• When:2/9/17
  • QIC: Lazy Boy and Gummy
  • The PAX: Puddin Pop, Gummy, Semi Gloss, Queen, Marvel, Marge, Flutie Flakes, Jet Fuel, Ironsides, Lazy Boy and Hopper


The text came from Gummy yesterday morning that Cheese Curd was in a boot and unable to Q at Hydra.  He asked which one of Lazy Boy or myself wanted to Q in his place.  Before either of us firmly responded, The Accountant told us there was no going back…he had already signed us up.

Hence, he left the fate of 11 men in our hands this morning.  It was blustery and dark and temps were dropping quickly.  After a quick disclaimer and notice that the pax was getting two Q’s for the price of one, we headed out:

Mosey to opposite side of OPES for 20 SSH (Gummy was quick to note I was already breathing heavy after the SSH….what do you expect, I only had one days notice to get in shape).

Mosey to corner of Windy Rush and Knightswood for 20 IW.

Mosey to Windy Rush and Foxworth for 20 Peter Parker.

At the bottom of Foxworth, we set out for triple nickel.  Five squats at the top; Five merkins at the bottom.

Working recovery of 20 Parker Peter.

Indian run back to OPES.

At the benches in the front of the schoolyard, 10 then 15 reps of:

Step-Ups, Derkins, Dips:

Hand off to Lazy Boy:

Partner Up:  Pairs work to complete 200 of the following exercises.  While one partner does the exercise, the other partner runs around the school:

LBC’s. Merkins, Low Slow Squats

Mosey to back schoolyard: 50 yard sprint, followed by 5 burpees, followed by another 50 yard sprint.

That’s a wrap!


I love Hydra!  Great dudes always show up.  Thanks for letting LB and I lead this morning, even if it was under the duress of an old, crotchety Area 51 board member.  Items of note I learned today:

  • Semi Gloss should have visited the potty before posting this morning.  I offered a port-a-john we saw while running the triple nickel, but he passed (pun intended).
  • Flutie Flakes may be stuck in Charlotte for the next three weeks until NH gets unburied from snow.  All flights into Boston were getting cancelled while the poor guy worked out.  Honestly, hope you get home safe brother!
  • Puddin Pop thinks CSA is an inferior soccer league for kids….hurtful for me as a former coach, but I still respect him for speaking his mind (sniff, sniff).

Puddin Pop, thanks for taking us out with a prayer!

Hopper and Lazy Boy!

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GummyPosted on7:11 am - Feb 10, 2017

I’m just a bridge builder. Puddin’ Pop owes me a cut of his site-Q commission this week. Good workout, guys. We got in 3 miles – that lap around the school got rough by the third time around. The wind gusts were tough. Also, I’ve worked out with Semi Gloss three days in a row. I hope not to see him on Friday.

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