You think they might be getting bread and milk?

You think they might be getting bread and milk?

Even though there were colder temps last Saturday, there had been a good showing of 14 pax, so there was a strong expectation of a good turn out today.  I arrived at 6:50 giddy with excitement that I was about to have the opportunity to inflict pain upon my F3 brothers in order to make us all better men. It was a comfortable 41 degrees, overcast but dry; rain didn’t start until later in the morning. Perfect for working out once you get moving. Costanza rolls in at 6:57.

In wonderment we asked each other, “Where’s everyone else? They must be getting bread and milk for the impending snowmageddon.” So the watch tolls 7:00am and we must begin promptly with or without any additional pax. So here’s the Thang:

20x incadence; SSH, IW, HB,  MC, Peter Parker, Parker Peter.

Mosey onto short track; Bear Crawl backwards, BC forward, Lunge forward, Lunge backward.

To the benches by faculty parking: 10x Step-up squats, Dips, Derkins, Inclines.

Quick pace to back playground for 5x slow release pull-ups.

Onto benches by bus parking lot for more bench work.

Run to Old Providence Neighborhood. Each light pole start with 10x merkins decreasing by 2 each pole.

Hill work; 2x Heels to Heaven at bottom increasing by 2. Top of hill 10x Burpees decreasing by 2 each round.

Run back out the neighborhood; each pole 10x Monkey Humpers.

Bench work.

Slow release Pull-Ups.

Bench work.

15x Calf raises; Out, Straight, In.

Thanks Costanza for giving me the opportunity to Q. Enjoyed the F2 along with F1. Hope everyone has plenty of bread and milk for Snowmageddon.

Hoover has Q next week, should be a good one! Costanza needs Q’s for 12/22 and 12/29. If your looking for an opportunity to improve your Q’ing skills and make your F3 brothers better, then please contact him at

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