So……only 10.

  • When:05/11/2017
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Marge, Tackling dummy, Pudding Pop, MADD, Arena, Queen, Harley, Good Hands, Jet Fuel

So……only 10.

10 Pax made it out this am. Apologies to 51 Counts….pretty sure I’m going to get audited.


Run up Rea to HT

7 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD

Mosey over to colony then to – Summerhill Ridge Road – Long one

Partner up – Run down to the respective ends of the street and back – Partner Derkins – 20 X 3

7’s on Stonecroft Park Drive

Mosey back through Stonecroft to Launch – Stopping for Mary,

hit the launch then do catch me if you can.



Sorry for the delay boys – Been a busy week.

I read through all of the backblast’s and didn’t see any mention of this side of Stonecroft. Apparently we needed to be quiet due to the fact that they had fancy houses. Good running by all, was great to see everyone really pushing to get better. BRR/Marathons/ETC/RAces are in season so we will be doing miles a large amount of the workouts. 3.5 ish today. Good stuff.

Puddin – Thanks for the take out and I tried to Embark as much as a I could yesterday.


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