Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

Swinging Kb’s can get a little bit boring. So… YHC decided to switch it up a little bit.

We got the pleasantries out of the way and started on to the real business..

The PLAN: Partner up

Stop 1: Parking lot: 100 swings
Transition: Partner 1 carries both bells, partner 2 does 10 merkins and chases them down. Carry bells to stop 2 (approx 400m away)

Stop 2: Church doors: 100 Flutter presses
Transition: Same

Stop 3: Circle in front of stairs: 100 suitcase squats, partner does 2 flights of stairs comes back and switch.
Transition: same

Stop 4: back to church doors: 100 flutters presses

Head back home for 100 Burpees to finish. ****


HERE IS THE CATCH! You can’t let your bell touch the ground for the whole time.

*** For every group of 2 that does not let their bell touch the ground… you get to subtract 10 burpees from the final exercise of 100 burpees.



WE actually had EVERY group make it through the whole exercise without dropping their bell. It was a cool workout. Major bonding happened. Forearms are still sore.

Shoutout to Fireman Ed for knowing how the Mary Circle is supposed to go… but catching crap for it anyway.

Yeti was gaming the system, good for him… use the brain not the brawn.

Smokey is timeless. I think he said hes like 47 or something. Thats ridiculous. I hope I look like him at 35.

Love the group out there at skunk, grateful to lead!

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