when doves fly

when doves fly

Following a tornado touchdown a mile or two from the AO and rumor of a CMS cancellation, there were only three of us in attendance for Joust. YHC had hoped for a hearty turnout as we were planning to do quite a bit of partner work. Changed plans w/the three of us so we stayed together throughout this mornings workout. After a mobile disclaimer, off we went.

Warmup Run down to the track and take a lap to warm things up

Circle up in middle of field for COP complete with the following exercises in Cadence:
SSH x 20, Merk x 15, IW x 20, Peter Park x15, Parker Peter x15, Squat x20
4 corners (20 Merkins at each corner) – Elbow Plank
4 corners (20 squats first two corners – Lunges next 2 corners)

Snake the field – Sprint the goal Line – side shuffle to 20, back pedal to other side etc Snake it the way back

Partner UP and run to the top of the stairs near the playground
1 Person Runs all of the stairs while other 2 do work at Playground X2 10 Merkin/20 Squat/30 LBC when meet x 2
10 Pullups/20 Dips/30 LBCS – Flapjack x2
20 KneeRaises/20 LBC/ 20 Flutters

Take it to Football Field for sprints
Sprint to 50- 25 Merkins- Jog Back / Sprint to 40-20merk – jog back 30-15, 20-10 10-5

Corework consisting of the following:
Elbow Plank hold x1 min
Leglift Hold x1 Min
Glute Bridge hold x 1min
Elbow Plank Hold x1 Min

Run it back for quick namarama and takeout.

Moleskin – Sirens were going off all in all directions and the winds were gusting on the friendly confines of Charlotte Christian. Lights even went on an off at one point, but the 3 pax would not be deterred from giving their all at Joust. That almost came to a screeching halt when our very own site Q was nearly decapitated by a Dove that that he flushed out from beneath the bench. In his words “That was too close, I felt the feathers”. Red Card and I managed to settle Ductwork down and assured him that the dove was long gone so we continued around the track. Nonetheless, the alarming coo call of the dove could be heard throughout the remainder of the workout. It was a great morning. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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