Monthly Archive January 2020

Hit the Woods

3 Men headed out to run in the woods.

Hazmat and Rubbermaid headed out first to do 10K

Hollywood started late passed completed the full 7.9 miles and was back moments after the others!

still no morning wood in categories no love!

Made Men

Stealing from the Iron Pax Challenge, 14 men gave it their all today to the sounds of Rudy’s new bluetooth speaker (why was Counting Crows on your playlist?).

DCCS given

Warm-Up – Lap around Mount Chisled, SSH, Low Slow Sqauats, calf/leg stretches

The Thang – Find a cinder block and do 25 each of the following, followed by lap around Mount Chiseled.

  • Merkins
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Overhead Press
  • Derkins
  • Man Makers (should’ve been WAY less than 25 each round…)
  • Gas Pumps

Everyone got 2+ laps with Recalc and Rockwell in the lead.  Lots of good work focusing on form and completing the reps across the board

Announcements – Site Q and Q schools coming up over next 2 weekends.  Posse is the man for info on this.  Continued TAP for Doc McStuffins on his surgery today






Life is Short. Pray Hard.

When we pulled up to the lot in the Microvan at 5:26am this morning and saw no one, IHOP asked me, “Are we late???” I said, “No, we’re early.” Never a doubt… 11 faithful compatriots promptly emerged for some fun in the nest. Reebok got a very directed half-hearted disclaimer, and we were off through the frosted wonderland of CharLatin…

  • Mosey to COP (upper lot)
    • IWs
    • LSSs
    • Peter Parkers
    • True Americans (6-ct)
    • Run to turf… karaoke, then option of bear crawl or cartwheels to the goal line (or fútbol equivalent)
  • Quarter Pounder
    • Sprint to the 25 yards and do 25 merkins, Run backwards to Goal
    • Sprint to the 50 and do 50 squats, Backwards to Goal Line
    • Sprint to the 75 (yes, the 75-yard-line… that’s what I said) and do 75 Mountain Climbers, back to goal
    • Sprint to the 100 and do 100 SSHs (or, apparently, whatever you think is a better idea)
  • Mary in the Middle
    • Flutters
    • Freddy Mercs
    • Arch!! (feels so good)
    • Mosey to the track
  • Track work
    • 1st lap – 10 Monkey Humpers at each corner
    • Mary for the 6
    • 2nd lap – 10 True Americans at each corner
    • Mary for the 6
    • 3rd lap – 10 Bonnie Blairs (each leg) at each corner
    • Mary for the 6
    • 4th lap – line it up – AYG 400
    • Recover, plank-o-rama, elbow plank jacks
  • Take it to the bridge…
    • Grab a respectable rock and take a seat on the wall
    • Curls with rocks
    • Wall Tar D-jiah (sp?)
    • Take a seat…. Presses with rocks
    • Drop the rock and proceed to launch (or lunch… whatever)
  • Time check… 6:13
    • Sweat Angels (~99, I believe)
    • 10 burpees OYO
    • Dunskies



  1. Today is Lew’s 2nd anniversary of his 29th Bday. (Party like an 18month old and vomit without reservation!)
  2. Revlon’s rapidly closing in on “3 under 3.” (Prepare to move to a zone defense, my friend)
  3. Reebok made his debut Hawks Nest performance, making it 3 posts in his first week of F3. (He admits this may be a bit zealous, and projects the pendulum to swing toward equilibrium. Hope to see you at Hydra on Thurs)
  4. Scratch n Win was REALLY excited about Rev’s purple hoodie. Ridge View baseball, I believe. Not sure of the inside joke, but I think it’s the team Tebow’s currently playing for.
  5. Puddin’ kept it classy all morning by quoting explicit lyrics by Ice T… or was it Ice Cube??
  6. Hops still fails to recruit his best friend of 25 years to join a single F3 workout. However, we recently discovered that said individual is my wife’s cousin’s dad’s cousin’s son, so that’s gotta grease the wheels somehow. (Then again, in East TN, everyone’s a cousin of some sort. No disrespect to SnW or Gummy, who I’m certain are cousins as well).
  7. Semi dropped some knowledge on me around the track… When I asked him for any recommendations of new places to take my young children this weekend, he suggested some place in South End. Yeah, I checked… it’s a bar. Awesome. CPS should be at your house later tonight.
  8. IHOP may have been the only pax willing to attempt cartwheels on the turf. (Honestly, people, would you really rather do bear crawls than cartwheels? Remember… You don’t quit playing because you get old… you get old because you quit playing.)
  9. I could sense the disappointment in Marge’s eyes when I gave the disclaimer this morning… he was thinking “You? Again? Didn’t you just Q on Saturday? Ugh.” (Yep, sorry bro. You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.)
  10. Thunder Road and Leprechaun, as per usual, politely put in a full day’s work before most people woke up.


  1. Prayers for Doc McStuffins who undergoes heart surgery tomorrow

When I asked who wanted the honor of taking us out, Astro and Revlon about went to fisticuffs over who got to say the closing prayer. Those Elevation guys really bring it… Life is Short. Pray Hard.

Thank you to Hopser for allowing me to lead this morning. It’s truly a pleasure.

Run Those Hills!

Time intervals times deux.

We left the parking lot after a disclaimer of wear your headlamp and reflective device.  Some of us had all of the required safety gear, some had none and others had none.  We all own this stuff since we have gathered it through the years with relays so please start wearing it.  We run on roads every day and it makes no sense to not wear what we have.

We did a warm up around the bull ring and then down Rushmore to the parking lot at the corner of Rushmore and Ballantyne Commons.  Usual Brat exercises: heels, toes, butt kickers, high knees, B skips, and Zombie walks.

Mosey to the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Rushmore at the base of Nevis.  Running up the right hand side towards Lancaster Hwy.  Kept the same intervals as last week 2:1, 4:2, 6:3, 8:4, and 10:1.  Cut that last one close but almost everyone got in.  Ran up Nevis twice and then back into the Ballantyne Meadows neighborhood.  Steep hills in there so we got a couple of laps in there before it was time for a CannonBall Run at the top of Nevis back to the AO.  It was choose your own adventure at that point.  Look up Gold Digger couple of 80s references in there.

Great work by all.  Those hills are no joke and can make you want to puke.  Saw no evidence of that today.  Just good ole fashion hard work out of everyone.  Don’t be afraid of hills.  We love them and are good at running them.

I think my month, more like two weeks, as Q is over but I believe I get the privilege of leading again in Feb at some point.

Enjoy your day.  Sorry if I left anyone out of the Pax list.  All by memory.

Did someone say they wanted Squats and Merkins?

We have had colder mornings and it was not raining so I consider this a great morning to be out in the #Gloom!

Disclaimer given and off we went with a #HairBandMile to loosen things up

Side Straddle Hops x 20
Low Slow Squats x 15
Imperial Walkers x 20

Time for the Alabama Slamma! Partner up!

P1 does 20 Merkins, P2 does 20 Squats, flapjack and go all the way to 1 and 1 for each.
The morning cobwebs were cluttering brains so the question was asked to clarify, by the 3rd time it seemed understood both would do 20 merkins and 20 squats then both would do 19/19 etc.

After about 3 rounds I realized it was taking too long so I threw out the audible that we would alternate even/odd from where I stopped us so for example P1 does 17 Merkins, P2 does 17 squats then P2 does 16 Merkins, P1 does 16 squats etc.

I then hear Lamont and Bonhoeffer yell out that is what they were doing. #Facepalm
Ok just keep going then.

Once done, some little baby and some big arm circles to loosen the arms and chest up some and let’s mosey.

Time for an oldie but goodie… The Starfish! (So old it is not in the Exicon like it used to be for some reason.)
Start with the center exercise, go to corner 1 and do exercise, back to center exercise, corner 2, back to center, etc. all the way around and finish with center exercise. (Plank work/core work in between each round.)

Because I am a merciful and gracious Q we will go backwards starting with Round 3 to give our chest/arms a break
Round 3 Core
Center: Rock Hoppers x 25
Corner 1: Rosalitas x 25
C2: Flutter x 25 just count right leg
C3: LBCs x 25
C4: Freddie Mercury x 25 count right leg

Round 2 Legs #PeoplePleaser after Alabama Slamma
Center: Jump Squats x 15
C1: Lunges x 20
C2: Mountain Climbers x 20 count right leg
C3: Monkey Humpers x 20
C4: Squats x 20

Round 1 Upper body #PeoplePlease again
Center: 5 Burpees
C1: Merkins x 15
C2: Carolina Dry Docks x 15
C3: Wide Arm Merkins x 15
C4: Diamond Merkins x 15

Mosey to picnic tables 20 step ups (20 times off the ground)/20 dips, 2 rounds
Head over to the wall for Peoples Chair + 50 air presses civilian count, recover
Back on the wall, 25 slow air presses in cadence, recover

6 Minutes of Mary (or 3)
Flutter x 25
Back Scratcher x 25 and I think something else but can’t remember.

Ye Olde Moleskine
Solid work by everyone this morning!
Not sure I have struggled to explain what should have been a simple exercise like the Alabama Slamma like that before, or you guys were just listening to slow and needed to keep up better.

We only clocked about 3/4 of a mile this morning but no doubt the heart rate was up for everyone.
Not sure about you guys but as someone that sits a lot at work, the first time I got up mid morning my legs reminded me about all the leg work. I’m sure the upper body stuff will get me later.

Pray for Madison’s daughter who is having an MRI on Friday.


  1. Remember to sign up for the Beer Run, Madison has posted info in various social media locations.
  2. Remember Thirsty Thursday, 2nd Thursday of each month, Bernanke will call out the location the week of. It was a great time and turn out last time.

Always an honor to lead, AYE!
Hair Band

Opposites Attract

Staring into three (3) Q’s this week I needed to dig way deep into the 8o’s archives to satisfy the Pax.  So without any cassette tapes, 45’s or the Sony Walkman I had to rely on some new-age Bluetooth speaker… seems way out there – who would have ever thought you could hear music on a speaker that doesn’t have a cord.

23 Pax were waiting for the DCCS (Living on a Pray – Bon Jovi). Disclaimer, cell phone, CPR – Saftey – we’ll be on campus but watch for cars entering the lot.

Warm up – Mosey to Basketball Court – SSH/PlankJax/LSS/Hurleys OYO

I’ve Q’d Watchtower a few times, but not an expert on the lay of the land so I decided to stay focused on the sparking lot and long stretch out front.


Paula Abdul’s in the parking spaces – 2 forward/1back.  start with 10 BH’s/lunge walk two spaces and do 1 Big Boi Sit up/ Crab Walk back 1…9 BH’s….lunge..2 Big Boi sit ups.

Burpee Mile – 2 burpees at each corner of the large rectangle in front of the school.  Each lap = .36

Paul Abdul’s in the parking spaces – this time start with 10 Mike Tysons – duck walk- 1 speed skater – bear crawl back

Bobby Hurley ladder – finish for 5 minutes – curb to curb increasing BH’s by 1.  Most did 10+ touches so over 55 total BH’s

Mosey back to Flag

REVERSE NAME-O-RAMA.  Let’s not get stale – sometimes you need to switch it up.

It was hard to engage with each of you today as we didn’t do partner work – and most times I’m talking with the Donkeys or  Clyesdales as that’s where I fall on the run portion.

But I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  Everyone came to work hard today -some faces I haven’t seen in a bit – Chipotle/Big Tuna/ Tupperware- good to see you in the gloom.

Positive Energy Men – We have DryUary ending this week, Weight loss challenge continues and those doing goal setting are looking at a plan to improve themselves in 2020.

Announcements- Q school and site School coming up in consecutive Saturdays – Professor Posse has the details.

COT – Prayers for Damascus as he cares for the M who had pretty severe leg fracture and is recovering from surgery.  Prayers up for Legalized and his family as they head to Philly(?) for an update on his son and potential treatments.



Mile Repeats

The Thang

DICCS given, big group today, let’s roll …

Warmed up with mosey headed to CHS parking lot, had to dodge a bus coming on our left, we detoured and circled back to get us on route.

I’m not creative, period. I dug into F3 Exicon’s to find one or two new exercise and I changed up the typical warm-up drill for something different …

After our warm-up mosey …

  • Al Gore position, apparently optional for some PAX busy being chatty
  • Lined up for Frankensteins (or Toy Soldiers) 35 yds, transition to running another 35 yds.
  • Rinse and repeat this with The Flamingo (thx for the name Zin), Butt Kickers, High Knees each followed by 35 yd run
  • And how could I forget, we all did Cheerleaders too, as you’d expect … we didn’t last long, 15 I think (SSH w/ squat and hands below the knees)

Now that fellow PAX was feeling satisfied and loose, your Q asked everyone’s 5K pace, by the reaction I got, few PAX do. YIKES! We shall have to remedy this in 2020. You can all do a 5K, time to sign up. My goal was to run “mile repeats” around the campus and run at your 5K pace or a little faster …   Yeah I heard a little mumble chatter, but hey, your VO2 Max just improved … your welcome:)

Overall goal was to get some mileage in right???  C’mon it’s IGNITION!!!!  With some exercises between laps to allow heart rate to come back down .  How many laps? Good question, read on …

So the first 100 yds, Zin pointed out that we all must have the same 5k pace, because we were all together and boy were we mov’in!  Especially Deadwood, he was leading the front of the pack.  I gave it a little while and thought sure about half way he’d slow down, but nope, that dude kept on truck’in the entire mile.  Had to be around a 6 min/mile.  When we passed by the Flash group of course we all sped up to show off, I glanced at the watch, yeah 5:30 min/mile pace, is that wrong???  This may or may not have induced some dry heaving is some PAX (DW).  I know my lap two suffered because of that stunt:)  Freaking Gerber and Hollywood, geesh guys, talk about holding the Q accountable … you both suck are really strong runners.  We all know Gerber is FAST, but you all should have seen him when he SPRINTED to the bathroom on that second lap, LOL!  By the way, his third lap, seemed unfair since he was carrying a lighter load at this point. He ran off and left Hollywood and I.

After the first mile, we did exercises to allow heart rate to come down, things like Circle Burp, Merkins, Ab exercises. Then start w/ slow mosey for about 100 yds, building up to 5k pace for the next lap/mile around campus. Following each lap with more break exercises before setting out again.  Ended up with 4 laps … due to Foundation.

Scores & Highlights

  • It was reported by PAX that Foundation was pushing especially hard on lap 3, lap 3 guys, that’s when I was ready to collapse. And most importantly you need to know that weinke was complete after three laps, it was Foundations fault that you all had to run mile 4. He said “We going again?” It inspired me … I said “Do you want to?” He didn’t even reply, he just took off RUNNING. #Truth.
  • I don’t know if you all seen Smithers Group Me post, but that guy gets it. He has the right attitude and that’s 90% of the battle. The speed will come in time, don’t ever change that attitude. I love that you pushed yourself as hard as you did this morning. 6+ miles with exercises is no joke. Great work man!
  • Sprinkles … where were you? How old are you again? See you in the morning.
  • Zin … can I file a formal complaint aimed at marketing “FAKE NEWS”? I recall hearing very loudly “CIRCLE UP”. This had a negative effect on PAX Training and cadence mojo. Next time we FIGHT. LOL.
  • Bottlecap, please remember me when you crush your goal of a 6 min/mile here soon.
  • I appreciated when Shake, Legal Zoom and Sprinkles finished strong chasing down Hollywood, that is not an easy thing to do.
  • COT wrapped up nicely with a 2:45 second plank and pretty good form (for most of us). I may have caught Dasher flat on the ground toward the end, it was dark, so not sure it was him. And I thought I heard something about Goodfella ‘boning’ his wife? I hope it was Goodfella? And I’m pretty sure he confirmed it was performed in less than 2:45 seconds. #OurHero


I got wordy above, so I will make this short …

  • Always humbled that you guys allow me to lead a workout. You all make me better. Thank you.
  • I really appreciate the way we work together, guys going back for the 6th and encouraging each other for strong finishes, just noticing and pushing each other. Builds community.
  • I know I missed recognizing someone or something special today, my bad, it was not on purpose. 6+ miles right, that’s pretty special by itself, great work, hats off to all of you!
  • Think twice about pairing up with Legal Zoom, Fortunately I was not downwind when he crushed half our group with a FART. I think Goodfella was right next to him on the receiving end of that gift.


  • Q school something and soon … reach out to Posse soon he will know details. Or check Flash BB.

[Completely Unofficial and Unorganized] South Mountain 50K (or less)

A place to put your name:

What: Run/Hike 50K (or less) at South Mountains State Park in Connelly Springs

Route: The recommended “route” consists of 3 different loops (11.7 miles, 10 miles, 9.5 miles – details below) covering a total of ~5900 feet of elevation gain. Each loop starts and ends at the parking lot where someone’s pickup truck will have water and snacks (see below, bring a snack) for refueling before your next loop.

** If you don’t want to run 50K but still want to join in the fun, come run 1 or 2 of the loops. Or, come do your own darn thing since this is all just a suggested way to spend your morning. We have at least 1 HC to Ruck Loop 1 if that is more your style.

When: Saturday, February 22nd at 7:00 AM. Gates to the park open at 7. We will chat a little and then start running promptly at 0715.

Where: South Mountains State Park, High Shoals Parking Area (

Cutoff: There’s no official cutoff as this is not an official run but the guy with the pickup truck has to leave by 3:00 so if you’re not done by then the snacks/water will be gone. Otherwise, you are responsible for getting yourself home anyway so nothing else changes.

Who: PAX from wherever. This is going to be a fun day of running/hiking in the mountains with friends both new and old. Hope to see you there.

Cost: If you haven’t been paying attention, this is unorganized and unofficial and therefore FREE. If you are so inclined, it would be nice if you brought a snack to put in the backup of the pickup truck for your friends to try.

DISCLAIMER: To be clear, this is not an organized or official run/race/event. If you come, you are on your own and entirely responsible for your own safety and well-being. If you choose to run the same loops in the same order as us, awesome! But, as with all things F3, you are encouraged to modify as necessary to avoid personal injury and overall make good decisions with your life.

The loops/routes will NOT be marked. There will be GPX files available for those with fancy watches as well as printed maps and cue sheets available in some guys truck in the parking lot at South Mountain. Most carriers will have cell service out there so it is highly recommended that you carry your phone with you and common sense thoroughly suggests that you stick with a buddy.

Bottom Line: This is going to be a blast. If you haven’t been to South Mountains State Park before, you are really missing out. We will cover almost all of the trails there, including all the big views overlooking Jacob Fork Gorge, the 80-foot High Shoals waterfall, and the beautiful mountains of Western NC. As stated above, if 50K is too much to bite off, you can always come run one of the loops, make up a route of your own, or just come eat snacks and high five your friends when they stop at the pickup truck.

Interested? Add your name, etc. to this sheet so we can all have an idea of who’s coming:

Tentative Route Maps (to be finalized soon):
Full Route: (31.2 miles / ~5,900 ft elevation gain)
First Loop: (11.7 miles / ~2,100 ft elevation gain)
Second Loop: (9.5 miles / ~1,700 ft elevation gain)
Third Loop: (10 miles / ~2,100 ft elevation gain)


What are we going to do now, stand on the kettlebells and work on balance?

10 pax gathered for the 4th episode of Swole on what turned out to be the best weather we’ve ever had for the gear workout that is still in it’s infancy.

The Thang:

Quick Warm Up:

10 SSH, 10 IW, 10 Windmills

10 RDLs each leg

5 rounds of 90 seconds of waiter carry(spend 45 seconds with one arm going one direction, switch arms and turn around for 45 seconds)

5X5 Double Cleans with heavy KBs

5X5 Double Front Squats with Heavy KBs

End of planned weinke so YHC had to get creative….

Kettlebell Tunnel of Love(all kettlebells must travel through the tunnel of planked pax, about 30 bells ranging from 30-62 lbs)  #crowdpleaser

24 LBCs(for Kobe RIP)

1 minute of elbow plank

1 minute of hollow holds

A little more than 1 minute of glute bridge



Better weather, more pax.  Pretty simple.

The two workouts we are alternating with RDL/WC/2xcClean/2xSquat vs Press/Swings/FC and it seems the former consistently takes less time to complete than the latter.  YHC knew we’d have to have an extra 10 minutes or so of goodies to finish up with.  That led to KB Tunnel of Love.  I’ve pulled it out for Tweet and Meat in the past but it is more fun with more pax and kettlebells.

Voodoo provided the tunes for this week.  He has been doing a better job of picking good music than I have.


Pray for Madison’s daughter as she has an MRI on Friday and pray for Doc McStuffins during his heart surgery on Wednesday

Program continues this week at Meathead(Calvary) on Wednesday and Olympus(Elizabeth Lane Elem) on Saturday.

Plenty of Qing opportunities(ie every week is open) for Swole.  Because it’s a WIB at this point, perfect opportunity for newer pax looking to cut their teeth at Qing or more  seasoned pax looking to up their Qing totals in 2020.


Facing Your Fears 2020

16 men decided not to fartsack on a cold, late January Monday to join me for a social anxiety busting Q.  DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) with reminder to circle back for the 6 and to lead Mary.

Mosey to middle school front parking lot.

  • Moroccan Nightclubs x 20 IC
  • Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
  • Low Slow Squats x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Upward Dog

Pair up (clydesdale with gazzelle) for 10, 20, 30’s loop

  • P1 and P2 pair up and start with 10 Big Boy Situps, once finished each pax runs the opposite way around parking lot loop
  • Wherever pax meet on other side of loop both face each other again and each does 10 Bobby Hurleys, each pax runs the opposite way around parking lot loop
  • Continue process two more times while increasing counts by 10 each time

Mosey to the covered area in front of middle school for a round of “Super Tysons”

  • Start with 1 Mike Tyson followed by 4 Super-Man’s repeat sequence until you reach 10 Mike Tyson’s and 40 Super-Man’s

Next up an on your own “Rockwell Ripoff” keeping with the 10, 20, 30 theme

  • Complete 10 Jump Squats, 20 Donkey Kicks and 30 LBC’s then run to picnic table area behind middle school and bear crawl under covered walkway on the way, when you reach picnic table area complete 10 Derkins, 20 Step-Ups and 30 Dips then return to front of middle school covered area while bear crawling under covered walkway on way back.  Rinse and repeat two times.  When done mosey back to picnic table area and do Mary while we wait for the 6.

Mosey to the sidewalk area of the bus lot and do alternating Side Shuttles to the bathroom area.

Grab some wall on the bathroom

  • 50 Air Presses IC
  • 50 Air Jabs IC

Closed it out with a fast paced mosey back to COT with 10 Dry Docks every other light pole.  I took us out (thanks to Goodfella for pushing me to do so).



Chilly morning today, however, as Mad Dog mentioned… it felt a little warmer than expected.  I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding turnout and my goal was to simply get through the workout with minimal mistakes etc.  Thanks to those who circled back for the six, lead Mary etc. and to Chicken Little for giving me the opportunity to lead today.

One thing I wanted to mention here is my appreciation for F3 and the acceptance/push it provides.  Most of you have no idea who I am etc. and that’s pretty much “on me.”  I’ve shared my anxiety issues with the PDS crew and a few other Pax so they know about my “jester.”  I’ve struggled with social anxiety (Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. You could say social anxiety is the fear and anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by other people. It is a pervasive disorder and causes anxiety and fear in most all areas of a person’s life) for as long as I can remember and I’m just now finally starting to address the issue (thanks to F3).  Today was a big step towards facing my fear, getting out of my comfort zone etc. (even if it was just a simple re-cycled Q that probably bored some of you).  I wanted to mention my “jester” because I sense that some of you are mistaking my shyness for something else (being aloof, uncaring etc. which for those that “really” know me… isn’t who I am at all).  Anyway, hopefully this paragraph gives you a littler more insight in to “the current world of La-Z-Boy.”  I look forward to facing my fears in 2020 and getting to know each of you more as we progress through 2020 and beyond.


  • Site Q school this Saturday 6:30 AM at Cutherbertson.
  • Q school the following Saturday
  • Thoughts and prayers for Doc McStuffins regarding his upcoming heart surgery.
  • Bottlecap mentioned the urgency for the Pax to take part in second and third F events vs. just attending the first F workouts.