The 3 Rs

The 3 Rs

Let’s keep this one simple. Hard enough to explain things without Hoffa getting angry.

The Thang

Begin with a run around the perimeter gravel path at the park.
Oh yeah, 4 stops for Burpees x5.

COP back at the courtyard
SSH IC x35
IW IC x20
Windmills IC x10
Low, Slow Squats IC x20

Run to the other side of the park at the bridge.
Grab a rock. Make it a rock your M, significant other or at least your Mom would be proud of.
*Unexpected surprise since some of you grabbed a rock that no one would be proud of, we rotated rocks after each round*

Do Bombjacks x10
Round 1 w/ Rock: Curls x30
Run around the park stopping at the same places as the first run and Bombjacks x10 at each stop

Bobby Hurley’s x15
Round 2 w/Rock: Curls x30, Triceps x20
Run with Bobby Hurley’s x15 at each stop

Carolina Drydocks x20
Round 3 w/Rock: Curls x30, Triceps x20, Good Mornings x20
Run with Carolina Drydocks x20 at each stop

Squats x25
Round 4 w/Rock: Curls x30, Triceps x20, Good Mornings x20, Skull Crusher & Bring your knees up to meet the rock x15
Run with Squats x25 at each stop

Stop at the bottom of the hill.
Backwards run up the hill to the flagpole.
Run to the stairs back down to the courtyard

3 Rounds of Tonawandas (A rail slide with a merkin on each slide down the entire length of the rail)

Rosalita IC En Espanol x25
Backscratchers IC x10


– Notice my BBs get done. Unlike Hoffa’s who claims he lost his weinke or finally washed it. Which raises many more questions actually.
– Strong work by the guys. This had a little something for everyone and by the looks of how many quit during Tonawandas, a little too much for some.
– Some complaining about the discrepancy in rocks. Choose bigger rocks next time and we may not have to rotate rocks.
– Great to have Nekot posting to do what he can….which was mainly mocking us, laughing at us, and some weird hitchhiker movement exercise. Only a shake weight would have made it less inappropriate. Nevertheless, glad to have you posting again.
– Great to have FNG Wet Fly. I’ve known him through a few classes the M and YHC have taught at our church. He’s a great dude who is a fly fisherman. So, we were aiming towards Dry Fly and then Nekot chimes in that there is also Wet Fly’s and well, that will cause him to explain his name a lot more than Dry Fly so we went with it. Pretty sure that was a disappointing head shake from Shepherd over it. #groupmoralconscience
– Hoffa was his normal, lovely self
– Awesome to have Shepherd join us again. Always appreciate his support
– Green Thumb made it back out and is getting ready for the Reserves
– eHarmony looked beat down. HB should take an assist on that one.
– We also got back our Pikachu. Welcome addition to have him back.
– Starting to get some better numbers in Monroe which is great to see. Appreciate all you guys showing up and putting up with me.
– Converging with Outland next Saturday with quite a few of us out with a service project.

Glass Joe

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eHarmonyPosted on7:12 pm - Aug 8, 2017

Those who actually did the workout the day before understand the beat down. The struggle was real. Good Q!

Glass JoePosted on7:19 pm - Aug 8, 2017

Some of us actually sweat Friday morning. Well, mainly me. Not sure what you guys were doing playing with your little bells at an elementary school.

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