The accidental 5k

  • When:06/02/17
  • QIC: Bout Time
  • The PAX: Utah, Abacus, Margo, Night Rider, Paper Jam, Snooka, Champagne, Frasier, Ickey Shuffle, Van Pelt, Drop Thrill, Mermaid, Escargot, Busboy, U-Boat, Wolfman, Thunderroad, The Wall, Carmen San Diego, Shrink Wrap, Flutie Flakes, Runstopper, Tagalong, Daffy, Cheddar, Brilleaux, Udder, Bout Time (Q)

The accidental 5k

Apologies for the late post…YHC and wordpress could not cooperate earlier.

28 of south Charlotte’s finest gathered in the gloom to set the tone for the weekend.
The Thang:
Mosey to top of deck
COP for SSH IC x 25
Merkins IC x 15
Mountain Climbers IC x 15
Mosey down stairs to the benches near the ticket office
Partner 1 does 30 dips while Partner 2 does 30 squat jumps
Partners take opposite routes around stadium, meet at opposite end of field for 20 handslap merkins (modify 20 count as needed)
Continue circuits decreasing exercises at ticket office by 5-count each round, total of 6 rounds
Regroup for some Mary
Runstopper led LBCs & Flutter, but YHC did not participate and neither can YHC count that high.
Dolly IC x 20
Rosalita IC x 15
Mosey to parking deck for Jacob’s ladder. Head up to 3rd ramp to avoid early bird parkers. Run up half ramp, 1 burpee, back down. Continue and increase burpees x 1 each time up to 7.
Regroup for plank at top of deck
AYG back to launch. Done.
Strong work by all today. Thanks to Margo, and occasionally in attendance Site Q Udder, for the opportunity to lead. The goal was to stay close to home today since YHC ran in…not sure what the point of staying close was with all the running that weinke called for #q-fail. There were reports of 3.1~3.3 mi. Goal 2 was plan a workout that upwards of 30+ can execute simultaneously. That has become no small feat at Centurion, the south’s most dominant AO.
Runstopper Q at Rockzero tomorrow. Follow up this amateur workout with a real one.
Cheddar Anniversary Q next week
See High Tide for upcoming shirt order
F3SPEEDFORNEED – reach out to JRRTolkien for ways to volunteer and give.

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3 years ago

That was a good one Bout Time. We got a lot of exercises in on top of the 3+ miles. You had me a little nervous when you went straight to the parking deck. It was kind of you to do the last set on the top of the garage. It was a good 10 degrees cooler than inside.

3 years ago

I also like the quote below:

“That has become no small feat at Centurion, the south’s most dominant AO.”

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