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Scary Workout

8 PAX rallied on Halloween morning for something terrifying: multiple rounds of kettlebell and exercises with no rest.  Pick your “endurance bell” and lets get started.

The Thang: Circle up for warm-up – 15 IW, 15 low/slow squats, 15 merkins, 15 SSH ( all IC).

Mosey to pull-up bars for Round 1: max pull-ups, 20 lunge jumps, 10 CDDs IC, max pull-ups, 20 monkey humpers, 10 CDDs IC, max pull-ups, 15 jump squats, 10 CDDs IC.

Mosey back to KBs for Round 2, a 6 minute circuit with 45-60 seconds of movement and 0-15 seconds of rest.  Exercies are Snatch, One arm swings, squats, deadlifts, KB merkins (2 hands on bell) and Burpees.

“Round 3”: Lap around the school and 2 hand swings until 6 arrives.  Everybody gets in at least 20 swings.

**Repeato Rounds 1,2, and 3.**

At this point, everybody looking a little scared.  We finished with a little less endurance, a little more strength.  Upright rows x 10 IC, Tricep Extensions x 15, Curls x 10.  Repeat.  Bear crawls ~ 20 yards.  10 bent over rows each side, 15 squat thrusters.

Moleskine: Strong effort by the PAX this morning.  We kept it moving throughout and everybody was keeping up with only a little grumbling.  An honor to lead as always.

Announcements: Sign up for the Christmas party damn it.


8 PAX broke new ground at #F3daVinci and conquered the sleeping giant #TamarronBurgundy, a significant hill that was lying in wait near the dV AO (#Murderwho?). We welcomed back recent FNG’s Practice? and Escobar, who triumphantly returned for their 2nd posts against their better judgement.  Fire Hazard was not present.

The Thang

Mosey to fountain at Southwest corner of  Ardrey Kell & Rea Rd intersection for COP:

  • SSH x 22 IC (Meant to stop at 20.  Shaking off some rust.)
  • IW x 18 IC (Got excited by the late arrival of Escobar and lost count)
  • Jump-ups on fountain wall x 10 OYO
  • Derkins on fountain wall x 10 OYO
  • Dips on fountain wall x 15 OYO

Starting at the COP fountain, there are 10 office buildings in a row that face Rea Rd.  Mosey South parallel to Rea Rd.  At end of 1st building do 1 burpee. At end of 2nd building do 2 burpees.  And so on, all the way to 10th building (55 total burpees).  Plank for the 6.

Mosey South on Rea Rd. to Landen Meadows subdivision.

  • Right on Lindahi Ln and stop.  Partner up.  Partner 1 carry partner 2 to Hirsch Dr.
  • Right on Hirsch Dr and stop.  Push partner to 2nd driveway after Bacardi Ct.  Flapjack.  Push partner to Hanworth Trace Dr.
  • Left on Hanworth Trace Dr.  Pull partner to 1st driveway after Leeper Dr.  Flapjack.  Pull partner to Albury Walk Ln.
  • Left on Albury Walk Ln and stop.  Partner 2 carry partner 1 to Castlebay Dr.
  • Right on Castlebay Dr for ‘Catch Me If You Can’.  Partner 1 slow mosey while partner 2 does 5 merkins.  Partner 2 runs to catch partner 1.  When caught, partner 1 does 5 merkins while partner 2 does slow mosey.  Partner 1 runs to catch partner 2.  And so on.  Stop at Tamarron Dr.
  • Right on Tamarron Dr.  Stop at bottom of hill (#TamarronBurgundy) for the main event.

#TamarronBurgundy (new Strava segment on 6.7% grade hill)

  • AYG to top (2nd speed bump).  Mosey back down and plank for 6.
  • WEBBICIDE: Run to 1st street light and do 10 merkins.  Return to start and do 10 flutters (each leg).  Run to 2nd light and do 20 merkins.  Return to start and do 20 flutters (each leg).  Run to 3rd light and do 30 merkins.  Return to start and do 30 flutters (each leg). Mary while waiting for 6.
  • DORA 1-2-3: Teams of 2 work together to reach cumulative goal of 100 merkins, 150 LBC’s, 200 squats. Partner 1 does merkins while partner 2 runs to 2nd street light and back.  Flapjack.  When 100 cumulative merkins complete, change to LBC’s.  When 150 cumulative LBC’s complete, change to squats.  Mission accomplished when 200 cumulative squats complete.
  • AYG to top one last time.

Mosey back home using Ardrey Kell, planking a few times along the way for the 6.


  • Car coming into Chik-fil-A parking lot on 2 wheels at 6:30AM.  Who could it be?  Bevo?  Mighty Mite? Soft Pretzel?  Nope.  Just a #sadclown desperately in need of some chicken minis.
  • Halfway through COP, recent FNG Escobar rolled up and YHC got so excited that he completely lost count.  Welcome back Escobar for your 2nd post!  With your futbol background you’ll be dominating in no time.  Keep posting.
  • Also welcome back to recent FNG Practice? (formerly known as The Truth).  The Pax took it upon themselves to rename him this week.  At his 1st post the intent was to give him Allen Iverson’s nickname ‘The Answer’.  But that was misremembered as ‘The Truth’.  This week, someone through out Iverson’s famous quote “Practice?” and… done.  Keep posting, Practice?!
  • It was a long journey through the neighborhood but we made the most of it.  Enjoyed being partnered up with Nemo, Marlin’s 2.0.  That kid is strong!
  • Speaking of Marlin, that dude is sneaky fast for a respect clydesdale.  YHC recalls being smoked by him earlier in the week on the #Murderhorn
  • I hope everyone enjoyed #TamarronBurgundy.  That is a serious hill that seems to go on forever.  YHC’s calves are still incredibly sore, 2 days later.  Bucky lead the way on the AYG and Webbicide.  How can you be that big and fast at the same time?
  • Strawberry and Heartbreaker put in strong performances as always.  Love working out w/ you guys.
  • Looking forward to see how low the #TamarronBurgundy leaderboard can go on Strava.  Surely YHC’s time of 1:00 will not last long with segment hunters like JRR Tolkien lurking about.
  • Glad to be out there Q-ing again.  As always, was an honor to lead.


Sign up for the F3 South Charlotte Christmas Party and sign up for Joe Davis Resolution Run.  Seriously, sign up for these things.

Sour Green Patch

Full Backblast coming soon…

Knotts Landing with the TI-Nspire

Full Backblast coming soon…

#PreBlast – Trick or Treat

Once again, the PAX of F3nation will launch from the Vine Restaurant in Ballantyne for the weekly workout known as Swift.  What’s different this week, other than you being several ounces (hopefully not pounds) into a candy stupor, is that there will be a PAX choice depending on your training goals for the Fall.  We’ll have the XL and the HD options on the table.


  • 0500 – Swift XL launch from the Vine for 15minutes of warm-up running and drills.
  • 0515 – Swift XL and HD launch from the Vine and mosey together for the first 5 minutes down to the Brixham Hill and Ballantyne Corp Pl intersection.
  • Swift XL:
    • 0520 – Starting at intersection, head off towards SPX / Premier for 20 minutes of Threshold Pace running. Find your Threshold Pace here.  The route is the “Stumpy” route (from 3 weeks ago).  From the Intersection, down/up the hill, over the 521 bridge, pass Premier building, Left on Ballantyne Commons, Left on Elm.  If you reach 485, U-turn back down Elm.
    • 0540 – Easy running for 15 minutes.  When you finish your 20 minute threshold pace, if you are the Six, keep heading forward.  If you are not the Six, go find the Six and join them in their “forward path”.  Once all PAX are regrouped, we’ll continue the mosey for 15 minutes.
    • 0555 – Threshold Pace for 20 minutes.  Return route suggestions will be made, but the easiest way to think about this.
      • From Elm & Ballantyne Commons, it’s 2 miles as the crow flies back to the Vine.
      • From Elm & Ballantyne Commons, it’s 2.6 miles back to the Vine if you take the reverse route back through Ballantyne Corporate Pl / SPX and cut through the Fitness Trail back to the Vine.
      • From Elm & Ballantyne Commons,it’s 3.0 miles back to the Vine if you take the reverse route back through Ballantyne Corporate Pl / SPX, Left on Brixham Hill at Sara’s Y, and head back to the Vine.
  • Swift HD:
    • 0520 – Continue warm-up and drills
    • 0530 – start the workout on the Bull Ring at a 1mile Race pace, 3 rounds of 200 meters (200 recovery), 200m (200 recovery), 600m (600 recovery).
    • Cooldown and be back at Vine by 0615.
  • 0615 – COT with Bagpipe at the Vine



Base-Running, Union County style

Posted on behalf of Pogo:

With the World Series in full swing we took an opportunity to run the bases at F3Commiment:

Batting practice:
1 lap around the cars
Side Straddle Hop x 40
Mountain Climbers x 30
Merkin x 10
Imperial Walker x 30

Mosey to First Base:

Pickup a rock. Partner up. Partner 1 karaoke w rock/ jog curves, around the upper lot. Partner 2 squat and press. Switch. Repeat with exercise of Lumberjacks and deadlifts. Alternate running with the rock and exercising with the rock. Put the rock back.

Mosey to Second Base:

Hills. Partner Up. Partner 1 Up the hill forwards, down the hill forwards, up the hill backward, down the hill backward. Partner 2 Exercise Squats. Repeat with exercise of lunges and side lunges. Alternate running hills and leg exercises.

Mosey to Third Base:

Brick Pile – pickup 2 bricks = 10 pounds. 10 x 10 / 100’s. 10 Exercises with the bricks 10 reps each. 1) Front Raises, 2) Side Raises 3) Shoulder Press 4) Standing Fly 5) triceps extensions 6) upright rows 7) side shrugs / rows 8) bent over rows 9) reverse fly 10) curls. Run to gate with bricks 10 side plank, phelps merkin, side plank. Run to concession stand with bricks 10 more, run to tennis courts 10 more. Back to brick pile for another round of 100’s. Lifted 2000 pounds.

Mosey toward Home got caught in a pickle at the back of the school:

Ab work 40 LBC’s. Alphabet. Russian Hammer.

Mosey all the way to home base:

4 minutes left. Celebrate the home run with Merkin’s to Moby’s Flower (Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down)

Ye Naked Moleskin
Great workout. Enjoyed meeting Crabcake for the first time. I can always count on Popeye to be there. Snowflake also consistent. Camacho was there on time!

Area51 Christmas Party Dec 2nd


Nightmare on Mill Pond Road

10 PAX put on their costumes for an early Halloween party.   One Eye had a premonition Sunday night that there would be extra tricks early on Halloween but overcame any anxiety and showed up anyway.

The Thang: COP – SSH, Mnt climbers, 5 burpees

Mosey to back of YHC SUV and decide if you want 0, 1, or 2 pavers.   YHC was impressed as all PAX save one (who is in recovery mode – smart choice) selected 2 pavers.

Mosey down Carmel to brick wall for wall sit and quick 25 push presses OYO.  Mosey down to entrance to Tufton Brae for 15 man maker merkins.  Mosey down to Mill Pond for start of main event.

Run down Mill Pond, stopping at each street light on the right for 10 hand release merkins (sucked). Stop at top of steep hill for a ladder.   Run down hill and take left down School House to bottom of hill.  Turn around and run back to top, stopping at each turn for paver curls/presses/lateral extensions working up the ladder from 1-12 (3 laps).   Plank for the six and then repeat the run down and up with 5 hand release merkins at each turn (4 stops for 20 MMM). Run back out to Carmel, stopping at each light for squats, starting with 2 and increasing by 2 at each light (up to 14). Lunge walk from light 7 to light 8 and plank for the six.

Run back to Tufton Brae for a few minutes of mary (flutter, dolly, protractor – all with pavers extended).  Then back to wall for alternating shoulder presses and holding pavers extended out (25, 15, 10).

Run back to the church for several sprints to run out the clock and finish with 3 burpees (YHC likes to finish on time and we only had 15 seconds).

Naked Moleskin:

This workout is repeat from a few years ago (long time since I Q’d at DMZ). No need to reinvent the wheel when you know what works.   Running up Mill Pond with two pavers just sucks after doing way too many man maker merkins (actually sucks even without them).

One eye must have thought we all had both eyes shut – he was walking and performing the curl/press/lateral extensions simultaneously for a little advantage.   It was a veteran move although Hamlet claimed One Eye didn’t need to “cheat” to win a running race (I should have asked Hamlet to keep his trap shut).   Hamlet was running strong after a 3 or 4 year absence – I think that was the last time I saw him out.

Announcements – Plenty of opportunity to work with kids from disadvantaged homes via PAX work at Billingsville and AG.  These kids can really benefit from relationships with adults who are open to let them experience new activities and we can match interested men with kids in the program.  Contact me for more information.

As always, an honor and a privilege to lead such a great group.

UC Kotter

15 men prepared themselves for Halloween consumption. Here is what they did.

Side straddle hops x100
Mountain climbers x75
Low flutters x50

Main Event

We mosey’d around both schools, with periodic stops for exercises: chest (merkins, diamonds, wide-arms, staggers, dips), shoulders (dry-docks, donkey kicks, people’s chair), legs (squats, sumo squats, jumping lunges, one-legged squats), and abs (heels2heaven, bicycle, dying cockroach, flutters, protractor, knee-ups, mountain climbers). All in all, it was a good day.


Love me some Union County. I’m on vacation through Thanksgiving, so looking forward to hitting it with you guys all month.

Great to have FNG Goodfella out with us this morning. Although a New Jersey native, and tough guy on the outside, there is no friend you would rather have. Always friendly, welcoming, and opening, this is the guy you know instantly, when you meet him, that you could call at 3am when you need to bury a body. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) And the man has some fitness! Most new guys would have been sucking wind out there today, but this wasn’t nuthin’ for Goodfella.

Dirty Bird is flat-out inspiring. Let me say it again: inspiring. We kept a decent pace today, and Dirty Bird never let us, despite carrying some extra baggage that he is soon going to shed. Feeling tired? Tempted to pass on those next few reps? Take a look back at Dirty Bird, who never quits, and think again.

And how about Posse? The dude is modeling underwear these days, and reports that he is down 45 pounds! That is some work. Work!

Lots of motors out there today, but sad to say I am still getting to know many of you. Look forward to it.


Keep Transporter in your prayers, whose dad passed over the weekend.

We are starting a new book for our 3rd F group, #F3Sanctuary, which is moving to Monday nights at 7:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza. This is a group of badasses, looking to get to the next level with the Lord. I can barely make it through a week without time with these men, and hope you will join us.  Our tentative start date is a week from today, 11/7, but that is tentative since Transporter is our leader. Stay tuned on the website and twitter.

A bunch of guys did the Spartan Beast this weekend. Dasher was too tired to post this morning after it. Posse was not.

That’s All They Needed

15 men worked out at McKee Road Elementary School.  We did:

-Who needs a warm up, right?  I exited my 1982 Ferrari and we got straight to work… running the standard 800 meter course


-Another 800 meters at full speeed

-Then the required warm up… SSH, IW and Squats

-Then one more full speed 800 meters

-Then some time on the wall

-Then a medley of merkins… wide arm-regular-military-diamond-fingertip-diamond-military-regular- wide arm

-Then some station work at the playground… pull ups and dips, pull ups and dips, pull ups and dips

-A bit more running… close with Mary.

I would have been on time for the workout, but when I came downstairs at my house this morning I could see that my 15-year old son went to bed last night without cleaning up after himself in the kitchen… brownies weren’t covered, pumpkin dessert wasn’t put back on the fridge, orange juice was open and on the counter, vegetable tray was without the lid and not put back in the fridge… so, I had to stir him up and get him take care of things before I left for the workout.

Good work out there this morning guys.  Squid’s form was a perfect 10.  Pop Tart was looking a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire with his Halloween wig.  McGee’s shirt was too small.  O’T was sweating excessively, given the mild weather conditions.  And Paper Jam with the one-liner of the workout.. “That’s all they needed” [you had to be there].

3 Teams of 3 at Area 51 Today!

Posted on behalf of O’Tannebaum

7 men showed up at 7 am and 2 a few minutes later for a stimulating October surprise on the wonderful fields at McKee Road elementary school!

Begin with 1 mile Fun Run down through the lower field, through the woods and the neighborhood, and back accross the soccer fields where we picked up Matlock and Floorslapper.

Line up on the lower lot for SSH x 20 with side lunge across and repeat.
Plank and Peter Parkers in cadence x 10
Plank and Merkins in cadence x 10, Mosey to small field with track (under repair) for Team Work.

Start with teams of three:
One man runs the length of the field, at each end team members are doing burpees x 5 and called exercise (squat jumps) (merkins) ladders 10-20-30-40.

Mosey to the wall for BTW 2 sets holding and walking plus one set reverse hand stand and wall merkins.

Mosey to playground for Pullups & Dips (3 X 15-10-5) with a short run in between.

Next, on your back with the “dying cockroach” and Knee ups 3 X 15-10 (last set 5 toes to bahh).

Finish with Modified Starfish (modified to three stations due to time). Merkins, One leg Squats, Dry docks X 20

Mary—Freedie Mercury 2 sets in cadence X 10, and LBCs X10

Mosey to finish COP

We stayed together as a group for most of the workout! Everyone performed well and is better for it! Thanks for following my lead and letting me boss you around! Matlock shared a special family story regarding his wife’s successful transition at work and we remind everyone of the Joe Davis run coming up in the future.