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Reggae stretches

Had a nice devotion on forgiveness.

My selection of music was sweet sounds from the island of Jamaica.

Started in corpse pose.
Child pose to cat/cow.

Mountain pose
Extended triangle pose
Warrior 1, warrior 2, peaceful warrior
Repeat other side
Low lunge extension twist

5 sun salutations

Star pose
Lower to right lean stretch/ left lean stretch.
Pigeon pose
Flat back twist.

How’d I get gravel in my hair??

9 pax assembled for Gear Day at Death Valley, finding we had more stations (and kettlebells) than pax.  Could so few employ so much?

The Thang

  • T-1: quick tour/demo of the stations
  • T-0: basic disclaimer for this group of veterans

COP – aka brief warmup

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Prying Squats – 3 IC
  • IW – 20 IC

Station Work:

The Sled is the timer station to rotate.  Pax rotate onto the sled in order, returning to their station rotation after the sled.

  1. Sled – filled with various kettlebells (which got a lot of paint scrubbed off, by the way), most of which were smaller bells in the 35# range, until we dropped in Icky’s 55#, which helped greatly.  Total weight = unknown, but likely more than Header and a bit less that Puddin’.
  2. Waiter Carry – 28kg
  3. Bottoms Up Press – 14kg
  4. Swings – 28kg – pax choice: two handed, one handed, or alternating
  5. One Arm Press – pax choice of 16 or 20kg
  6. Slosh Pipe – about 8 feet long, ~35#, slightly overfilled as it didn’t slosh enough.  #cobains
  7. Pullups – scratch that.  No place for pullups at DV.
  8. Merkins – #staple
  9. Farmer Carry – 2 x 32kg
  10. Goblet Squat – 36kg
  11. Lawnmower Rows – 24kg
  12. Snatches – 20kg
  13. Sandbag – 70# – pax choice on how to employ
  14. Jump Rope
  15. Cleans – 24kg


  • Situps – IC
  • Rosalita – IC

Fini.  Well, not really.  Collect all the station gear and consolidate at YHC’s Jeep.  #lowrider


No announcements.

Take-out by Tulip.

Buff Moleskine:

Thanks, Dollywood, for the invitation to Q today and the request for a Gear Day.  Those are always fun and provide variety to our usual mix.

Everyone got about 2 full circuits completed and 4 trips on the sled (at least that’s what YHC got and we stayed together pretty well), and a lot of work was put in.  Mumblechatter was pretty low, as we were both spread out some and focused on pushing metal when on and recovering when off.

We could have, perhaps, used a few more bells on some of the stations; however, that is kind of a pro/con.  Pro in that the pax would’ve had more options, but a Con in that the pax would’ve had more options.  Instead, pax creatively modified as needed or otherwise buckled down and got it done.  The sled being a good example: watching Header or Smokey drag it through the wet grass and dirt patch (which really put the brakes on your momentum) versus watching Puddin’ Pop pull it like his little red wagon, that was yellow and had no wheels.

Good times.

And, the backblast title comes from the fact that YHC found gravel in his hair when showering.  Where’d that come from?  Anywho…


Chesticle day at Dromedary

24 PAX including two 2.0s (Iron and Ore) posted at Dromedary this morning, as usual I didn’t have a plan, but new that wanted to go hard on the chesticles with some running in between. 


SSH IC about 30

Merkin IC x 10

Plank Jacks IC x 10

Moroccan Night Club IC x 20

Imperial Walker’s IC x 20

The thang:

Modified Jack Webb, holding the plank the whole time between exercises 1 Merkin 4 Mountain climbers , 2 Merkins 8 Mountain Climbers…….all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 Mountain Climbers.

Mosey to the benches at the MS cafeteria, 5 Derkins, 10 Step Ups, 15 Dips, sprint around the track and back to benches.

Another modified Jack Webb this time from standing inch worm to plank 1 Merkin, inch worm back to standing then 4 dips, then 2 merkins/8 dips… al the way up to 10/40.

Repeat the 5 Derkins, 10 Step Ups and 15 Dips followed by another lap and back to benches.

Decided to give a break to the chest for a few minutes and did some Jack Wabs 1 Hills to Heaven/4 LBCs, 2 Hills to Heaven/8 LBCs……All the way up to 10 Hills to Heaven/40 LBCs

Mosey to far end of field PAX formed a small circle and did what started it all the classic Jack Webbs 1 Merkin/4 Air Presses all the way up to 10Merkin/40 Air presses.

Mosey back to start for some SSH and finished with 15 Diamond Merkins.

The Moleskin: 

We had a great group of men this morning, solid effort by everyone, this was a very challenging workout, probably first time at any AO that 4 different variations of Jack Webb’s are done in a single workout. We did 200 Merkins as well as many triceps workouts, didn’t hear much complaining at all but have to say that the regular complainers did not attend this morning. And this was probably my first Q with less than 2 miles, actually my watch recorded 1.3 miles.

Thank you Run Flat and Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to lead, and thank you for continuing to build this site up.


Sand Box project on July 21st, woodworking to build furniture Shop Dog will be your QIC.

Thank you Goodfella for taking us out.

Have a great week brothers,


Taking Requests at Anvil

Utah and YHC pulled into the launch lot and Haze was there.  He was a soft commit last night.  Something about a Q at Hydra to prepare for on Thursday.  Gave the QIC a few ideas on what he wanted to do should he post.  Noted.  10 more PAX rolled in, disclaimer given at 0530 and we launched.


Mosey through the vast parking options at Calvary.  Quick right into a full circle back to the launch lot.  Brilleaux was cruising in at 0532.  We picked him up at his car because that’s what we do.  Had YHC known it was him, may have let him catch us.  He’s fast and capable.  Continue mosey to lot above the baseball diamond.


5 Burpees OYO

IW x 10 IC

6 Burpees OYO

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

7 Burpees OYO

Merkin x 10 IC/Hold plank

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

8 Burpees OYO

Flutter x 25 IC

Mosey to Rock Pile.  9 Burpees OYO (Scabby request).  Grab a lifting rock and bring it to the closest parking lot.

Rapid Fire Rock Set 

All civilian cadence to 10.  Curls/Tri Extensions/Overhead Press.  3 reps.

10 Burpees OYO–Gummy request

Goblet Squat x 10/Thruster x 10.  Hold Rock overhead.  10 count.  Repeat.  Keep holding rock overhead.  Walk it to rock pile.  10 count.  Return rocks.

Mosey over to the Hot Box.

People’s Chair

Arms straight out.  Hold.  Shoulder Press x 50 IC.  Enter the Hot Box.

Bench Set

10 Jump/Step Up/15 Derkin/15 Heels to Heaven.  Repeato

Mosey over to lot one.  Line up.

The Beast–Haze request

Run to island 1.  6 x called exercise.  Run to island 2.  6 x called.  Island 3.  6 x called.  Island 2.  6 x called.  Island 1.  6 x called.  Launch.  6 x called.  Repeat 5 times for 6 total repetitions.

  1. Merkins
  2. Heels to Heaven–Brilleaux request
  3. Jump Squat–Haze request
  4. Monkey Humpers–Bugeater request
  5. Carolina Dry Docks–Utah request
  6. Burpees–Gummy request


6 inches.  Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/Hold/Flutter x 25/Hold/Dolly x 25/Hold/High Flutter x 10/Hold/Rosalita x 10

6 Burpees OYO

Mosey toward the launch lot.  Stop at Avenue of Trees turnaround.  6 Burpees OYO.

Continue mosey to launch lot.

7 Burpees OYO.

Plank series.  High Plank/R arm high/R leg high/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg lift x 10/Low Plank Jack x 10–Haze request



Couple of the A51 board guys had a beer last night.  Alf and Champagne taking Wednesday as a designated sleep-in day.  Haze was on the fence.  Asking YHC what was planned.  Figuring he needed rest for his Hydra Q.  Said something about the Beast and a maybe for Anvil.  Gummy stayed silent.  Veteran move when you are a Voodoo Commit.  Turns out, Haze was 1st to arrive.  Gummy posted also.  Glad to see them both, and, sure, we can do some of the stuff previously discussed.  High on the list were the Beast and Haze’s favorite, Low Plank Jacks.

Took off on the mosey and we see an unidentifiable car rolling in late.  Quick turnaround to pick up Brilleaux.  Like YHC said above, he would have caught us, but we needed to scoop him up.  He jumped out of the car and was ready to go.

Bugeater’s clown Jeep had an empty backseat.  He managed to haul Leprechaun in with him.  Well done.  They both worked hard, as usual.  Bug accessed the reserve tank on Beast rep 5 to finish with Rachel.  Dude is getting after it and back in form.  He may or may not have been too aggressive on the rock choice.

Rachel and Brilleaux were pushing the pace on the Beast reps.  Utah refusenik’d the majority of the burpees.  He does not like them, apparently.  Snuka has some weird form on Dolly and Rosalita.  He gets after it though, and pushed hard on the Beast.

Scabby drove in.  YHC thought he sold his car and was running everywhere in training for his 95th marathon, at Grandfather Mountain (sounds flat and easy),  followed by a few ultras, just for fun, in the coming months.

We did 100 Burpees should you need to log that into the exercise journal.

Hammer was getting after it, even though he was, admittedly, feeling the effects of the 107 minutes of Fast Twitch provided via Alf yesterday.  Deep Dish and Slum Dog putting in the work.  Well done men.  Appreciate all the requests, it makes the Q’s job that much easier.  T-claps for the prayer takeout from Hannibal.

YHC is DR for a good chunk of the month.  Yesterday was 1st post in 10 days.  It hurt.  So did today.  Always an honor and a pleasure to lead men in F3 workouts.  Solid start to get the day started.  Get after it.


The Sandbox is an initiative that helps those in need in the community.  Soft Pretzel is the man to reach out to if you can spare some time to help a family in need.  Might be work around their house they can’t complete due to having a sick child in the hospital, as an example.  A group recently laid down a paver patio.  Best place to get info is on Slack.  I can get you going on that if you want to get involved.

Church on the Street.  A51 sends 5 volunteers a month to help out with COTS.  Strawberry is your contact.  The commitment is a few hours.  You will be helping to feed people who are hungry beneath a bridge near uptown.  Older 2.0’s welcome.  I can connect you with Strawberry if you are not on Slack/Twitter.  Hit me at


5 inch plank is just fine

9 assembled for Drago’s first time Q at the Big House … lots of mumblechatter but this is what went down…

10 minute jog
50 SSH
20 mountain climbers
Plank into 6 inches

Call out workout

100 push-ups
100 Mountain climbers
100 Rosalita‘s

50 Burpee‘s
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups

4 sprints
In between each Sprint:
Plank 6 inches x2
Call out workout

Plank positions rotated with push-ups

It’s officially 6 inches and not 5 inches. As I was made aware!!
We finished up with a really tight circle of trust this morning.

Drago Q

Who’s in charge here?!

20 pax assembled, including 4.2 pax who did a pre-KB workout and Hollywood who partially fartsacked and missed the Fast Twitch launch.  Glad you men joined us at another edition of Hawk’s Nest.  No SF yet, but YHC is working on it, which is to say I’m trying to commandeer someone to make one for this AO that is fast becoming an Area 51 favorite (bias intended).

The Pre-KB will hopefully be a regular thing; and even the Fast Twitch co-site Q’s Rachel & Purell joined us for 15 minutes.

So the first interesting thing to happen this morning was that our scheduled workout Q was nowhere to be found.

So YHC circled the pax at 5:31.  #cobains Mermaid for the late launch and the anemic disclaimer.  We did some IW’s as YHC’s back was tight from the KB’s…Busch promised they would loosen the back!  We then did some H-R merkins.

Below is the rest of The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

We jogged over to the lot where we launched Hawk’s Nest/Fast Twitch for one day when the construction got all up in our normal business…thinking our absentee Q might have parked there as that one day was the only day he’s posted at Hawk’s Nest.  Alas, he’s fully AWOL and/or fartsacking.  So we partnered up and P1 ran a sneaky painful hilly loop around the lot while P2 did CDD’s.  Flapjack.  Repeato with squats and with flutters.

Mosey over towards the gym but doing a 60 yard? stretch of alterating bear crawls and lunge walks down one of the outdoor corridors.  Reasonably sure Puddin’ did neither the bear crawls nor the lunges. #DBP. Semi-Gloss was up to the same task.

We made our way over to the front of the gym and did 15 double squat step-up’s and 15 Incline Merkins.  Only HIPAA joined me at the high wall….hope Hopper, among others, skinned your knees doing step up’s on the low walled hawk statue.  Just kidding…sort of.

T-claps to our WD Beaver for posting and getting back in the gloom after breaking his hip nearly a year ago #oldmantough

We then made our way to the bridge for some people’s chair and overhead presses…mainly so YHC could think up some other parts of the on-the-fly Weinke.  Shockingly, Spackler shared with YHC how to make people’s chair easier when on one-leg…#professionalmodifier  Congrats on starting the new job today brother – let’s tee it up Friday, shall we?!

We then jogged past the chlorine sauna (aka Swim MAC) and made our way up to the lacrosse field….but one of the Latin staff was setting up something on the field so we continued on to Buttermaker’s for some more work.  Somebody pointed out a boat tucked just on the shore of Lake Latin as we jogged to the far end of the AO…we’ll make use of that some day…or not.

At Buttermaker’s we did some baseball position number theme work (even though it’s a softball field and they probably use 4 or 5 outfielders and facemarks for the infielders – WTH?).  9 H-R merkins in RF, 8 in CF, 7 in LF, 6 at SS, 5 at 3B, 4 at 2B, 3 at 1B, another 3 (for C and P combined as we didn’t want to mess up the groomed MLB quality infield dirt).  Billy Goat and likely several others had no grass nor dew on their shirts, so they obviously modified to some kind of Chelms-like Carolina Dry Merkin.

Schmedium was thankful we didn’t do 100+ burpees like they did at Matrix yesterday.  I wasn’t planning any, but Doc took over the Q at the 0600 mark, and would add some burpees on the track during what he called Ring-of-Fire.

Didn’t hear much from Thunder Road but the man posts 8 or 9 days a week, so he’s got enough on his plate without adding to it.  Speaking of not hearing much – I didn’t hear a lot from Busch either.  Perhaps he smoked himself a bit when Q’ing the pre-KB…probably not.  YHC is old and doesn’t hear well.

Gummy was also a bit quieter than normal though did make the call of “we should probably head back” at about 6:04.

Can’t remember exactly what Doc called except some modified Jack Webb (using 4 MC’s rather than overhead press with the Merkins)….and I pert near fell out during those.

Deep Dish is becoming a regular member of the pax after recovering from a winter shoulder injury incurred while lifting indoors with fake ferns and towel service.  Glad you’re back out in the gloom.  Stay outside.

Bulldog left at 6:08 before the Ring O’ Fire – which was also pretty awful.  To his credit, he did the pre-KB, so he got in 53 minutes of downpainment.  And he had to get home to start preparing for Three Lions’ WC semi-final match….which is tomorrow at 2pm.

Bananas acquitted himself nicely after not posting at F3 in a couple months…the pre-KB’s were especially unkind to you my friend.

We did some Mary here-and-there and some dips on the bridge at Lake Latin… and perhaps another couple things; but that’s enough.

COT with Busch taking us out in prayer.

One more thing – the Fast Twitch pax was about 10 minutes late for COT…something about getting lost in Busch & Schmedium’s neighborhood….though PopTart (aka Tackleberry) somehow made back in time?

Enjoyed it fellas.  Sorry for the impromptu Q, but hope you got your money’s worth this morning.  Keep EH’ing men.  You know lots of guys who need this.  And be especially alert to those guys who don’t know they need it.

See you knuckleheads again soon in the gloom.



Muscle Trauma: The Foxhole Edition

The tag line blasted on Slack for this workout was “Muscle Trauma in store @ the Foxhole.” Unafraid on eager for the DOMs that would occur…or checking off a box on the Journeyman Challenge, 7 Swole Trolls gathered for the main event including ages ranging from 8 to RESPECT status.

Warm-Up – Cue the music, no Taylor Swift or Katy Perry today.. all Rock..and Pandora commercials

  • Disclaimer given as we took off around the school at a warm-up pace, throwing in a trip up the stairs and back down
  • 15 Dips on the benches
  • 15 Merkins re-entering the parking lot, and finishing the mosey from where we began

The Thang – Partner up for the following:

  • Partner resistance ropes:
    • P1 holding and providing resistance on ropes
    • P2 high choppy steps whilst under tension to 1st speed bump followed immediately by 10 Goblet squats w/ bell
      • Flapjack and repeato x2
    • P1 holding and providing resistance on ropes
    • P2 back pedal whilst under tension to 1st speed bump followed immediately by 10 Goblet squats w/ bell
      • Flapjack and repeato x2
  • Progressive curls w/ bell
    • P1 – full parking lot building sprint, recover back to P2
    • P2 – 4 total curl positions starting with short pumps to full extension, 5reps at each position = 2o total
      • Flapjack
  • Regressive curls w/ bell
    • P1 – full parking lot building sprint, recover back to P2
    • P2 – 4 total curl positions starting with full extension to short pumps, 5reps at each position = 2o total
      • Flapjack
  • Clean & Press
    • P1 – full parking lot building sprint, recover back to P2
    • P2 – Clean & Press w/ bell (5x each side)
      • Flapjack
  • French Press Negatives
    • P1 – full parking lot building sprint, recover back to P2
    • P2 – French press negative (slow count on downward motion) to normal extension
      • Flapjack
  • Abyss Merkins (x2)
    • P1 – full parking lot building sprint, recover back to P2
    • P2 – Deep merkins utilizing curb for feet and bells as handles to dip below the bells on the merkins into the Abyss
      • Flapjack
  • Pull-Up Finale
    • 10 pull-ups, 10 toes to bar, (1) 10ct of 6inch Plank
    • 8 pull-ups, 8 toes to bar, (2) 10ct of 6inch Plank
    • 6 pull-ups, 6 toes to bar, (3) 10ct of 6inch Plank
    • 4 pull-ups, 4 toes to bar, (4) 10ct of 6inch Plank
    • 2 pull-ups, 2 toes to bar, (5) 10ct of 6inch Plank


Strong and yes, I do mean strong work by the PAX this morning as the Lions inside were awakened. It was a great morning to take advantage of temperature wise and get after it and get after it we did. The tunes are always a boost but it’s funny how when Taylor Swift pops up I get ridiculed and when no Taylor Swift pops up I still get ridiculed. That was the least ridiculable (not a word) content of the workout as my disclaimer should have been “I am not a professional, and my gear is far from professional” as the “resistance ropes” that I used are only professional kidnapping grade and the 5lb plate that was brought for Cobblers 2.0 (Gronk) was a large plate of tile. Moving on from the ridiculing and focusing on the positives from today I’ll first start with the workout before the workout. Solid pre-run effort and route laid out by Erector, really going to miss this dude moving to Tennessee. He has been a lead by example guy and a huge addition to SOB/Indian Land. Fredo may be respect status but those legs are 25, as he was the sprint burner in the group. Moving from age to beauty…from his mother of course, strong work by Gronk to defeat the fartsack and continue to lay the groundwork towards his goal of playing for some small school in Tuscaloosa one day and for Cobbler to provide the antagonizing to get him out of the fartsack and push him during the workout.  Argonaut asked for pull-ups and he received pull-ups and delivered on pull-ups likely being the only one to complete all of them in strict pull-up fashion. Last but certainly not least, came as a journeyman and performed like a beast Das Boot, great work stepping out of the comfort zone and trying something different, you nailed it.


  • Erector finale Q at Blackhawk this Saturday, 6:00 pre-run on the trails, 6:30 main event followed by a farewell feast (breakfast)
  • Rebel Yell and The Arsenal converge @ Rebel Yell featuring Cobbler on Q
  • Argonaut on Q for a spooky this Friday the 13th at the 3 Headed Hell Hound (Cerberus)
  • Isabella Santos race, sign up and keep the SOB push and support strong for this event in our own back yard
  • New site “Pokey” headed up by Paper Jam opens up Wednesday 7/11 for Dynamic Stretching…the M is sure to enjoy the results


Stoppage Time

11 Men showed up for Fast Twitch this morning.  2 of them showed up 15 minutes early to swing KB’s with Hops, Bulldog, Busch and Bananas, and all men were in the same parking spot.  It was 2015 all over again.

We peeled off Rachel and Purell from the KB’s, gave a weak disclaimer and off we went.  I had 2 plans in mind and decided to head right on Providence and save the mystery of the left turn and route for another day.

The Thang:

Head South on Providence and take a right into Berkeley where we mosey through on our way to Ballantyne Commons.  Prohibition helped guide the way and reminded the Q that it was well past time for Imperial Walkers.  So we stopped.  Did some IW’s and a plank with 6″ hold.  Off again.  Right on Ballantyne Commons and a Right on Woodview.

Head to the top of the hill about ¾ of the way down.  From here do Triple Nickel, but with double the exercises.  So 5 runs down to the cul-de-sac for 10 Jump Squats and 5 runs back up with 10 Romanian Deadlifts at the top.  Fast guys get an extra half or full hill run to catch the six.  (you can thank me tomorrow for the RDL’s). I am fairly certain this place is the missing 6th Knoll.  It’s a steep little sucker.  10%+ grade according to Strava.

Head back out to Ballantyne Commons and thorough Berkeley.  Enough time to head down to the base of Alexa.  Where poor instructions and perfect execution of said poor instructions led to PAX all over the place.  It’s basically a circle, except that the two ends of the circle hit about 100 yards apart.  Oops.  After a few minutes we collected everyone and high tailed it back to the lot.  7 minutes of stoppage time that you don’t have to pay extra for.  Apologies for the tardiness.


After 5 years of Fast Twitch at SCMS we had all pretty much learned all the routes and roads like the back our our hand.  (Even though Haze Q’ed the exact same Windbluff to Rising Meadow course EVERY TIME.)  The change to Latin has opened up some new territory to explore and sometimes Explorers experience unintended consequences.  See:

So we were a few minutes late on the way home, but on the plus side we suffered no decapitations, poison arrows, or cannibalism.  Although Purell’s gas and the scent of Pro’s Paco’s Tacos and Tequila almost did us in.

Rosey taunted Purell to run real fast.  And they did.  Rachel and Uncle Rico weren’t far behind and Astro made sure not to let the young whipper-snapper to far out of eyesight.  Good to see Hammer found the correct parking lot and joined us this week.  Pop-Tart ran strong and was upset by the lack of push ups.  Margo and Purple Haze grinding out the miles as always.

Thanks to Astro for the strong takeout.



Uncle Rico’s Brown Bag will be hosting a fundraiser (Next Thursday?). I believe he said the worthy cause was for Hunter Syndrome.  Look for further details from Uncle Rico

There will be snow cones!  Bring your own liquor if you want “adult” snow cones.  See Prohibition if you need an airplane bottle or seven.

Two Truth’s and a Lie – The part about the snow cones is true.  I made up the whole “adult” snow cone thing.  Don’t do that.  At least not at the fundraiser.  The part about seeing Pro for airplane bottles is the second truth.


Gear Preview Day

7 pax assembled at Ye Olde Providence Elementary School for the monthly gear day.  Usually, this means kettlebells, but today, it included a few non-bell implements.  Warning:  swole DOMS may occur.


The Thang:


  • SSH (not sure why these were called; just slipped out before YHC could stop them)
  • Low Slow Squats
  • IM

Enough of that.  Pick up the pax-supplied bells, and let’s mosey.

Well, look-ey here.  On the far side of the school, the basketball court is covered with bells, pipes, sleds…

Circuit Work:

  1. Sled – wheels & handles removed from a wheelbarrow, chained to a shoulder harness, and filled with kettlebells.
  2. Waiter Carry – 28kg bell
  3. Bottoms-up Press – various sizes 20-40#, #humbling
  4. Alternating Swing – 28 kg bell
  5. One-Arm Press – various sizes, 16-24kg
  6. Slosh Pipe – 4″ pipe, 8′ long, ~35# of water
  7. Farmer Carry – 2 x 32kg (2×70#)
  8. Pull-ups
  9. Goblet Squat – 36kg, 32kg
  10. Lawnmower – 24kg, 20kg
  11. Snatches – 24kg, 20kg
  12. Sandbag – 70#
  13. Jump Rope
  14. Cleans – double 24kg, single 24kg, 20kg
  15. Grass-burners – SkiBobs converted to GrassBobs

kg-lb conversion:

  • 16kg = 35lb
  • 20kg = 44lb
  • 24kg = 53lb
  • 28kg = 62lb
  • 32kg = 70lb
  • 36kg = 79lb

Sled is the timer.  (since there are more stations than pax, “next man up” rotates to sled to keep time and rotations for the pax.)  Optional, use grass-burner as timer.  Or both.  #masochists

Modify as needed as the pax rotate through the various stations.

Time.  Done.


Naked Moleskine:

Great effort by everyone today and some good #mumblechatter along the way as well, which is a big reason why we post here vs at the #fern.

YHC had been looking to do a gear day (i.e. more than kettlebells) for some time.  Constanza, who missed today due to an alarm clock fail, asked YHC to Q today, while Dollywood asked YHC to Q gear at Death Valley on 7/11.  Hmm…that’s just too convenient.  So, Ascent pax got a preview (and an extra 15 minutes) of the fun planned for Death Valley.

Thanks to Voodoo for arriving early to help YHC setup the circuit.  And, thanks to the pax for their flexibility as we tried out using a timer instead of the sled as timer and tried a couple of musical playlists.

All in all, iron was sharpened…and the paint was scrubbed off the bottom of the wheelbarrow.  #brokenin


Man Down at the Wall!

Nice day for it, and we had a Monday Pax of 25.  Things were chugging-along through BLIMPS, Bears and Crabs until we got to the Facility-building wall.  Something at the wall set BottleCap’s back off in a bad way and brought the big man down (Donkeys? Chicken Peckers? Kryptonite?).  B-Cap made his way out for recovery, and we carried on with some partner-work, and Hill-Elevens that brought it to a close. My thanks to the Pax for your improv and patience as I hone my Q-skills.  Thoughts and prayers B-Cap… apply heat.



  • Lap around the lot
  • Side-straddle hops
  • Planks, wax-on, wax off
  • Plank, lift opposite arm & leg


The Thang

BLIMPS down the back-school light posts

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Lunges, each leg
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank-Jacks
  • 30 Squats
  • Fast-guys flutter while The-6 finish


Bear & Crab

  • Bear Crawl down sidewalk to fields
  • Crab Walk back
  • Run to Facilities building


The Wall

  • 50 People’s Chair
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Chicken Peckers (feet on wall, touch opposite shoulder)
  • 25 Air Press
  • 25 Punches


The Bus Lane to School

  • Run toward school. ½ Caricoca, ½ Reverse Run
  • Pair-up: 100 Derkins + 100 Step-ups, while partner runs a loop.
  • Fast-guys crunch while The-6 finish
  • Mosey back to parking lot


Hill Elevens

At the hill at middle school parking lot.

  • 10 Burpees at top, 1 Merkin at bottom of hill
  • 9 Burpees at top, 2 Merkin at bottom of hill
  • Continue until 1 Burpee at top, 10 Merkins at bottom
  • Fast-guys lead; Freddie, Protractor while The-6 finish