Go as fast as you can for as long as you can…

  • When:9/20/17
  • QIC: BW
  • The PAX: Margo, Slice, Fletch, Enron, Geraldo, Wild Turkey, JRR Tolkein, Sea World, Beaker (not that Beaker, the other one), Marvel, and Bushwood

Go as fast as you can for as long as you can…

…this is JRR Tolkein’s marathon motto. He’s shooting to BQ. I think he can do it. Just avoid weights until after the marathon (see below).

Work is busy and I can’t really think of anything creative right now. I do want to say that people are weird. Yesterday, we all read about the Mad Pooper. Today, I read about this meathead. Just another way to show how lifting weights can injure you. For both of these stories, there has to be a logical explanation, right? Negative. It’s just weird people.

So, here’s a question: Would you rather have story #1 happen every time you ran for the rest of your life (you are the Mad Pooper) or have what happened in story #2 just once in your life?


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JRR TolkienPosted on6:20 pm - Sep 20, 2017

It’s not even a discussion … #2 as in the weights, not #2 as in the hand signal going to bathroom.

Thanks for the confidence BW. No BQ guarantee, but I do guarantee that if you track my mile splits for NYC you will be entertained.

Donut run backblasts are the best.

VoodooPosted on8:17 pm - Sep 20, 2017

I have faith in Tolkien. If he can motivate me (and half of F3) to PR a 5k, he’s a lock to qualify.

I’m not even sure how #2 happens. What muscle group was he hitting? #2 would be really embarrassing, but over quickly. #1 would stay with you for life. But, you can always choose not to go for a run…

GeraldoPosted on12:00 am - Sep 21, 2017

I’ll have to go with #2, couldn’t imagine having to be the mad pooper the rest of my life. Although that presents another reason running is an bad idea.

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