Bitter Site Qs get silenced

  • When:09/22/2017
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Bernanke, Blowout, Edison, Good Luck, Gypsy, Hairband, Hoffa, Lamont, Playoffs, Shake n Bake, Shepherd, Woody, Glass Joe (QIC)

Bitter Site Qs get silenced

There remains some bitterness from the #F3Overdrive Site Qs about one of my former Qs which was a little light on gear. Unless you count shoes, tables and earth as gear…..which I do. Nevertheless, there was still threats of a Qban for YHC if it happens again. Whatever. Freaking snowflakes.

Blowout, Shake-n-Bake and YHC for a pre-run. Not a great idea with my Q plan but Blowout asks so Blowout gets. And Shake-n-Bake just likes my company so that’s cool at least.

The Thang
Quick mosey around half the parking lot at least.

SSH IC x25
IW IC x20
Windmill IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x10

Mosey to the hill
Partner up for gear DORAs.
P1 runs up the hill, 5 burpees, run back down.
P2 does gear exercises.
Flapjack….a lot

Here are the gear exercises:
R1) Cleans x100, Good Mornings x200, Swings x300
R2) Triceps x100, Lawn Mowers x200, Curls x300

Think most groups got to either the Lawn Mowers or Curls….and a lot of burpees

Mosey around the parking lot. A little longer than the first mosey and a little more painful.

Rosalita IC En Espanol x40
Backscratchers (Pikachu style which is harder) IC x20
Protactor around the circle call outs
10 degrees leg hold for a slow, painful 10 count.


Prayers for Espresso’s foot. Puerto Rico.
YHC took us out, probably poorly.

– Hopefully the Site Qs will let go of their bitterness. Or at least learn to be less triggered. For Lamont to be a Boomer, he was acting very Millenialish.
– The grumbling was loud. This was a grinder. No doubt about it.
– The pain lingered for this one. Even got a very loving text from Good Luck thanking me for the pain later in the day. I’m here for you Brother.
– Great to have Good Luck join us from Asheville BTW
– Nice to have Blowout join us for a Friday workout. Day off should definitely begin with F3…..said no one ever.
– The Burpees at the top were a nice touch if I may say so. Especially after the triceps. Such a great idea.
– I had threatened at the beginning to focus on form instead of speed or your reward for getting through all the rounds would be partner combine 500 burpees. From what I could see, guys took this to heart and had good form. My threat clearly worked.
– Nice work by all the guys. This was a tough one. Saw lots of sweat and got lots of ‘This sucks. Good job GJ’ during it. No need to thank me guys. I love you all enough to make you suffer.

Thanks for letting me lead!

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