Another Impromptu AMRAP Friday

Another Impromptu AMRAP Friday

It was muggy, hot and just a tough workout that 22 strong and driven PAX tackled this morning all to gauge how they are bettering themselves each and every month. With daily extremely tough workout options in WUC (to be named later), there has been some drastic improvements with PAX fitness along with the steady Eddie’s that are constantly tearing it up. aka. Hollywood, Dasher, Easy Button and now Zin, Chicken, Banjo pushing it to the max. Only one Vest made it out today, we are still determining if the Vest won or Deadwood as it looked like a tough fight. Well done Deadwood carrying around the extra weight.

It is the typical Impromptu AMRAP course that we plan on celebrating the last Friday of every month throughout the year.

.47 Mile loop around the back of the High School with a steep hill and a solid set of stairs.

Exercises include…

15 Mike Tysons

15 Derkins

15 Step-ups

15 Dips

A trip around the circle with a rock

A little Bear Crawl

15 Bobby Hurleys

and a Burpee at the end, 2 for the second loop, etc.

Pax Tally

Rudy 3- Tysons ( was moving and did not notice any Pit stops)

Deadwood 3 – Rocks (plus 80 lb Vest – Nice Job)

Hollywood 4 – Rocks (made us all look like we were standing still)

Easy Button 4 (made it look easy – like his button)

Dasher 4- Derkins (normal incredible pace – Nice work)

Ole McDonald 3- Tysons (way to push it)

Zinfandel 4 (our verbal time keeper made it look easy)

Chainsaw 3 (always pushing it – well done OG)

Banjo 4 (breezed through it with a little sweat)

Chicken Little 3 – Bobbies (took off leaving everyone in dust )

Breadbowl 3 – Derkins (way to push young man)

Fuse Box 3 – Derkins ( back at it after some time off – good job)

Crabgrass 2 – Bobbies ( way to push in your first AMRAP)

Doughboy 3 – Derkins (always gives his all, well done)

Schneider 3 – Mike Tysons (pushed it hard the entire time)

Knish 2 with Medical Pit Stop (rock grabbing his hand and sinking in was detrimental)

Recalc 3 – Derkins (way to push through the tweaked knee)

Damascus 4 – Tysons (way to tear it up – minus the vest)

Gator Cub 3 – Tysons (always giving it his all – well done)

Brutus 3 – Step Ups (looked good in first AMRAP – keep showing up)

GreenHornet 3 – (nice first run at the AMRAP – keep it up)

Hooch 3 – Rocks (only remember the first few minutes)


Wedding Singer has Committment Saturday

Swimmers Need for Speed Run for Prostrate Cancer – Link on Groupme

Ole’ Macdonald with Breakfast on his mind took us out.

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