after not having posted in months – no speed on land here.

Moderately disclaimed we took a mosey over the grounds with some running drills and gathered on the field for COP.  Pretty standard SSH, IW, Squats, Mtn Climbers and Merkins.  Lots of chatter with the Pax in high spirits and YHC not really pushing things too hard.

We moseyed over to the corner of the track for some better lighting and pulled out the deck of cards.  One at a time Pax draw a card with 2X value of card for reps.  Suit determines the category of exercise:

Hearts = burpees

Clubs = push

Diamonds = core

Spades = legs

1 lap of Elizabeth Warren run after each round of the circle

Made it through 2.9 rounds


Being Valentines Day, lots of chatter on relationships today

  1. Everyone wanted to draw a heart – we drew 8 of the 13 hearts and did a lot of burpees as a result
  2. An unamed Pax (protecting the innocent) has been married so long he didn’t remember what the Honeymooner looks like
  3. Another unmaed Pax (protecting the innocent again) had such big plans for the day that he repeatedly modified with Monkey Humpers
  4. Yeti and his M have another baby on the way – congrats!
  5. It was fun to get out and do something different than my normal swimming routine this AM – thanks for the invite and opportunity to lead.

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