Hazed and Confused: Black Diamond @ The Arsenal

Hazed and Confused: Black Diamond @ The Arsenal

YHC inherited the Black Diamond from traveling Fall Out. Black Diamond notifications via Slack and Twitter were sent out this week leading up to the Black Diamond. It appears they ended up as more of a Warning than an Invitation. 4 PAX assembled in the gloom for some quick mumble chatter and then we were off.


Mosey to “Don’t Pace Yourself, Push Yourself” playground for:

  • 25 SSH
  • 10 Windmill
  • Clock Merkins (Increasing reps 1-12 Civilian Count) thanks to timekeeper Fire Hazard for making sure we got all 12 hours in as YHC tried to skip 10

The Thang

  • 11’s (Pull-ups/Burpees) 10 pull-ups/1 Burpee, 9 pull-ups/2 Burpees etc.
  • Recover with some Pistol Crunches (25 each leg)
  • Mosey to the “Forever Swamp” practice field which had a nice Haze filling it. The confused part comes in where YHC tries to explain the genesis of the next drill and how it originated from Fire Hazard’s M and one of the drills that she used to do during High School Lacrosee, Field Hockey…before strike 3, Fire Hazard corrected me (Track and Basketball)
  • Using the 5-yard lines on the practice field, Sprint Horizontally across field, move to next 5 yard line and back-pedal back and so on down each 5 yard line until reaching the end zone
  • Sprint series….chop your feet, up-down and sprint 40yds and recover back to start (x2)
  • Sprint series…chop your feet, up-down and sprint 60yds and recover back to start (x2)
  • Sprint series…chop your feet, up-down and sprint full length and recover back to start (x1)
  • 20 WWII sit-ups OYO for recovery
  • Partner up (Partner 1 = Hill Sprint) (Partner 2 = hold 6inch plank) – Flapjack (x2)
  • Partner 1 = Hill Sprint, Partner 2 = low squat hold – Flapjack (x2)
  • Partner 1 = Hill Sprint, Partner 2 = 6inch leg lift – Flapjack (x2)
  • Mosey back to launch where YHC had stashed some +60lb buckets
  • Partner 1 = bucket carry to end of lot, Partner 2 Freddie Mercury – Flapjack (x2)
  • Partner 1 = bucket carry to end of lot and back, Partner 2 = LBC – Flapjack (x1)

YHC had 4 minutes left and just enough pain to fill it. Running to the car, the PAX thought I was bailing on COT…no no unfortunately just grabbing the phone for a little Sally Challenge, Bring Sally up and Bring Sally Down…I’m pretty sure we all made it through the entire song 2 minutes. Annnd on to COT.


4 PAX really got after it this morning, everyone took turns as the Alpha in different parts of the workout:

Fahvra – hit the gym hard yesterday doing chest and managed to smoke through all of the chest portions of the workout maintaining his beast status. Showed up sleeveless and also stayed up late watching his Cubbies get the bats going in game 4 and brought that energy to the Black Diamond this morning. Always good to have him out pushing us.

Fire Hazard – claimed he dominated the pull-ups at Fat Camp the morning before and carried it over to this morning knocking through them. Also defending his crown as the fastest back pedaler at a workout. Thanks to his M again for the sprint/backpedal portion which is always brutal.

Ringer – Thanks for keeping me in line and advising me on good times to shut-up and just workout as I butchered the sports that  Fire Hazard’s M dominated in HS. Also hit the gym hard on Wednesday but showed no fatigue while crushing burpees and pull-ups which is par for the course with him.


Over and Out – General


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