Cold and Dreary

  • When:03/21/2018
  • QIC: Snuka

Cold and Dreary

Showed up at 5:20AM. Weather was cold, dreary and rainy. Was wondering if anyone was going to show up. Much to my surprise, people started filtering in around 5:20. Actually had 13. Kudos to all my hardcore workout buddies. No fair weather guys here!!

Started 5:30. Went for a little stroll and circled up for warm ups. Did side straddle hops, Imperial Walkers (had a senior moment and called them alternating leg lifts), merkins, mountain climbers and American hammer.

We then ran to the playground, did 10 pull ups and 10 leg curls on the swing set seats. WE then ran to the pavilion and did 10 jump ups, 10 dips and 10 derkins. We then ran to the front area of the church and did 10 burpees. We repeated 5 times.

Mermaid led the lead pack in various leg exercises when completed inside the pavilion. When everyone finished it was around 6:12 and time to head back to home base. Running by the rock pile, I had a notion to quickly do some lifting exercises. I was quickly informed that there was not enough time; which was correct as we got back at 6:15

Role call:  O’Tannenbaum, Rachael , Snow Flake, Lewinsky, Uncle Phil, Brilleau, Mermaid, Leprechaun, Scratch & Win, Bug Eater, Probation, Pureal, Snuka

Announcements: May 5- NC Outpost,   Prayers for “About Time” & Jennings, May 31- Ft. Mill Brew run

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MermaidPosted on2:28 am - Mar 22, 2018

Well laid out Snuka! Cadence on point. Led some MARY rather than leg in the pavilion. Bugeater keeps on crushing

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