Stood Up at Davie Park

  • When:02/06/2019
  • QIC: Joker

Stood Up at Davie Park

It’s been so long since I’ve done a backblast I clearly have forgotten how to post one.  Anyway, there were men at the workout.  Strong men.  Men that like to run and jump.  It’s been over 24 hours since the workout, so my memory of exactly which men were at the workout has already begun to fade.  I think there was a Fletch.  A Smokey for sure.  Smash was there.  Stone Cold was there too.  Puddin for sure.  Uncle Leo, yep.  And Snowflake.  If I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry. As far as what we did.  We worked out for 45 minutes.  There was running involved, going to/from Davie Park, and while on the side road at the park.  There were merkins… 100 I believe.. nothing too excessive.  Dips and pull ups… 40ish and 20ish, respectively.  And about 200 squats.  Stone Cold won the biggest truck award.  Fletch won best beard.  Puddin had the best sweat.  Uncle Leo with best bed head.  Smash with loudest idling vehicle.  Snowflake with best pre run.  And Smokey with best KEnny Stabler lookalike. 

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GummyPosted on7:04 pm - Feb 7, 2019

Joker has been doing F3 so long, his first backblasts were nailed to the door of Tiger Rag’s house. We can’t expect him to adapt to this new technology.

JokerPosted on7:33 pm - Feb 7, 2019

Here’ the thing, I forgot to explain the name of the backblast. I’m sure it’s bad form to comment on your own post, but at least I know Gummy will see it…

So, Tuesday night I reached out to Purple Haze to see what his Q plans were at Anvil. “Leg Day” he said. “Interesting”, I thought. We made very loose plans to meet at Davie Park for mini Death Valley – Anvil convergence… but, Anvil never made it. But it’s OK. In Haze’s defense, I did tell him to just do whatever made sense in the moment and maybe we would / maybe we wouldn’t meet up.

SpacklerPosted on3:10 pm - Feb 8, 2019

Making backblasts great again!

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