Bushwood wrapped up; Benny bounces back

Bushwood wrapped up; Benny bounces back

On Monday (12/17), I get a DM from Benny asking if I was doing the Donut Run on Wednesday. He was hoping for someone to help him pace around 9:30 / Mile. My initial workout plan for the week had been to do a LSD on Sunday (thanks Fleetwood and Paper Jam), Swift on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, Peak 51 on Thursday, and hit Centurian on Friday. After some thought, looking at the weather forecast (rain on Friday), and Vodoo deciding that I was headcount, I was in for Donuts!

I got there early around 5:05 and waited in my car. Benny pulled in, followed by Goonie. It was good to see him, thought he might be running with us. Around 5:10, got out of my warm car and said hello to the guys and we saw Turkey Leg. High Tide approached and was waiting for Vodoo. But, no Bushwood….

I saw Bushwood the morning before at his virgin Swift post. He was with the fast guys and I think they wrapped him up and put a bow on him. He must have ripped the wrapping off, when I saw him later on Tuesday night at Ballet pickup for the 2.0s. I remember questioning if Laetner was a real person; indeed, he is not the ghost of Christmas past, but someone from Metro and a friend from Church. All good.

Anyways, time to run. I started fast (around 9 min/ mile pace) and was ahead of Goonie and Benny. So they scolded me and I dialed it down. Along the way, Goonie and I had a not so top secret meeting (probably more to come on that). Benny commented about how I’ve gotten faster. More like, I was so slow that there wasn’t a lower speed!

We continue running, stopping at 51 to cross the road. Usually, about here is when everyone catches me. But, where were they???? Finally, around Raintree, someone passed (Swiper) and then Turkey Leg. When crossing 51 at Rea, we see Vodoo and High Tide on their way.

I commented about how we had a mile and a quarter left. And that’s when Benny Bounced! Yeah, he was complaining earlier (like a good Millennial), but, at the end he took the lead and finished strong! Another great donut run.

Glad to be back and glad I could help Benny out.


This was the first donut run that I didn’t plant water beforehand. It was something that I wanted to try and worked out fine.

Talked with Turkey Leg after. He ran the 6.3 and said it took a while for his legs to warm-up. Checking Strava it was still his crazy fast pace.

When the 3 of us were running, we passed a woman running alone in the other direction. Sure, there are all times when we go out for a quick jog by ourselves. But, on this day, I was really thankful that I get to run with you guys! Merry Christmas!


Benny on Q at Peak 51 on Thursday.

Meathead (Kettle bells) is also happening on Thursday morning.

Joe Davis Run is in MARCH this year on the 9th – sign-ups open at https://joedavisrun.racesonline.com/

Craft Beer half Marathon/5 miler –Voodoo is doing this and pointing out that it is halfway point to BRR. https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Charlotte/CraftBeerHalfMarathon

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