• When:03/28/2019
  • QIC: Bulldog

Kotters for the Curls

Good group out at Meathead today apart from one who obviously had too many chicken chimachingas last night and was leaking out of his tights.


50 sec swings 10 sec push-ups, 40 sec swings 20 sec diamonds, 30 sec swings 30 sec diamonds, 20 sec swings 40 sec diamonds, 10 sec swings 50 diamonds. Repeat with tea bags and upright rows. Repeat with OH press and curls (for TR)

Two and a half minute rounds: One handed: 30 sec snatch right 30 sec snatch left 30 sec high pulls right 30 sec high pulls left 30 sec alternating swings Repeat.

30 sec upright rows, 30 sec goblet squats, 30 sec OH press, 30 sec combo.

Abs 30 secs Louganis 30 secs feet to bell, 30 secs flutter press 30 sec American hammer no bell


Tiger Rag was back at Meathead which meant we use kettlebells for the reason they were designed – the bicep curl! His area of the circle nearly got blown out by Horsehead who was struggling with some kind of gastric issue. Bananas thinks he saw a “bubble” it was that nasty so thank goodness he was wearing tights and well done to the lads for sticking out the workout. The cold meant that guys were sporting ski jackets (TD) and hefty gloves but they didn’t last long as the cardio kicked in. MADD even went Go Ruck style this morning and lots of meat runners today.

Good banter. Thanks Busch for the take out. Have a great rest of your week fellas. BD

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