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Pick your Partner

We had a great group this morning at Skunkworks. Numbers are better now that we’re out of the single digits on the thermometer.

Here was the game plan.

Side straddle hop, Imperial Walker, 10 swings oyo…then pick your partner wisely.

Catch me if you can (5 merkins) down to the courtyard.

This is where the thinking started. Workouts were called but the number of reps depended on you and your partner.

Snatches (R and L) = total number of letters in first names of P1 and P2

Cleans (R and L) = total number of letters in middle names of P1 and P2

*It’s worth noting that someone (I think Horse Head) has the middle name Ashley. It was agreed by all within earshot that it is definitely a girl’s name.

Clean and Press (R and L) = total number of letters in last names of P1 and P2

Curls = total number of letters in P1’s full name

Tricep Extensions = total number of letters in P2’s full name

Burpees = total letters in both F3 names combined. Big League Chew and Country Livin’s partners immediately regretted their choices, though there was a brief debate about whether or not to count Country Livin’s apostrophe.

Goblet Squat = combined number of letters in P1’s and P2’s birth city

T Bag Squat = combined age based on digits of P1 and P2 (29 = 2 + 9 = 11)

Good mornings = combined number of letters in P1 and P2’s college

Overhead press = birthdate of P1 (06/02/88 = 24)

High pulls = birthday of P2

P1 – up the stairs with the bell, squat + overhead press every two steps, 5 at each landing

P2 – left arm merkins with bell, left arm rows (flapjack)

P1 – up the stairs with the bell, t bag squat + high pull every two steps, 5 at each landing

P2  – right arm merkins with bell, right arm rows (flapjack)


P1 – lap around church

P2 – swings (flapjack)

P1 – lap around church

P2 – flutter w/ press every 4 (flapjack)


P1 – run to the parking lot rock

P2 – freddy mercury (flapjack)

P1 – run to the parking lot rock

P2 – lbc (flapjack)


Catch me if you can back to the parking lot.



Snow Angels

I’m not going to lie, I was planning a solo workout this morning, but was pleasantly surprised to find 7 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed PAX ready to roll. We jumped right in, mostly because I rolled in at 5:29.


The thang:

Jog to new building

Side straddle hop and imperial walker x10

15 mountain climber burpees

RUN A LAP + zigzag the hill

Nice and slow…each workout followed by 10 Low slow squats

Merkin, Diamond Merkin, Wide Arm Merkin, Carolina Dry Dock, Dive Bomber (all x10)

RUN A LAP + zigzag the hill

Each workout below followed by 10 merkins

Windshield wipers (x10 each leg)

Double leg Windshield Wiper (x10 each side)

Wall Crunch (x20)

Toe Reaches (x20)

Plank to wall (x10)

RUN A LAP + zigzag the hill

Each workout below followed by 10 lbcs

Right leg wall lunge (x10)

Left leg wall lunge (x10)

Squat jump (x15)

Wall sit, right leg up, left leg up, arm press (10 seconds each)

Pull ups – alternating with partner up to 10

Dips – alternating with partner up to 10

On the way back to the parking lot, 10 derkins

5 mountain climber burpees at the parking lot.


Great working out with you all!


Puffins and Reindeer

Lobster Roll took charge on a balmy 12 degree morning at Joust.

Warmup Lap

50 side straddle hop, 25 merkins, jog the length of the field backwards and return

50 imperial walker, 25 staggered merkins, butt kicks on the field and return

20 lbc, 20 flutter, 20 dollys, 25 staggered merkins, high knees on the field and return

half lap

4 laps, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% – in between: 10 merkins, 20 jump squats, and 30 lbcs

half lap to playground

Rotation: step ups, wall sits, decline plank, and dips with a runner on the stairs as the timer

return to parking lot



Dollywood complained about the cold (no surprises), Header outran Yeti (barely), Yeti couldn’t feel his fingers, Ductwork told us all about his culinary exploits in Iceland, and Lobster Roll made us all look like 80-year-olds as he finished every workout 2 minutes before us. Good times were had by all and, good news, I’m just starting to feel my fingers again as I type this.


Final Countdown

It was an honor to have my first Death Valley Q. I don’t know the area very well, so we stuck to the track for most of the workout. Thanks to Spackler for his dainty farts that kept us entertained throughout the workout.

Here’s how it went down…

Jog to track

Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker

2 laps in under 4 minutes

Begin the countdown

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  – Merkins and Squats

Lap, sprint last straightaway

Countdown from 9 – dry docks and jump squats

100 yd dash, recover with backwards jog

8- 1 – flutter and lbc

2 laps, under 3:50

7-1 – partner handslap merkin, sister Mary Catherine

25 bear crawl steps, jog

6-1 – nippler and bird dog

25 lunges, jog

5-1 – heels to heaven and dolly

1 lap, under 1:50

4-1 burpee, speedskater

3-1 clap merkin, reburpee

15 burpee broad jump, jog

2 minutes – freddy mercury

1 minute – plank


Final Countdown complete! For all you arrested development fans out there, I’ll leave you with the mental picture of Job Bluth doing magic.


Thanks Dollywood and Smokey for the chance to lead!

Navy Seals

The Thang

  • ¼ mile jog to track
  • Standard old-school warm up: SSH, Imperial Walkers and Squats
  • ½ mile warm up around the track
  • Navy Seal Fitness Test

o   Timed 1.5 mile

o   Max push-ups in two minutes

o   Max sit-ups in two minutes

o   Max pull ups

  • Cool down with plank, dips, etc.



  • A Navy Seal fitness test without water isn’t much of a Navy Seal fitness, but we did the best with our available resources.  I did this workout a few years ago, and I thought it would be a great day to bring it back.
  • Based on a quick review of the website, it appears there are some fairly specific pre-screening qualifications to become a Navy seal, including:

o   Applicants must be between the ages of 17 to 28 [… sorry Uncle Leo, but turns out that you and I are almost 20 years outside of the range]

o   Eyesight requirements: 20/40 best eye; 20/70 worst eye; correctable to 20/25 with no color blindness.  [Interesting… not sure if I have a “best eye” and “worst eye”.]

o   Meet the minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score: GS+MC+EI=170 or VE+MK+MC+CS=220 or VE+AR=110 MC=50. [I have no idea what any of this means… but looks pretty impressive].

  • In terms of the fitness test, here were the targets:

o   1.5 mile in 11:30 or less, with a stretch goal to do it in under 10 minutes

o   At least 50 push ups in two minutes, with a stretch goal of 80

o   At least 50 pull ups in two minutes, with a stretch goal of 100

o   At least ten pull ups

  • Everyone pushed hard… good workout… and managed to have some good laughs along the way.  Great group of guys, with youngsters in their mid-20s and old guys like me and Leo.  Great way to start a Friday.
  • With Veterans Day right around the corner, this is a great time to give thanks to all of the men and women that serve in uniform!

Cool Runnings

It was a chilly morning, but we warmed up quick. Here’s how it went down:



SSH x 20

IW x 20

Run lap around track


The Thang:


Partner up


P1 – runs to top of steps, 5 pull ups on playground

P2 – merkins at bottom to 100 combined


P1 – runs to top of steps, 5 jump squats

P2 – LBCs at bottom to 100 combined


P1 – runs to top, 5 Russian twists

P2 – decline merkins to 100 combined


P1 – runs to top of steps, 5 squats

P2 – flutters at bottom to 100 combined


P1 – runs to top, 5 lunges

P2 – incline merkins to 100 combined


Jog a lap around the track


Line up in endzone


R Karaoke to 10, 30, 50

L Karoke to 10, 30, 50

Backwards jog to 10, 30, 50

Sprint to 10, 30, 50


Jog a lap around the track


Mosey to Grandma


25 LBCs at bottom, run to top and back, repeat

25 flutters at bottom, run to top and back, repeat

jog a lap

25 dolly at bottom, run to top and back, repeat

25 rosalita at bottom, run to top and back, repeat


Mosey to front lot








As usual, a strong group at Joust today. With the smaller crowd there was nowhere to hide. That being said, not many refusniks out there, besides more than a few “knee brace adjustments” by Semi.

We covered 2.5 miles today – most of it on stadium steps and Grandma Mtn. Solid work by all.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor.


The Thang:

  • Mosey to the 50 yard line
  • Warmup: SSH x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Hand raise merkins x 20, Russian Twist x 15, Low Slow Squat x 15
  • To the finish line: 30 seconds stretch run round the track and mosey back, plank exercises x3

60 seconds stretch run round the track and mosey back, plank exercises x2

  • Mosey to Grandma: Grandma 7’s, Carolina drydock/pullups (jump the fence!)
  • Mosey to the wall and partner up: P1 run the stairs, carioca along the top, switch sides in the middle, run down the stairs, P2: people’s chair and shoulder presses, switch, x2
  • 20 hand slap partner merkins
  • Line up 1’s vs 2’s, Indian run with 1 racing 2 on each cycle, twice round the track
  • Mary at the finish: Rosalita, Heels to heaven, LBC’s, protractor + touch your toes x 3
  • Mosey back with 5x burpees at each light
  • Bellies: AYG to COT
  • Added Mary called by first man back (patriotic version of the Russian twist, the Dolly, car alarm)


COT: lead by Header


Nice to be back – apologies for the construction obstacles and arse activated car alarm.

Swingin’ in the Rain

Despite my unspoken hopes that the weather would prove too gross for a morning workout, we prevailed. And we’re better for it! At least that’s what the four guys and I who showed up to Skunkworks are telling ourselves.

The Thang

Catch me if you can to the courtyard – 5 merkins and then chase, when you meet your partner both do 5 t-bell squats

At the courtyard…

15 side straddle hop, 15 imperial walker

20, 15, 10, 5 – high pulls and merkins in descending number

You go, I go – Partner 1 snatches and holds while Partner 2 snatches, P1 snatches while P2 holds (10 right arm, 10 left arm)

Lap around the church

P1 planks while P2 does 15 swings, P1 drops to six inches when P2 has 5 swings left, (repeat 3x)

six circuits of stairs, one step at a time (x2) skip a step (x2) double jump (x2)

You go, I go – P1 clean and press while P2 holds, alternate (15 right arm, 15 left arm)

Lap around the church

P1 squats w/ bell while P2 does 10 goblet squats, (repeat 3x)

Repeat stair circuit

Mosey to front of Church

P1 lunges to the first median while P2 does curls, flapjack (repeat 3x, replacing curls with triceps, then overhead press)

Move to next Median

P1 burpee broad jumps to 2nd median while P2 does curls, flapjack (repeat 3x, replacing curls with triceps, then overhead press)


Lex wasn’t a fan of running stairs as recovery after leg work. In retrospect, he had a fair point.

Chin and Lex discovered they went to college at the same time. Nothing like a small workout in the rain to rekindle old Clemson flames.

We all agreed Floaty should have Q’d given his name.


It was a wet, rainy honor! See you next time.



Tom Brady’s Hangover

YHC was tempted to be in a surly mood after the Patriots ruined my hopes for a good start to the Fantasy Football season, however the brisk morning air and consequently brisk dew covering the football field at CC served to revive YHC’s downtrodden spirit.
Very important Disclaimer: YHC is a Panthers fan, thus any positive comments made towards the Patriots, said organization’s quarterback, tight end, and/or defensive unit are solely founded upon YHC’s reliance on said parties to perform well in Fantasy Football. In all other situations, the aforementioned Boston institution (which from hereafter will be referred to as The Patridiots) can be assumed to be the recipient of feelings of ill-will.
The Thang:
Mosey from launch to “upper” parking long
SSH x15
IW x15
LSS x10
Merkin x10
(all IC)
Mosey down to football press box.
-Circle up in plank position. One PAX does hand release merkin, followed by PAX to his immediate left, etc. All other PAX hold plank until their turn to perform merkin, go around the circle as such for 2.5min
-Same concept with chair plank/burpees for 1.5min.
Mosey down stadium, up Granny to playground.
-EMOM (Every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes:
 5 pull-ups
 10 squats
 5 toes to bar (or leg raises or knee to elbow)
Mosey down to football field (goal line).
-Catch Me if You Can(ish).
Partner up.
1) P1 runs to opposite goal line and back to P2. P2 performs burpee-broad jump until P1 returns, flapjack and repeat all the way down the field.
2) Repeato with Walking RDL instead of burpee-broads
3) Repeato with broad jumps
Backwards mosey to 50 yd line.
-Plank in Tunnel of Love formation (insert groans here). YHC announced that TOL was not the forthcoming exercise (insert rejoicing), explained the new routine (re-insert groaning):
One PAX assumes plank position face-to-face with end man in TOL line. He performs 1 hand slap merkin with PAX in front of him, then moves down the line to the next PAX, 1 hand slap merking, etc. Go until each PAX has moved through the routine.
Lunge walk to goal line. Mosey back to 50.
American Hammer x25
Parker Peter x10
Mtn Climber x10
(all IC)
Mosey back to launch.
Nakey Moley:
General observations:
-Nice to meet Hoover for the first time. Standing approximately 2′ taller than YHC’s 5’9″, he’s hard to miss and had an unfair advantage on the CMIYC on the field due to his 3.5 yd stride length.
-Smokey took a huge step of personal growth as he wore a Harding University pullover this morning. On second thought perhaps this was done in mockery…
-Caddy’s new coworking space serves beer. Many PAX now considering becoming entrepreneurs.
-Chin Music continually ruins YHC’s general assumption that baseball players can’t run. Dude’s fast. As is Joker, but I think Joker’s speed is tied to the aerodynamic advantage he gains by wearing his visor bass-ackwards. Which brings up another point: is wearing a visor when there’s no sun in the same category as wearing sunglasses inside?
-Semi-Gloss provided the requisite heckling/mumblechatter. His heart may be growing however (a la the Grinch), as he apologized to YHC after COT and assured me he was only joking. Not sure if the cold weather is putting him in the Christmas spirit already, but it’s weird.
Thanks to Yeti for the opportunity to Q.
-F3 golf. Sign up or Caddy will find you. All the info on
-Speed for Need/Isabella Santos is coming up. Check anywhere that Tolkien frequents for more info.

Burning Tires and Smoking Guns

After a quick disclaimer we moseyed down to the field.

We started with:
20 side straddle hops

5 burpees
15 imperial walkers
10 burpees
15 LBCs
10 burpees
10 low slow squats
5 burpees

We moseyed over to the goal line to complete a few suicide runs:

– 5-10-15 (Frontwards there/backwards back)
10 merkins then hold plank
– Same thing but 25 LBCs then hold 6 inches
– Same thing but 10 dolleys and 10 Flutter kicks then hold 6 inches
Okay NOW we’re warmed up. We moseyed to the track for the “burning wheels” portion of our workout:
– 100 meter sprint 15 burpees & 20 LBCs x 4
– 200 meter sprint 20 dry docks & 30 flutters x 2
– 400 meter sprint 10 monkey humpers & 25 super mans
We then headed over to grandma and ran backwards to the top, then hopped the fence to get to the playground for the “smoking guns” portion of our workout. It went as follows:
– 1st round
10 pull ups
15 dips
15 merkins
As many rounds as you can do in 3 minutes.
– 2nd round
20 shoulder taps
15 Declined pull ups/rows
10 wide arm merkins (werkins)
As many as you can do in 3 minutes.
– 3rd round
20 Derkins
20 man makers
Wall sits with 30 arm raisers
As many as you can do in 3 minutes.

All done! With our “wheels” burning and our “guns” smoking we moseyed back to circle up.

Announcements: “Give to Give”