Crawling around Conviction

Crawling around Conviction

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, I broke county lines to lead the 4 Pax at Conviction. Here’s what we did:


Mosey around the parking lot to warm up


20X Hillbilly

Mosey to Playground area

Plank it up

Mountain Climbers X20

Peter Parker X20


Mosey onto the track

Four Corners-

1st Round- Running

2nd Round- Bear Crawl

3rd Round- High Knee Skips

4th Lunges on the straight away Spiderman Crawl around the turns


Corner 1- MerkinsX 10

Corner 2- Jump SquatsX 10

Corner 3- Reg SquatsX10

Corner 4- BurpeesX5


BROGA BREAK- Sun SalutationX2 (yes on pavement)

Mosey to the Sidewalk

Partner 1- Exercise

Partner 2- run to the baseball field

Exercise 1- Monkey Humpers

Exercise 2- Russian Twist


Mosey halfway back to launch, then AYG to the parking lot




I always enjoy making the epic trip from Mecklenburg county to Union- those ten minutes transport you to such a different world (not really)

Normally my Wednesday’s are a strict recovery day- you’ll usually find me at Gumby stretching it out (5:30 at Matthews United Scout hut *Cough *cough). So while I wanted to bring a beat down- I also wanted to educate the Pax on the beauty of the Broga- and I’d say the melding of the two was pretty successful.

Lois struggled early with the wet grass during our first Broga Break- he transition to pavement and promptly recovered.


Honestly… i misjudged how long the track at the school … or it just is longer when you are bear crawling it. Initially the plan was to Spiderman crawl the entire thing- but quick Q audible after the bear crawl… it was rough!


The Po-lice rolled up on us at the track- as Gypsy hurriedly consumed all the moonshine he had brought to stay hydrated. We then hastily explained to the officer that we were working out. Satisfied he rolled out- not before denying Gypsy’s invitation to join… something about it being to early ( #sadclowncop)

Great job guys cranking it out- Lois joined me for the trek to Union County and brought the pain.

Gypsy is a machine- I was tempted to add additional 10-counts to the workout just to see how many Merkins he’d do.

Crypto cranked it out as well- bad back and all!


Thanks Gypsy and BullWinkle for letting me lead- this is always an awesome Q and a great workout to be at (especially when EHing New guys).


Until Next time- Aye!



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