Been Waitin’ For The Merkin All Day

  • When:12/5/15
  • QIC: Sensei and Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Pele, Goon, Fizzy, Empty Nester, Marge, Triple 7, Sensei, Slim Fast

Been Waitin’ For The Merkin All Day

8 PAX scraped the frost of their pumpkins to create some body heat at Ascent.  After being properly disclaimed that Slim Fast + Sensei is even less professional than a single non-professional, off we went:

The Thang
Slow mosey to Harris Teeter with 5 stops along the way for 5 Merkins each stop.

At Harris Teeter, circle up in parking lot for COP:
SSH x 20
5 Merkins OYO
IW x 20
5 Merkins OYO
Peter Parker x 10
5 Merkins OYO
Low Slow Squat x 20
5 Merkins OYO
Parker Peter x 10
5 Merkins OYO

Line up in parking lot.
Do 2 lines of suicide then run to end of parking lot.  Rinse and repeat back to start.
Same thing, but backwards run.
Same thing, but lunge walk.

Mosey back to Olde Providence with stops for merkins along the way… 5 x 5.

Sensei took us to the playground for 4 circuits of:
10xPull-ups (suppine or regular)

Sensei then took us to the concession stand for 3 circuits of:
10xStep-ups each leg
10xMerkins (R1 Decline, R2 Incline, R3 Diamond)

Mosey to football field for partner work.
Start in middle, P1 runs to one end, and P2 runs to opposite end.  Both do called exercise, then run back to middle.  Wherever partners meet, turn around and run back to the end to do called exercise… do that 3 times.
Rd 1  10 Squats (x 3)
Rd 2  10 SSH (x3)
Rd 3  10 Merkins (x3)
Rd 4  10 LBC (x3)

Mosey to school bldg… Grab some wall.  4 x 1-minute with 50 single count arm presses.

Done!  Approx. 2.5 miles covered!

Speaking for Sensei, we both were honored to lead the PAX this morning.  This is a great workout, and always great to spend the first part of my Saturday with you boys!  Thanks to Pele for the invite!

Everyone did great, as expected!  We were definitely merkin-heavy today… mainly because that is what I need the most!  Strong work by Fizzy and Empty Nester!  Triple 7 was pounding out the pull-ups like they were nothing!

Goon, Marge, Sensei and Pele, also strong… you guys never tire out!
Pele took us out in prayer.

1.  Christmas Party next Saturday
2.  Joe Davis Run on 1/9… great cause… get signed-up!
3.  Talk to Slim Fast if you are interested in running in the Blue Ridge Relay Sept 9-10.  We are filling out a 12-man team, and want to get guys on a team who have not done one before.  It’s a blast!  Each runner runs about 13-15 miles (+/-) over 3 legs, and in order… so you run, then 11 runners run before you run again.  Email me at if you are interested.

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