The Floater Low Mileage, Flabby Arms

  • When:4/25/2019
  • QIC: Rockwell

The Floater Low Mileage, Flabby Arms

The PAX: Halfback, Damascus, Doughboy, Kid Rock, Chainsaw (R), Xerox (R), Fusebox, Foley (R), Wedding Singer, Stub Hub, Rockwell

11 PAX showed up at The Floater for what was my VQ for this site!  The buzz must have been great because even Pursuit closed its doors to see what was in store at #87!  By the way, what does “#87” mean??  Guess I need to spend more time on GroupMe to keep up with the lingo!

When Bottlecap reached out looking for a fill in I started thinking about trying something a bit different at this site.  The result… less running and a full upper body workout!  It looked good on paper, so I crossed my fingers and proceeded with the plan.

Disclaimer given, and we were off…

Here is what went down:

Warm Up Lap

Circle Up

                SSHs x 20

                Imperial Walkers x 20

                Potato Picker x 10

                Wind Mill x 15

                Arm Circles x 10

Mosey to the picnic tables under the pavilion and partner up on the way

Partner 1 works and partner 2 runs to end of path and back (flap jack)


                Derkins x 100

                Dips x 100

                Incline Merkins x 100

Mosey to the street in front of Mary O’Neill’s

More partner work

Partners run in opposite directions to the end of the block – do 2 Burpees and return

When partners meet on the return do 10 Hand Slap Merkins (repeat 3 times)

Mosey to half wall across from the church

                50 Air Presses in cadence

                50 Jabs in cadence

Back to more partner work at the wall

Partner 1 works and partner 2 runs to stop sign and back (flap jack)


                50 Mike Tysons

                100 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to grassy area by the church parking lot

Circle up for Jack Webbs

Back to COT

Mary – LBCs, Flutters, Figure 8s, Aquamans

A big thanks to Doughboy and Damascus for helping with the counting during the Air Presses and Jabs.  I tried to incorporate many different exercises to exhaust the arms and shoulders.  As always, I appreciate the opportunity to lead an awesome group of men!  Awesome push by everyone today!


  • Think we are still looking for a Q for Clyent Dinner tonight.
  • Continue to work towards the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day.

Thank you, Damascus, for taking us out!

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