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Wait, it’s run heavy workout – from Fuse Box?

23 Pax came out to see if a Clydesdale could actually run a Gazelle style workout.  Much to the amazement of the pax and the Q himself, we all finished without a single incident.  Though there was plenty of mumble chatter and grumbling as usual.  I heard the usual call out from Frack – something about Yoga.  That was the last time I heard from him and the rest of the pax as we were all huffing pretty hard after that.  I will be crawling back into my cave for some hibernation and recovery as well.

We welcomed some new faces – FNG Fat Man; and some old faces – Turtle.  Both Posse and Bottle Cap represented the ACC well last night with convincing wins and showed up to brag about them.



Lap to the front of middle school.  Picked up two pax coming in on two wheels.

30 SSH

15  3-6-9’s

25 T Merkins

10 Potato Pickers



Mosey to hill at front entrance of high school and partner up.

Partner 1: run up hill backwards with 2 burpees at the top.  Partner 2: Merkins at bottom of hill.  3 rounds.

Mosey to front of middle school.

Partner 1: 1 legged step up, 15 each leg.  Partner 2: Heels to Heaven.  2 Rounds.

Partner 1: 1 legged derkin into a 1 legged lunge.  Partner 2: run a lap.  2 Rounds.

Mosey to Transporters Shed

Partner Push to the 2nd light, jog back to start and flap jack.

Inchworm push ups to first light then 5 Carolina Dry docks at each light pole to the end.

Merry at the start for abs: American Hammer, Heels to Heaven, WWII Sit Up’s



Another great group of guys today.  Thanks to Foundation for asking me to lead even after I asked “are you sure, I’m already teaching Friday and Thursday?”.

I set out to prove some folks wrong today – most notably myself.  I wanted to see if I could not only complete a Gazelle style workout, but lead one.  My apologies to my fellow Clydesdales, I will return back to regular form following up the rear again soon.

Bottle Cap EH’ed a new FNG out.  Welcome to Fat Man who gets his name both because his last name is Marvel, and his business competes with FatMan plumbing.

Welcome back out to Turtle.  We didn’t get a chance to meet, but it sounds like you have lots of dirt on some of these guys (or maybe its the other way around?) so hopefully you will be back out to share some of that wisdom.

Posse made it out even though he was sick.  It was apparent that he was under the weather from the start, though originally I just thought he was up late celebrating the Clemson blow out of Auburn (ACC! ACC!).  I myself was celebrating as well – an early exit for UNC.

Speaking of UNC – I somehow managed to lead a workout with both Carolina Dry Docks and Heels to Heaven in the same workout.  My Wolfpack brethren would be so ashamed.  I will do better next time.

Frack started out the partner push strong so I had to lock down and make him work.  He stopped at the first light and then realized he was only half way.  The final push was pretty weak.  I may have actually wore down the infamous Frack.  I will pause for his rebuttal that will most likely be filled with insults challenging my manhood and will leave me speechless and shocked.

Hannie’s VQ at Kevlar

(Written by Fault Line on behalf of Hannie)
Pretty excited to get some new younger talent leading Kevlar. Orange Whip had prepped Hannie earlier in the week so we knew he was ready to go. Unfortunately OW would miss it because he went back to his ex-girlfriend Joust, for one more tryst. Whatevs…
Upon arrival I see Hannie and the Covenant Day XC team stretching in the parking lot (as it’s become a familiar ritual). He was pacing a bit and forgot who I was, but that’s okay…I look like just another Dad trying to hold on to his youth. So it was me and Cottontail and 10 Covenant Day students and faculty. And with a quick and mediocre disclaimer….off we went. Below is what Hannie provided for the BB. My personal commentary in (italics):
Friday’s bright and early VQ started with a quick COD (he meant COP…or he’s spending too much time ordering merchandise from TV ads) of merkins, SSH, squats, and LBCs. (Pretty solid cadence count, one slip up, more of a caesura “pause” really. Oh and he forgot to mention 10 burpees OYO). 
Partner wheelbarrowed across the Cov Day track field (The goal was 4 lengths, we barely got in two…)
 Ran (around the campus) and lunged to the lifting stones where we performed 40 shoulder presses and 10 LSS (Low Slow Squat) holding the stones.
Moseyed over to the neighborhood across (51) from the tennis courts where we did a round of 7’s up the hill (burpees at bottom, jump squats at top) followed by planking exercises.
Retracing our steps, we arrived at the lifting stones where we did another 40 shoulder presses.
We ran back to the school where we did some wall sits (with air presses), slo-mo merkins, more LBCs, Russian twists, and old school sit ups.
We finished the morning off with some all-out sprints across the field with a buy in of merkins or squats. (5 merkins rd1, 10 merkins rd 2, 15 merkins rd 3, 20 squats rd 4 before sprint) (Definitely a great way to end the workout…lots of chatter and spirit out there)
It was a solid workout and VQ by Hannie. We hit most of the AO, worked different muscles and got in some cardio. We seemed to have lost some Kevlar regulars, might be the new rival workout Cerberus (which is like 10 miles away on Providence somewhere, lots of traffic) or maybe they’re just intimidated by all the new young guys at Kevlar. Speaking of which our FNG was none other than Hannie’s 16 year old younger brother who we named Cliffhanger. As long as we have a strong dozen out there, we’re good. But with the warmer weather, the workouts will be tough, come join us. Thank you to Cottontail for the takeout prayer. 

Dropping some DOMS

6 pax pulled into Elizabeth Lane Elementary and were astonished to spot YHC’s car already in the lot. What can I say? I was excited for some doubles.

Warm up:

  • 20 2 handed swings OYO
  • 3 halos each direction
  • 3 prying squats
  • 10 1H swings per side OYO

The Thang:

Partner up by like-sized bell for some partner doubles work. One partner works while the other recovers (or does another exercise if you’re Bulldog and Purell).

  • Double swings x 100
  • Double snatch x 50
  • Double racked squat x 100
  • Double clean x 100
  • Double OH press x 50
  • Double high pull x 100


  • LBCs x 30 IC
  • Dolly x 10 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 10 IC (Sanka)
  • Slow Freddie Mercury x 10 IC (High Tide)

COT – thanks to High Tide for the take out.


  • YHC had missed doing some heavy weight at Meathead, so decided to do some doubles today. The pax did a great job of focusing on form and pushing the weight beyond what they might normally lift. This is a workout that I think Tiger Rag first brought out here, but we haven’t done it in a while. Hopefully the pax got their money’s worth.
  • Partners included: Sanka/Ickey Shuffle, Bulldog/Purell, and High Tide/Rachael (and sometimes YHC). It seems like the pairs were pretty well matched as everyone finished at about the same time. If anyone was still working, we mixed in some plank work.
  • Witch Doctor has been dealing with a dodgy back that’s kept him away off and on for the past few weeks. We hope to have him back soon!

Corre por la colina

25 Pax showed up to start the weekend off right and enjoy my first rainless Q I can recall in quite some time. An adequate disclaimer was given and the PAX was encouraged to modify at their own risk.

The Thang

We left launch and headed towards the Carmel Village parking lot. We circled up for COT, 15 x imperial walkers, 15 x cotton pickers, 10 x merkins, 10 mountain climbers. I heard limited to no heckling during my cadence, which I consider a win.

From there we partnered up. Partners met in the middle of the 2nd floor of shopping center 20 x squats, then 10 hand-slap merkins when they met back up on the first floor (x3)

We then moseyed across 51 to Carmel Commons to the office courtyard area. Partners were to collectively complete 100 dips, derkins, inclined merkins, step-ups (each leg), the other partner ran to and up the hill behind the shopping center completing 10 burpees at the top. Partners alternated until complete. Mermaid led Mary while waiting for everyone to finish.

YHC did not plan beyond this, so I made up the rest. We moseyed back across 51 to the CC parking deck. Running up to the top of the deck we stopped for 5 merkins at each turn. At the top the Pax led 15 counts of Mary, except for Margo who modified to a 25 count. With a few minutes to spare we moseyed back to launch and held plank until 6:15.


Sign up to be a First Tee Coach – Training on 4/14 – See Chelms

Richard Sheltra 5k/10k – 4/28

Men’s Retreat – Mission Uprising NC – 5/3-5/5 (google mission uprising NC for more info)

Thanks to Shoe for the takeout. Great work by the entire group this morning. It has been a little while since YHC has been out, so I’m definitely feeling it a bit this afternoon. Thanks to Margo and Udder for the opportunity to lead a great group of guys.



Blocks from my yard

I don’t usually leave my home turf of Kevlar on Friday mornings, but if I do, it’s going to be at Joust. Yeti graciously keeps me on the Q list and I never turn down the offer because going from any AO to Charlotte Christian is like going from a Jeep to a Land Rover LR4 – Header knows what I’m talking about.


Advised everyone to bring out their gloves, even though the temp was over 55 because I loaded some 12″x 12″ pavers into my trunk which would be the workout theme for the morning. Very light running day, but heavy on the reps.


The Thang

Grab a paver and start running.


Meet in the middle of the field for a warmup – Squat Press with Paver, SSH, Merkins, IW


Field work – all with PAVER

  • 50 shoulder presses, run 100 yards (and back), 50 shoulder presses, run 50 yards (and back), 50 shoulder presses – BURN!


  • Run to 20 yard line – 20 chest presses, Run to 40 yard line – 40 chest presses – Run to other 40 yard line – 40 chest presses – Run to far 20 yard line -20 chest presses – run back to end zone


  • Suicides (no paver) running to the 20, 40, 40, 20 and back


Catch me if you can – Partner 1 carries both pavers while walking around the track – Partner 2 does 3 burpees and catches partner 1 – all the way to the bleachers


Bleachers/Wall work

Round 1

  • P1 – Plank on wall
  • P2 – 20 merkins
  • Flapjack – 3x 

Round 2

  • P1 – Wall sit with paver held out in front (or overhead)
  • P2 – Louganis (20)
  • Flapjack – 3x

Round 3 (I think there was a round 3, or it’s just on my weinke)


Bleacher Runs – stack up pavers 2 high with your partner

Round 1

P1 – Runs bleachers

P2 – Jump shuffles on pavers  – Flapjack

Round 2 

P1 – Runs bleachers

P2 – Left, Middle, Right merkins on the pavers – Flapjack

Round 3

P1 – Runs bleachers

P2 – Burpee and jump over paver – Flapjack


Circle up (Meathead style) – Cadence count Curls, Tri-Extensions


Sprint – 400 meters – top time 1:15 (Dollywood)


To catch our breath we waiter carried our pavers back down the track, put the pavers back in my truck and did some ab work.




My wife made a path with some large square pavers in our yard a few years ago and after years of kids picking up pavers and putting them back, and using them for experiments smashing bugs and lizards, I decided to remove the old path – at about 10pm last night – and load them into my Suburban. Then I put a paver workout down on a weinke and the rest is history….


Dollywood made some comment about this not being Kevlar and to take it easy, but this group is always fast and strong. He was also in the lead all day and won the 400m run.


Chin Music has 4 or 5 different speeds. During the 400 he passed me, fell behind, and passed me again about 4 times. Once he figures out how to use his manual transmission right he won’t be stopped. Dude has turned into a machine the past year.


Stone Cold’s shoes kept coming untied during burpees – I hate it when that happens – always during burpees!!


I think Squid is part of a group of twins or triplets.  He’s on every Friday backblast that exists. I think he may have left at one point and ran over to Kevlar to make sure he made it to their backblast.


I partnered with Smokey and Stone Cold and they were both pushing through the burnout sets. I hate to use the word “old man strength” but dang, I’ll take some of that.


Yeti is the 29 year old guy that looks like he’s about 19 and can turn on the heat whenever he wants to. Also, he has a killer left foot as seen in the F3 soccer game – which somehow all of the soccer guys at F3 talked me into playing in because I like to run. They never told me that I needed to be a semi-professional soccer player.


Header – more good soccer  – is the nice guy who doesn’t act competitive but you know that he can flip the switch. He’s fast and was pushing hard all morning.


Funky Cold – I’ve worked out with him before but not on a regular basis. Dude is fast and strong.


No slouches today – the entire group stayed together all morning and it was a pleasure to lead the PAX.



No announcements, unless you want to start training for the Palmetto 200 which is tomorrow.


Until next time…

-Orange Whip

Big Girl Workout

16 men came out to get a little better this fine morning. More on the title in a sec.

The Thang

Mosey from the launch across the multitude of parking lots passing by the front of the Whole Foods. Proceed to make our way around to the back of the Whole Foods for COP. COP consisted of the following. 10 Merkins IC. 5 Burpees OYO. 10 Low Slow Squats IC. 5 Burpees OYO. 10 Mountain Climbers IC. 5 Burpees OYO.

Short Mosey over to the parking deck stairwell 3. Instruction were given for what would follow. At ground floor level 1, 5 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 2, 10 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 3, 15 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 4 for 20 Merkins.  Stay on level 4 and run to stairwell 2 and repeat the set in reverse going down. So 20 at level 4, 15 at level 3, etc. Run to stairwell 1 and repeat the set going back up. Once the 20 Merkins were done at the top of stairwell 1, run back to the starting point using the deck ramps. A little Mary to let everyone finish. Now repeat the set, but instead of Merkins do Jump Squats. More Mary to wait on the six. Walk over to the wall near the deck entrance for People’s Chair. Drop and do 10 Donkey Kicks. Back on the wall for 45ish more seconds. Mosey out from the deck, take a right on Southgrove, and head down to Ardrey Kell. Stop at the Ardrey Kell/Southgrove intersection. Next set was stopping for called exercise at each light on the left of Ardrey Kell up to the traffic circle. Run around the traffic circle. Then do the exercises again on the way back down Ardrey Kell to the start. The first round was 5 plank jacks at each stop. The second round was 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s at each stop. A few minutes were still left so we headed back to the deck the way we came for one round of the following. 5 Burpees there at the entrance. Run up the stairs to the top level for 5 more Burpees. Run down the stairs at stairwell 1. 5 more Burpees at the bottom. Head back to the launch. Done.


Good work today men. There were a lot of guys YHC had never met before. Including Bananas who said this was only his second post after a year off. Good to have you back out.

Did the good old boy in the white van talk to anyone else? He caught YHC both times coming back to the start of the Ardrey Kell set. The first time he asked what we were doing. “Ya’ll some kinda workout group.” Why yes we are. The second time he told YHC and Pop Tart about a trainer he knew that ran ultras. He then proceeded to tell us that this trainer trains “big girls” “It’s a big girl workout.” Between what he said and the southern twang he said it in, pure awesomeness.

Thanks Pop Tart for the take out.

A Welcome Spring Clydesdale Picnic

14 Pax came out to welcome in spring at a Clydesdale Picnic.  There was music, there was picnic tables, there was a lot of mumble chatter, and some groaning.  The groaning might have had something to do with our 4 respects that joined – or maybe the workout was a little more difficult as I had to work out my frustration from the Wolfpack losing yesterday.


Warm up

Lap around the parking lot then circled up.

25 Side Straddle Hops

20 In/Outs

20 T-Merkins

10 Potato Pickers



Mosey to third light to pick up a rock and circle up

21’s – except I decided to 30’s, and then decided to do a few more at the end.  10 bottom half curls, put rock down & rotate.  10 upper half curls (squeeze at the top), put rock down and rotate.  10 full curls, hold on number 10, then do 5 more just because.  Rocks down and rotate.

Military Press ladder with a hold – 1 press then hold for 9, 2 presses then hold for 8……

Squat ladder with a hold – 1 squat then hold for 9……  Lots of mumble chatter about not making eye contact with the person across from you and #2 innuendos.

Lunge holding rock over head for 1 light then mosey back to parking lot for station work.



Partner Push – timer


Picnic table runs

Curl/Press with a rock


Squat/Upright row with a rock

(3-6-9) I think this one actually ended up getting thrown out or skipped by most pax



Stations lasted approximately 30 minutes.  Grab rocks and do presses while we wait for the 6, then mosey back to third light to put rocks up.

Mad Dog led merry (marry? mary?) of heels to heaven while waiting on the 6.  I normally don’t approve of any workout that mentions the cheaters (Heels to heaven, Carolina Dry Docks), but I made an exception today.

Final round of chest exercises with another round of T Merkins and some regular Merkins mixed in with 6 inches.  By this point the groaning and complaining was loud, and it was 6:14.  Decidied to give them a break and mosey back to start to circle up.


Mole Skin

Another great workout with an even better group.  Thanks to Recalculating for offering me a chance to Q.  This is my first Q outside of Weddington HS.  I (think I) proved once again that you don’t have to run three miles to get your heart rate up and a good workout.  I know me and my partner loafer were huffing and puffing pretty good there – especially during partner pushes.

As usual, I mixed in some new exercises that increased the mumble chatter to near deafening levels.  Money Ball was there so that explains the record amount of mumble chatter. For those that have not done T Merkins before – the Army now uses them instead of regular push ups.  I figure if its good enough for the Army, its good enough for us.  Hopefully you enjoyed them.  I like them better because it forces good form, doesn’t allow you to cheat (I won’t call anyone out but we have several alligator arm merkins from the group), and adds some shoulder and back work in at the same time.  If your curious, there are a few articles out there on why the army switched to T push ups.  Here is one to start:

After back to back bear crawl heavy workouts, I delivered on my promise for no bear crawls – I think that is why Dough Boy decided to fart sack (that guy loves a good bear crawl).

Shout out to Hollywood who once again showed everyone up today by adding superman’s to the T Merkins.  I will apologize in advance to the other pax as I have a suspicion we may be seeing those at his next Q.

1 down, 2 more to go.  I will be Q’ing again Monday and Thursday next week (I will pause for the collective groan from the group).  I look forward to seeing everyone out there in the gloom next week!


Arsenal gets Snugly

The Arsenal had 3 men for a double prerun, 5 men for a single prerun and 6 men for the main event. While Fire Hazard preferred to skip the main event and just snuggle to keep warm, the PAX convinced him to push on from his double prerun.


  • Mosey to parking lot
  • 30 SSH IC
  • 15 Low Slow Squat
  • 10 Windmill
  • 30 Moroccan Night Club

The Thang:

Line up at 1 end of parking lot

Round 1

    • Run to 1st line – 10 Regular Merkins
    • Run to 2nd line – 10 Wide Arm Merkins
    • Run to 3rd line – 10 Diamond Merkins
    • Sprint to other end of parking lot

Round 2

    • #1 Lunges down to 2nd line
    • #2 Inch Worm Merkin to 2nd line
    • #3 Karaoke to 2nd line then switch sides
    • #4 Bear Crawl to 2nd line
    • Sprint to other end of parking lot
Mosey to Front of School
  • Wall climbs to other side
  • Heels to heaven
  • LBC
Mosey to corner park
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Wall Jumps
  • 20 Decline Merkins
  • Repeat
Mosey to long way to Baseball Bleachers
  • 20 Incline Merkins
  • 20 Step-ups (10 each leg)
  • 20 Reverse Wall Jumps
  • 20 Dips
Mosey to Football Field
  • Partner Tire Flips – trade off every 5 to 50 yard line
  • Repeat tire flips back to start

Mary interrupts Mary

The looooooong way around how the Conviction PAX finally met Mary

Slight back story:  Spent the weekend driving down to Huntsville AL then to Birmingham AL for my daughter’s LAX games.  In the back seat of the truck was my 2.0 (Choppa) hacking away with a mild end of Winter cold.

Fast forward 5 days:  Alarm goes off at 4:45 and the last thing I want to do is get up after spending all night coughing thanks to 2.0, but YHC has the Q and telling this PAX in the UC that I fartsacked a Q for a little cough is not something I was willing to take harassment for.  (I will hold that card for one of those 40-degree nasty raining mornings) Any way, pour some coffee, grab the weinke, I load up the Gypsy-truck with the gear (yup gear for the boot camp) collect Christmas and off we go.

5:30 time to make announcements. In recent conversations regarding moderate AOs, if the attending pax are all long standing F3 members with no injuries, the site modification is converted from a “moderate” to a standard F3 Boot Camp.  Looking around I take note that all members in the PAX have Qed at some point and as such, I declare the site is not moderate today.  This was perfect because it was cold and extra running added in would help keep everyone warm.

Time to mosey:

It did not take much time for the PAX to realize I was a little out of it from not feeling well when I pointed the direction we were going to run and took off the other direction.  Whatever, I knew in my mind we were circling around, but words were not working yet for me after about 3 hrs total sleep.  Finally getting where YHC pointed, we circle up for warmup as we hold for whoever that was that came screaming in on 2 wheels.


  • SSH: forgot the number, just kept doing them until who ever that was pulling in caught us.  (Look, here comes Woody.)  He indicates the light at the intersection of 74 and Stallings held him up, so in UC fashion of course we had to do 5 Burpees in honor of such a wonderful delay.
  • Low Slow Squats: x 15
  • Michael Philips x 10 seconds
  • IW: x 14

Mosey around the school to the back bus lot where the YHC’s truck is waiting for us with some fun coupons in the back.  Each pax picks their chosen coupon after being told they will be for lifting and not running.  (we had concrete blocks of 3 sizes and few different weighted kettle bells).

The Thang: Deck of Death (WIB)  PAX divided up into 2 groups


Clubs = Hand Release Merkins

Hearts = Squats (with coupon)

Diamonds = WWII sit-ups

Spades = Over head press(with coupon)

Number = number of reps
Jacks = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13
Ace =14

  • Draw card and perform said exercise
    (Exercises are performed as a PAX in Civilian count)
  • PAX mosey to designated location and return to draw next card.
  • pax can begin performing said exercise, but count as PAX does not begin until the 6 is back from the mosey

Mubblechatter was very light with the constant movement by everyone.  Not much to discuss on this one as the PAX got to work knocking this card game out with the only general complaints that YHC did not shuffle the deck very well.  However, I deflected to Bullwinkle since he cut the deck before we dealt out the 2 stacks.  😊 Ended the card game at the awkward time in the beatdown where it is not enough time to repeato  (although I mentioned it and the PAX declined) but too much time to start Mary.

Not a problem… because YHC may not be a Professional as declared at beginning, but I am a Professional at not being a professional and this ain’t my 1st Q, so we mosey over to the playground for some impromptu.  Not enough time for finding Dora, but the tables look great for a quick round of DIPs, Derkins, and step-ups.  15 each.  Finish up and mosey back to the flag from some classic core burning Mary.


  • Hold legs at 6 inches for the 6 to arrive. (mubblechatter starts on this one wondering if the six was out looking for Dora)
  • Dollies
  • Rosalittas
  • Heels to Heaven (IC on this was all over the place… oh well.. just do them)
  • Protractor (in comes Mary) Imagine this if you will: Here we are at the end of a Boot Camp beatdown counting out cadence as we laying in the middle of a parking lot and out of the Gloom comes a lady’s voice (Mary) asking what school we are at?  . I stated at the start I was not feeling well so it might be a hallucination.. Nope.. its real….  After all this time doing F3, YHC finally gets to meet this Mary person every Q always talks about and she is lost.  She is looking for Butler High School and we are at Stalling Elementary.  Bullwinkle tries to give her directions but wow.. ummmm.. lets just say YHC will not be asking Bullwinkle for directions unless I’m looking to go the looooooong way.. at least now I know why he will not run a 5K.  If he gave the directions it would be a 15K instead.  We get Mary headed to Butler and finish up.


Naked Moleskin:

Thanks to the PAX for helping through this one.  It was a tough one for me since I literally went home after and drank some Nyquil went back to sleep for the day.  Solid work by all. YHC trialed a new technique for the Conviction AO with extra exercises for the PAX while holding for the 6 vs. ping ponging back to collect.  Since we stay on campus for this AO and YHC informed the PAX where our next stop point was, I felt like we were adhering to the Credo of leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.  This approach appeared to work well and YHC will continue to incorporate it into the weinke.



  • Woody (R) as of 3/15 (HAPPY Half Century BIRTHDAY!!) has Conviction Q 3/21
  • Sparta AO on 3/29 will have Speed for Need Chairs for race training
  • Eleventy billion March Madness brackets for F3. Check Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Twitter to pick which one you want to be part of.
  • Union County Happy Hour at Hickory Tavern: 6400 Weddington Rd, Wesley Chapel, NC 28104


YHC Gypsy

Hair of the Dog

Q in mid-March, they said.  It will be nice and warm by then they said.  So at 26 degrees and after a choppy disclaimer, during which YHC forgot to check for FNGs, 11 men set off on YHC’s first #Hydra post since July and first Q since who knows when.


Run around to the OP bus lot, avoiding potholes as best we can.

  • 11 SSH
  • 16 IW

Cadence was choppy at best.

The Rest of the Story:

Dodge potholes back to Rea, down Summerlin to Abbotswood for 7s.  At this point Hopper informs me there is an FNG among us.  He is welcomed to the group, and then immediately sent up a hill.  7s on Abbotswood: Squats at the bottom, merkins at the top. Plank for the 6, 4 merkins oyo.

Mosey back the other way on Abbotswood to Windyrush and up to the Foxworth hill for another set of 7s: LBCs at the bottom, burpees at the top.  An angry dog in a yard along Foxworth expressed his displeasure at our presence, so a barking dog audible was called and we headed back up Windyrush to Rea. #Omaha

2 merkins oyo. #dontoverdoit

Back to the school, to the concession stand via the launch spot due to not wanting to have to dodge potholes again #thanksCMS. We tried not to scare the FiA ladies as we made our way around.  Once at the concession stand we split into two groups:

  • Group 1: 10 Derkins
  • Group 2: Mosey to the playground; 10 Pullups
  • Flapjack until 6:11. Group 1 got a few extra stepups on a picnic table that happened to be by the playground

Mosey back to launch for Mary:

  • 10 leg raises IC
  • 15 flutters IC
  • 16 LBCs IC

That’s a wrap.

Great work by everyone. 3.5 miles were covered, lots of merkins and a few burpees were done.  I think we stayed as warm as we could for sub-30.

Welcome to FNG HIPPA, even if he did go to that school on 51 #cookcup.  Keep posting.

Thanks to Queen and Marge for the opportunity to lead.  Thanks to Hopper for getting a derailed Q back on track a couple of times.


New Tuesday AO at that school on Providence #bucs.  Fast Twitch launches at 5:15, Hawk’s Nest at 5:30, meet up for COT at 6:15.

BRR is in 6 months.  Training started in October at #FastTwitch and #DevilsTurn.