Cheaters WIN

  • When:08/01/2017
  • QIC: JRR Tolkien
  • The PAX: JRR Tolkien, BillyGoat, Morning After, Thin Mint, Bucky, Wild Turkey, Hula Girl, Market Timer, One Niner, Escargot, Morningstar, Fredo (R), Garbage Plate, Long Haul (R)

Cheaters WIN


Remember the fine show ‘Cheaters’? That reality show hosted by Joey Greco where secret surveillance was done on husbands/wives to out them and their cheatin’ debaucherous ways.  At the end of the show, Joey Greco would run out with the camera crew and confront the cheating party in the act with the mister/mistress on camera… and it was on like Donkey Kong! They don’t make amazing films like this, or Tila Tequila, for that matter anymore and it’s a shame… Cheaters – Flashback (it’s safe fellas)

Well, it wasn’t exactly a scene right out of Cheaters this morning when YHC posted Bagpipe after being mostly an avoider of Bagpipe a SWIFT regular, in fact quite the opposite.  In full moonlight, the SWIFT crew saw YHC peel off at the top of to Q Bagpipe at 0520, but there was no “we’ll miss you” or “don’t Q Bagpipe, stay with us”… NOPE.  Instead the sausage party, led by the top weiner Bratwurst darted off into the distance with the shirtless band of Magic Mikes (Haggis, Fletch, Fire Hazard Strange Brew and others) and said nothing.  If YHC was on Cheaters, it would be like me TELLING my wife, “Honey, I’m going across the street to nail Marge, the 5’2″ 614lb bamboocha across the street with the mayonnaise crusted on her left cheek and blueberry jam on her eyebrows. You wouldn’t want me to do that, would you?” and her telling me …. “go for it, I’m heading to the spa for my rubdown with my trainer Chris Helmsworth. See you in 45… check that, take as long as you want.”  SMH. Bad analogies all around…. back to business. 14 men posted in the gloom at Bagpipe for a lot of green resistance band exercises, and a little of everything else.


0500 Bagpipe prerunners = 1 = YHC … don’t worry about it, Voodoo ran with me…. #joy . 0530 rolls around and Grandma Lucille, otherwise known as Morningstar, pulls into the parking lot slowly, delaying the start to an already short workout #makeall45minuteworkouts60min.  And we’re off! Thoughts were given to turning Bagpipe into a running workout and intersecting with SWIFT, but like YHC tells Mario, when a girl turns you down on a date, it’s kind of creepy to follow them around where wherever they go next… so we did our own thing.  We stayed local…. we hung around Lochness, ran a few hard laps in between doing a bunch of exercises with the green resistance bands. Well, Wild Turkey had the black one, which was twice as hard, but ironically the same length as the others. Anyway… we did a bunch of WW2 situps, a 31 count merkin superset (reg, wide, diamond, right hand up, left hand up, right leg up, left leg up). We tried some single leg squats, hip slappers, wall sits with grip strength exercises, derkins, burpees, reverse burpees, and some other stuff… 2.25mi covered total. FINITO!


Nothing fancy today for a workout, just a little bit of everything, and an attempt at using some coupons that YHC dusted off the past few weeks in those stretchy green bands. When you use those bands, and try to run immediately thereafter, it exposes weaknesses in your glutes, hips, etc. Enjoyed the workout and fellowship with my F3 Bagpipers this morning, and it was a good break from running after Bunker for 16 miles.  Couple of musings… Billygoat is losing so much weight he is now moving to the skintight shirts… either than or it was a loosefit, 3x too small. One Niner was whining about his belly hurting or being told to wear an apron in the kitchen at home, or something.  Nothing unusual.  Market Timer looked committed like a UFC fighter not named Daniel Cormier this morning, good seeing you out there buddy, it’s been a while.  Bucky can sprint… smashing YHC around Lochness in the progression runs. The secret weapon was revealed later that morning at the Sara’s Y… WHOLE30. Pass…. YHC will stay slow and fat. Carbs rule.  Thin Mint with a busted knee is still better than all of us at full strength.  If you want to be faster than him, crack him in the nuts. or the spine. a simple knee won’t work. Solid work from everyone out there this morning and good to work out with some new guys that YHC doesn’t normally get to post with. Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning.


  • LISTEN UP! Make sure you show up on Saturday 9/30/2017 for the Inaugural South Charlotte / SOB SPEED FOR NEED Race the Isabella Santos 5K in Ballantyne Corporate Park. It just isn’t an option for you to not show up as a either a runner or supporter.  Run your own race for a PR, run with/behind a racing chariot and an athlete-rider, run with your family, or just show up and cheer like crazy for our rider and represent F3 Nation to over 1,000+ runners and many more spectators in the heart of where SOB has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR workouts a week. Fire Hazard and Buckeye are your event-Q’s and here is their preblast ( PREBLAST for Isabella Santos 5K ). Failure to show will mean Buckeye will tear your limbs off, and Fire Hazard will pour freshly brewed sour beer over the fresh wounds.  And I won’t stop either of them, because… well, you’ll deserve it for being so selfish.

~SYITG JRR Tolkien

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Thin MintPosted on4:31 pm - Aug 2, 2017

That workout was sneaky hard. Nice lead, JRRT. Not sure how Bucky and Morning After will feel about Bagpipe being compared to a “mayonnaise crusted bamboocha,” but I will let you take that up with them. Carbs do rule. Sign up for the Isabella Santos 5k!

WildTurkeyPosted on5:00 pm - Aug 2, 2017

I read the whole thing. Here’s my comment. 🙂

FredoPosted on12:18 pm - Aug 3, 2017

As always a solid workout – thanks for the lead. I attempted to stay “near” the front, passed every time by bucky, thinmint and longhaul. I think the backwards burpees may have sidelined me for a day ir two 🙂

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