Dr. Freeze

  • When:01/11/2019
  • QIC: Witch Doctor

Dr. Freeze

The Witch Doctor came back from a back injury and delivered a heavy beatdown for 14 dudes, including two FNGs.

The Witch always has trick up his sleeve (you should hear about his homeopathic vasectomy methods – it includes a lot of rubber bands)

The Thang

Run to CCS circle and warmup with SSH, Merkins and LSS

Run to neighborhood – 7s on the hill with jump squats and merkins

Run to gazebo. P1 runs to first light at cemetery, P2 does called workout (Step ups, dips, merkins and LBCs)

Run to grass hill on Cov. Church Ln. and do more 7s with full sit ups and burpees

Back to lot for some Mary and done!


Christmas wore a hand knit beanie his mom made for him. Serious props for that bold move. Can she make F3 ones for all of us?

Tackling Dummy made a return to Kevlar and came out of the gates like the starting Quarterback.

Horsehead, Pudding Pop and I did our best Monica Seles impersonations while considering FNG nicknames

Cage (R) and Big League Chew (R) continue to crush father time.

Harley, Tacking Dummy, Horsehead, Spencers (FNG) all have kids at Covenant Day and talked about the challenges of not having free school lunch and how annoying it is that the 75″ smart screens in the class aren’t “touch screens”.

Fault Line brought an FNG of his own (Head Banger) who pushed as hard as anyone out there.

Squid did all of the exercises perfectly, the sun came up this morning and water is wet.

Cottontail found a new business associate in Spencers – always trying to make a buck. 🙂

For some reason the PAX tag box isn’t working so here was the group: Puddin Pop, Cage, Big League Chew, Fault Line, Christmas, Cottontail, Squid, Horsehead, Tacking Dummy, Orange Whip, Witch Doctor (QIC), Harley, Head Banger (FNG), Spencers (FNG)

Nice work homos….Homo-Sapiens.

-Orange Whip (Ghost writer for Witch Doctor)

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