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Dunkin’, no Bushwood

This morning, there was no Bushwood at the Donut Run. Was he hurt? Did he have to work? Was he watching the kiddos? I suspect it was none of these! Because yesterday news broke that Dunkin’ Donuts will be dropping the Donuts and known as “Dunkin’”.

The reason Bushwood was not present was because he was MAD! And I quote (from Slack), “Stupid. Almost as bad as when IHOP went to IHOB”. And that doesn’t even include the obscenities he was mumbling under his breathe.

While he was washing his mouth out with soap, the rest of us ran…

Tolkien and Flipper continued their bromance and ran the Long John route. Don’t kid yourself – I’m just jealous.

Wild Turkey and Insomniac got in 6. Turkey Leg, Uncle Phil, Enron, Polly and Baracus ran all the way to Providence (no turn on Candlewyck) and got in about 6.5. Fleetwood got in 7.

I resurrected the 4.5 mile Jello route and was joined by Adobe (whom I hope we see out more). I wanted to get in a decent run, without overdoing before my first 10k at Isabella Santos. I remember a year ago, when I ran this route and was happy to hit 50 minutes. Today, I did it in 42:10!

As for the donut run, it will remain the same. Heck, I’m actually kind of glad that Dunkin dropped the Donuts – this is what you get for not letting paying customers park in front of your store! #kharma



Isabella Santos 5k/10k – This Saturday

Let Them Soar 5k – Nov 10th.

Crane Relay – It’s coming

Apologies to the missed names, let me know and I’ll edit the BackBlast.

Catch me if you can

A few weeks ago, Bushwood posted about needing Qs for Donut Run and I was glad to send over my credentials, “Slowest guy there”. But, I still show up!

On Wednesday afternoon, I posted on Slack and Twitter that we would be doing the Reverse South route. This is 6 miles, but I also posted on Slack about how to get a little more. I also put out the Challenge, can you catch me by Rea Road?

On Wednesday July 25th, we had run the South Route. On that day, I had averaged a 10:08/mile. I started that day at 5:05 am and remember Bushwood and 1 other passing me at Olde Providence Elementary School.

Today, I started a touch later at 5:10 am. I figured that I would be caught about 3-4 miles in. I know that most guys at the Donut Run average 8/mile or less.

So the run… my first 2 miles still aren’t right. Sure, I’m fresh, but just haven’t gotten into a good pace. Somewhere on Providence, I was passed by a muscular guy (with a beard) wearing a baseball cap backwards. Did Purple Haze come out to Donut Run? Or maybe, this was Polly?

I had planted a water Bottle at Raintree Lane. Right about then, 2 guys passed. Somewhere after Strawberry Lane, I hear “Jello is that you”. 4 guys approached, they weren’t muggers! Fleetwood, Turkey Leg, 1 other, and Rachel passed me by.

Somewhere along this, some dude was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. Thankfully, he called out. That could have been bad!

I’m approaching Rea thinking, “Is that it?” and don’t you know it… it is “Mr. Consistency” Retread. Talk about a guy with a consistent pace – that’s him! I know at Mountain Goat on Friday, I always try to be able to see him. If I see him, then I know I’m going fine. And indeed, for that last mile and a quarter I was able to keep him in site.

I finished the day averaging a 9:51/mile. Less than 10 minutes! Whoo-hooa! I think the difference was mile 4, which I did in 10:29 and that was with my Water bottle plant. A month ago, my mile 4 was 11:40. I’m pleased with the progress.

A lot of this backblast has been about “Me”. Heck, I thought about writing it in 3rd person, “The Jello finished the day averaging a 9:51/mile”. I think “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson was the best at talking in 3rd person, so I won’t try.

Okay, so somewhere in South Charlotte there are some PAX who can run a slow 5k and are looking to improve. Do yourself a favor – come out to Donut Run! Sure, these guys are “real runners” and all of them “caught me”.  I’m breaking a 10 minute mile on longer distances because of them – THANK YOU!

These are good guys. Be willing to ask questions and learn. They will help you – I’ve asked about heart rate monitoring, turnover, watches, and how to lace your shoes! They are super encouraging, not making it about times but just getting out and running. I remember talking about Bushwood about planning to do my first 10k at end of September (Isabella Santos) and he said something like, “Don’t worry about time, just go out and do it”. I guess Nike had it right, “Just Do It”. Hope to see you at Donut Run in the future!


Boston Marathon 2019 Hotel reservations – Turkey Leg is asking if anyone is planning to run it as Hotel Reservations fill up quickly in Boston.

Crane Relay – You can still register. I’m continuing to spread the rumor that the slow guys are Team Captains. That might not be true, but it’s a rumor that I’m spreading.

Paint Ball – Sept 15th Area 51 vs SOB. Check Slack for a sign-up sheet.

Great Wolf Lodge – On Nov 9th. Group reservation code is #1811F3BA. See Slack or Ask Madame Tussauds for more info.

Thanks for the takeout by Fleetwood.

Apologies to the missed names, let me know and I’ll edit the BackBlast.


What a way to celebrate my 2 years of F3, but at where it started – BASE CAMP! Being BRR season, I started the morning off with a pre-run of 1.8 miles.

5:30 rolls around and time to get going. Proper disclaimer was given (Benny still isn’t responsible if you get hurt). Let’s circle the parking lot while some cars pull in. Head down to the track…


Warm up:


2-IC burpees – I offered to do a demonstration, but nobody was interested. Sad.

15-IC Imperial Walkers

2-IC burpees

15-IC Windmill

2-IC burpees

15-IC Mountain Climbers

2-IC burpees


Main Thang…

Partner up. We had 11 today, so I flew solo.

Each partner runs in opposite direction to the other side of the track, where they would do 10 Hand slap Merkins. Run back and do 10 hand slap Carolina Dry Docks.

But, we’re not done yet. Partners run in opposite direction to the other side of the track, where you would do 10 Flutter Kicks (4 count) together. Run back and do 10 Heels to Heaven together.

We moseyed to just outside the fence at the bottom of the hill. In my 2 years of F3 and often posting at Base Camp, I don’t think we’ve ever used this hill. I could change that!

Triple Nickel –

5 Hand release merkins at the top

5 Low Slow Squats at the bottom

5 times

After all were complete, we started up the hill doing some Lunge Walks. About a 1/3rd of the way up, we did some Sumo Walk. Finish off the last 3rd with a nice jog.

Grab some wall and get in the People’s Chair…

50 Air presses

We were about to go into some 1 leg squats, when Marvel asked if we could move to the side of the school – good call. So we moved.

5 left single leg squats

5 right single leg squats

40 air presses


Time for some rocks…

P1 – Curls with Rock

P2 – run down to the bleachers and 15 dips


P1 – Press with Rock

P2 – run down to the bleachers and 15 supine pull-ups



1 lap around the parking lot and let’s finish with some Mary.


15 American Hammers



Rough estimate is that we got in 1.7 miles today.


Crane Relay – Coming up on Oct 26th. The rumor is that the slow guys are Team Captains. That might not be true, but it’s a rumor that I’m spreading.

BRR – Sept 7th and 8th. Be safe in your training!

COTS – Good turnout at last Church on the Streets. Next one is Sunday, Sept 2nd – Labor Day weekend. A lot of good details provided by Strawberry. #HIM. I’ll be adding the sign-up genius.

Thanks for the takeout by Marvel.


The basic idea of this workout, I stole from my first post at F3 lead by Goonie,

I remember being paired up with Knight Rider (who I recognized from my neighborhood), what a running beast!

I’ll never forget that first workout. After the warm-up and during the hand-slap merkins, I was like “What have I gotten myself into?” Now I can answer, “Something pretty special!”

Dredd had some recent comment about doing Burpees “In cadence”, so that you can avoid doing the “Aussie Burpee”. Good thought. If you haven’t checked out the “43 Feet – leadership podcast” with Dredd and Dark Helmet, then you should.

The Triple Nickel and hand release Merkins are a favorite of Mermaid. He was the guy that kept talking about F3 while our daughters swam, so this was a good way to honor him.

The single leg squats were something that I had seen some ballerina do on Instagram. Except they held weights in the air – far tougher than me! I know you guys like when I work in some ballet. Besides, classes start up again in less than 3 weeks – have you registered?

I always like the Protractor during Mary. And nobody called “69” – finally, some grown up maturity.

Veteran group of PAX today working it out. Marvel is a young stud. Costanza celebrates his 2 years in about 2 weeks. Once upon a time, we were deep 6 together. Now we can definitely hang! Thunder Road is like the energizer bunny. He just keeps going and getting it done.

Finally, let me say “Thank you” (yes, the emotional sappy part)… I think back to the movies “Singles” and the Pearl Jam song, “State of Love and Trust” and the lyrics, “I’ll do this one myself”. Maybe, I could train for something like the BRR or a half marathon by myself. Frankly, I don’t want to! I want you guys in my life and hope to be part of yours. The fun is doing this together.

John 15:13 (NIV) Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Some might say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. In F3, I say it is BRR training season. I was a driver last year and I can say that going out and running with the guys (just in case I was needed), was the highlight of my year.

Proper disclaimer was given. Sensi is not responsible if you get hurt, Lois is not responsible if you get hurt, and Benny is not responsible if you get hurt (still on IR, but a nice shout-out)!

We started a little run from the parking lot, to the front of the church, take a right, to the back of the church parking lot.

Warm up:


5 merkins

15-IC Imperial Walker

5 merkins

15-IC Windmill

5 merkins


Plank. Right leg up, right leg down. Left leg up, left leg down. Left Arm Up, Left Arm down. Right Arm Up, Right Arm Down.

I didn’t feel like more merkins, so throw in the Plank at the end. I mean, if you’re going to do this BRR thing, do you really need bulging biceps?

Main Thang…

The basic idea for this workout came from a F3 workout that I had done last summer at North Myrtle Beach. Instead of it being BRRS, it was BOMBS. At one point, Lois led a workout doing BLIMPS, which jogged my memory. I knew that a lot of guys at Peak 51 were on the Mountain Goat BRR teams, hence, BRRS.

At the bottom of the parking lot, I had setup 4 cones that were approximately 10 feet apart. Partner up.

Give me a B for 50 Burpees as a team.

P1 – runs to cone 1, backpedals to start, runs to cone 2, backpedals to start, runs to cone 3, backpedals to start, runs to cone 4, and backpedals to start.

P2 – while partner 1 is running/backpedalling, P2 start on burpees. When P1 is done, then P2 starts running and P1 is doing burpees.

When the team is done with 50 burpees, then together they run a lap around to the front of the church and back.

Give me an R for 100 Rosalitas as a team

P1 – runs to cone 1, backpedals to start, runs to cone 2, backpedals to start, runs to cone 3, backpedals to start, runs to cone 4, and backpedals to start.

P2 – while partner 1 is running/backpedalling, P2 starts on Rosalitas. When P1 is done, then P2 starts running and P1 is doing Rosalitas.

When the team is done with 100 Rosalitas, then together they run a lap around to the front of the church and back.

Give me another R for 150 Rocky Balboas as a team.

I needed another R, so I checked out the Lexicon. Essentially, throw a left jab with your right leg out, then right jab with your left leg out. This was a 4 count move to count as 1. This move took entirely longer then what I had thought.

P1 – runs/backpedals

P2 – starts on 150 Rocky Balboas.

When the team is done with 150 Rocky Balboas, then together they run a lap around to the front of the church and back.

Give me an S for 100 Squats as a team.

P1 – runs/backpedals

P2 – starts on 100 Squats.

No partner run, as we were short on time. When all teams were done, we took off as group and ran up past the church, took a left, and back to starting point.

Time Up!


Keep Dumpster Fire and family in your prayers with the loss of his brother. I don’t have the right words. Just know that we are here for you.

Firecracker 4 miler – one year anniversary of Speed for Need over the 4th of July.

Also, Speed for Need will be at The Park Church 5k for Domestic Violence.

A new stretch workout “Pokey” will be starting soon at Elevation-Blakeney on Wednesday mornings. See Paper Jam or Madison for more info.


I had so much planned for this workout. Unfortunately, the reality of time set in. I had thought that after BRRS, we would run in a square in the other parking lot by the trailers doing squat jumps/squats/monkey humpers in each corner. Or maybe run down to the Methodist church (.3), then we would do some Katie Boren’s (30 second plank, 30 second mountain Climber, 30 second rest for 3 sets) and don’t forget the Mary. I wanted to conclude with some stretching. I mean with all this running for the BRR, it is so important to stretch. Needless to say, none of it happened! #QFail

The BRRS concept was good. I’ll probably use it again next year at Basecamp. However, I would keep it to 50 of each exercise. Hence, we could get to other things.

The good news is that I am Q in a few weeks at No Myrtle Beach. So everything that we didn’t do today, we will probably do with the Grand Strand boys.

A few notes…

  • Thumper was downright fast. I’m not sure if he’s on a BRR team, but he should be. Smooth talking Slim Fast, will probably be calling him soon.
  • These guys need to stop asking if it was a 4 count exercise. Just go with it.
  • Glad to have Furly out there. He’s Kotter, having returned after 2 years. Really seems to have the right attitude and wants to get back to. Keep with it.

Thanks for the takeout by Madison. Glad to have the Sparta guys join us at the end.

When I talked with my wife about running the BRR this year, she said “Go ahead and do it, you are just getting older”. Now that’s encouragement! In all seriousness, she’s right. I am getting older and tomorrow is not guaranteed. But, I’m getting better. I’m getting better because of you guys – so thank you!

Now, let’s pile in a van together for 36 hours and run over 200 miles! It’s gonna be great!


12 (or 14) Days After Christmas

When Udder posted on Slack about wanting to head to the Muthership for some CSAUP, I knew this was a great time to step-up and get my butt moving in the cold.


While most PAX were a bunch of F3 Veterans, I still gave a thorough disclaimer and off we went.

1 lap around parking lot.

½ lap of butt kickers

½ lap of high knees

Circle up:

12 IW IC

3 burpees on your own

Head to the bleachers

12 (or 14) days after Christmas :
Listed on a white dry-erase board were 12 exercises. However, we were not doing the typical “12 days of Christmas” which is a great ladder workout. Instead, we were doing 12 exercises one after another. On your own, we did 14 reps of each exercise as it was the 14th day after Christmas.

  1. SSH
  2. LBC’s
  3. Air Squats
  4. Supline Pull Ups
  5. Lunges
  6. Dollies
  7. Merkins
  8. Monkey Humpers
  9. Freddy Mercuries

10.  Flutters

11. Dips

12.  Burpees

Upon completion, I encouraged the PAX to jog to the steps and back to keep warm (instead of planking).


The No Ballet Series

There was no ballet this time! Benny was sad. That said, the following idea I stole after reading that a dancer (Katie Boren) with ABT (American Ballet Theatre) did this every morning upon waking up. The big difference is she said she planked against the Wall. But, if you can’t do it – don’t Q it!


Plank 30 sec

Mountain Climber 30 sec

30 Air presses

Rest 30 secs

Repeat 3x

My arms were really feeling it the 3rd set. But, this is the power of F3 and struggling together.



Grab a rock for walking down the steps and back up.

1 lap squat – take 2 steps and then squat

1 lap curls

1 lap Air presses

My legs are a bit sore after this.


Wiseman Relay

This idea I stole from previously volunteering at a Children’s Ministry “Epiphany Party”. For the kids, it was running from 1 side of the room to another and fill a bag with items that the Wiseman might have needed along the way (Fish, Water, Gold, Frankencise, Myrrh ,etc.) we had them link arms as they picked up a partner. The trick was not to run, but to work as a team – always a good skill!

Divide into 3 teams

P1 starts runs to basketball hoops as does 3 Jump Squats

P1 runs back and get P2 runs to goal post, then do 6 Jump Squats together

P2 is doing IW while waiting

We repeated to 2nd and 3rd goal basketball hoops.



12 Good Morning Nashville

12 Heels to Heaven

15 LBCs


12 Standing Sit-ups


2 easy laps to finish (we had 2 mins)



Veteran crew this morning. The only one that I didn’t recognize was Olaf, who started with F3 about 2 weeks ago – welcome!

Major props to Costanza. During the 12 (or 14) Days After Christmas, he did a lap to the stairs and back after each exercise. #pushingit

Benny who is training for his 1st marathon, was out in front during the Wiseman relay – I thought he was taking an easy to train. Guess not!

I hadn’t seen Adobe or Thunder Road in a while. Good guys in the F3 Nation!

No real announcements.

Appreciate the take out by Adobe and prayers for my daughter, Kathryn aka Flexie, as she goes through Allergy testing on Tuesday morning. She had a reaction on New Year’s Day after eating some Cashews and smoked sausage. We suspect potential allergy to tree nuts. A trip to Urgent Care is no way to bring in the New Year!


A few final comments, while I advertised this workout as “Following the star” and an “Epiphany Party”, F3 is not a Christian organization. Sure, you’ll find Christian men here. I think the way I described it to my Dad was, “A church, without being a Church”. I thank you for that. Whatever you do or don’t believe – come on out! You’ll get a good work out and meet a bunch of great guys that just do the right thing.

We are a national network of free, volunteer-led workout groups for men. Our purpose is the invigoration of male community leadership.

So you think you can dance?

Background (my muse)…

All week I’ve been advertising my Ballet and Burpees workout, with the threat of rocks. This idea stemmed from my 9 year old daughter, who has been dancing since she was 3. About 2 years ago, we switched studios to Charlotte School of Ballet (shameless plug) and my view of ballet was forever changed! I’ll never forget her first class when her teacher, Miss Laura, started the class with doing 2 minutes of high knees around the room. Needless to say, they left class drenched in sweat. All of a sudden ballet wasn’t about cute tutus! Ballet was a hard, disciplined and beautiful sport.

Go ahead and google* Misty Copeland (Principal Ballerina with the ABT – American Ballet Theater) … do you see her calf muscles? OMG!

(*) – Maybe not at work or when the M is around.


Very thorough disclaimer was done and we are off.

1 lap around parking lot.

½ lap of high knees – this was only about 30 seconds, not 2 minutes.

½ lap of butt kickers

Mosey to track

15 SSH

5 burpees, own your own

15 Imperial Walkers

5 had release burpees, own your own

10 Petite Jettes – yes, a new ballet move (there had to be one)! Essentially, lift your right foot and point it down behind your left calf, then switch.

15 Windmills

5 Burpees OYO

Main Thang:

Track work – Partner up

Round 1:

Partner 1 – Low Slow Squats

Partner 2 – High knees to end of straight away, and sprint back

10 Handslap Merkins together

Flap Jack

Round 2:

Partner 1 – Deep Knee Bends aka Grande Plies

Partner 2 – Butt Kickers to end of straight of away, and sprint back

10 Handslap Merkins together

Flap Jack


Mosey to the rocks…

Rock Work

Keep your partners…

Round 1:

Partner 1 – Low Slow Squats with the Rock.

Partner 2 – leave with rock, down the steps, drop the rock. Then there were 3 lines to practice your Leaps; line 1 was 24 inches, line 2 was 30 inches, line 3 was 36 inches. Run to the bleachers and do 10 Jump Squats. Unfortunately, there was some confusion and some of PAX did step-ups. On the way back, grab your rock. When going up the steps, do a forward lunge with your rock

Round 2:

Partner 1 – 50 curls with Rock, at 50 switch to Presses with Rock

Partner 2 – same as before


Some speed and control…

Everyone to a Step. For 30 seconds, calf raises with just toes on a step as fast as possible. Then 30 seconds of single leg squats with rock, foot should be solidly on a step.

Repeat, but this time single leg squat with other leg.

Unfortunately, we were running a little short on time, so had to skip the Air Presses in People Chair with a Rock.

Rocks down

Indian Run

Tolkein brought out the Chariot for Speed for Need, so needed a little more running.

We headed right out of the school down to the loop turn-around doing Indian runs and headed on back.


A few minutes left on the Clock…

15 Heals to Heaven

15 Freddy Mercuries

15 American Hammers

And last but not least, 5 burpees on your own!

That’s it!


I’m thankful that we didn’t have blatant mutiny this morning with the ballet. This Q was easier than my 1st Q and I wasn’t as nervous. I’m getting better, but definitely have a ways to go.

A lot of great work from the PAX…

  • Constanza started F3 about the same time I did and has made great progress. He was really moving it down on the track.
  • Heartbreaker is just a machine.
  • Goonie was doing his burpees for money donated for Speed for Need. Most were even good form!
  • Fireman Ed was really disappointed about no Jack Webbs!

There was some mumble chatter about switching my name to “Dance Mom”. Last August, I showed up to F3 for the first time at BaseCamp and was named. Did you think of anything creative? NO! I’ve been called Jello my whole life. It wiggles and works!

Nice Takeout by JRR Tolkein. #Cheechstrong

My goal for this workout was to get a good leg burn, without tons of miles. Drano told me that we had close to 1.5 miles, but still my legs hurt!

So many other guys that I was glad to see this morning

Basecamp was where it all began for me and I’m thankful that I could now lead. 


  1. SPEED-FOR-NEED will do its first race the American 4miler Race on 07/04 in Dilworth. If in town, all F3ers and families are encouraged to show up and cheer.

Swimming land drills

Intro… Back in February, Geraldo had thrown out my name as one of the “Regulars” and being the Q. I had initially signed up for early April, but got hit by the Flu bug. I was honored to lead for the 1st time today. And heck, 26 of you showed up!

After a very thorough disclaimer (new guys do that), we mosed down to the main parking lot behind the school.

20 SSH
10 Merkins
15 Windmills
5 Burpees OYO – An F3 workout wouldn’t be complete without burpees!
15 Imperial Walkers – The family has been watching the Star Wars saga lately.

Main Thang: Last October, Early Bird Q’d and we had some crazy pain with a Tabata Dance. I liked (and stole) the idea, but also wanted to give my own spin and add a few things.

Tabata Intervals – 3 rounds of the following:
Mountain Climber – 20 secs, rest 10 secs
LBC – 20 secs, rest 10 secs
Seal Jacks – 20 secs, rest 10 secs
Squats – 20 secs, rest 10 secs
Reverse Lunges – 20 secs, rest 10 secs
Carolina Dry Docks – 20 secs, rest 10 secs

After each round, we ran a lap around the track. There was some planking after the 2nd round, while the six caught up.

Swimming Land Drills – I started coming to F3 last August. Sure, I had heard of it and knew a few guys. But, I’m really thankful that Mermaid pointed me in the right direction. Our daughters have swum together and had a lot of fun. In a tribute to that, I wanted to work in some swimming land drills.

Flutter Kicks/Dolly – A good drill for your back stroke and front crawl. Do 4 Flutter Kicks (low to the ground) and then 1 Dolly, 8 Flutter Kicks and 2 Dollies, etc. up to 20 flutters and 5 Dollies. In the Exicon, these are referred to as X and Y.

Jack Webb – I went a little easy and we just went up to 5 merkins and 20 Air Presses

Dolphin Kicks/Rosalita – the Butterfly is my 2.0’s favorite stroke, so put on on your dolphin tale. Get your knees together, lower feet, bending at the knees and kick up. Do 4 Dolphin Kicks and then 1 Rosalita, 8 Dolphin Kicks and 2 Rosalita, etc. up to 20 Dolphin Kicks and 5 Rosalitas. This was hard and tiring!!! I found out my 2.0 passed her English EOG, no word yet on the Math. Luckily, Slimfast was there to remind me about multiples of 4.

Jack Webb – Since I left you off easy the first time, we needed more! Once again up to 5 merkins and 20 Air Presses.

Air Press for 30 secs – You need strong shoulders in swimming. Swimmers take your mark – Press!

Wall Up and Down – We mosed over to the wall and picnic table area.
15 Step Ups with Left Foot
10 Merkins
10 Dips
Repeat with Right Foot

The Matthews Bear – Yes, a bear was recently spotted in Matthews – beware! So we crawled from the top of the steps and turned the corner.

Protractor – we had a few minutes left, so we finished up with a fan favorite.

That’s a wrap!

Moleskin: I’m thankful for the support I had with my first Q. I appreciate Mermaid coming out and JRR Tolkein making his first Peak 51 appearance. Heck, I’m glad Geraldo recognized me as a regular. Driving over to Matthews (from South Meck HS area) is a bit of a hike for me. But, I truly enjoy the PAX at Peak 51 and Booyah and Sensei organizing a great group of guys.

It was good to have Mash back with us and he brought FNG Floor Routine. AJ just graduated and is headed to Gardner Webb in the fall. Glad you came out and hope you come back so you avoid the “freshmen 15”.

Strong takeout by Little Mike today!

I know that I mentioned that I’ve been coming since last August, but I can’t begin to express the gratitude that I have for F3 in my life. My Y basketball days were over due to injuries and being mediocre at best. I had a hole that needed filled. YOU have done that! I feel purpose getting up crazy early in the morning to work-out – I’ve gotten better. I’m still new and hope to participate more in the 2nd F and do more of the 3rd F in the future.

Lately, I’ve been wrestling with Matthew 16:18 and when Jesus was talking with Peter about building the church. Sometimes, I wonder if He wanted the church to look a little more like F3….just a thought.


  1. SPEED-FOR-NEED has its first corporate sponsor (Stone Man) who will match the next $2K in donations made by the end of the week. If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, now is the time.

 2.  Team SPEARHEAD GORUCK Red, Light & Blue event

3. F3 Dads Summer begins this Saturday from 9-9:45.

    • A51 at Francis Beatty Park
    • SOB at Bull Ring in Ballantyne