The question had already been asked….

The question had already been asked….

…and it could not be un-asked….

“Anyone Donut Running tomorrow?”

1 superhuman BRR-running PAX and 2 mere mortal, non-BRR PAX converged upon the Donut Run AO for a very special pre-BRR Q-less yog around the block.

Route was South – Regular. Here it is:

6.15 miles.

The End


So I figured I would see who was up for a quick run this morning. It’s BRR week, so all the “real” runners are tapering. Should be casual, right? No. Not at all. First response was from Depth Charge. Cool, I thought. I don’t know him, but should be ok, because, again it’s BRR week. Then Goonie chimes in… Uh.. what pace are you looking at? Basically saying between the lines hey, I know you HIPAA, and I’m pretty sure I’m faster than you and Depth Charge is faster than me, soo……. He is like really fast. Should have taken the hint. Alas!

Bushwood chimes in from DR with “directions”:

“Rea, R on 51, R on Providence, R on Candlewyck, R on Rea.”

Yeah, that doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, we persevered!

Show up this morning and Depth Charge is ready to rock n roll. He actually is putting himself through BRR this weekend and despite that is still out there in the Gloom ready to make us all look slow. Second PAX shows up – Rachel. Crap. I know he’s fast. At this point I am banking on Goonie, who, to his credit, was not a HC. No dice.

Spent the first few miles trying to keep up with these two machines. I don’t think either of them broke a sweat. At least I feel like I added some value because I knew the route. Thanks for staying back with me, guys. Really appreciate it. Was a great workout for me and according to Strava I set all kinds of significant life-changing PRs as a result!

As an aside, I’m not even sure I’m authorized to post this. I certainly didn’t have the permission of the absent Site Q or the consent of the governed, but here it is.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
2 years ago

HIPAA – F3 has only 5 guiding principles. There are no rules on posting BB’s. Great job

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