FNG Calls Site Q a Woman

FNG Calls Site Q a Woman

Posted on behalf of Purell:

15 pax (including 1 FNG) squeezed into a school bus filled parking lot ready to jump-start their week with a healthy beat down.

The Thang:

After a brief but substantial disclaimer, YHC decided the only way to counter the 35 degree weather was to limber up and keep moving.
COP – 2 laps around the 1,000 busses with a sprinkling of high knees, butt kickers, and karaoke. SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, LSS x 10 IC, Windmill x15 IC, Parker Peters x 15 IC, HR Merkin x 5 IC.

Mosey down Woodfox, left on Rounding Run, stopping at Rising Meadow for some peaks and valleys hill work. 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill, run up Rounding Run to the first speed bump at the top of the hill for 10 monkey humpers, continue towards Raintree Ln and run to the bottom for 15 merkins, run to the top at Raintree Ln for 20 mountain climbers/leg. Plank while waiting on the 6, then 20 LBCs IC. Rinse and repeat in reverse direction starting with burpees again and ending at Rising Meadow. Plank til 6 has arrived and 20 Dolly IC. Repeat this loop one more time with 20x Flutters IC and much to the pax chagrin, 10 Cumberland County Viaducts/each side.

Mosey back towards camp stopping once to recover the 6 and get 20 counts of Freddie Mercury in.

Mosey to the rock pile, grab a partner and a lifting rock to work on the beach body. Only 6 months til bikini season.
Round 1 – P1 runs to bleachers for 15 incline merkins and run back, P2 does overhead press, flapjack.
Round 2 – P1 runs to bleachers for 15 dips and back , P2 has tri extensions and curls, flapjack.

Done. COT.


Pleasantly surprised when I pulled in the lot at my usual 90 seconds before kickoff to see so many PAX, especially given the cold temps. We had one FNG (Windex) out today courtesy of Horsehead. Somehow when coming up with the FNG’s name, we got on the topic of Greek meanings and Windex quickly pointed out that Goonie means woman in Greek. So yes, FNG called the site Q a woman… very solid first post, welcome aboard and hope to see you often. FIA will love you Goonie.

Everyone was getting after it today, pushing hard from start to finish. BaseCamp is always such a great group of guys working their tails off while encouraging one another. As YHC is still relatively new to the F3 Nation, it is an honor to be asked to lead by Drano and Goonie, and an even bigger honor that you all followed. Looking forward to seeing you all in the gloom again soon!


Holiday party – Dec 8, apparently the same day as Star Wars so no nerds will be attending the party
Let them soar 5k @ Christ Covenant Church, Sat Nov 4
Pancakes and Beer 5K @ OMB, benefits MedAssist, Sat Nov 4

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