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La Almádena

  1. Make it hard. Not FNG-friendly. Every week is a kick in the teeth.
  2. Build the fastest, strongest guys possible. Use weight and other heavy things. Mix with cardio. Strength first, but not 0.0.
  3. Innovate.  It’s called Skunkworks for a reason.

These are the 3 maxims of Skunkworks. Every week, the PAX expect a certain level of intensity and a certain type of workout. This is not your traditional bootcamp. F3RunningClub probably won’t like it, either. Moderate workout? Ummm, no. This workout brings out the best in everyone while sweating and beating the worst out of everyone. Even veteran Qs pause before planning the next session knowing they have to step up their game in order to meet the Standard expected.

TR waxed eloquently in last week’s backblast ( about how Skunk has evolved over the last 3 years, stealing the best/worst that other workouts had to offer and innovating some of its own atrocities. 3 years and each year brought about a new epoch, year 4 begins. Let’s start it with some style.

Warmup to get the blood pumping and the sweat flowing: jog around parking lot, SSHs, IWs, KB halo, KB around-the-world, 50 KB swings, 20 KB goblet squats, 20 KB good mornings, 20 merkins.

Event #1: Catch me if you can: pair up with a dude with a like size bell, partner 1 starts farmer carry run with both bells, partner 2 performs 10 quality merkins and sprints after P1. Flapjack and repeat around the church/school grounds, stopping at bottom of the concrete stairs. Can’t forget to mention: we ran this reverse course. Up hill the whole way. Brutal.

Event #2: KB ladder. Perform the following exercises, first 1 arm then the other: KB swing, high pull, snatch, clean, goblet squat. After set, run to top of hill, 5 burpees, run back and plank until all in. Move on to next set. Began with 2 reps of each exercise then repeat with sets of 4 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps. Some folks lost their shirts on this one. Others almost lost consciousness.

Event #3: Sledgehammer tire relay. Shoulder bell and run to other side of church parking lot. Pull sledgehammers and tires out of the shadows and line up for a 2-team relay race: Everyone performs various KB exercises while 1 from each team moves tire by striking it with the sledgehammer (sliding the tire flat on the ground) . Everyone gets a turn with the hammer swings, PAX performed a multitude of various KB exercises while enjoying the spectacle.



– No, I will not give you a weather update. We are men with more in common than most. We can do better than talking about the weather.

– I won’t give you a “wow, that workout was hard” update, either. It was Skunkworks. What do you think?

– Reverse course farmer’s carry – when I decided to go counterclockwise around the church/school rather than our normal clockwise, I was thinking only about where I wanted us to end up. Honestly didn’t think to remember how long of a hill we’d have to climb. Most of us were wiped out after that, and we still had 2 more events to conquer.

– Tough work put in by all today. Here are the ones I remember enough to note: Harley worked so hard he lost his shirt. F’man Ed did his burpee/sprint combos so fast he almost lost consciousness. Swiss Miss led the pack the entire way – that’s his MO, put his head down and got to work. Gumnut and Les Mis have stepped up to the big boy bells and swing them liked the beasts they are. Stone Cold: perhaps the ideal skunk – fast and strong. Freedom walking off holding his gorilla bell and sledgehammer over the shoulder looked like a hulking, barbarian headhunter (not bad for a worship leader!).

– I’m not sure I did anything more fun last week than swing that hammer. Something about holding a piece of hickory and swinging an iron head to remind me what men are meant to do. Even made sparks fly the couple times we grazed the asphalt. Vulcan and Thor would have been proud.

– A few of us figured out (accidentally?) how to pop the tire up and get it to roll. That took brains. But, we looked like idiots (i.e., dudes having a good time) as we tried to hit the moving tire with our 12 pound hammers.

– Cobains on the tardy backblast. Yes, this workout happened and yes it was a blast. Tardiness solely my bad.

– Comment below if you want to call me out for being a slack backblaster, or remember any other notable performances. I enjoyed Qing – thank you Harley for the opportunity, and thanks to the PAX for being willing to Follow Me as I led us through this little workout.

Monkey Business

Eleven luckless pedestrians issued forth into the gloom to attack what would turn out to be twin Weinkes.  And questions.  Many questions.  The first of which was, “Where’s Deep Dish?”

We passed time waiting on Deep Dish by coveting Stone Cold’s Jeep, the hot crazy girlfriend of automobiles:

“If I had a Jeep, would I look as cool as he thinks he looks?”

Probably not.  And you’d have to put sunscreen on the top of your head.  Some more than others.

Deep Dish arrived Just In Time and, making up for his brush with tardiness, tip-toed through the disclaimer, believing (erroneously) that veteran Pax are no less susceptible to biliousness, wooziness, and in rare cases, even unibrow. But such as situation befell a hypo-granola’d Pax just two days ago.  A sober reminder for all Site Qs:  keep a granola bar in your shorts at all times.

Such was the discussion as Deep Dish led the Mosey to the lot closest to 51, the one where a man sat alone in a green car, where the sun burns not just your rods but also your cones.  The same one where passing cars can see you do 50 seconds of Tai Chi.  And so we did.  Then we gathered abreast–openly defiant– and raised many calves in the direction of Day Zero.  Because of the solemnity of the moment, we did them OYO.

Did some running to and fro with various exercises sprinkled in:  merkins, CDD’s, flutters and dollies.  Then off to the playground for fun on the swing sets.  Three rounds of Toes to Bar, Pull Ups and Donkey Kicks.

Stone Cold demos a new exercise that he saw on Art of Manliness: the swing-aided pistol.  We only did 10 each leg but I can feel them.  Good stuff.

Then off to the hotbox for running to and fro with exercises sprinkled in.  Not your parking lot variety of running and exercises.  This was running and exercises with 80’s Hairbands and  trivia / arcane knowledge.

Question 1:  Name the four members of the Monkees.

I am not sure that 10 men correctly named one Monkee and, further, I am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless 20 burpees was the reward/punishment for someone saying “joey something.”

Then some step ups and running, all while ruminating on the next question.

Question 2:  Name 7 countries that start with the letter A.

Hops showed some depth here (Azerbaijan).  Mouth did not (Angina).  We managed to get seven, then did CDDs (feet on table) and more running.

Question 3:  What’s the atomic weight of Hydrogen?  [Ed. note: was going to ask about Oxygen but couldn’t remember if it was 8 or 16….If you can’t Q it don’t do it..  Turns out it’s 16.]

More running, mixed with heels to heaven.  Then more running.

Question 4:  Name 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices.  An asterisk on this one.  I was leaning toward Mouth and “Angina” over Hops and “Kagan”.  Mouth let me down on that one.

Other bonus questions:

  • What was the name of the no smell scotch in Seinfled?
  • Who sings “Where the Down Boys Go” (a better question would have been, “what is a down boy”)?
  • What was the name of Gary Hart’s mistress?
  • What was the name of Gary Hart’s boat.  The answer eluded us….

Into the volleyball court for suicides to finish up.



Mermaid is leading an A51-wide food drive to help restock the pantry at Calvary.  State your intentions HERE.  The Rock has already claimed grape jelly but there are plenty of other needs.  All they ask in return for using the campus is that we pray for their ministries.  Let’s do that and give generously as well.


While Glass Joe and Shepherd completed an impressive 5 mile pre-run that allegedly did not involve any trips to Bojangles, a group of 13 mighty men assembled in the Sun Valley Middle School parking lot for a tour of the facilities.  Countertop had to leave after a his solo pre-KB workout, leaving 12 for the main event.


Note, I completely made this workout up on the fly – no duct tape weinkes or CSI style diagrams.  I also smoked myself during this thing, so the details may or may not be accurate.  Usually, only about 50% of what I type on these things is true anyway so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Jog to back of Middle School bus lot for COPee (more on this later).

  • SSH X 25IC
  • Merkins X 20IC
  • IW X 25IC
  • LSS X 20IC
  • MC X 20IC
  • Flutter X20IC
  • Various Plank Holds
  • Outhouse shuffle X 1OYO

Group mosey to Elementary School playground for partner work.  Pair up, and perform the following:

  • 10 pullups, with spotter if needed
  • 15 derkins
  • 20 donkey kicks in swing – disclaimed with the story about the time my pants came off as I jumped through the swing doing these.  Nobody left, we we’re good, I think?
  • Lap around the track
  • Mary to catch up the six
  • Repeato, increasing the reps by 5 on everything except the pullups because only Salt Lick finished all 10 the first time.
  • Mary to catch up the six, including a hilarious round of crunchy frog / v-ups

Pinball run (ICE-9 ™) all the way back to the cars.  Pax race to a waypoint  and then all turn around to pick up the six.  Brief jog together until everyone gets to the waypoint and then another race.  We did about 5 of these until we made it to the cars.  This is my favorite replacement for the Indian Run – seems to push the faster guys much harder and keeps the six in sight just as well.

1 min H2O break, a new Outland site policy at the 30 min part of each workout.  Everyone was still alive – good.

Group mosey out to the practice football field with a stop along the way for some burpees to catch up the six.   Glass Joe did 1 burpee.  He said he did them yesterday, which was supposed be somehow relevant.

Line up across the practice field for 7s, burpees on one end and merkins on the other.  Serious sweating going on now.

Line up again for #bearapalooza across the field, which was now much longer than I had remembered.

  • Bear crawl across field
  • Dizzy Bear back –  beareoke right, beareoke left, and backwards bear
  • Boo Boo bear across – left leg up, right leg up, regular
  • I think we did something else, but I was basically dragging myself across the field with sweaty dirt in my face at this point so I really don’t remember

Run back to Shovel Flag.  Glass Joe attempted an Indian Run #qjack, which I was too smoked to ward off, and we all made it back somehow.


  • Flutters
  • Dollys
  • LBCs
  • no idea


After almost passing out, barely avoiding mouth-to-mouth with Freedom, some dehydration at a workout on Thursday  earlier this week, I was a little concerned about this one.  Should be ok though, Splinter has the last half and leading the first 30 won’t be that bad.  A quick text message late Friday about a rescheduled ballgame put me on the hook for the full 60.  Then, my left knee went from hurting a little to being completely numb on Friday night, which was disturbing.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?

I decided to drink about 800 gallons of water to prepare for this workout so I would not have a re-occurance of events earlier this week.  I started Friday mid-day and fueled up like a camel preparing for a long journey.  Shortly after the SSH in the warmup circle, it was very clear to me that I needed to pee very badly and that this was going to happen soon.  Providentially, there was a new port-a-john very nearby from some construction work that I was able to duck into while the pax headed off to the playground.  I caught a fair about of grief about this, but the alternatives would have been tremendous.  #COPee

Even after the overhydration, we stuck with the water break thing that we had discussed before the workout.  I think it went very well and gave the guys a little more energy to finish the 2nd half strong.  It really didn’t interrupt the workout or take much time away, so it’s a keeper.

It was great to see Salt Lick roll up in his giant SUV.  I thought he had a deflated rear tire or something preventing him from any running, but he was leading the way for the whole workout.  He has the bear crawl knack as well . . . a little unsettling how fast he was bear crawling.

Toughskins is continuing to get after it.  He put in some hard work out there.

The Count is hooked – good work out there.

Big Trade with his #batbelt is becoming a site regular.  He did a great job helping our FNG Dragnet feel welcome and showing him to to do the smooth #modify thing while still looking awesome

Sweat Shop lived up to his name out there today – gross.

FNG Dragnet (Eric) is a former police office who has recently lost a lot of weight and working to get into shape.  He did great today, and says he is coming back.  Thanks to the Outland PAX for making him feel welcome.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with my attempt at leading this thing.  It was a blast.

– Horsehead






#F3Commitment – Monkey Curls

12 test dummies stood around waiting to see what type of pain we could fill in an hour. Some just starred at the slamball others wanted to kick it.


Mosey to side lot of school
Count off by 2
1 Plank Jacks
All in cadence x 25
Slow Squat x 20
Leg Scissors x 15

The Thang

Rock Burn
Grab a “lifting rock”
Monkey Curls  x 25
Staggered Merkins on rock x 25
Six Press  x 25
Repeat for 3 Rounds

Mosey to hill

Tunnel of Love on Hill
Failure – Move on!!

Mosey to field

Field Run Around
Pax circle up (small circle)
1 man runs with slamball around pax
Pax does called exercise of choice next man then so on
Burpees, LBC’s, Diamond Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, SSH, IW, mixed bag.
Round 2 make circle larger same repeat as above

Partner up
Partner Push down field switch when needed
Partner over and under 3 times switch
Pax Tunnel of love 2 passes

Pinball Slamball
1 man runs with slamball to any location drops ball next in line picks up and runs to any location obstacle of his choice and so on and so fourth.
Take it back home

47 Burpees OYO

5 MOM with Ice9

This was YHC’s first entire hour Saturday Q. Tried some new things some so so other worked well. Best part about today was having Hot Pants post again. He was on IR before he joined #Dromedary & #Commitment glad to have you out again. Good job modifying where you could!

Dasher was quiet with the mumblechatter today (VW’s are normally loud). Probably because I could not hear him over Ice9 & Bratwurst. I think the Monkey Curls hushed most of it.

Yes I had a Q fail. #whatever 

Welcome FNG 004! This is what happens when another 007 themed brother brings you out. It seemed that Zeb is a 4th gen and that is where we landed. YHC decided to call out that turning 47 was in the next sunrise. I did the 47 damn burpees! Ice9 did his with the sounds of last evenings dinner coming back. We did have a #TBQ amoung the pax. It could be that wearing all long clothing warmed up the bowels. Good thing that track is open huh. Although plenty of wooded areas and leaves. It was an honor to lead today and a great place to get smoked!




Tunnel of Hate

Disclaimer: Frasier, being down an arm had Siri dictate his portion of the backblast. Let the record reflect for any spelling/grammar issues. YHC typed his own and has no excuse for any errors/omissions.

Anyways, 12 men made the right choice on this fine Saturday and brought the heat to #F3DayZero. Old Glory was flying proudly on Garbanzo’s Apollo Creed-esque chubbies shorts long before the tip of the shovel flag was planted firmly (kinda) in the scorched earth. After a notably awkward disclaimer, we were off.

Here’s how the thang-a-lang went down:

Mosey to the soccer fields for COP:

-LBC x 25 IC

-Merkin x 15 IC

-Peter Parker x 20 IC

-Imperial Walker x 25 IC

-SSH x 31 IC

Lap around the school. Butt kicks, high knees, backward run.

Merkin clock: Circle up in plank position performing merkins at each position of the clock face: 1 merkin at 1:00, 2 merkins at 2:00, up to 12 at 12:00. Form began to deteriorate around bedtime between 9:00 and 10:00. Solid work gents, 78 merkins for those counting.

Mosey to the playground and partner up

Dips x 200 between the partners. Bear crawl up hill, crab walk down.

Supine pull ups x 100 between partners. Bear crawl up hill, crab walk down.

Mosey to wall – donkey kicks x25 OYO

Mosey to sidewalk ramp to soccer field. Line up along ramp. The pax planked between railings creating a tunnel arch that would make an engineer proud (maybe). Pax at bottom gorilla hop to top under the arch. Keep your arch high fellas #hangingchads. Pax on bars shift down one position. Repeat until all pax complete gorilla hop.

Repeat tunnel arch with bear crawl. Audible before full circuit due to a gas leak.

Mosey to basketball courts. After another round of the merkin clock in military time was vetoed, we hit 10 burpees OYO.

Handoff to handoff to the one-armed man.

Circle of pain:

The idea was to stay on the move while we work together as a group. Four corners around the track stopping at each corner for a pain station. Mosey and all you got in between the pain stations.

Round one:

Mosey to the first corner with a running rock. 5 to 10 pounds. First called exercise was the goblet squat. AYG to corner number two.  Calf raises and cadence to 30 while holding the rock above your head. Mosey to station three where we did step ups x 15. Extend your rock at the top of the step up. AYG to pain station four. 20 Turkish get ups with rock. AYG back to the start of turn one.

Round two:

First called exercise was to tap crunch with rock x 40.  Mosey to turn to where we did Russian twist x 20.

AYG to station three. There we did hip thrusters a.k.a. the “Saturday night special” to 20 then alternated right leg left leg up to 10. Mosey to station four. There we did up down in a circle as a wave while holding a rock with their feet. Probably easier. AYG back to the start.

Round three:

Jump squats with rock over your 20. AYG to station two. 20 jump lunges with rock over the head. Mosey the station where we did 15 jump ups. Audible to step up or jump squat unable to do the jump up.  AYG to station four.  Put your rock on the ground and jump over your rock back-and-forth 30 times.  Then jump 30 times sideways over your rock. Mosey back to station one.

Round four:

Dying cockroach x 20 with your rock. AYG back to the basketball court. For some Mary.

Combination flutter dolly times 20 with the rock.  100 LBCs to finish.

Ye Olde Moleskinne:

  • The heat and humidity are back. With Frasier’s busted paw, YHC focused on the guns to get things started. Coming out of the gates swinging with LBCs got the big-talkers going early.
  • Garbanzo’s American flag shorts were one of the highlights of the morning. They were short… Shorter than Semi Gloss’ copper shorts? Yep. Shorter than Iron Horse’s flowy running shorts? Probably. Fortunately partner leg throws were off the weinke this morning. During the partner work, the guys were getting after it.
  • Beaker and Dear Abby were crushing the dips and supine pull-ups while Joker and Spackler perfected the crab slide on the hill descent. Must have been saving some energy for the AYG sprints because both were flying around the track.
  • No love on the tunnel today. Venture through the tunnel at your own risk. A notable aroma of stale beer and methane lingered heavy in the humid air.
  • The hip thrusters on the wall looked without a doubt were the “weekly questionable-looking exercise at DZ.” Fortunately, no passers-by witnessed the display of flexibility. Several guys claimed #wheelhouse on this one. We’ll take your word for it.
  • A brief moment of silence was observed as we rounded “Frasier’s Corner” on the track. Fortunately this week all pax kept the wheels down and no casualties were noted.
  • Next time you’re at coffeteria, have Spack show you how to eat a cake pop at Starbucks. The barista was impressed.
  • Welcome FNG “Ike.” You made the right choice today. Way to get after it today – we look forward to seeing you out again next week.
  • Good to see the regular crew and some new faces out at #F3DayZero. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.


Joker noted that F3 Area 51 started almost 4 years ago and had grown from 1 workout to >30. T-Claps to the leadership of the men and growth of F3 in South Charlotte.

Two races coming in June with several Pax already signed up:

  • Tread Nightly: 6/19 – Join in for a night trail race at the Whitewater Center. 4 mile & Half Marathon options at USNWC. Stick around after the race for live music and good beer. (Register:
  • NoDa 5K: Friday 6/6 – NoDa Brewing was a big supporter of F3 Golf. Help show our appreciation and sign up now. Run the race then hang around after for some of the best brews in town. (Register:

Run Like You’re Being Chased By A (Poked) Bear

After weeks of dealing with back issues as a result of the mud run, OK they were as a result of falling before and during the mud run, I finally was back at Ascent to Q.  I had actually called off a Q back on May 2 because of the back issues.

My physical therapist told me not to run much, so what did we do this morning?  We ran!  That being said, we stayed close to the start point and didn’t stray too far from there.

COP  (Not sure the exact numbers of each, but ya know, only Hops is really reading this far).

Imperial Walkers


There was much smack talking and poking of this bear on Twitter on Friday by The Mouth, who of course didn’t post, but no matter, time to take out my aggression on the poor souls that showed.

Partner Up

Partner 1 – Runs to the end of the parking lot, performs 2 merkins, runs back, does 4 merkins, etc. until 8 are finished.  At 8, you flapjack and your partner takes off.

Partner 2 – While partner 1 is running, you are doing a core exercises as called by the evil mind of the Q.

Repeat this insanity three times, or until one of us passes out.

Bear Crawl Suicides

Sort of the same principle, but this time we’re all bear crawling to the first island, run back, bear crawl to the second island, you get the point.

By end of this round we were all getting a little smoked and Q took a minute or two for a breather stretching segment to allow for some hydration (thanks Slim Fast for thinking ahead and having the keg, I mean water ready).

People’s Chair and BTTW were thrown in to give us a bit of a breather.  I don’t think they were much favored over the running.


Just your typical, run of the mill suicides using the same islands.


Russian Twists
Freddie Mercury

Z Health and Stretching

What? We aren’t finished?  But we did Mary!

So I took the PAX through a few easy stretches, yoga moves, etc. to help loosen us up after all that running, and hopefully give us all something to do on our own as well.  Many of these things I learned from Byron, and others I’ve just picked up along the way.

Figure Eights (Hold your arm parallel with your thumb pointing up, and draw a figure eight, easier to do than describe.  Do the same but at a 45 degree angle).
Bended Knee Squats
Cross legged stretch
Heal Stretches off the curb
Ankle work
Cobra (yoga)
Child’s Pose (yoga)

Hopefully I shared some good stuff there that can help you to avoid injury and recover as needed too.  I love that no one really complained about the stretching, if you had I’d have made you do penalty burpees.   As you noticed I didn’t do any burpees this morning, as I really can’t do them myself right now.  Don’t Q it if you can’t do it!

There’s more time left?!  Yep, two more core exercises and we’re…. done!

Yogi Mole Skin (Ohm, Ohm)

Couldn’t help but laugh and stand in awe of Spidey’s energy.  I don’t think I ever had that much energy at his age.

Thank you Pele and all the guys that showed up this morning for enduring my crazy workout in the heat.  It wasn’t an easy one.  These things always look better on paper than in reality.

Stay hydrated out there this summer, even if it’s dark you can still overheat as we were reminded this week at Peak 51.

I have good weeks and bad weeks with the diet and weight loss, and this week seemed like a struggle every day, but you guys got me back in the right frame of mind this morning to tackle next week.  Thank you and thank you for posting.

It sounds cliche but it truly is an honor to lead such strong men, blessings to you and yours.



A Devil of a Work-out

Yes, the humidity is high.  Yes, it is a little warm even at 0700 hours these days.  That did not prevent 6 PAX from deciding to post at Area 51 this morning.  We gathered around the SF prior to the launch and wondered if Floor Slapper would join us at his customary 0701 hours.  With the clock showing it to be 0700 and no sign of FS coming in hot, we headed out for a warm-up run around the soccer field while mixing in some high knees, butt kickers and backwards run and then circled up for COP:

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Squat x 15 IC
  • IW x 30 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • MC x 30 IC

With everyone having now broken a sweat, we headed over to side field for the Devil’s Work-out/Beast.  Line up at the end line and then instructions were given to run to first tree/marker, complete 6 reps of called exercise, run to 2nd tree/marker, 6 reps, 3rd tree/marker, 6 reps, and then bring it back with 3 additional stops for 6 reps at each stop/marker.  This was repeated 5 times for total of 6 rounds.  Called exercises were:

  • Squats
  • Hand-release Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Sister Mary Katherine
  • Mason Twist
  • Spartan Burpee

Planked between each round to wait for the 6 and keep us all together.

Circle up for 6 MOM:

  • Dolly x 15 IC
  • Flutter x 15 IC
  • Rosalita x 15 IC
  • LBC x 15 IC
  • Back Scratcher x 15 IC  (Thx Beaver for reminder of exercise name)
  • CCV x 15L IC
  • CCV x 15R IC

Having caught our breath after a hot start, we headed over to the NC Landmark play area behind the school.  Plan was for a little circuit work, but we would be completing circuits at 2 locations, as follows:

  • At landmark play area, complete Jump-ups/Step-ups on logs x 10, Decline Merkins x 10, Tire Hops x 10
  • Run to back of school to the wall near picnic tables.  Complete Donkey Kicks x 10, Dips x 10
  • Rinse & repeat x 3, replacing Decline Merkins with Incline Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, and Wide-arm Merkins
  • For those finishing early each round we had active recovery with Flutters, Dollys, Freddie Mercuries, etc

Time for a little People’s Chair, so we relocated just slightly south to end of school wall:

  • PC x 60 secs, w/ arms out front and then air presses x 30
  • Lunge walk out 25-30 yards
  • PC x 75 secs w/ arms overhead and then arms presses out front x 30
  • Lunge walk out 25-30 yards

Time to get moving again, but with the sun out and the humidity high YHC had us stay in the area behind the school to at least get the benefit of the shade.  Line up on one end for 7s

  • Run to other end & complete 6 Plank Jacks
  • Back to start for 1 Jump Squat
  • Run to other end for 5 Plank Jacks/Back to start for 2 Jump Squats
  • Continue sequence for 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6

4 minutes left, so we circled up for final 4 MOM:

  • Protractor
  • Rosalita x 15 IC
  • High Flutter x 15 IC
  • LBCs x 15 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC

Head back to launch point for COT


  • The Beast/Devil’s Work-out is always a bear.  We covered 150-160 yards each round trip and 6 reps might not sound like a lot, but by time you complete 6×6 reps each round you are feeling it.  And it wouldn’t be the Beast/Devil’s Work-out if we didn’t finish it up with Burpees for final round.
  • Cold Cuts spent much of the Beast at front of pack and O’Tannenbaum must really like burpees because he was flying on the last round.
  • Round of Mary after the Beast provided PAX opportunity to catch their breath for a little bit, but we then got the heart rates rev’d back up with the circuit work between the Landmarks play area and the back wall of the school.  Cold Cuts & O’Tannenbaum continued to push the pace, but Picasso, Squid and Beaver never let them get too far ahead.
  • Original plan was to head up to the track for the 7s, but the area behind the school was nicely shaded and YHC was in a giving mood this morning.  We had sweated enough as it was.
  • Squid confessed to enjoying a cold beverage last night (just 1).  He is entitled to 2 or 3 tonight after the work that was put in this a.m.


  • New moderate running work-out to be held on Fridays at South Charlotte Middle School.  Originally called “Endurance” but name has been switched due to Copyright laws or maybe it was another work-out had that name.  Will be known as “Mountain Goat” going forward.  Slimfast and Stump Hugger are co-QICs and Strange Brew will assist while Stump Hugger continues to recover from plantar fasciitis.
  • Kevlar/Joust Friday morning work-out will be held at Arboretum for the summer while school campuses undergo renovations.
  • Mermaid is leading effort to collect food for Calvary Church (site of Anvil and The Rock weekly work-outs) Food Pantry.  Looking for various AOs and PAX to participate if possible.   Collections will be made at work-out sites the week of June 8-13.  Contact Mermaid,, to sign up to participate or sound off in Comments of the pre-blast:
  • Cold Cuts will be making his VQ next Saturday, 6/6, at Area 51.  Yes, he is a professional and yes it will hurt.
  • Thx to O’Tannenbaum for the take-out


200, Ciabatta, X Marks the Spot, Band-aid

9 Strong grabbed their bell in one hand and raised a fist of defiance with the other.


Warm-up: SSH (20), IW (20), Scorpion Merkins (10), Low, slow squat (15), KB swings (20), Thread-the- needle merkins (10)

Partner up and mosey to track about 40 yards away from pull-up bars.  Accumulate 200 swings with your partner while the other partner runs to bars for 5 pull-ups and back.

Tabata around the playground with 9 stations. 25 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest:

Double KB swing or high pull with various weights
Personal KB option (swing, clean, etc.)40lb. MB Squat and Launch
Pull-up with band assist if needed
TRX merkins
Band Fireouts
65lb. Barbell option (press, curl, squat, whatever you need)
Renegade Rows 20lb. DBs
Battling Rope-a-dope

Grab bell and mosey to other parking lot for X Marks the Spot…15 sidewalk chalk X’s were waiting on us around the edge of the lot, 15-20 yards apart.  We carried bells overhead, alternating from left side to right side between each X.  1st X – 10 swings, 2nd X – 10 merkins, 3rd X – 10 flutter kick dollies with KB press.  Repeat for 5 total rounds through all of the X’s.  We took a 2nd F 10 second break in the middle.

Back to main parking lot for Band-aid.  Hand out blue bands and went through lower-body mobility time –

COT – Chum was Holy Ghosting this morning!  Great takeout.


This looked good on paper, but hurt in person.  Great job everyone!  Original title of this BB was “It Doesn’t Have to be Hard to Make You Better,” but I knew that would lead to some inappropriate jokes.  The point was YHC was smoked 47 minutes in and didn’t want to do Mary or even look at my bell anymore.  We changed gears to something I think we all need more of…flexibility/mobility/recovery work.  The response was very positive.  It wasn’t hard, but might have revealed some areas that need addressing, and left us all better than we started.  There is a quick recap video above and you can do the same drills with a beach towel or any band.

We tweaked the 10 second break to add in a fellowship component.  Rather than just counting to 10, turn to your neighbor and find out the name(s) of their kid(s) (or nephews or neighbors if they don’t have kids).  Now you have names to add to your prayer life later in the day and it connects the group a little more.

BLC and Baracus are on IR and still showed up!  We were not a true 0.0 site today, but they adapted and chose fellowship over fart-sacking.  Nice work men!

Fletch might be the new “pound for pound” stud of F3.  I’ve got him by 40lbs. but he uses the same size bell and I have never seen him get tired.  He might be the new T-1000.

Crawdad shared the War Daddy and Respect moniker with BLC.  He brings a smile and amazing effort to every challenge.

Young Love just does everything well…that’s why I secretly hate him.  Don’t tell him I said so.

Ickey Shuffle represented for 30 minutes then had to resume his life.   Great to see you, even if it was brief.

Winter Place is another fast, lean dude that can just kill it all day!  Great meeting you brother!

Chum brought water for the COT, power, integrity, solid prayer, and class to the group today.  How do you do it, man?!

Thanks men for making better and the great camaraderie today!



Lots of Chatty Cathys

An outstanding group of 24 showed up, some late, to Stonehenge and were pushed to their limit.  YHC included.  Here’s how things went down.


  • Short mosey, stop….Puppy and others rolling up late… and circle up in CVS to wait.
  • SSH
  • MTNS

Mosey to Y field.  Stop multiple times on the way mixing in various merkins and other.

Line up for Burpee gassers.

  • 10, 6 count Burpees in cadence
  • Run the length of the field and back
  • 15
  • Run the length and back, twice
  • 20
  • Run the length and back 3 times
  • Mix in SSH and Seal Jacks to wait for the group

Short mosey to Brave Slalom course.

  • Follow the leader up and down slalom of trees
  • Merkins when you finish
  • Repeato back
  • Reapeto back
  • Reapeto back lead by Bevo and Loogie.

Short mosey back to field and partner up.  Time to dig deep because we were exhausted at this point.

  • Plank decline merkins X15
  • Run the width of the field and back
  • Reapeto X20
  • Run
  • Hand slap X20
  • Run
  • Reapeto X20
  • Run
  • 6 count Burpees with partner X15
  • Run

Let’s head back, time is ticking.  Stop multiple times on the way back for merkins or Mary.


Where do I start? The tweets and texts began the night before with many SOBS poking the bear.  It continued when the PAX gathered in the gloom and remained loud during the first 15 mins of the workout.  I think a collective UNCLE was called right around the 6 count burpee gasser.  YHC enjoyed the lively and often funny chatter.  We had quite a group today, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I could tell today that guys were going past their normal limits.  That’s what it’s all about and I’m proud to see it.

Fellowship gathering following the workout was just as much fun.  I think it was a record crowd.  Too many stories and jokes to possibly summarize, but here’s my best recap:

  • My partner Fire Hazard is a perfect form beast
  • Frehley doesn’t know how to operate a phone
  • Bevo brings great energy to the PAX
  • Commish gets respect for not ducking hard workouts
  • Balki, Rump Roast, Soft Pretzel, Swiss Miss and Lex were out in front during burpee gassers
  • Tree slalom needs a name
  • Haggis feeling the pressure to make next week’s workout even harder
  • Dolphin feeling even more pressure since he’s leading the week after that

Thanks for a great morning fellas.  Seriously, it was an excellent group today.




Mountain Goats are People Too!

8 PAX saved the best of their week for the last to explore this thing called “Moderate Running Workout”!  With a healthy and eager crew in place, we set off at 0515 to the South Charlotte Middle School track for something like this:

3/4 mile warm-up at fellowship pace around the track
5-10 minutes of stretching
Head to parking lot for toe walks, heel walks, high knees, butt kickers and Skips A and B (by far crowd pleasers).

Slow jog to Strawberry Ln and right to 2nd speed hump for main event… 30-30-1:

1.  Run 2-mi. race pace up Strawberry Ln towards school for :30 seconds.  When Slim Fast calls “time”, stop and slow jog/recovery back to speed hump.
2.  Rinse and repeat 2-mi. race pace for :30 seconds… slow jog/recovery back to speed hump.
3.  3rd time is same as 1-2 only for 1:00, with slow jog/recovery back to speed hump.

That is 1 round.  We did 4 rounds total.

After final/fourth round, slow jog/mosey back to cars for cool down and final stretching.

Done!  4.75 miles total!

Excellent, excellent, excellent job out there today!  I can’t say it enough!  Everyone pushed themselves individually, then supported each other collectively!

Fillmont and Pele… AWESOME to have you guys out there!  Many months ago you might have never expected to be doing speed interval training up a hill… but here you are… crushing it!  Can’t wait to see you guys continue to get stronger and stronger at running!

Steinbrenner and Simba… equally awesome to have both of you out there this morning!  Great job at pushing yourselves while dishing out the encouragement!

High Tide continues to get stronger at running… which continues to erase his 0.0 status!

Dolphin and Strange Brew provided the seniority and running experience!  Thanks for jumping in on stretching and technique!

Once again we missed Stumphugger.  He was/is instrumental in getting this workout off the ground.  He and I have been talking, and he reluctantly needs to take a more advisory role while he continues to rehab a nagging case of Plantar Fasciitis.  I know he’ll plug in when he can!  Strange Brew is going to step in to co-Q.

We have landed on a name for the site:  “Mountain Goat”.

I liked SH’s original name of “Endurance”, but unfortunately it is already taken by a 3rd F in Harrisburg.  So to avoid a feud, we decided to come up with a first alternate name, “Mountain Goat”.  It supports the “mountain theme” for A51 Moderate workouts, is descriptive of several of the PAX, and is aspirational from a BRR point of view.  We will get the tag setup and start posting to it ASAP.

Thanks to Dolphin for the send off prayer.

1.  BRR runners and drivers always needed!