Random Musings and a Weinke

Random Musings and a Weinke

Haven’t posted to many boot camps lately, let alone lead one.  And it’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Kevlar, so thanks Faultline for the invitation today.  My recent lack of Q experience may have showed a little, but I think everyone got there money’s worth… so with 16 men in tow, here is what we did.

One and a half laps around the field.  I was already getting grief about the running during the warm-up lap.  Hard to stop at just one lap though on a track that probably has a less than 100 yd perimeter.  We peeled off into the grass field encircled by the track for some COP:

  • SSH x25
  • Low Slow Squat x25
  • Merkin x20
  • Seal x20

We then moseyed to the church parking lot by the lacrosse field.  We ran the concentric circles made by the parking lot lanes around the church, working our way toward the church and stopping at each exit driveway to do a called exercise.   

  • 10 Jump Squats when running counter clockwise
  • 10 Merkins when running clockwise

Finished when we completed the innermost loop, and head over to the courtyard for some MoM…

  • Flutter x25
  • Dolly x25
  • Rosalita x25
  • Bicycle x25

Run over to the hill for Triple Nickel:

  • 5 LBCs at bottom
  • Run up the hill
  • 5 Burpees at top
  • Run back down
  • Repeat 5x

With Orange Whip’s assistance, we found the rock pile where everyone grabbed a lifting rock

  • Curls x15
  • Overhead press x15
  • Tricep extension x15
  • Goblet squat x15
  • Good morning x15

Still some time, so we headed over to the shelter

  • Step-up x20
  • Tricep dip x20
  • Decline merkin x20
  • Repeat set

Mosey back to launch point.


  • Not sure why everyone kept doing SSH when I stopped…my inflection in the cadence sounded just fine in my head.
  • Got some grief on the naming of the baby seal exercise.  I’ve spent a little too much time in F3 Metro apparently, where that is what the exercise was called… not the Superman/Banana.  Call it what you want… it wears on you.  Although our reprise before COT wasn’t very impressive.
  • I called air squats as an exercise, but meant jump squats.  It’s an easy mistake to make right?… Air squat > Air Jordan > Jumpman > Jump squat.  See?  Obvious mistake.
  • I made sure the pax got there 6 MoM in…although I chose the middle of the workout instead of the end.  Sometimes you just have to prioritize the core work Spack.
  • Explored some new grass for the ‘weighted’ portion of our workout.  Your welcome.  I had to ask Orange Whip to lead us to the rock pile, but I will say that the rocks are actually visible in the satelite view of Google Maps.
  • How about the cool pattern left on your Strava profiles for you GPS watch guys?  I may have a new calling… I will make it my mission to make Strava art for every Q.
  • Spackler and Joker must have had some interesting conversation during the workout based on the recent Twitter post.  Thanks for that Spack.
  • Definitely plenty of mumble chatter out there this morning.  I didn’t completely shut it down, so I obviously have some work to do.  If you have something memorable to share…put it in the comments.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning!


  • Contact Stone Cold if you are interested in helping build a ramp for someone in need as part of the “For Love” mission – tomorrow, Dec. 1.
  • Christmas party at Seaboard tomorrow night – Dec. 1
  • Memorial run for Gremlin at UNCC – Jan.19th

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SpacklerPosted on2:38 pm - Dec 1, 2018

Joker and I were talking about the biggest fish we’d ever seen caught by ourselves or a family member. I forgot I had that photo of ole Uncle Reggie. RIP.

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