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Chiseled – Back to our Roots…….

Chiseled, originally advertised as a gear workout, started out with a bang. Gear being used focusing more on building muscle, somewhat less cardio. A few weeks into its launch, the advertised theme started fading away. Rumors were building…..Chiseled had lost its way. The mumble chatter being conveyed to the site Q’s, a yoga theme was taking over…..should we rename. Tends to be a recent theme these day, renaming???? From my understanding, the site Q’s called a special meeting to determine how to correct/change the direction. While in discussion and enjoying their favorite adult beverage, MD 20/20 and Zima, they heard a song come across the radio, Imagine Dragons – Roots. That’s it, “we have got to get Chiseled back to its roots”!!!!! Damascus started the redirect journey last week with sandbags from hell, it was my responsibility to keep it going. Full disclaimer….some of this is fictional, some not….You decide!!!!

With the temps hovering around 25 degrees, I did not know who would show for a Chiseled gear workout. I was pleasantly surprised to see 15 pax roll in ready rock the frozen Tundra of Chiseled.

The Warm Up:

  • Disclaimer given
  • Mosey to the entrance of 5 Stones and back to main parking lot.
  • SSH – 20
  • LSS – 10
  • Mt Climbers – 15

The Thang:

9 stations set up with 2 exercises for each station, another was used as a runner. Pax would alternate between exercises with a runner being the timer. Once runner returned, everyone would rotate to the next station. We were able to complete three rounds before time expired.

  • Station 1 – Good Mornings/Calf Raises
  • Station 2 – Military Press/Shoulder Shrugs
  • Station 3 – Dips/Step Ups
  • Station 4 – Bent over Rows/American Hammers
  • Station 5 – Tricept Ext/Plank Jacks
  • Station 6 – Squats/Mt Climbers
  • Station 7 – Curls/Side Lateral Raises
  • Station 8 – Dead Lift/Front Raises
  • Station 9 – Double Merkin Ladder with Bear Crawl
  • Station 10 – Run (Timer)

The Moleskine:

  • Outstanding group of guys today, committed to working out in tough conditions and everyone killed it. Some actually left in pain (not the good kind)……Recal, take care of your back. Kudos for continuing through the entire workout. Not sure if your choice of attire contributed to the injury but, a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts had me a little concerned.
  • Out of the 15 pax today, 7 were at the “Respect”level, outstanding job!!!! If our numbers continue to grow, we may get our own workout site.
  • One thing I realized today, a gear workout allows for conversation…..great to see. There were a lot of conversations taking place but one that stood out……..Rubbermaid being asked or wanting to lick someone’s barbell.  Not sure what that was about but more info is needed.
  • As mentioned in the intro paragraph, we have experience some “out of the norm” workouts at Chiseled from an individual (Zin). Let it be known, the workouts were not easy and he rocked them. For me, I paid the price for a few days afterwards. He will be bringing the pain to other sites in the near future.
  • From a mental standpoint, this was my toughest Q. Being a true Southern Belle, I’m a pansy when the weather drops below freezing.  If rain is in the forecast, I become more than a pansy…..let you fill in the word but may start with a p.
  • Thanks to Bango and Fuse for allowing me to Q Chiseled. Believe we have Chiseled heading it the right direction. Can’t wait to see what Dancing Bear has in mind next week.


  • Dancing Bear is collecting toiletries, socks, coats, hats, etc. for those in need.
  • Church on the Street – Sunday, December 2.
  • SOB Christmas Party – Friday, November 30.
  • E333ies at Briarcrest Clubhouse – Friday, December 7.
  • Jingle Jangle Beer Exchange at Zinfandel’s driveway – Saturday, December 15. Bring something to drink, share with others.
  • Xerox – On Q for Thursday’s Clyent Dinner.

Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out.

Floater Q Part 2 – Southern Belle

Floater was my first (VQ) effort at delivering a beat down. Reflecting back on that faithful day in August, thought I needed a “redo” to see how I have progress, not only as a Q, but from a fitness standpoint as well. Being a recent graduate from MB’s and Posse’s Q-School, improvement was bound to happen. No worries……if I were to get stuck and lose my way during the workout, MB and Posse would be there for support……..Oh wait, neither one showed. What was I going to do without my mentors? As if they pushed me out of the nest…… away little Southern Belle you are on your own.  The Q-School professors were using the tough love approach to see if I would sink or swim.

17 pax arrived early Thursday morning for a light workout and some social time. Well, 14 arrived early. Three showed late out of the darkness at some point during warm ups. Before time to start, lots of laughs, stories of running over mail boxes and some groans from the ones who braved Banjo’s Chisel beat down. The mood was as if no one knew of this not being a social event, we’re here to workout not talk. Oh wait…..guess we’re aloud to socialize before/after but not during the workout, my bad.

Warm Up:

Quick mosey around block and back to parking lot to pick up anyone who may have been late. As mentioned, we had three pax arrive while we were half way through the warm up.

  • SSH(IC) – 12
  • IW(IC) – 12
  • Merkins(IC) – 12
  • Potato Pickers (IC) – 12

As should be noted, all warm up exercises ended at 12…..The was a reminder to Dana and Moneyball of the beat down the Vols took against my Dawgs. The number 12……points scored. Dawgs win!!!! (38-12)


Mosey to Main Street. Explained to the pax this was going to be part 2 of my previous light pole work.

  • First block (5 light poles), 5 burpees at every light.
  • Second block (5 light poles), 10 Plank Jacks at ever light.
  • Third block (5 light poles), 10 Mountain Climbers at every light.

Mary at Dream Chasers while waiting for the 6. At this point, the mumble chatter began from the usual suspects (Recal). Not deterred, I barked out the next exercise…….lunge walk from Dream Chasers to the stop sign. At some point, Fuse spoke up…..are we really doing this again? My response…….yep. Not 15 minutes into the workout, I had a few pax on the ropes. Once we reached the stop sign at Howie Mine Rd/N Providence St, new orders were given – At every light pole, alternate 10 merkins/10 squats. Once you get to the stop sign at the other end of N Providence St, rinse and repeat. Meet back at Dream Chasers…….Mary while waiting for the 6.

As the 6 arrived (Fuse and Dancing Bear), we attacked the light poles on Main Street again.

  • First Block (5 light poles), 10 plank rotations
  • Second Block (5 light poles), 10 jump squats.
  • Third Block (5 light poles), bear crawl to each light and complete 5 hand release merkins.

The third block was a killer with a number of pax needing to modify. As the 6 arrived, everyone looked gassed. No time to waist, we have 10 minutes, let mosey. Moseyed back to the church for two hand slap cheddar shredders. Great exercise…….Epsilon introduce this exercise at one of his Q’s back in the day when we worked out at Weddington HS…..miss those days.

Still have 5 minutes to go……went to wall across from church.

  • Wall sit air jabs – 30
  • Wall sit air presses – 30
  • Donkey kicks – 20

Finished with various ab work exercises until time was up.


Great job today fellas. Fairly tough work out for me as I was gassed at the end.

Deflated is becoming a beast, front man for the entire workout.  Deadwood and Banjo seemed to be attached at the hip all morning. Not sure what you two have going but may want to include Zin.  Maddog and Recal were killing it till the end. Dough boy…..impressed, you are slimming down and increasing your speed. Not impressed…….the gloves. Those things have got to go.

Not sure what happened to Fuse and Dancing Bear.  Appear to be “modifying as needed” way too much. Believe you two are fighting the “no socializing” efforts from others. Of course, Fuse returning from his “work” vacation may have gotten him out of sink. Dancing Bear may be reeling from the previous day Banjo beat down. Not sure, everyone else can decide.

As far as my mentors not showing today (injured or not), we did not sink…….we swam!!!!! Appreciate the insight provided at q-school and tough love.

Maddog – Thanks for taking us out.


Donations for kids clothes who lost their mother in a house fire – Impromptu





Fall Festival Q-School Style

With the the beginning of 2018 Fall season, 11 Pax were treated to a “Fall Festival” at the Cuthbertson campus. Instead of flowing beer, barrels of whiskey, boxes of wine and kettle corn, the Pax were treated to a tour of the campus q-school style. Leading the instructional charge were Moneyball and Posse.

The Warm Up:

  • Short mosey in parking lot circling back to pick up Jingles.
  • Circle up/disclaimer given.
  • Instructors provided insight of difficulties being Q and suggestions how to handle.
  • Pax took turns counting SSH (IC) – 5 per Pax (55 Total).
  • Pax took turns calling own exercise, leading Pax through count practice. While various forms of counting were discussed, one Pax was scolded for calling out plank jacks on you own. He was told repeat with verbal counting.

The Thang:

Moneyball takes off on fast mosey to front of middle school with Deadwood on his heals. Dancing Bear would have been jealous. If he had attended, sure he and Deadwood would have been fighting for “Moneyball” position. Sorry, back to the training. Point of emphasis…..explaining how the group can get spread…….it is the Q’s responsibility to keep the group together and collecting the 6.

Partner up Instructions: How to come up with partner work ideas – example is having fast-slow Pax as partners.

  • Round 1: Dips/Run – P1 does 50 dips; P2 runs half loop in parking lot – alternate.
  • Round 2: Step ups/Run – P1 does step up; P2 run to curb and back – goal being a team total of 50 step ups.

Mosey to steps at high school – Jingles was asked to pick an exercise.

  • Two rounds of Calf raises per step using straight/inside/outside technique, run lap and repeat.

Instructors discussed having a “go to” exercise that will use up time. Moneyball discussed his fetish, I mean, his favorite, the triple nickle.  Deadwood and Chicken Little called out burpees/low slow squats and we were off…….Very tough exercise. As some of us did not complete the exercise, I asked the question what can be done to give everyone the chance to finish. I believe the response received was……suck it up butter cup. Sorry Fuse, trying to help you out.

Mosey back to front of middle school to discuss how to use parking lots, trees, light poles, etc. during workouts. We used the 5-star technique doing 5 squats at four corners and 5 speed skaters at the center.

Jail break back to COT.

Mole Skin:

Appreciate Moneyball and Posse taking the time to teach us newbies how to Q.  Not only did we receive outstanding training, the workout was a bonus. As usual, Briarcrest was well represented. Too bad Dancing Bear was not able to attend, would have given him a chance to “mosey” with Moneyball.

No excuses, we have been trained….time to execute.


Meet at McDonald’s for further training.

Believe Chiseled may have been mentioned. Looking for donations….equipment, rocks, bricks, etc. Anything that can be used for a gear workout. Do not donate “workout attire” (thongs, yoga pants, etc) Believe there may be another GroupMe site for those donations.

Read/Review handouts, links, Lexicon, etc.

Posse – Thanks for taking us out.