Substitute Work

Substitute Work

Job was on Q for Cerberus this week and he called me with and injury report so frustratingly he had to make the call to heal up before taking the 3 headed dog on a tour. I hadn’t Q’d in a while so I wanted to offer my services as a fill in Q. Alf made the Job announcement on Slack but redacted as he learned that I was the fill in, he also quickly stated that I lacked youth as well which added a little extra desire of beat down level from me:)

The Thang: 43 straight minutes of up and down our new empty parking deck in Waverly. It’s a low incline so the work is easy at first but then creeps up on you. Mosey to top for WU, basic stuff. Mosey to base for beginning, each workout included the following at each turn. 20 Squats, 20 Forward Lunges (meant walking for Turkey and ALf??) 15 CDD, and finish with 6,5,4,…Burpees. I think it was solid, you have to ask the pax.

Moleskin: Uncle Leo, O Tannebom went to town today saw them out front on the last two rounds. Alf and Turkey led the pax, great to have Doc back, Chipotle, Boytano and Shop never gave up and pushed themselves. Quill! How about this new guy, stepping right in, Iron Pax this week and posting again to the triple dog. Das boot and Figi are steady and always positive have have a smile on their face, much like our brother Astro. Big Tuna posted with me twice this week and is always encouraging as I watch him push himself. Pitchfork also dug in and pushed through the hills as well.

All and all a great morning, fun to work out with this group.


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