Makin our way downtown

Makin our way downtown

On a cold spring morning, 10 PAX made their way downtown, walking fast to Matthews Elementary.

After a brief disclaimer, we went out to hit the town:

The Thang 

Mosey to the strip mall parking lot and circle up



IW X 15

Hillbillies X 15

Mountain Climbers X 15

Travel to the Post Office- head to the Hill

11s- start with one squat at the bottom, 10 Carolina Dry Docks up top

Merkins once done

Back to the orginal parking lot- partner up.

Partner 1- Bear crawl across the parking lot- 2 doing merkins

Then partner 2 crab walk back (Flapjack)

Head to Stumptown park


Partner 1- run the paved loop at Stumptown park

Partner 2- perform exercises- flap jack until complete

– 100 Merkins

-150 Squats

-200 LBCS

Head back to launch


Rosalita X20

Freddie Mercury X15



In three weeks Lumberjack is heading to Nepal to do an Everest Base camp trek to raise support for Leukemia!  You can donate to support Lumberjack is this awesome endeavor  here:


Conviction Site Q’s needed at for April- see Bull Winkle to sign up

Also Peak 51 Qs- reach out to Sensei or Lois and get on the docket!



Whenever I Q at Peak- I have an irresistible urge to take the whole crew off campus- and today was no exception. Of course this travel involves a good amount of running for a moderate bootcamp (strava had us at 1.7- and Strava don’t lie) but the PAX were up for the challenge.

I was honestly nervous about Stump town- to my knowledge, I’ve never seen it used for Peak. It seemed to work really well- it’s about the perfect size for some Dora.

Bonhoeffer honestly has the most educated- distingushed sounding F3 name out of all of us- I mean just look at this group of names (Tweetsie included). You’ve got a bunch of guys with all kinds of odd sound names and he’s named after the notable German Pastor/Theologian/Anti-Nazi Dissident. Those PAX had their thinking caps on the day he was named.  Anywho, he had a strong performance and was out front all morning.

Guys it’s true- SENSEI WAS AT ONE OF MY Qs. I never thought I’d see the day- after avoiding my Q’s for months he was here- and as usual he cranked it out. T claps to both him and Nomad for the pre run this morning as well- the Slimfast 5k around Matthews always takes a lot out of you before the workout even starts.

A good amount of mumble chatter especially around the Bear crawl/Crab walk combo. Something along the lines of stealing pieces from Nomad’s Q last week (true) as well as just the stink of crawling up a parking lot situated on a hill (also true).

Thanks guys for coming out- let me know what else I’ve missed in the comments. And thanks to Lois and Sensei- this really is a fantastic place to Post and Q (make sure and sign up if you haven’t yet) and that’s indicative of great leadership. It’s always a great way to start out any Thursday.






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SenseiPosted on8:00 pm - Mar 13, 2018

So I guess being out of town at the beach and tapering for a race are not valid excuses to miss a Tweetsie Q. I was at your VQ last year, Star Wars day and this one. Despite the obvious distraction of seeing me there, very excellent Q. It’s always nice to go off campus and switch things up. I will check with you before I plan my next vacation/race and make sure that I am in town when you lead again.

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