Christmas comes to Anson

  • When:12/12/15
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Bambi, Flash Card, Half Moon, Tree Bass (FNG), Viper (Respect), Glass Joe (QIC, 2.0)

Christmas comes to Anson

Haven’t been down to Anson in over a month but it was noticeable that the faces are skinnier than the last time I saw them.  Seems that F3 thang is working.

The Thang:
Warmup Hairband Mile

SSH IC x 25
IW IC x 20
3 count merkins IC x 10
Mountain Climbers IC x 20

Mosey to the loop in front of the school to bring a little Christmas spirit to Anson

12 Days of Christmas:
Day 1: Lap around the loop (think Hairband Mile)
Day 2: Lunges
Day 3: Diamond Merkins
Day 4: Mountain Climbers
Day 5: Burpees (Because they are golden)
Day 6: Squats
Day 7: Bomb Jacks
Day 8: Carolina Dry Docks
Day 9: Flutters
Day 10: Merkins
Day 11: LBCs
Day 12: Burpees

Various core exercises in between days to gather the group together.

Long mosey to the road behind the baseball field

Light Pole Suicides with increasing burpees: 4 light poles with the furthest about 150-175 yards away.

Mosey to the shovelflag

Dolly IC x51 (UC guys just shook their head)
Rosalita En Espanol IC x10 (The count struggle was real)
LBCs IC x10

DONE….or are we?

Mosey over to Vipers F150 for an exercise the Anson guys have appropriately named F150s
Feet under the step up rails on Vipers F150 and then bring your body up to 45 degrees and hold it.  And hold it.  And hold it……


Thanks to Viper for taking us out

Thursday morning workout this week.  Watch FB for details
Prayers for OMBs wrist

Thanks for having me out.  The Anson pax are definitely getting stronger.  Amazing how consistency builds endurance.
I found out right away that Bambi was two decades younger than me and had every intention of making me earn my Q.  Well done.
Tree Bass was right with him.  Darn youth.  Tree Bass so named because he enjoys fishing and apparently that’s the name of what happens when you cast into a tree.  You catch a Tree Bass.  At least according to Bambi but the more you say it, the more you enjoy it so it stuck.
Great to see the Anson guys making up their own exercises.  F150s suck.  Will be borrowing those.
Flash Card and Half Moon are continuing to push and don’t know the word quit.  Great job guys.
Viper is 59 and out there pushing through it.  RESPECT!
I’ll be back in January and will definitely try to make it to coffeeteria next time.

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