2 Guys, 1 Master

2 Guys, 1 Master

Dana and I are were Augusta. Dancing Bear was extremely worried about our distance away from the Hive but little did he know we were on mission for $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches. Dana was able to secure Masters tickets and it was a celebration of him and I moving from the 6 to the 2ish together.

Great day on the course walking, watching and consuming. Interestingly enough the total of our entire breakfast, lunch and adult beverages at the course was cheaper than a single dinner last night. Incredible. Long day. Then a long night with a not so great AC unit in the hotel but we locked down nearly 6 hours of sleep…..

It wasn’t enough but we pushed through. We arrived to the closest location to us in Augusta at about 5:22AM and struggled to find the start. We just kept on pulling up next to cars in the parking lot and all 3 of them each pulled off. Not a great sign. Eventually we found the AO called Evans Pain Station. We were praying for a light workout….

DiCCS not reviewed. We didn’t have enough time to introduce ourselves and to show them our DiCCS. Hopefully next time….let’s begin.

“30 Burpees, welcome to Carnage!” Not kidding. That’s how they start.


After one hell of an opening it was time for mosey. Dana and I realized during the mosey the reason the takeoff site was hard to find was because they had a large concert taking place in the park which was closing a massive portion of it. These guys were being displaced from their home, how would they even cope?

Luckily for them they know their away around the territory. Circle Up. I think 10 merkins. Some squats. Plank it up. It’s time for the Compass. Multiple degrees yelled. I think 7 or 8 rounds with 10 Merkins after completing the nautical directions given. Mountain climbers after? This Q is mean. Freaking brutal. (I’m not giving away the Compass yet until I bring it to my Q on Monday)

Short mosey to stone walls for 10 step-ups per leg and 10 dips. Varying degrees of height and I think 4-5 rounds. Plank until 6 is in.

On your 6. 125 x flutters IC. Not kidding. Did I mention the Qs name was Diesel? Yeah, not good. Threw in some Rosalitas for good measure. Yikes.

Mosey to find some wall. Balls to the wall. 15 plank jacks. Completed 3 times. More on this later.

Mosey across the street. Lunge entire street stopping for 10 squats at each light post. 4-5 light posts. Burning up…

Mosey to center of park. Q was psyched that we had time to do something he wanted to try. I’m not entertained by this statement. Completed 1 burpee, box jump the wall and 1 more burpee. Complete 5 times.

Mosey back to start. I’m gassed. And very, very sweaty.


Maybe the bourbons before bed were a bad choice but we were both on vacation. Luckily the guilt brought on by the calorie intake was more than enough to force our post. We did not wake up excited and talk of fartsacking absolutely happened.

We pushed through and were immediately put into an EH with the start of 30 burpees. I had a lot to say at that time with heavy amounts of sarcasm about how happy I was to be there. (I wasn’t)

The balls to the wall plank jacks were fine but after sweating out all the crappy light beers I was concerned. I mean I’m standing nearly upside down and the sweat from my nether region is now headed down…….we will hope to call this exercise Bag Sweat to Chin. Maybe not.

Sadly I don’t remember everyone’s name but they were a hell of a group. I think 7-8 in total and Diesel crushed the Q. Hung out a bit at the end and shared some F3 war stories. Highly recommend posting in Augusta if you are in the area.

Thank you brothers from Augusta!

Lastly, this Monday I’m queing Ass Island and if you are still reading this BB you deserve to join me. The Compass will make an early debut….

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